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Great Outdoor Travel Hacks as a Writer



There are many travelers who want to make a name for them by documenting their travel stories, for that they readily choose photography and video documentaries.

However, what they don’t realize that if they are not writing down their travel experiences or not keeping a travel journal with them, they might end up being unable to retain accurately in their minds what they had witnessed.


Travel Hacks to Follow

Not every traveler is a writer by instinct, those who are not naturally blessed with good writing skills and those who have not yet developed a habit of writing, face a really tough job ahead as they try to convert their photographs into stories, or try to express what has been demonstrated in the videos they made, such a waste of efforts now isn’t it?

Well if you stick to a simple game plan and do the following things, you would notice the difference in documenting your travels.


Make a rough schedule

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Start by making a tentative list of places and subsequently schedule it. This way you will have some deadlines in your mind and while you travel you start to compile the stories. In this way you will have a fair idea of what happened, when and where.

However, don’t focus too much on the line up of events that you miss on the moments that were meant for you to enjoy and add to your journal. It is not necessary that you have a perfect timeline. But still if you want it in that way you can always leave a page or two after the date when you could not write and fill it up later.


Always have a fresh start

When you use new journal for each of your travels, it adds to the excitement and also a feeling of accomplishment when you look back at the pile of all of your journals. Just like a school going kid who is excited about using a new book in a new class, you will also have the same excitement.

Make the most of your free time

Most of the travelers simply fail to document their travel and camping stories because they don’t get the time to do it. Once they get back and enter in to their comfort zone, they tend to forget that some of the business is unfinished.

Great Outdoor Travel Hacks as a Writer

The best way out is to utilize the small gaps you take while traveling, for instance, a 15 minute break you take from hiking, a meal break, a long flight or a short stopover in the subway or the bus stop, all these small moments can help you get the work done, don’t wait to reach home and then do the writing the wait dampers your ability.  


If you keep your head focused and follow these easy tips, you will easily be able to make better travel journals which your audience would enjoy to read. 

John Gravel is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manage the contents on many blogs. He has been in the marketing industry since 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in California.

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Odyssey business improvement offers strategy development du=distribution channel management business and process analysis, detail and marketing management for the organization of all sizes.

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Digital media start up Odyssey has loud off 55 people slashing over a third of its full time provide staff less than your after raising 25 million, CEO Evan Burns confirmed to a business insider. This is the dramatic change for a company that board member Michael laze row described in April as being the most exciting company to him since he invested in buzzed.

Odyssey has raised 32 million in total and moved into a New York office in December.

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