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The best food for cancer patients



Cancer is one of the most life-threatening and fatal diseases. Most of the times cancer cannot be treated. The stage 3 and 4 of cancer is the time when even the doctors give up hope as there is hardly any chance to survive unless a miracle occurs.

Always remember that a good diet is the best medicine to fight cancer. The time when chemotherapies and medical treatments become unresponsive to the cancer patients, food and diet jump in. A healthy nutrition can increase the chance of surviving to a really great extent.

Here we have compiled a list of 10 nutritional foods which are best for cancer patients. Each and every one of the food item plays a significant role in fighting cancer. Have a look.

  1. Fish oil:

Fish oils are highly recommended by nutritionists and doctors to the cancer patients. It contains Omega-3 which acts as a natural inflammatory in the human body. Omega-3 minimizes the negative hormone eicosanoids which are the cause of inflammation- driving cancer. Moreover, fish oils contain vitamin A which kills cancer cells. So, if there is any cancer patient around you make sure to give them this friendly advice.

  1. Carotenoids:

Alongside green and yellow peppers, apricots, spinach, and kale, carrots too provide anti-cancer carotenoids, which converts to vitamin A and used whenever required by the human body. Giving juices of all these fruits and vegetables can be quite beneficial for cancer patients.

  1. Ginger:

Raw ginger has a lot of benefits for cancer. The foremost important advantage of ginger is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. It also reduces the harmful effects of COX-2. It is beneficial for the entire body, more specifically the gut, eventually reducing the rate of cancer spread.

  1. Seeds (sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds):

All the seeds contain loads of essential oils which are really advantageous for cancer patients. They provide astronger immune system and greater strength to fight cancer.

  1. Nuts:

Brazil nuts contain a significant amount of selenium which is one of the best anti-cancer agents. Make sure to include walnuts and almonds in your diet, if there is any cancer patient around.

  1. Mushrooms:

There are mainly two categories of mushrooms. The harmful ones and the medicinal mushrooms. Medicinal mushrooms are known for boosting the immune system and fighting against deadly cancer cells. Eating a specific amount of mushrooms daily is highly recommended to the cancer patients.

  1. Tomatoes:

7-10 tomatoes per week can be really helpful to fight cancer cells. They cut prostate symptoms by 40%, gradually influencing several different types of cancers like lung cancer, colon cancer, cervix cancer etc. Try preferring cooked tomatoes, they are comparatively more effective.

  1. Broccoli:

Just like other green vegetables, broccoli also has a huge impact on cancer patients. Broccoli contains fibers which reduce toxins and decrease inflammation in the patient. Broccoli contains loads of galactose which binds to damaging agents in the intestine. Broccoli decreases the symptoms of breast, prostate and brain tumors more specifically.

  1. Beetroot:

Cherries. Plums, red grapes, beetroot or any other purple fruit and vegetable has a lot of benefits. All these fruits and vegetables contain anthocyanin which is known to fight cancer to a really great extent and eventually killing the cancer cells.

  1. Pulses and beans:

Kidney beans, lentils, pulses, beans and peas all are quite helpful to cure cancer. All these beans and pulses are a great source of plant protein. They release carbohydrates because of their high-fiber content which reduces blood glucose level. It is one of the finest foods for cancer patients.

If you truly care for your loved ones, or anyone who is going through the crucial stages of cancer, make sure you give this friendly advice and tips to everyone. This list of limited foods which are beneficial for cancer patients can change someone’s life. Click on the link to find out more informative articles.

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Constipation: Difficult Defecation and Best Homemade Laxative



Bowel movement is so important that it is considered as a measurement of your health. But regular pooping is not as easy because of stress, daily diet, rapidly paced society, and frequent travel. And that’s when laxative shows its effect to get pooping job done fast. In fact, the laxative is the most common over- the- counter products through the investigation.

The people who use laxative regularly are divided into four groups, depending on the aim of using laxatives. Moreover, the biggest group of the laxative users is those who suffer from eating disorders such as bulimia nervosa and anorexia. They tend to use more laxatives to control the weight and feeling. Another group contains middle-aged people who have impaired digestive system and trouble with unceasing constipation.  Athletes, bodybuilders create a group that aims to maintain weight and looks. The last division is people who have to deal with digestive system disorder.

