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What to Expect during your First Visit to the Taj



Planning your first ever trip to Taj Mahal? There are a number of things you need to know to make it memorable. The most popular monument Taj Mahal in Agra is known to be the busiest tomb of the world. You wouldn’t believe but over 60,000 people a day strive for a glimpse of its legendary beauty. Once you get that clichéd glimpse, you will be more than happy than you would have imagined.

Here are some tips for first time Taj visitors to make the trip more memorable than ever:

The Best Time to Travel

Winter months are considered ideal for a visit to Agra. So start booking tickets in mid-October till anytime by the end of March. Strictly avoid visiting Agra in the summer. You won’t feel comfortable under the scorching heat of sun.

Also avoid planning your trip (long trips and same day Agra tour) around Christmas, Diwali, and New Year. Vacationers love to visit into Agra. You will feel congested. Weekends are also a no-no.

Getting There

Agra city is very well connected to the rest of India. There are many options available for reaching out to this beautiful city. You can drive to Agra or hire a cab and get on to that amazing Yamuna Expressway. You will reach the city in just about two hours.

Another option is to fly to Delhi. There are a number of trains dedicated to visitors to the Taj. You can also get on to the early morning train and get back to Delhi at night.

For a group travel, you can hire a coach/bus.

Best Time to Visit

October to March are the best months to visit the Taj. The weather is pleasant during this time. The Taj opens at sunrise. Experts recommend tourists to visit the place at this time as it offers a splendid view of Taj. Entry is open till an hour prior to sunset.

The monument is not open on Fridays. If romance is your priority, do not miss out on the chance to visit the monument on a full moon night. Dawn and dusk provides the most exquisite sights of Taj Mahal.

Experts suggest you to visit Agra a day prior to your planned visit. You need to reach the gates an hour prior to sunrise. This will let you keep from nagging touts, serpentine queue, and jostling crowds.

Getting In

The cars and coaches of Agra will drop you off a few hundred meters from the main gate. From here, your journey to the grand Taj starts. Now starts your trip to the Taj Mahal! First, you need to stave off touts and hawkers. If you decide to walk the distance, stay away from the horse drawn carts. However, tongas drawn by horses are a great experience. Thereafter, you will reach the ticket line. Buy an entry ticket while staying away from touts.

Food items, sharp objects, pencils, or pens are not allowed. Handbag, camera and phones are allowed. Once you are inside the Taj, enjoy the exquisite view!

More than Just the Taj

Yes, Agra is not just about the magnificent Taj. There’s a lot more to this city than this amazing monument. When visiting the Taj, keep some time spare to visit the Agra Fort. This is grand royal structure standing right opposite the Taj Mahal. It promises some of the best views of the Taj. If you can spare more time for a longer trip, you’ll have great fun exploring the city. You can visit some of the other beautiful places such as Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra, among others.


Don’t leave the city without shopping. This city is widely known for its amazing high quality leather products and marble inlay work.

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Car Rental System and Smartphone Apps Making the Difference



With faster changing technology, a new management mindset is bringing about a revolution in the way cars can be let out and hired. Software packages for car rental solutions is not only helping in administration but also generating new business ideas. Entrepreneurs are surprising entrenched businesses with shockingly simple ideas and their easy application.

Understanding On-Demand Car Rental

New management approaches with innovative online car rental solutions software packages is generating many a successful entrepreneur. These simple and quick ideas do not require entrepreneurs to start up a separate carshare company or spend heavily on marketing. Changing entrenched mindsets is all that is required to succeed in today’s extra receptive consumer market place. Conventional car rental operators are well rooted in carsharing technology and fleet management the traditional way. One reason is putting ‘trust’ in customers, hesitating over concern of not seeing the car in the end. On-demand business model reduces overheads greatly.

This new approach requires vehicle equipped with hardware and software. Software must integrate with back-office rental process or fleet management as well as companies’ consumer-facing web presence. Many older-generation car rental organizations are reluctant to take this important step forward. There main concerns run something like this. They will need precise fuel metering from telematics systems to pass on fuel costs to customer. Since car rental systemtransactions are no longer over the counter, but at remote places, cars will need servicing and cleaning. Remote car rental bookings and execution of transaction by customers themselves will require addressing enhanced security issues.

