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7 Sure-Fire SEO Tips To Double Your E-Commerce Sales



According to the statistics, 81% shoppers research their products online before making a purchase. 61% uses search engines to begin their search for products. That is why E-commerce stores should take their SEO seriously, which unfortunately they don’t. In fact, it SEO should be a part of Ecommerce website development, which means that your E-commerce website should be developed with SEO in mind. In this article, you will learn about how you can take advantage of SEO to boost your E-commerce sales.

1. Go Responsive

With Google pushing its weight behind responsive website, having a responsive E-commerce website is not an option anymore. Introduction of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) and launch of mobile first index is testament to that. More importantly, Google is pushing non-responsive website down its search rankings. With mobile internet users surpassing desktop internet users, investing in a responsive version of your E-commerce website is a sensible move because it will help you generate more sales.


2. Optimize Category Pages with Keywords

Your category pages are more important than individual pages and posts, especially from SEO point of view. You should optimize your category pages with the right keywords so that it appears on search engines. Put keywords in the H1 tag, page descriptions, page title and permalink to fully optimize your E-commerce website pages for search engines.


3. Make the Most of Product Description Space

Take full advantage of your product description space and write a unique product description that highlights the unique selling proposition. Write a compelling product description that lures customers towards your product. This will help you increase your sales. Never use the same product description as manufacturer uses because it will be duplicate content.


4. Optimize Product Images

Uploading high quality product images without making your website slower is quite challenging. That is where optimizing your images can help you out. You can also insert keywords into the ALT tags of every image on your website but make sure that you avoid stuffing your keywords. You could also compress images but make sure that it does not degrade the quality of images so much. Striking the perfect balance between page load times and image quality is critical to delivering a seamless shopping experience to the users.


5. Implement Schema Markup to add Rich Snippet

Make the shopping experience much more interactive and visually appealing by incorporating Google’s rich snippets on your E-commerce website. Additionally, it can boost the visibility of your products on search engines and help increase the click through rate, which would eventually lead to more sales. Adding schema markup will make it easy for search engines to understand product information and display product information in search results. Implementing the schema markup will pave the way for more organic traffic and higher conversion rate on your E-commerce website.


6. Add Product Reviews

Adding product reviews under every product could prove to be a double-edged sword for your E-commerce store. It can give your customers the freedom to share their feedback and you get crowd source content in return. In addition to this, it foster trust, increases your credibility and attract new customers towards your product. A positive product review from a satisfied customer is an asset that can increase the sale of the product.


7. Use Unique Title for Product Pages

One of the common mistakes many popular e-commerce stores make is using the same title for product pages. This will result in duplication, which is not good for SEO. If you want your E-commerce pages to get index by search engines then you should assign a separate title to every product page. Make sure to keep the title under 70 characters so it is not truncated. Do not forget to place the keyword in the beginning of the title. Following all the guidelines when creating a title for product page can help you in ranking higher on search engines.



By optimizing your E-commerce website for search engines according to the tips given above can surely take you to better sales number. Think from both a user perspective and search engine perspective to create a winning E-commerce store. The better the shopping experience your E-commerce store delivers and the effectively you optimize your website for search engines will help you close more sales through your E-commerce store.

Which SEO tips do you currently use to uplift your E-commerce store on search engines? Feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

I am a digital brand strategist from Dubai, currently I am associated with Branex as a digital marketing manager.

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5 Door Hanger Design Tips



Beyond expensive hotels, where door hangers are utilized to request or decline house cleaning service, Door hangers Printing in many cases are an overlooked type of marketing. However, they can be extremely effective, because the person must handle the door hanger to get rid of it from their door. They are also inexpensive, specifically if you have someone that may deliver them for you. Below are great tips to bear in mind when designing your door hangers.


The headlines should stand out and become readable, in addition to convey the main message quickly. Stay away from colors that will blend into the background from the door hanger or any fonts that may be difficult to read. Remember, your audience may glance at the door hanger before throwing it within the garbage, so you need to ensure that they at least read the headline before they do so.

Use Both Sides:

Remember that a door hanger comes with two sides, and you should use each of them to help get your message across. The first side should be accustomed to draw attention to the door hanger and capture the client’s interest, as the second side would give more details and phone details. Although this will definitely cost a little bit more in printing costs, it will produce a better response to your door hanger and generate more business for you personally.

Bright Colors:

The leading of your door hanger should use bright, vivid colors which will attract attention. In case your customer doesn’t routinely use their front door, then you don’t want the door hanger to hang for several days or weeks going unnoticed. Come up with a design which will stand out and cause them to become go and take away it. And don’t forget to incorporate your company logo on the front in bold colors as well. Branding is an integral part of company recognition, and you don’t want to miss a chance to help establish your brand.

Contact Info:

Although this seems obvious, you need to do need to ensure that your contact details are displayed prominently on the door hanger. Remember, you want to allow the client to contact you, so make sure your address, website, or telephone number is highlighted so they will notice it. Even if they do not contact you right away, you need to ensure that they’ve the data handy once they plan to contact you.