Are you curious that how laxatives work?

Normally, waste, unwanted nutrients, electrolytes, and an amount of water all create and form stools. It is a soft and solid substance which can pass through digestive tract smoothly. In fact, most of the nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine, not the stomach while large intestine has responsible for absorbing water content in the digested food.

Types of laxatives

There are several types of laxative products nowadays which can help stimulate, lubricate or else laxative which contains saline and osmotic compounds, bulking agents, and surfactants. Laxative products such as herbal tea and detox tinctures, pills, as well as enema are widely used to improve constipation condition.

Stimulant laxative

The most popular type of laxative people often use is stimulant laxative, which is also abused most. It can stimulate the lining of the intestine and force the intestinal muscle to contract which aims to keep stool more hydrated. But using laxative over time may lead to laxative dependency.

Osmotic laxative

Another type is osmotic laxative which provides hydration for feces and makes the bowel movement smoothly. Enema product is directly inserting water into the rectum and soften stool quickly. The bulking agent is the mild laxative that most doctors recommend to the patients by its fiber treatment. Lubricant makes the stool more slippery with the mineral oils covering the intestinal wall.

Over-the-counter laxative

Over-the-counter laxative is useful, but if it is overused or misused due to any reason, chronic constipation is possible and homemade laxative is utilized to relieve temporary constipation with less risk along with the same effect. Moreover, the digestive process might be affected by many aspects of the body, such as enzymes, water, hormones, blood flow, and electrolytes.

The diet without or less fiber, lack of sleep along with stress causing hormone disorder, and an inadequate amount of water are the leading causes of constipation. So regulate your lifestyle is the best way to avoid constipation.

What happens if you abuse laxative?

Laxative is needed but depending on laxative can lead to many risks for your health

  • Dehydration occurs when too much water is drawn from the gut and transferred into feces to soften stool.
  • Electrolyte and acid/ alkaline base imbalances
  • A dizziness and mild headache
  • Damage and loss digestive function and reflex
  • Alternating diarrhea and constipation

Some useful homemade laxatives you should know

Olive oil

Olive oil is considered as the best homemade laxative. It can promote your digestive system and assist stool moving in your intestine. Add olive oil to your diet can relieve constipation condition effectively and prevent inflammation and irritation while having difficulty bowel movement.

Fiber-rich diet

Fiber and hydration are keys to having the smooth bowel movement. Fiber and water supplement of vegetable or fruit brings up an ideal diet for everyone to prevent and treat constipation. The typical representation of fiber-rich food is sweet potato. The extremely high concentration of fiber in sweet potato creates an effective homemade laxative. Moreover, oligosaccharide- a kind of sugar in sweet potato is good for your health status. Boiled or grilled potato not only improves passing stools but also provides energy for a long day.

Flaxseeds are the great source of fiber and treatment for both constipation and diarrhea. Tasteless characteristic of flaxseed makes it convenient ingredients for baked good or smoothies. But remember to consume more water if you don’t want to get more bathroom problem.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a source of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and electrolytes which help heal the gut. For instance, Anthraquinones in Aloe Vera acts as a laxative agent by improving intestinal water content and increasing intestinal mobility. Moreover, Aloe Vera contains many anti-inflammatory agents which alleviate swelling and improve digestive organs remarkably.

Chia seed

Chia seed is used as a homemade laxative due to its content and combination with gelatin form. Chia seed enlarges and swells in the intestine by absorbing more water from food. That’s how chia seed works in the intestine and improve constipation condition.

Probiotic food

Specifically, probiotic yogurt is a wonderful source of good bacteria for the digestive system. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the typical treatment for constipation. Sufficient supplement of probiotic food not only improves defecation but also decreases the time of transit. Moreover, good bacteria are necessary to avoid other digestive disorders.

Leafy green veggie

This veggie contains a considerable amount of magnesium, an important mineral which can soften stool by drawing water from the gut. But as a result, too much intake of magnesium can lead to too loose and watery feces. Adjust the diet reasonably is the best advice for you.

