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How To Create An App Without Coding?



How do you design an app and what should you consider? There are more and more apps on the market, and people use their smartphones for more and more tasks. You order your food with apps, manage your banking and relax with apps. But make an app yourself, how to create an app without coding?

App developers can make apps technical, but they do not think about your idea. Therefore, make sure you’re only going to an app developer if your app idea is already designed. If you’re designing an app, you can walk along these steps. With a visually designed app, you know exactly what you want and can app developers develop. Also, a pre-designed app is useful to convince and test investors with users.

How To Create An App Without Programming Skills

Step 1: Test Your Idea

Every app starts with an idea. Some apps are just being “fun” or trying to app design. But the real app toppers are a success because they solve real problems, offer new interesting experiences and many users.

Does your app idea meet that? First of all, you need to see it before you design or develop your app. The power of your idea will be discarded with the App Idea Scan. This gives your insight into how well your app idea is, and you can download it FREE.

“Users understand what they already know.”

Step 2: Make Sketches

It’s the fastest way to create your app with the people around you: make sketches. Do not make it yourself too difficult, the idea of ​​sketching is that you can test your idea quickly and the sketches are not final. No colors, but just coarse and sloppy lines. Use a whiteboard, paper or chalkboard. Let people see your sketches, do they look confused? Ask them why and make changes together. Repeat this sometimes so that the design step-by-step becomes clearer.

Step 3: Focus On Most Actions Performed

Depending on your app, there are certain actions that your users perform most. For example, do you schedule an app for events? Then it is useful for users to see who is present at the event. If it’s a social app, you probably need a chat feature. We also refer to “Use cases”: The tasks that your user wants to run with your app. Make an overview of and focus on the main use cases.

These most important use cases should be easy to find. Also, the buttons in these actions must be clear, easy to understand and to be found. You can choose to design your own buttons so that you give an original character to your app. Remember, you do not have to figure out the wheel again! Users understand that what they already know, use recognizable logos, icons, and buttons.

Step 4: Create An Prototype

If everyone agrees with the main use cases, screens and actions build each screen and connect them to your navigation structure. Make it easy for you and choose for standard iOS and Android fonts and formats. If you want to unpack, a tool like Playground in Xcode can help you make your interactions quick without having to waste too much time.

Step 5: Use A Communication Tool

If app design is new to you, creating an app from step 5 by self is not difficult. If you do not have any experience with designing for apps, it leads to the creation of a prototype to low quality. Therefore, it’s smart to enable an experienced app designer from this step.

Once you work with a designer, there must be good communication among them. You have experienced so often that a lack of communication leads to a bad app. You do not want to experience that. For example, if you do not fully agree with a color choice, you must get to the designer immediately. Whether you test with users and you have feedback: communicate it to the designer. Received feedback from a professional? Communicate immediately to the designer.

This does not have to be hard or expensive at all; there are handy tools for it! Sketch for example, allows you to design easily. You can then share those designs with, for example, In Vision with people from your project group. Paper can be used for iPod an iPhone for free, and with Balsamic you can easily make Mockups that are understandable to your entire team.

Step 6: Create A Beautiful Prototype

You make a prototype an easy-to-use and visually appealing app. You can work with various tools, such as Photoshop, but also with Animation Libraries and Physics Engines to create an app visually more fun. If the features of your app work, then it’s important to enjoy your app. A good app designer knows how to create an app fun of using, so listen to his experience.

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Fast Instagram followers How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business



Picture talking about remains supplied a significant sociable update due to introduction associated with Instagram. The particular Instagram system is becoming greatly popular with more than 80 million clients that appreciate altering their very own pictures with effects and funky filter systems prior to talking about these with buddies as well as followers. Fast Instagram followers begin by using this brand new kind social media as a way to market their very own organization and make up followers. Everyone loves powerful creation, therefore posting images of products as well as workers could make all of them feel closer to you. This kind of advertising is what assists create brand devotion.

Fast Instagram followers-  how may your business make use of Instagram for advertising?

Instagram to Market Your Business

Here are some examples: Within Instagram newest update, customers now have the option to be able to label a specific location using their pictures that are preserved to some individual image chart. These may be given to your own followers.

This really is great for anyone who has an actual location or perhaps if you travel round the city, nation or even condition. For those who have booths from local craft festivals or other merchant occasions, you’ll be able to click on a photograph and tag your location to allow your own followers understand where you can be located.

A New Age Technique for Business Promotion.

The entire idea at the rear of social networking is discussing. Your personal supporters as well as supporters are selling you with a chance to reach them on the more person level so make sure you are providing them with exactly the same. Take pictures of the staff at work. Photos related to approaching what to supply all of them the slip maximum. If you’re on the highway, try taking some pictures on the way. Supply followers real senses of just how the situation is behind the curtain to assist them seem like a part of the brand.

If you use Tweets, you know how efficient hash tags can be from discussing. You should use the same on your Instagram pictures. Use hash labels that relate for your business or company to really make it simple for individuals to assist you in finding. For example, if someone makes jewelry, you can use hash tags such as #rings, #customjewlery, or even #necklaces. Look up well-liked hash tags which are used through equivalent manufacturers and include these to your photos.

A New Age Technique for Business Promotion.

Those who are presently making use of your items ought to be asked to snap a photograph related to by themselves utilizing it as well as label this and among your own hash tags. This can display people using your product or service as well as display the amount of individuals is happy with your business.

