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Four Indian police, two militants killed in Kashmir attack: police



SRINAGAR (Reuters) – Four Indian paramilitary policemen and two militants were killed in a gunbattle that ensued after militants stormed into a police training center in Kashmir on Sunday, a police official said.

At least two militants entered the building at around 2:30 a.m. at Letpora, south of Srinagar, Rajesh Yadhav, a Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) spokesman told Reuters.


The militants fired indiscriminately and lobbed grenades before heading into the center, Yadhav said.

He said two militants and four police were killed in the gunbattle.

SN Srinvastav, special director general of the CRPF, said that there could be one or more militants still hiding.

“We hope that we will conclude the operation as soon as possible”, he said.

S P Vaid, director general of Jammu and Kashmir police, said that a search operation was going on, adding that they had received tip-offs about an impending militant strike in the Kashmir for the past three days.

“They (militants) were trying. They probably could not get a place and time earlier. So, they struck last night,” Vaid said.

Militants have targeted police camps in Kashmir in recent months. Eight Indian police officials were killed when Jaish-e-Mohammad militants attacked a security camp in southern Kashmir in August.

Indian troops have killed 206 militants this year, Vaid said. Last year’s total was 150.

India accuses Pakistan of training and arming militants and helping them infiltrate across the Line of Control that divides Kashmir. Pakistan denies those allegations.

The South Asian neighbors have fought two of their three wars since independence in 1947 over Muslim-majority Kashmir, which they both claim in full but rule in part.

Writing by Sudarshan Varadhan; Editing by Alison Williams

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5 Door Hanger Design Tips



Beyond expensive hotels, where door hangers are utilized to request or decline house cleaning service, Door hangers Printing in many cases are an overlooked type of marketing. However, they can be extremely effective, because the person must handle the door hanger to get rid of it from their door. They are also inexpensive, specifically if you have someone that may deliver them for you. Below are great tips to bear in mind when designing your door hangers.


The headlines should stand out and become readable, in addition to convey the main message quickly. Stay away from colors that will blend into the background from the door hanger or any fonts that may be difficult to read. Remember, your audience may glance at the door hanger before throwing it within the garbage, so you need to ensure that they at least read the headline before they do so.

Use Both Sides:

Remember that a door hanger comes with two sides, and you should use each of them to help get your message across. The first side should be accustomed to draw attention to the door hanger and capture the client’s interest, as the second side would give more details and phone details. Although this will definitely cost a little bit more in printing costs, it will produce a better response to your door hanger and generate more business for you personally.

Bright Colors:

The leading of your door hanger should use bright, vivid colors which will attract attention. In case your customer doesn’t routinely use their front door, then you don’t want the door hanger to hang for several days or weeks going unnoticed. Come up with a design which will stand out and cause them to become go and take away it. And don’t forget to incorporate your company logo on the front in bold colors as well. Branding is an integral part of company recognition, and you don’t want to miss a chance to help establish your brand.

Contact Info:

Although this seems obvious, you need to do need to ensure that your contact details are displayed prominently on the door hanger. Remember, you want to allow the client to contact you, so make sure your address, website, or telephone number is highlighted so they will notice it. Even if they do not contact you right away, you need to ensure that they’ve the data handy once they plan to contact you.


Would you like to know how effective you hangers really are for generating business? Give a coupon towards the bottom of it. Not only will this give potential customers an added incentive to provide you with a call, but you’ll be able to track the number of redemptions compared to the quantity of door hangers you distributed. If you are not seeing the redemptions that you would like, then it may be time to adjust your marketing technique.

There are many ways that door hangers can help you to increase your business. The greater designed you hanger is, the much more likely your target audience will be to take a look at it. Make sure that yours sticks out from the competition!

Ensure that your door hangers and marketing literature create the best impression for the company.

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Know More About Wireless Broadband!



The start of satellite internet to the public wasn’t any doubt a great boon but simultaneously it was very time consuming, especially when big files needed to be downloaded. This took up considerable time and space on your landline phone which would keep the land line busy up until the entire download is finished. During this period you cannot make or receive calls. It was the scene with 56K modems in the past.

Using the introduction of the DSL modems and also the cables this issue has been greatly solved. You have access to the internet for extended periods of time yet still time use your phone too. This is the specialty of broadband connections. They are considered to have very high speed making it possible to do more work than before.