Businesses will have to optimize their web presence to include on-demand vehicles. They will have to include mobile devices and smartphone apps to allow consumers book their requirements on the fly. Businesses in pursuit of optimizing utilization and profits with have to search out the best places to put their cars. The challenge lies in identifying and exploring the right spots for business.

Utilization versus Availability

Every business has to deal with its own demand and supply statistics. On-demand car rental may be no different for keeping high utilization at the same time ensuring accessibility. The problem of locations with zero cars is as much a reality for any type of on-demand, carshare or self-services car rentals. Ensuring availability may become the prime concern and of greater importance irrespective of the latest car rental systems software packages used.

Traditional car rental companies point out problems with reservations process. A web presence accepts overbooking and company usually puts renters into different car classes for flexible reservation fulfilment. Taking a car off the website is not feasible. The company would have to move in a replacement at the location before the next rental reservation starts

An App for That

Consumers needing cars by the hour are satisfied with newer technology that includes hardware in cars and customer smartphone apps, which manages their rental process. Technology liberates creating, consuming and sharing information for almost any task for services.

The future indicators point to fewer people owning cars outright. Even manufacturers are announcing systems where up to four people can share a vehicle for up to two years. In view of this fact and online car rental systemsoftware as well as smartphone apps playing their technology roles, carsharing and self-service are expected to increase exponentially.

Author Bio

John Smith is a business associate at Car Renting Solution with a past experience as a technical consultant.

He holds interest in writing technicalarticles and love interacting with people to expand his industry contacts. He always keep positive approach towards work which helps to achieve expected results. He is a foody and passion for playing biking while away from desk. Likes building social connection so let’s connect on Facebook.

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The 10 Places You Should Not Miss In Thailand



Thailand is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations in Southeast Asia, whether for its beaches, for its parties (Full Moon Party), the southern islands and the diving that can be done in them, among many other magnificent things that this country has to offer.


And best of all, at a reasonable price, in Thailand practically everything is very cheap, and even more, if we come from traveling countries like New Zealand, Australia, or some of Europe, we will want to stay and live in this paradise.


#1. Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, and surely one of the starting points of the majority of the travelers that arrive in this country. There are thousands of places, temples, and activities to perform, which you will find it hard to find, as they are available to everyone if you are stopping at the famous Khao San Road. This street is the one that brings together all the hostels, travelers, and the nightlife of Bangkok.


#2. Chiang Mai

If you fancy a quieter place, and with fewer people than Bangkok, Chiang Mai is your place. Chiang Mai is home to several religious centers in Thailand if perhaps you are searching for the encounter with yourself. You’re going to also find excellent massage houses, Thai cooking courses, and 1 or 2-day excursions, to the jungle, elephant trekking, lions, as well as many more. A tip, rent a motorbike, and tour Chiang Mai for yourselves!


#3. Ayutthaya

Only one hour from the city of Bangkok, Ayutthaya, is an incredible city, some call it “The Second Capital” of Thailand. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it has temples that blow their heads!

#4. Hin Daeng

If you love to dive, you should not miss this place in the Andaman Sea (Andaman Sea). Hin Daeng literally means Red Rock and is known as one of the best places in Thailand to dive. Here I share a map so you can see where Hin Daeng is, on the west coast of southern Thailand.


#5. San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Located 36km north of Chiang Mai, are these Hot Springs that come from deep. They are renowned for their supposed restorative properties.


#6. Koh Samui And Koh Phangan

Many of you, if perhaps you have already been researching about Thailand, will remember about these areas on the east coast of Thailand, and then have heard wonders about them! Koh Phangan is more of a bohemian place with cafes and bars, but you can also find the world famous “Full Moon Party” right there.

When they are not partying, and want a bit of relaxation, very close they have the island of Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan, with fewer tourists, where they can relax, and do a little diving or snorkeling.


#7. The Floating Market

The great floating market is one among the must-sees in Bangkok, in which you could see how locals buy as well as sell all kinds of goods, but mostly food.


