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Lamborghini’s EV initiatives seem to lack a spark



It doesn’t look like Lamborghini will be joining the race for e-performance vehicles anytime soon.

Even as the Italian company announced plans to work with MIT in a collaboration to create “electric super sports cars of the future” with the unveiling of its Terzo Millennio concept car, without an exact EV Lambo production date, it’s unclear when the iconic brand will leave its gas-powered days in the dust.

A company spokesperson couldn’t confirm when a fully electric Terzo Millennio — or Third Millennium — vehicle would be for sale. “ Lamborghini’s Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani characterized the production outlook for the MIT initiative as “not something for tomorrow” but “really far away,” he told TechCrunch.

Meanwhile, Tesla started taking orders for its all-electric Roadster last month. Porsche plans to sell its Million-E electric car in 2019, a company spokesperson confirmed.

Ultimately, the ability of Lamborghini’s new EV initiative to keep up with competitors depends largely on the company’s ability to meet shifting consumer and regulatory demands, according to IHS Markit senior auto analyst Stephanie Brinley.

“Regulation, and making sure you understand the tech and are ready to adapt as necessary, is a really big part of this EV drive ― even for a supercar maker,” she told TechCrunch.

And for luxury performance makers, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, “it’s also about having  a sense of what their buyers will accept, and won’t accept,” said Brinley of the jump to all electric.

In today’s transitional auto market, gauging consumer preferences is a tougher proposition: even for luxury brands who get to know their elite clientele (who can drop $200,000 on a car) pretty well.

“It really is about reading where supercar consumers will want to be and…preparing as much as possible to follow the market wherever it goes,” said Brinley of Lambo’s MIT EV initiative.

Lamborghini gave a sop to that market with the unveiling of its extremely hypothetical Terzo Millennio concept car. Despite the fanfare (and shocked headlines), there’s very little of the car that’s functional (or even actual).

The idea was to let a forward-looking development team run with the notion, giving chase to the MIT team. “Here we are showing a design and now I am asking the engineers and the students [at MIT] to develop the technology,” Terzo Millennio concept car designer Mitja Borkert told TechCrunch.

According to Lamborghini CTO Maurizio Reggiani, Lambo’s Third Millennium vehicle (for which, again, there are no immediate plans) will be all electric, have a body that doubles as a battery, and meet Lamborghini’s design and performance criteria.

A core part of the tech is the car’s conceptual power setup ― four electric motors, built into the wheels, doubling as brakes, and fueled by supercapacitors and energy storage devices built into the body.

Integrating supercapacitors into the shell would solve the weight, weight distribution and driving duration challenges that have hindered performance electric cars, Reggiani explained at an MIT media roundtable, earlier this year.

Another Third Millennium concept is development of a self-healing carbon-fiber body, to repair nicks and dents to the shell.

And finally, Lamborghini’s future supercars will incorporate AI technology, but won’t be self-driving. Models may include a “virtual cockpit” to allow drivers to simulate road and track conditions, but Lamborghini execs ruled out autonomous cars as a goal of the Terzo Millennio project.

“People don’t normally buy a sports cars to have it driven by a computer,” said Riccardo Parenti, the company’s head of Concept Development.

Still, Lamborghini was unable to clarify when this Terzo Millennio tech will materialize into an actual production car.

In the meantime, the company’s hybrid efforts could create a bridge to a full EV future. Lamborghini did confirm that a plug-in hybrid version of its new Urus SUV “is coming soon.” Lambo competitor Ferrari released its LaFerrari hybrid in 2016. Bugatti is also working on its first gas/electric car.

What could hasten Lamborghini’s move to full electric ― and perhaps leave Lambo disrupted as a preeminent supercar maker ― is competitors selling EVs with superior tech features and speed stats before them.

With 70 mph speed limits, for most buyers supercars are as much about capturing imaginations and performance bragging rights than actually hitting 200 mph on I-95.

 The reported stats for Lamborghini’s current top performing Huracán Performante are 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, with a top speed of 201 mph.

The same stats for Tesla’s new Roadster: 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 250 mph.

Lamborghini may need to bring its Terzo Millennio EV technology to market sooner than expected.

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How Are Web Insurance Aggregators Transforming the insurance sector?



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Odyssey business improvement Work smarter, not harder



Odyssey business improvement offers strategy development du=distribution channel management business and process analysis, detail and marketing management for the organization of all sizes.