People love an opportunity to earn honors and taking advantage of Instagram to hold a photo levels of competition are a thrilling approach to provide them with what they need. You are able to ask for followers to deliver inside a picture of all of them making use of your product after which select a champ from one of them. You may proceed a different route via inquiring to send in a picture which shows something more abstract, like exactly what represents summer season for them.

There is a variety of the way to get creative and acquire much more followers through maintaining a contest using Instagram. Your own followers may tell their buddies who will should also participate in the enjoyment.

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Grief in Kasur as residents mourn murder of minor rape victim



KASUR: Grief and shock were evident on the faces of residents of Punjab’s Kasur city as they tried desperately to come to grips with coldblooded murder of 7-year-old Zainab after being sexually assaulted for second day on Thursday. 

Zainab’s body was found dumped in a garbage heap near Kashmir Chowk in Kasur on Tuesday. In light of initial postmortem, it was said the minor has been sexually assaulted multiple times before her murder.

The minor was a resident of Road Kot area of Kasur and was abducted on January 5 (Friday) while she was on her way to tuition centre.

The incident which shook the whole country and made headlines around the world was widely condemned and calls for justice echoed on social media and other platforms.

Tensions persist in Kasur for second day

Protests in the Kasur soon erupted after Zainab’s body was recovered from a garbage heap on Tuesday, which are still ongoing.

The residents are protesting at Kali Pul Chowk, whereas the city’s main artery has been blocked for commuters. Markets and shops are also closed in protest against the heart-wrenching incident.

The Punjab Bar Council also announced a complete boycott of courts today and lawyers have demanded immediate arrest of the killer(s).

The protests claimed two lives when police resorted to firing in a bid to stop the protesters from surrounding the District Police Officer (DPO) and District Coordination Officer (DCO) offices.

They were identified as Shoaib and Mohammad Ali. Their funeral prayers were offered on Thursday amid presence of large number of people including social and political activists.

The post-mortem of slain protesters is expected to be released later today.

Keeping the tense situation in view, the authorities have called in additional police contingents to control the law and order situation on Thursday.

FIRs lodged against policemen

Two FIRs have been registered against 16 ‘unidentified’ policemen on the complaints of the slain protesters’ relatives. The FIRs have been registered under murder charges.

To diffuse mounting pressure, authorities also claimed to have arrested two policemen for resorting to firing to disperse the protesters.

Punjab govt announces Rs1 million reward for info on suspect

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Thursday announced Rs10 million reward for any information about the identity of the culprit.

The chief minister also announced Rs3 million for heirs of the slain protesters, who were killed in police action on Wednesday.

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Why The Jupiter In Scorpio Transit Of 2018 Will Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick This Year



Every single year it’s the same thing. “New Year, new me!” when really, it’s a new year, same sh*t. But this year, the Jupiter in Scorpio transit of 2018 means your New Year’s resolution could actually stick. Those who are especially in tune with the vibe of the collective will probably notice that there’s something especially “new” about this year; that regardless of how grand or minimal your New Year’s Eve plans were, there was something about the night that gave it the feeling of a decidedly blank slate. Why is that? I’m glad you asked. While some might say nothing really means anything and we’re all just wandering the planet until we die, I think it’s because Jupiter is in Scorpio.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, and higher purpose, and Scorpio is the sign of sex, death, debt, transformation, and rebirth. When their powers combine, it endows us humans with a greater-than-average ability to assimilate our past experiences and come out of them healed and self-actualized. It’s only by losing our way that we’re able to carve a new path for ourselves. It’s through total confusion that we are able to find genuine clarity. And it’s from that point you can get really creative about what you want and how you’ll go about getting it, uninhibited by fear or self-consciousness.

Jupiter has been in Scorpio since October 2017, and will stay there until November of this year, meaning we’ve already been in the midst of this transit. The transformative power of Scorpio has already been working to change our perception of faith, and of what that means. Before this transit, you might have thought faith meant believing things will work out in your favor. By now, you might be beginning to understand that faith is more blind than that. Having faith means believing things will work out, period. You can set an intention and let go of it without worrying how you might get there, and without rigidly grasping to what it needs to look like.

No matter where I am in my life, and no matter what happens, I have begun to see everything — yes, absolutely everything — that happens “to me” is actually a result of my beliefs. They are beliefs that are formed in my subconscious mind. Jupiter in Scorpio encourages us to examine (Scorpio) what beliefs (Jupiter) lie in our psychological underworld. We need to dig down, bring them up, and shine a light on those beliefs in order to ask ourselves, does this really represent our feelings?

For instance, if we want to make money doing what we love most, but we are aware of the belief (built off the childhood example of parental figures) that “adults hate their jobs,” then we are doomed to consistently stay stuck in a career that is almost what we want. Every step toward doing what we love most is sacrificed in service to the belief that hating your job is the more “responsible” choice.

Another way this transit will affect people is by expanding their horizons in ways they never knew they could. Scorpio is a sign of hidden strength, and Jupiter is a planet that is about growing and expanding past any perceived limitations, either within us or around us. What others expect from you is no longer something you consider your concern. What others want from you is no longer your responsibility. As this transit makes it’s way through your life, you will learn to set your own desires ahead of the desires others might have for you. You’ll learn that when you set aside the expectations of others, you quickly surpass the expectations you held for yourself.

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