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Target’s new $550 million acquisition provides the tools for doing business in an online world



Target plans to step up its delivery game in a big way come 2018.

The retailer announced the $550 million acquisition of Shipt on Wednesday, adding a company that specializes specifically in same-day delivery to its asset portfolio. In the same announcement, Target also confirmed plans to — wait for it — offer same-day delivery to its customers.

The company’s announcement lays out a plan to offer speedier deliveries at “about half” of its stores in early 2018. The program is then expected to expand by the 2018 holiday to include most Target stores, in all major markets.

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The key takeaway here is the way all of this will be tied to individual stores. Unlike Amazon, which forgoes brick-and-mortar retail in favor of warehouses and third-party retail partners, Target has a vast network of stores housing inventory. In this new setup, Shipt becomes an extension of that, picking up deliveries from local stores and ferrying them to their destinations.

In the early days of the new program, Target same-day delivery will be restricted to groceries, essentials, home electronics, and a handful of other (unidentified) product categories. The goal is to expand that to all products available in Target stores by the end of 2019.

Shipt operates as a subscription-based grocery marketplace, charging $99 per year for unlimited deliveries. When you place an order, the company’s “shoppers,” as they’re called, pick up the items from local stores and deliver them.

The company is really just another product of the ever-growing gig economy. Shipt highlights the fact that shoppers are also responsible for delivery as an advantage of the service. There’s even a rating system that’s built to pair shoppers with their satisfied past customers.

It’s the same premise as ride-sharing services like Lyft or Shipt competitor Postmates. Instead of a big Amazon-like company shipping orders out of warehouses using established delivery services, Shipt relies on regular folks to do customers’ shopping on demand.

It sounds like that setup won’t be changing much with the acquisition. Shipt will work with Target as a retail partner, giving subscribers a new set of stores to order from. But with Target resources behind it, Shipt will be able to expand more quickly and cover a wider range of products that much sooner.

For the Target customers, it’s probably best to look at Shipt as a subscription plan akin to the delivery benefits offered by Amazon Prime. Though that subscription seems like a tough sell in a world where Amazon offers Prime members a range of bonus benefits — Prime Video, Prime Reading, Twitch Prime — alongside free same-day delivery.

More details will no doubt be revealed as Target works with Shipt to cement a system that works for both interests. However, there’s no denying that this acquisition gives Target a new tool to push back against the looming threat of online delivery services like Amazon, that tend to offer a wider range of products at frequently better prices, for speedy delivery.

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What to Consider When Buying a Floor Jack?



buying a floor jack

It is always prudent to consider a number of important factors before you buy any product. The same applies to motor vehicle owners when they want to buy a best floor jack for the money. Most people have floor jacks that came with a purchase of the vehicle. The scissor jacks that are included in purchases come in handy when it comes to roadside emergencies such as a flat tire that needs to be changed. If this jack gets spoilt or worn out, you need to replace it. Furthermore, you might want to get a jack for more complex repairs and maintenance that need another jack such as s hydraulic or a piston jack. Some of the factors to consider when getting a new jack include:

  • Budget and Price

First, you need to know the average price of a floor jack. For this information, you can scroll through the internet and read different reviews. Getting opinions from other customers will allow you to gauge the durability of a jack and how much quality you are going to get for the price that you have to pay for the jack. Once you have a neighborhood price, you need to determine your budget within reasonable bounds. Do not allocate a little money as this could lead to the purchase of a substandard item which you will have to replace soon. However, you also should not splurge on a fancy new floor jack, especially if you are not going to use it often or for important work.

  • How Will You Be Using the Jack?

The next step would be to find out what you are going to use the jack for. Floor jacks are used to raise vehicles but they are also used in other operations such as changing floor boards. If you are going to use the jack for various things, ensure that it is high quality and sturdy. Ensure that the weight limit of the jack is beyond that of your vehicle or any other object that you plan on lifting. This will prevent accidents from the jack giving way.

  • Type of Jack and Accompanying Accessories

Additionally, you will need to acquaint yourself with the different types of jacks that are available in the market and what each has to offer. The decision on the type of jack to choose will then be informed by what you will use the jack for. For example, if you have a sports car, you cannot get a piston jack as it cannot go low enough to raise the vehicle. You will also need to check the space between your car and the ground to get a jack that compresses enough to go underneath. Finally, you will also need to consider other accompanying tools such as wheel chocks and jack stands. If you choose a high quality floor jack, you will also need to get high quality accompanying tools to ensure that your jacking experience is the best possible. Buying jack stands will require that you take into consideration some of the factors above as well.


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