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Air Pollution Exposed: Why You Might Be Breathing In Tire Waste



Most drivers know the importance of checking tires regularly to see how worn down they are ― if you don’t, your car is an accident waiting to happen. But have you ever thought about where the worn-down stuff actually goes?

About 10-30 percent of the rubber from car tires is lost as they wear out, a European Commission review reports. The majority of that material ends up on, or at the side of, the road, but most of us don’t realize that tiny tire wear particles small enough to be inhaled are also mixed into the air we breathe.

While a number of scientific studies have found tire dust has adverse health effects, the tire industry ― and studies it has commissioned ― suggests otherwise.

Air pollution in the U.S. causes as many as 200,000 premature deaths each year. Motor vehicles are a major source of this pollution. Exposure to pollutants from motor vehicles can cause lung and heart problems and early death, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Although significant work has gone into researching the contribution of emissions from exhaust pipes to air pollution, emissions such as those produced by tire wear have been largely overlooked, professor Frank Kelly, chair in environmental health at King’s College London, told HuffPost.

There is much that needs to be investigated, not only when it comes to the potential health effects but also around what actually goes into tires.

Since the recipes manufacturers use for their tires are generally kept under wraps, exactly what these tire wear particles contain is “a bit of a black box,” said Kelly, who provides policy support on air pollution to the World Health Organization.

The findings of a study co-authored by the academic in 2013 suggest that reducing exposure to tire dust would likely lead to improvements in health. But more research is needed to better understand the health effects of tire wear particles, Kelly said, especially as non-tailpipe emissions ― from brake pads and road surfaces as well as tires ― become increasingly important while exhaust emissions are brought under control.

The tire industry, however, has pushed back on suggestions that tire wear particles have health effects. The Tire Industry Project ― an industry body chaired by the three biggest tire manufacturers, Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodyear ― says it is working to develop a better understanding of the possible health and environmental effects of tire and road wear particles (TRWP).

As part of this ongoing work, it has commissioned a series of peer-reviewed publications. “The key takeaway from TIP’s research so far has been that the presence of TRWP presents no significant risk to humans and the environment,” Philippe Fonta, the managing director of TIP, told HuffPost by email.

Cyrille Roget, global head of scientific and innovations communications at Michelin Group, told HuffPost: “All the studies that we have been looking at indicate that those particles in fact do not present any danger.”

Despite repeated requests, Michelin did not provide HuffPost with these studies. Michelin did say it is developing a tire with a biodegradable tread made from material such as hay or beets.

Concerns over tire particle pollution also raise questions about frequently cited ideas for tackling vehicle-related pollution, such as electric cars.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are being touted as one of the most promising solutions to the air pollution crisis, especially in cities. But while they can significantly reduce tailpipe emissions, they won’t tackle the effects of non-tailpipe emissions from the likes of tire waste.

Jonathan Grigg, professor of pediatric respiratory and environmental medicine at Queen Mary University London, told HuffPost that cities should go further than just promoting EVs and genuinely rethink urban transport to move away from private car use.

“Yes, we can achieve a lot with EVs, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we need to be able to move around our cities in different ways than just individual cars,” said Grigg, whose research focuses on air pollution and health.

Cities around the world are experimenting with ways to get vehicles off the streets. Los Angeles is phasing out heavy-duty diesel trucks from its port and overhauling the mass transit system, while Norway is replacing car parking spaces with bike lanes and closing certain streets to private traffic in its capital city, Oslo. Brussels and Ghent in Belgium have also been experimenting with car-free initiatives, with mixed success. In Paris, major intersections are being redesigned to prioritize pedestrians and cyclists over vehicle traffic.

There’s a long way to go, however, not least of all in America. “In the current anti-regulatory political climate of the U.S., government officials are attempting to downplay the health impacts of poor air quality,” Natalie Nava, project leader at the environmental group Greenpeace USA, told HuffPost. “But don’t be fooled ― the air we breathe is important. If the government and companies fail to take action to improve our air, we will be dealing with a global health catastrophe.”

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Do It Yourself Tips for Pillow Cleansing.



You can cleanse anything on your bed beside the padding because no washer and garments dryer permits enough space, and if you cleansed it, it won’t dry in time before you need to relax again. Just how can you keep your pillow smelling superb and clean? Below are some great methods on precisely just how you might clean your pillow, the best factor is, you do not additionally call for any type of elegant tool!