A healthy and nutrient diet full- filled with vegetables, whole- grain products, and especially water combining with regular exercise is always the best remedy for preventing constipation.


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Putting on weight on face



Trying to lose weight is a difficult process for many just like putting on weight on face while avoiding rest of your body parts, especially when there is not enough time in the day and if you haven’t exercised in a long time getting back into a routine can be tough. Going back to an intense work out can be difficult and hard on your body. The easiest thing you can do and the best place to start is to walk to lose that extra weight or you could use a treadmill for this exercise if you prefer.

Walking is a low intensity workout that will help your muscles gradually get back into an exercise routine.

Walking is the easiest and cheapest form of exercise, because we do it every day. Even couch potatoes have to walk at some point of the day, if it’s to the fridge or to get the mail, or even at the grocery store. Adding 30/45 minutes a day of walking can help you lose weight and get in better shape. Taking 3000 steps a day or more is what is recommended to get you started. Purchasing a pedometer will help you reach this goal, and most are small enough to attach to you and no one will notice.

Start with a slow 30-minute walk 3 or 4 times a week and the best time is before you eat. If you start your morning off with a walk around the block will help wake up your body and give you some morning exercise that will make you feel better that a cup of coffee. Trying taking 10-minute walks around your office a couple times a day to get your muscles moving if you are sitting at a desk all day, this will also give you some energy to make it through those crash periods in between meals.

After a couple of weeks step up your weight loss by walking a little faster for 45-60 minutes a day. Start with a slow 10-minute walk and then step up the pace for 40 minutes and then your last 10 minutes slow the pace down again for your cool down. If you find that this is helping and you want to take it a little further add some light hand weights during your walk. Increase your exercise step by step. Next you can start with 2-3 pounds in each hand, if you can lift them up and down over your head over 100 times without to much strain this is a good weight to use. Men can try a 3-4-pound weight to start. As you are walking lift your hands and weights over your head and lower them, this will help your upper body gain some muscle and make you work a little harder. Walking to lose weight is one of the best ways to start getting in shape, it is easy to do and you can go anywhere, also it’s healthy for you. This is the natural thing that is very useful for you and also all people. It could help you burn your fat too.

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How to get White Skin



Everyone wants to look attractive and charming and if you have glowing skin then you look more wonderful. You must care your skin in a natural way to make it look long term charming.

This does not matter if you are brown, white or black you must care your skin to improve your beauty? But the question is how?

To know the answer of this big question, how to get fair skin, you must read this article fully and I hope you will find the answer of your question.


Lemon is a bleaching agent and has such properties which can dirt free your skin. But you must be extremely careful while using it because some skins are allergic to the concentrated lemon juice. That is why it is extremely advised to dilute it with water and then scrub your skin with it. Do not apply this technique more than twice a week.

Eat vegetables and fruit

Both have vitamins which our body needs to glow. So, eating vegetables and fruits not just fulfill the needs of Vitamins in our body but also support in giving our skin a perfect look.

Drink water

Water is also extremely essential when it comes to better skin color because if your body will be hydrated then your skin will also shine and glow.So, it is very advised by me and by the doctors to drink daily two to three liters of water.

Yogurt mask

Yogurt masks may sound strange, but they exactly do work? Why? Because yogurt contains active cultures which are amazing for soothing skin acne and irritations. The lactic acid in yogurt also supports to get rid of dead skin cells and better pores.

If a yogurt mask is used for a long time, it will amazingly lighten and even out your skin quality.


There are some truly amazing masks out there for both brightening and whitening the skin. Masks tend to have a quick effect on your complexion because they are soaked in serum, providing your skin quick hydration. Anyway, whether they have lasting advantages is contentious.

Rice water

Washing your face with rice water can better your skin and whiter. This is because rice have antioxidants which save your skin from the sun.

Rice water is made by soaking uncooked rice perfect. It is the same procedure as washing your rice before you prepare it, instead of tripping the water down the drain, you are going to use it clean your face.


I hope you have found the answer of your question. I am very much sure if you apply these recipes you will gain a very shiny look which will enhance your beauty.

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