Would you like to know how effective you hangers really are for generating business? Give a coupon towards the bottom of it. Not only will this give potential customers an added incentive to provide you with a call, but you’ll be able to track the number of redemptions compared to the quantity of door hangers you distributed. If you are not seeing the redemptions that you would like, then it may be time to adjust your marketing technique.

There are many ways that door hangers can help you to increase your business. The greater designed you hanger is, the much more likely your target audience will be to take a look at it. Make sure that yours sticks out from the competition!

Ensure that your door hangers and marketing literature create the best impression for the company.

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Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process



 Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process

If you have finally realised that traditional methods of recruitment fail to select the right candidates for any company, it’s time you opted for something more specific and valuable than interviews. What are we talking about? Well, we are talking about incorporating psychometric tests into your recruitment process.

With a psychometric test, it is possible for an employer to predict the personality, mental reasoning, attitude, behavioural patterns, etc. of the candidates that have applied for the vacant job positions in their company. With the right psychometric assessment test, you can find the most appropriate employees for your company; and you won’t have to do with average candidates anymore.

So, have a look at these amazing benefits of opting for psychometric assessment-

  1. Psychometric assessment is essential for the identification of personality traits of the candidates. Psychologists say that there are six basic personality types under which most people fall. Social, realistic, enterprising, investigative, conventional and artistic are these 6 personality types. Now, you don’t need all of these traits for a particular job position. But to make sure the position you want to fill gets the right person with the right personality, you will have to be able to figure out the personality traits of the candidates that have applied for the post. Psychometric assessment helps you do this in an effortless manner. Which a good assessment, you will also be able to know whether a particular candidate will be able to adjust with the existing work culture in your company, and if their personality will clash with other personalities at the workplace.
  2. Personality assessment is important because it puts all candidates on a level playing field. With a psychometric assessment test, you will not just be able to figure out the suitability of a particular candidate for a particular role but will also be able to predict their behaviour. Besides, you’ll be able to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the candidate with respect to the job requirements. And the fact that almost all psychometric tests are standardized, gives you enough reason to opt for them. With a standard questionnaire, the applicants get the same objective and unbiased questions to answer. So, they don’t feel cheated on.
  3. If you thought psychometric tests could be fake, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no dearth of candidates who give misleading and false answers to questions just because they think doing so will make them seem more eligible for the job. Thankfully, this is not something candidates can do in a psychometric test. Good psychometric tests are constructed keeping in mind this possibility. So, false answers can easily be detected.

Psychometric tests are a boon to any company desiring reliable candidates for their vacant job positions. Hence, if you are looking for the best way to rein in good candidates, then using psychometric assessment would be ideal. A good psychometric assessment test will simply add validity to the entire recruitment process and you can be sure of hiring the best employees available out there.

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What is the zerobank and what it offers?



Blossoming of the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology has motivated the pioneers of the present world. The technologies of today have brought about the opening of locked doors as well as it has led to the creation of new currencies. Even though the cryptocurrency has a huge impact on the global economy yet it is not recognized as “money”. It will take some time for the new market to get stabilize and the pioneers to figure out the way to compete with deep-rooted fiat currency. However, still the world economy is functioning by a legacy system of 164 authorized national currencies and the problem of exchanging these currencies persist till now.

What is Zerobank?

It is an innovative money exchange platform allowing the customers to make non-commercial transactions globally and also it launches its initial coin offering to the participants. This platform makes use of the smart contracts as well as blockchain technologies and aims to remove the traditional remittance as well as exchange systems.

It helps in peer to peer sharing of the economy and here, the earned money from the centralized organization goes back to the community. In addition to blockchain technology, this project makes use of the shared economy model. This model maximizes the benefits for the user who uses this system by cutting down all the intermediary costs from Money transfer organization and current banking. Zerobank offers an opportunity to its participants to become an agent as well as earn the extra money by bringing up the valuable services to the people around them.

ICO information-

The total number of security token issued is 1,600,000,000 ZB and the number of security token available for the sale is 640,000,000 ZB. The amount of this target sale is about 48 M dollars and the pre-ICO bonus offered will be 15%.

If you want to know further about the token sale then visits its official link. Zerobank has a team of the experienced IT members, the senior executive in top money exchange/ transfer, banking as well as financial service organization. Kai yee goh is the CEO who is also a senior executive in the transfast, united financial group, Harte-Hanks, PayPal and Western Union. Also, bao ly CTO, who is expert IT architect in financial and banking services, is present in the team. He has extensive work experience in consultancy as well as an architect as his work in the BNP Paribas Fortis, HSBC and AXA.

Other team members of the zerobank are also well-known individuals; the team of zerobank is working to disrupt the present exchange and money transfer services available worldwide. Hurry up and make use of this amazing platform today. Becoming the part of this platform you can gain various benefits and get solution to the traditional banking problems. If you are a tour guide, salesman, or student and searching for the job opportunity then this platform are made for you. Become the agent of zerobank today. Before using this platform makes sure you read its terms of use and policy.

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