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How To Create An App Without Coding?



How do you design an app and what should you consider? There are more and more apps on the market, and people use their smartphones for more and more tasks. You order your food with apps, manage your banking and relax with apps. But make an app yourself, how to create an app without coding?

App developers can make apps technical, but they do not think about your idea. Therefore, make sure you’re only going to an app developer if your app idea is already designed. If you’re designing an app, you can walk along these steps. With a visually designed app, you know exactly what you want and can app developers develop. Also, a pre-designed app is useful to convince and test investors with users.

How To Create An App Without Programming Skills

Step 1: Test Your Idea

Every app starts with an idea. Some apps are just being “fun” or trying to app design. But the real app toppers are a success because they solve real problems, offer new interesting experiences and many users.

Does your app idea meet that? First of all, you need to see it before you design or develop your app. The power of your idea will be discarded with the App Idea Scan. This gives your insight into how well your app idea is, and you can download it FREE.

“Users understand what they already know.”

Step 2: Make Sketches

It’s the fastest way to create your app with the people around you: make sketches. Do not make it yourself too difficult, the idea of ​​sketching is that you can test your idea quickly and the sketches are not final. No colors, but just coarse and sloppy lines. Use a whiteboard, paper or chalkboard. Let people see your sketches, do they look confused? Ask them why and make changes together. Repeat this sometimes so that the design step-by-step becomes clearer.

Step 3: Focus On Most Actions Performed

Depending on your app, there are certain actions that your users perform most. For example, do you schedule an app for events? Then it is useful for users to see who is present at the event. If it’s a social app, you probably need a chat feature. We also refer to “Use cases”: The tasks that your user wants to run with your app. Make an overview of and focus on the main use cases.

These most important use cases should be easy to find. Also, the buttons in these actions must be clear, easy to understand and to be found. You can choose to design your own buttons so that you give an original character to your app. Remember, you do not have to figure out the wheel again! Users understand that what they already know, use recognizable logos, icons, and buttons.

Step 4: Create An Prototype

If everyone agrees with the main use cases, screens and actions build each screen and connect them to your navigation structure. Make it easy for you and choose for standard iOS and Android fonts and formats. If you want to unpack, a tool like Playground in Xcode can help you make your interactions quick without having to waste too much time.

Step 5: Use A Communication Tool

If app design is new to you, creating an app from step 5 by self is not difficult. If you do not have any experience with designing for apps, it leads to the creation of a prototype to low quality. Therefore, it’s smart to enable an experienced app designer from this step.

Once you work with a designer, there must be good communication among them. You have experienced so often that a lack of communication leads to a bad app. You do not want to experience that. For example, if you do not fully agree with a color choice, you must get to the designer immediately. Whether you test with users and you have feedback: communicate it to the designer. Received feedback from a professional? Communicate immediately to the designer.

This does not have to be hard or expensive at all; there are handy tools for it! Sketch for example, allows you to design easily. You can then share those designs with, for example, In Vision with people from your project group. Paper can be used for iPod an iPhone for free, and with Balsamic you can easily make Mockups that are understandable to your entire team.

Step 6: Create A Beautiful Prototype

You make a prototype an easy-to-use and visually appealing app. You can work with various tools, such as Photoshop, but also with Animation Libraries and Physics Engines to create an app visually more fun. If the features of your app work, then it’s important to enjoy your app. A good app designer knows how to create an app fun of using, so listen to his experience.

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