Guard your bed cushion by laying it with mobile linings and support pads before you make your bed with fresh sheets to make certain that the dirt is lessened to the minimum by the time it reaches your bed cushion. The superb facet of these safety layers is that you can actually tidy and reuse them. Keeping the dirt and microorganisms off the bed cushion itself will reduce the treatment of keeping your bed clean and fresh.

Change your sheets regularly to avoid the accumulation of dusts, microorganisms and dirt. Tidy the sheets with lightening solutions, and in the most effective arrangement on your washer to remove any type of difficult microorganisms. Scrub and used is color removers to get remove areas on the sheets. After cleansing, throw your sheets into the garments dryer for a last house heating session making sure that the germs did not have a possibility to make it via and make it back to your padding.

Transform your bed cushion sometimes to guarantee that your pillow preserves its type. By transforming your bed cushion similarly makes sure that it does not accumulate dusts or dirt.

Bicarbonate of Soda is a great rep to make use of if you prefer a clean bed cushion. Starting by splashing philanthropic amounts of cooking soda on your bare padding andlet it relax for a minimum of 6 hours, although leaving it in for the whole day would definitely be far better. Salt bicarbonate has the ability to remove the dirt, areas, unfavourable aromas or perhaps moisture, let it relax for as prolonged as you can so it might work its magic. Hoover the pillow thoroughly after the hold-upand do intend to get all the cooking soda from the bed cushion, or else you will definitely have to relax and rise in a bed of “snow”.

Air your pillow half-yearly. By relaying your pillow, you can get rid of bugs that appear in wet and dark materials. Bring your padding outside andlet it relax you can possibly imagine for relating to 6 hours, or a lot extra. Bear in mind to keep your padding dry whatsoever times as damp pillow encourages the advancement of pests and microorganisms! Take a look at improved sleep with soft beds to know more about mattresses.

Sprinkle it! Spraying your bed cushion with cleaning agents can help eliminate smells and removes the microorganisms that could be occupying under your padding. It not gets rid of smells and microorganisms, it can offer your bed cushion with a fresh look and feel!

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Will An Infection Cure After Adult Circumcision Surgery?



Circumcision in adult men is a surgical procedure that experts carry out on the prepuce or foreskin of the penis, covering the glans or head of the penis. Often, men opt for this surgery for a number of different reasons, including cultural, health, religious or social reasons. Usually, so much debate hurls around this topic, but many men choose to go through this surgery to avoid some health-related problems.

Men opt for the adult circumcision surgery so that smegma and other infection-causing agents do not accumulate on the glans. For infants, this is often an elective surgery, but adult men often consider this surgery for the treatment of medical conditions that affect the genitalia, such as phimosis, paraphimosis, and infections of the glans, which may be recurrent in nature.

As mentioned above, circumcision is a surgical procedure that removes the glans or foreskin of the penis. Note that the fold of the foreskin covers the tip of the penis. After the surgery, the pain takes about three days before it fades away, but it may remain swollen for at least two weeks.

The foreskin or prepuce has a thin layer, which lines the preputial sac, serving as a sac for the collection of used/shed cells, urine residue, and other secretions. In many cases, this would trigger an infection, thus it becomes an indication for its excision. So many studies also reveal that through the circumcision surgery, the rate of transmission of HIV disease drops about 60% in circumcised men, compared to uncircumcised ones.

Infection Post Circumcision

Once you go through a Circumcision Center surgical procedure for the excision of the foreskin, the chance of you developing an infection is a rare one. However, if you do not take proper care, your chances of encountering an infection are high in the future.

