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12 Ways Criminals Can Steal Your Bitcoins



There is a large amount of bitcoin scam has been an increase from last two years. For that reason, we are here to provide some information regarding how criminal hack your bitcoin.

  1. Ransomware

Ransomware is the most profitable as well as the common practice of cyber-attack. It is becoming popular in the hackers because of its effective result as its function is too decentralized payment system.

So firstly you need to understand, what is Ransomware? It is a type of virus that will encrypt all your files. Then this program will give you the choice to pay a certain amount of money for the purpose to decrypt the files. This is very famous due to its effectiveness. Hackers usually target such enterprises that are always available to their clients. Essentially, Ransomware allowed hackers to snip millions of Bitcoin.

  1. Fake wallets

Another method that Criminals use is fake electronic wallets. Hackers can steal the user’s Bitcoin wallets who do not focus on originality of wallet. Fake wallets are the apps that originally look like a real wallet and allow the bitcoin owner to steal coins. Hackers search for the new or less experience bitcoin owners for that criminal act.

Even Some fake wallets have been shown in Apple’s App Store. People prevent themselves from this hack by not to download anything from the unreliable source

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  1. Scam ICO Campaigns

ICO, the short form of Initial Coin Offering, it is a kind of crowdfunding process that is becoming famous among hackers. It has a team behind particular project who will publish an ICO for selling token for that project in exchange for bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies. So what hackers do is that they try to trick the stakeholders with the fake projects. They introduce an ICO campaign to snip your bitcoins. So for the save side, do not attract with its visuals but go through the project documentation and assure that you cannot find any doubtful details.

  1. Hacking Bitcoin Mining Pools

Hacking Bitcoin mining pools was mainly the first approach that is used to snip the cryptocurrency. Professional hackers can used your ISP infrastructure and machines to mine the bitcoin for themselves. They have control on your machines and able to destroy all your system. All bitcoins owners were not know this criminal act until it is occur.

  1. Copy Private Keys

Private keys play a significant role in the cybersecurity. And every bitcoin owner have its own cryptographic key which they use to acquire digital wealth. Private Key contain the strings of symbols, numbers and alphabets. Which lead to the password for your personal Bitcoin account. Normally hackers do not prefer to target single bitcoin owner but they target websites that contain thousands of private keys. It is also found that for this criminal action hackers can take the help of staff in the database department by doing harassing and other ways.

  1. Email Phishing

Phishing is actually a way of mining confidential information from the bitcoin owners. Hackers usually do this through E-mail phishing and through fake websites. Hackers try to dig out sensitive information from owners by given link to login for an exchange money or for online wallet.

Hackers will send an email to the users that are official and want to buy a domain name that is almost same to the real website. Also, try to trick with the inexperienced owners which result in loss of bitcoins forever. Hackers can use this technique because it is very effective.

  1. Stealing Email Passwords

Sometimes hackers just required to get your email password anyhow for further process. They just enter your email and scan and read all the emails from your inbox and outbox. After scanning their aims is to find out all the possible information related to bitcoins. So do not save any sensitive information on email that hackers can get and harm you. Also the precautions is not to open your personal email account other than your PC. 

  1. Fake Websites

Fake websites work similar to email phishing. But the difference is just in this email do not use fake email messaging but actually they used fake web pages that exactly look like real websites but damage you at the end. When a user visit such websites, the build in program will ask you have password and personal information. This way they access your bitcoin database. The only precaution is do not open any kind of sensitive data in such websites.

  1. Fake Bitcoin Casinos

Most bitcoins owners love bitcoin casinos but be careful there are various number of fake bitcoin casinos has been develop rapidly. In the starting they grab players to their casinos. When they start playing and reach to the certain amount of bitcoins they will turn off all functions and keep your bitcoins.

  1. Pyramid Schemes

Pyramid schemes is also known as Ponzi schemes. Such types of hacking occur in banks but now shift in digital currency. In this they try to convince investors to invest money on their projects as well as invite more people. The new investment is used to pay the old investment and the cycle is gone continuously. This schemes of invest sometimes come small or sometimes large schemes offer. The similarity is they promise to give high turn over your investment, but this does not happen. 

  1. Fake Cryptocurrencies

Emerging a brand for a new cryptocurrency is highly demanding as it required a team of experts. Their function is to convince the bitcoins owners to buy some units of successful cryptocurrency. Such fake schemes are come up with the nonsensical promotion such as the price of coin will increase to X times when return to you.  This sound very stupid but many users become the victims of it and lose their complete lifesaving. The most popular fake cryptocurrency nowadays is OneCoin. .

  1. P2P Exchange Scams

Peer-to-peer exchanges are not anything new in Bitcoin trading but it is another technique for criminals to snip your huge saving. They used medium like PayPal account and credit card to hack the bitcoin users when the owners performing a P2P exchange. Such payment exchange method hackers can dispute the bitcoin owner transaction and gran their all bitcoins.

To avoid such crime only sell the bitcoins to the well-known traders and clear all the terms of chargeback payment method. Keep in mind bitcoins owners who save their private key from being hack will control their bitcoin.

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Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process



 Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process

If you have finally realised that traditional methods of recruitment fail to select the right candidates for any company, it’s time you opted for something more specific and valuable than interviews. What are we talking about? Well, we are talking about incorporating psychometric tests into your recruitment process.

With a psychometric test, it is possible for an employer to predict the personality, mental reasoning, attitude, behavioural patterns, etc. of the candidates that have applied for the vacant job positions in their company. With the right psychometric assessment test, you can find the most appropriate employees for your company; and you won’t have to do with average candidates anymore.