To mark an area on the realm of technology the wireless broadband continues to be introduced. This has a faster bandwidth that’s higher than 1 mega hertz. A lot of companies offer wireless broadband services because this is very easy for people to gain access to anywhere in the world. They don’t have to be glued to their desks while accessing the internet.

You are able to download big files within a few seconds or minutes depending on the type of files you’re focusing on, you are able to send messages for your business partners or friends, you should use your laptop or mobile to do all of this. Wireless broadband is the most convenient way of operating for those always travelling.

It’s been proved the wireless broadband services really are a walk into the future, making millions of people around the world happy and satisfied with its services. It is simple and functions without wires which makes it versatile and cost-effective too. Broadband minute rates are less high as they were once when using the 56K modems. It benefits all online users due to these main features depending on the company that you select your broadband card from. Be sure that the router is sitting in an upright position, because laying it on its side, or any other way, will hinder the router’s ability to transmit signals properly.


When connecting a wireless broadband router, use the shortest possible phone cord to connect the router to the phone jack. Many routers come with a cord, which is usually short. It is best to use the cord that came with the router. Some even come with DSL filters, or spliters, that go between the phone socket and the telephone wire that connects to the router. These DSL filters should be used for every cord connected to the wireless router.


As more PCs use a wireless Internet connection, it tends to become slower. Always password protect any wireless broadband network so that others cannot use it and slow it down. Multiple Internet programs running simultaneously also slows a connection, so always use as few programs as possible at once. When downloading large files, try to do it during “off peak” times, like late at night or early in the morning before people get on their computers. This avoids clashing with the millions of other Internet users attempting to download files at the same time. Wireless broadband internet has come on the scene and high speed online sites have become available in many places in addition to situations.

Many people have experienced the irritation of a slow wireless connection. Even though this can sometimes make the most composed people want to rip their hair out, there are steps that can help speed up a broadband Internet connection. By following these steps, a lot of time can be saved and aggravation can be avoided.

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Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process



 Here Is Why You Need to Make Psychometric Assessment A Part of Your Company’s Recruitment Process

If you have finally realised that traditional methods of recruitment fail to select the right candidates for any company, it’s time you opted for something more specific and valuable than interviews. What are we talking about? Well, we are talking about incorporating psychometric tests into your recruitment process.

With a psychometric test, it is possible for an employer to predict the personality, mental reasoning, attitude, behavioural patterns, etc. of the candidates that have applied for the vacant job positions in their company. With the right psychometric assessment test, you can find the most appropriate employees for your company; and you won’t have to do with average candidates anymore.

So, have a look at these amazing benefits of opting for psychometric assessment-

  1. Psychometric assessment is essential for the identification of personality traits of the candidates. Psychologists say that there are six basic personality types under which most people fall. Social, realistic, enterprising, investigative, conventional and artistic are these 6 personality types. Now, you don’t need all of these traits for a particular job position. But to make sure the position you want to fill gets the right person with the right personality, you will have to be able to figure out the personality traits of the candidates that have applied for the post. Psychometric assessment helps you do this in an effortless manner. Which a good assessment, you will also be able to know whether a particular candidate will be able to adjust with the existing work culture in your company, and if their personality will clash with other personalities at the workplace.
  2. Personality assessment is important because it puts all candidates on a level playing field. With a psychometric assessment test, you will not just be able to figure out the suitability of a particular candidate for a particular role but will also be able to predict their behaviour. Besides, you’ll be able to find out the weaknesses and strengths of the candidate with respect to the job requirements. And the fact that almost all psychometric tests are standardized, gives you enough reason to opt for them. With a standard questionnaire, the applicants get the same objective and unbiased questions to answer. So, they don’t feel cheated on.
  3. If you thought psychometric tests could be fake, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There is no dearth of candidates who give misleading and false answers to questions just because they think doing so will make them seem more eligible for the job. Thankfully, this is not something candidates can do in a psychometric test. Good psychometric tests are constructed keeping in mind this possibility. So, false answers can easily be detected.

Psychometric tests are a boon to any company desiring reliable candidates for their vacant job positions. Hence, if you are looking for the best way to rein in good candidates, then using psychometric assessment would be ideal. A good psychometric assessment test will simply add validity to the entire recruitment process and you can be sure of hiring the best employees available out there.

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