Your channels play a critical role in connecting your business with your customers, using the proprietary odyssey channel model we offer unique business improvement services that build your competitive advantage through effective channel strategy and marketing strategy.
The Odyssey Online channel model draws together a comprehensive evaluation of your operating environment. We work with you to develop results that leverage your competitive advantage and optimize values delivery throughout distribution channels and networks.

Odyssey has extensive experience and record of success in developing comprehensive standards, process and policy management for a business of all sizes. The Odyssey team is committed to giving back to our community. Our active corporate social responsibility program supports a range of non-profit organization through financial fundraising personal involvement pro-fond professional service. Odyssey business improvement offers expert business ideas analysis and strategic planning using our unique model whatever the industry or scale of business you can expect clarity, engagement, energy results portfolio to learn how Odyssey can improve your business.

Digital media start up Odyssey has loud off 55 people slashing over a third of its full time provide staff less than your after raising 25 million, CEO Evan Burns confirmed to a business insider. This is the dramatic change for a company that board member Michael laze row described in April as being the most exciting company to him since he invested in buzzed.

Odyssey has raised 32 million in total and moved into a New York office in December.

The Odyssey idea is to have bright young writer swap their work for being their work for being edited and professionally branded and their network to have the work spread on social media. The status quo of publishing and social media makes it hard for those voices to be hard, odyssey democratizes content, giving peoples the opportunity to share what is most important to them and their communities, enriching everyone with broader, more honest perspective on topics they care about.

Engage the engagement

It’s simple if content resonates with people the’ spend more time with’ it. Readers trust. Odyssey be ‘cause article and videos are created by peoples like them with no’ agenda other than to speak their minds and shared originally across their friend networks. It’s meaningful to them because it’s relevant to their intrust. Grow your online business with direct access to millions of local engaged customers and everything you need to reach them in one package diminish risk .increase reward. Local digital advertising does not have to be expensive.

Odyssey combines everything you need to advertise effectively and increase sales. A simple process that lets us make great ads for you and deliver them to the right peoples. The guidance on generating results.

If you are involved in joining and engaging our devoted audience, we would love to have a conversion.

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Rest Innovations Memory Foam Cushion Mattress topper.



Rest is essential in individuals’ lives. You need it in order to function and do the important things you intend to do. Our body cannot function 24-HOURs a day without resting or having a break. It has to relax in order for it to work appropriately. That is why there is the rest technologies like the memory foam mattress topper.


When individuals function, they consume powers in their body, so they should reclaim it back by getting the right sleep and having an excellent body rest. If individuals do not take great treatment of their self and does not have the rest they need their body may give up.


Among the vital points that you’ll locate in nearly everybody’s residence is their mattress, although some individuals uncommitted exactly what sort of mattress they acquire as long as they have one. There are also those individuals that take significant preparation simply to discover a cushion.


If you simply get any type of cushion without looking it over,you’ll regret it when you have a difficult time resting on an awkward cushion. Among the numerous firms that offer individuals with comfy resting cushions is the Rest Innovations company.


The Rest Innovations are just one of the top business that create memory foam items likemattress, cushions, andmattress toppers. The firm was established in 1996 it is recognized for giving extravagant healing helpand convenience of their items.


They are also understood not just for offering a comfy and enjoyable item yet also for their items quality. Among the rest advancements unique item is the memory foam, this item is stated to alleviate stress factor by taking in and dispersing your weight externally of the foam.


Memory foam is also helpful for easing neck and back pain and offers you a great evening’s rest. It is pricey contrasted to normal cushions, so if you want a cushion but cannot manage to get it, attempt the rest technology memory foam mattress topper. Their memory cushion topper will provide you the same feeling as the mattress.Take a look online at the to come out with the top mattress.


Right here are some suggestions and recommendations when you acquire rest development memory foam cushion topper.


Collect expertise. It is necessary for you to do some study and recognize the item you are purchasing, to guarantee that you will understand if the item will deserve your cash and time.

The cushion topper will be placed on top of your mattress, and this will work as a defense on your mattressand at the same time secure your skin from toxic irritants. You need to get the precise dimension of your mattress so you’ll understand the dimension of the mattress topper you need.

Next you need to choose the density of your mattress topper, exactly how thick you want it to be. You also need to determine if you wish to buy it online or in your regional shop. The downside of buying it online is phony websites and fraud, so you should locate a website that is reliable and could be relied on.


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