Several reasons lead to the rise of infections, including inadequate or improper cleansing of the sutured area, which leads to the accumulation of bacterial growth. Since the foreskin covers the penis, the buildup of moisture is something inevitable. Areas moist like the foreskin also serve as breeding grounds for bacterial growth. In infants, who wear diapers, constantly moist or soaked diapers can make it a problem to keep this sensitive area dry.  Sometimes, if the infections grow, you will notice changes like:

  • Purpuric discoloration, abnormal swelling, a red and firm penile shaft, and redness around the sutures
  • The scrotum could appear somewhat bluish in color, leading to “cyanosis” condition. When this occurs, it means the circulation of blood is less and there’s inadequate blood oxygenation
  • Burning or pain sensations when you try to urinate, at such times, it is necessary to give it prompt attention
  • Formation of pus could appear on the sutured area, with fever, swelling, and lethargy as possible side effects

Management and Prevention of Infection Post Circumcision

The first few days after the surgery, you should try to keep this sensitive area dry. Ensure that you visit your doctor for regular visits, and checkups to change the sterilized gauze and dressing. For quick healing, you should also apply some petroleum jelly, which should prevent friction from the dressing. In addition, make sure that you monitor the sutured area, at least for 48 hours, in order to take note of the signs of infections, like pus, red discoloration, and severe swelling.

When you monitor this for about two days, this sensitive area has to remain clean and it requires constant washing for 5-7 day with some mild soap and warm water. In other cultures and practices, there’s a belief that using guava leaves helps the prevention of infection. According to research, guava leaves have some antibacterial properties, which intervene with the formation and occurrence of infections.

Follow up care is the key to infection prevention, so make sure that you make time for appointments and visit your doctor on regular basis for quick healing. It is also advisable that you have a complete list of the medications that you take when you consult your circumcision doctor.

Caring for the Sensitive Area Post Circumcision

Post-circumcision, you need to take enough rest by getting enough sleep, which should help you to recover better. Each day, you should try to walk, but you have to start with walking a little and increase your time a bit more than the previous day.

Before a shower, take the bandage off from the head of your penis. You can pat the incision dry. In addition, you can take short baths if you feel the need to do so. Make sure that you avoid any form of strenuous activities, including bicycle riding, jogging, aerobic exercises, weight lifting and more for four weeks or until your physician advice you otherwise.

You should wear comfortable underwear, and preferably, wear snug fitting pants for better support. However, for better healing, it is best that you wear breathable pants, to allow it to heal better. After the circumcision surgery, you can return back to normal activities like driving when you feel comfortable.

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Odyssey business improvement Work smarter, not harder



Odyssey business improvement offers strategy development du=distribution channel management business and process analysis, detail and marketing management for the organization of all sizes.

Your channels play a critical role in connecting your business with your customers, using the proprietary odyssey channel model we offer unique business improvement services that build your competitive advantage through effective channel strategy and marketing strategy.
The Odyssey Online channel model draws together a comprehensive evaluation of your operating environment. We work with you to develop results that leverage your competitive advantage and optimize values delivery throughout distribution channels and networks.

Odyssey has extensive experience and record of success in developing comprehensive standards, process and policy management for a business of all sizes. The Odyssey team is committed to giving back to our community. Our active corporate social responsibility program supports a range of non-profit organization through financial fundraising personal involvement pro-fond professional service. Odyssey business improvement offers expert business ideas analysis and strategic planning using our unique model whatever the industry or scale of business you can expect clarity, engagement, energy results portfolio to learn how Odyssey can improve your business.

Digital media start up Odyssey has loud off 55 people slashing over a third of its full time provide staff less than your after raising 25 million, CEO Evan Burns confirmed to a business insider. This is the dramatic change for a company that board member Michael laze row described in April as being the most exciting company to him since he invested in buzzed.

Odyssey has raised 32 million in total and moved into a New York office in December.

The Odyssey idea is to have bright young writer swap their work for being their work for being edited and professionally branded and their network to have the work spread on social media. The status quo of publishing and social media makes it hard for those voices to be hard, odyssey democratizes content, giving peoples the opportunity to share what is most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspective on topics they care about.

Engage the engagement

It’s simple if content resonates with people the’ spend more time with’ it. Readers trust. Odyssey be ‘cause article and videos are created by peoples like them with no’ agenda other than to speak their minds and shared originally across their friend networks. It’s meaningful to them because it’s relevant to their intrust. Grow your online business with direct access to millions of local engaged customers and everything you need to reach them in one package diminish risk .increase reward. Local digital advertising does not have to be expensive.

Odyssey combines everything you need to advertise effectively and increase sales. A simple process that lets us make great ads for you and deliver them to the right peoples. The guidance on generating results.

If you are involved in joining and engaging our devoted audience, we would love to have a conversion.

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