#8. Koh Chang

The island of Koh Chang, is located very close to the border with Cambodia, is not close to the southern islands. And it is an island, much quieter, than the rest of the south, it is perfect perhaps to go as a couple and enjoy full tranquility, beaches, and good food. Again, advice, rent a motorbike from the first day they arrive, and travel all over the island!


#9. Chiang Rai

It’s positioned well in the north of Thailand, a few kilometers from the border with Laos, in case you are going right from Thailand to Laos. The mere fact of having is a temple; it is already worth it to stay at least one day. In the city, you can dislike of very great food, particularly in the food market which is in the center, and also visit some other temples.


#10. Ko Phi Phi

Last on the list, but no less important at all, there is room for Ko Phi Phi; it’s impossible to go to Thailand and not visit this location we had left to name. Even after the tsunami of 2004, after being restored, it remains one of the main and most paradisiacal islands of Thailand. The destination by the preference of most travelers,    make sure before going, you are not in times of typhoons or rains.


Lastly, I want to believe you enjoyed this short introduction to some of the main places in Thailand, and I will be coming back with more information about each of them in particular, and many other places that should not be missed.


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All you need to know while renting a car in Bulgaria




Bulgarian car rental company


  • Traffic rules

In Bulgaria, it’s a requirement for all motorist drive on the right-hand side. As it is usual everywhere else, pedestrians always have the right of way at zebra stripped crossings. Trams have a priority always. There are plenty of police patrolling the roads and won’t blink to have you arrested for breaking traffic rules.

  • Requirements

Although age may vary according to the category of the car you want to rent, you need to be 20 years or older with a one-year-old driving license to rent a car in Bulgaria. Child seats should be availed to children 2 years old or younger. If you are 25 years old or younger, you may have to pay young drivers surcharge. We at Rotto Bulgarian car rental agency and all concerned parties advice you not to drive while under influence of drugs.

  • Speed limits

In Bulgaria, speed limits are outlined as follows:

Cities and their environs – 31mph/120kph

Open Roads – 50mph/80mph

Highways – 75mph/120kph

  • Tolls

Toll highways are yet to be introduced in Bulgaria.

  • Parking

You are allowed to park only on the right-hand side when you are on one-way streets. Blue zone parking lots are available in built-up areas with tickets rather than discs. Off-road parking lots are available in areas that aren’t built up.

  • Gas

Gas stations can be found at designated locations along all main auto-routes in Bulgaria. You can’t drive for more than 15 miles before encountering one station. Drop at any station between 6:00 am to 10:00 am and refill your vehicle.


Car insurance tends to vary widely in many car rentals Bulgaria. For that reason, consider reviewing the information below before making any reservations. Most car rental rates include fire and other third-party liabilities. Rates may also cover for theft and collision. Specific insurance information concerning your reservation can be found printed on the confirmation voucher. Here are the guidelines for rentals in Bulgaria

  • Required Coverage

Insurance for fire accidents and third-party liabilities is mandatory and is always included in rentals. Third party liability cover offers unlimited coverage for injury or damage to property or people.

  • Optional coverage

Theft Protection and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) are often included in the inclusive rates at varying discounts.

car rentals Sofia - Rotto


With few exceptions, cars rented in Bulgaria should not leave the country. The exceptional cases are subject to charge albeit a reasonable fee. Besides, an additional insurance coverage may be needed when getting out of Bulgaria.

  • One-Way Rentals

Domestic one-way van rentals and one-car rentals are offered between selected few locations at an additional fee. International one-way rentals are available at a fee as well.


You can buy a Bulgarian roadmap to get a glimpse of all major Bulgarian auto-routes. Sadly, they don’t offer enough information as you might want. Therefore, it is recommended you get a Google Map which can be found on your android smartphone, tablet computer or iPad.

Google Maps will locate and show the direction to nearby points that you may consider interesting including museums, parks, restaurants etc. Don’t forget to stop in intriguing Sofia and have a glimpse of Cathedral St. Alexander Nevski, Vitosha Mountain, and the marvelous Saint Sofia Church.

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