So, have a look at these amazing benefits of opting for psychometric assessment-

  1. Psychometric assessment is essential for the identification of personality traits of the candidates. Psychologists say that there are six basic personality types under which most people fall. Social, realistic, enterprising, investigative, conventional and artistic are these 6 personality types. Now, you don’t need all of these traits for a particular job position. But to make sure the position you want to fill gets the right person with the right personality, you will have to be able to figure out the personality traits of the candidates that have applied for the post. Psychometric assessment helps you do this in an effortless manner. Which a good assessment, you will also be able to know whether a particular candidate will be able to adjust with the existing work culture in your company, and if their personality will clash with other personalities at the workplace.
  2. Personality assessment is important because it puts all candidates on a level playing field. With a psychometric assessment test, you will not just be able to figure out the suitability of a particular candidate for a particular role but will also be able to predict their behaviour. Besides, you’ll be able to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the candidate with respect to the job requirements. And the fact that almost all psychometric tests are standardized, gives you enough reason to opt for them. With a standard questionnaire, the applicants get the same objective and unbiased questions to answer. So, they don’t feel cheated on.
  3. If you thought psychometric tests could be fake, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no dearth of candidates who give misleading and false answers to questions just because they think doing so will make them seem more eligible for the job. Thankfully, this is not something candidates can do in a psychometric test. Good psychometric tests are constructed keeping in mind this possibility. So, false answers can easily be detected.

Psychometric tests are a boon to any company desiring reliable candidates for their vacant job positions. Hence, if you are looking for the best way to rein in good candidates, then using psychometric assessment would be ideal. A good psychometric assessment test will simply add validity to the entire recruitment process and you can be sure of hiring the best employees available out there.

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What is the zerobank and what it offers?



Blossoming of the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology has motivated the pioneers of the present world. The technologies of today have brought about the opening of locked doors as well as it has led to the creation of new currencies. Even though the cryptocurrency has a huge impact on the global economy yet it is not recognized as “money”. It will take some time for the new market to get stabilize and the pioneers to figure out the way to compete with deep-rooted fiat currency. However, still the world economy is functioning by a legacy system of 164 authorized national currencies and the problem of exchanging these currencies persist till now.

What is Zerobank?

It is an innovative money exchange platform allowing the customers to make non-commercial transactions globally and also it launches its initial coin offering to the participants. This platform makes use of the smart contracts as well as blockchain technologies and aims to remove the traditional remittance as well as exchange systems.

It helps in peer to peer sharing of the economy and here, the earned money from the centralized organization goes back to the community. In addition to blockchain technology, this project makes use of the shared economy model. This model maximizes the benefits for the user who uses this system by cutting down all the intermediary costs from Money transfer organization and current banking. Zerobank offers an opportunity to its participants to become an agent as well as earn the extra money by bringing up the valuable services to the people around them.

ICO information-

The total number of security token issued is 1,600,000,000 ZB and the number of security token available for the sale is 640,000,000 ZB. The amount of this target sale is about 48 M dollars and the pre-ICO bonus offered will be 15%.

If you want to know further about the token sale then visits its official link. Zerobank has a team of the experienced IT members, the senior executive in top money exchange/ transfer, banking as well as financial service organization. Kai yee goh is the CEO who is also a senior executive in the transfast, united financial group, Harte-Hanks, PayPal and Western Union. Also, bao ly CTO, who is expert IT architect in financial and banking services, is present in the team. He has extensive work experience in consultancy as well as an architect as his work in the BNP Paribas Fortis, HSBC and AXA.

Other team members of the zerobank are also well-known individuals; the team of zerobank is working to disrupt the present exchange and money transfer services available worldwide. Hurry up and make use of this amazing platform today. Becoming the part of this platform you can gain various benefits and get solution to the traditional banking problems. If you are a tour guide, salesman, or student and searching for the job opportunity then this platform are made for you. Become the agent of zerobank today. Before using this platform makes sure you read its terms of use and policy.

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Diamond Power Infrastructure on a transformational spree with Digital India program




India, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is witnessing a digital revolution. PM Narendra Modi has trotted out numerous programs to promote Digital India, ensuring digital inclusion across the country. On this note, Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power MD, has digitally-empowered his company, in the field of manufacturing power transmission equipment.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd, also known as Dicabs, was the first Indian company to manufacture alloy conductors and proto-test HSHC (High Strength and High Conductivity) conductors. Today, Dicabs is the only company in India, which holds a BIS mark certification for alloy conductors.  It also complies with the ISI quality standards for manufacturing all types of conductors.

The Vadodara- based company has also established India’s headmost ‘continual horizontal lead extrusion facility’, along with the ‘aluminum corrugation facility’ for cables (66KV). Dicabs is also ranked at the fifth position in the world, for manufacturing extra high-voltage cables up to 550 KV.

The homegrown companies are getting new opportunities to grow, as the Centre has reduced imports in the segment. India is on a transformational spree, and will become a hub for technology and innovations in the coming years. The initiative has already received pledges from Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd and other corporate ventures, with investments worth Rs 4.5 lakh crore. This figure is expected to surge as the ‘Make in India’ campaign gains momentum.

Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power

Amit Bhatnagar believes that quality and technology go hand in hand. Being a technocrat, he has always supported technology by reining on state-of-the-art technology for all business operations.

His ability to sense, envision and adapt to change pertaining to technology has been the company’s key growth driver, since the initial years. “With India progressing on the path of innovation and technology, Dicabs would unremittingly partner its journey towards successful frontiers. Simultaneously, we would continue to adapt to as well as lead the change through proactive investments in technology,” says Amit Bhatnagar.

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