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How to obtain Australian student visa



While acquiring great new skills, studying in Australia is a fine pathway to experience unique Australian lifestyles. To support international students, there are world-class universities in Australia, practical vocational colleges, and excellent English language schools.

To study in Australia, you will need to get an Australian student visa. You should be able to prove the Immigration and Border Protection Department (DIBP) that you meet the following major Australian student visa needs:

  • Genuine temporary access (GTE) Needs
  • Economic Needs
  • English proficiency requirements
  • Fitness and Moral Needs

You must fulfil the Australian Student Visa Application Form, have to pay the visa application price and will probably have to participate in an interview.

The Genuine Temporary Entry (GTE) requirement presented in November 2011 requires that the visa applicant be temporarily in Australia for the purpose of the study, or should be able to display a real intention or to remain with a student as a parent (i.e. a spouse or child).

DIBP deciders will acknowledge the following points:

  • Situations in your domestic nation
  • Potential Conditions for You in Australia
  • The worth of your selected program for your career
  • Your past migration
  • Any other similar situations

Requirements for the Student visa:

When fulfilling your online visa appeal form, you must provide proof of the following as per Australian student visa Needs:

  • Economic Needs: Proof of adequate funding to cover the cost of tuition, travel, and living; From July 2016, you have to prove the cost of staying at AU $ 19,830 (~ US $ 15,170) for one year (separate from tuition and travel) the wanted. If you have defenders(like husband and wife), you will require showing proof of being able to cover the cost of living for them, including school fees.Differently, you can show evidence that your spouse or parent is willing to assist you and they earn at least $ 60,000 (~ US $ 45,850) a year.
  • English competency Needs: If you don’t belong from an English-speaking country (and have not fulfilled the study of at least five years in the English-speaking country), then you have to prove that you can speak English at the necessary level. DIBP website creates a list of qualified examinations, with the possibilities of IELTS, TOFEL IBT, PTE academic and Cambridge Advanced English (CAE). The marks you want rely on even if you are beginning a full degree, doing foundation courses, or registering on the initial English language intensive curriculum (LICOS) for the foreign learner.
  • Health needs: Few applicants may be called to hold a medical or radiological examination to prove they are in great health. If asked to do so, you must be included in an appointment with a doctor certified by the Australian Immigration Department.
  • Character Needs: Australian student visa needs determine that you must be a good character to come to Australia. This involves a criminal record investigation, to ensure that you do not have enough criminal records. You might require obtaining a penal clearance certificate (or police certificate) or be obtaining a police statement, and can be called to fulfill a Character Signature Form.

Australian Student Visa Document

There is a document checklist facility on the DIBP website which will offer you with a list of credentials needs for your particular situations.

  • Australian student visa application form completed (157A)
  • Paid visa application fee – currently AU 550 $
  • Print of passport sheet (few applicants might be called to offer their passport physically).
  • Credentials of nomination or proposal letter
  • Substantial amount of money
  • Proof of Health Insurance Cover
  • English competency exam result
  • Criminal record test results
  • Four latest passport size photographs

After collecting and scanning your subscription credentials, you will have to make an account and appeal to the online ‘ImmiAccount’ operation scheme. In few situations, it may be available to appeal for another visa at the completion of your course.

Contact registered immigration agent Adelaide for further queries. They will assist you through the tricky procedure of getting student visas in Australia.

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