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“LGBT people still get a raw deal.”



ercer’s UK & Ireland HR Director and Board Member, Dr Siobhan Martin, has made the Top 100 OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ Executives List for the fourth year running, this year making it into the Top 10. She was nominated for her continuous efforts around ensuring Mercer is an inclusive company and her activism for equal rights in the wider community. In this interview, she argues that in the fight for a fairer, more inclusive society everyone needs to step up and make their voice heard.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: Congratulations on making it into the Top 10! What does this result mean to you?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: Thank you! I’m feeling very proud for everyone at Mercer for this honour. It’s proof that cultural change is possible when everyone pulls together towards a common goal: fairness and care for every single person regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, faith or family background.

The list recognises leaders who have an impact both in their organisations and beyond. It’s always been incredibly important to me that as business leaders we spread our influence and attention beyond the workplace to effect change beyond our doorsteps.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: What led you to become passionate about creating an inclusive environment for LGBT individuals in both the workplace and wider community?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: LGBT people still get a raw deal. It’s been 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in parts of Britain. (Note all the qualifiers in that statement.)

Many people think that equality is sorted. Far from it. Without an equal footing for everyone we won’t make change on other important organisational issues such as the gender pay gap and racial diversity in positions of power. It’s about ensuring fairness and respect for all. No one should be made to feel ‘less than’.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: Can you tell us about some of the key activities you are working on to achieve LGBT workplace inclusivity?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: Promoting open dialogue is key. When things are left unsaid, undiscussed, unchallenged then they create false impressions and fear.

One of the very practical ways we bring this to light at Mercer is through our ‘Coming Out as an Ally’ events around the country to engage everyone in taking positive action and getting to a place of greater understanding.

At these events I interview a senior ally and discuss some of the seemingly undiscussables. One of our best moments was in Belfast where we were discussing what it means to be ‘queer’. Can you even say that word at work? What does being queer mean in a city of great faith and great division? We all learnt a lot and came that little bit closer.

We also host ‘Unbundling’ sessions to get to the heart of other important but sensitive topics. We’ve covered lesbians, trans* and LGBT families so far, aging is next.

Again, it’s the dialogue that’s key. What does it mean to be gender fluid? Why is it hurtful and intrusive to ask a lesbian or bi-sexual woman how she and her wife had their kids (but not their male counterparts)? What’s the impact on people’s careers of not being able to travel to the 72 countries where we do business in which homosexuality is outlawed?

“As we should all be learning from the recent revelations on sexual harassment in the workplace, what feels like not much when taken in isolation all adds up when repeated constantly. Little things make a huge difference.”

We reach out beyond Mercer and Marsh & McLennan companies too with our #InThisTogether Conference and Vanguard network, where we share ideas and good practices and challenge the status quo.

All matters of inclusivity at Mercer are discussed at Board level including sexual orientation and gender identity. Every International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia & Transphobia (IDAHoT), the Board and Senior Executives spend the day in the reception of our London office welcoming colleagues and visitors, signing up allies, discussing issues and raising awareness.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: LGBT individuals can be at a higher risk of experiencing mental health problems than the wider population. Why is this, and is adequate support currently available to those affected?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: The figures for hate crimes in modern workplaces are startling. One in five lesbian, gay and bi employees have experienced verbal bullying from colleagues, customers or service users because of their sexual orientation in the past five years.

A quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBT should be a crime. Nearly half of trans people are not living permanently in their preferred gender role, prevented from doing so because they fear it might threaten their employment.

The toll of all this is immense and can lead to poor health outcomes. Numerous studies have shown us for example that bisexual people are prone to higher rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide.

There are excellent groups who can help. Make your people aware of them and help fund their vital work. Have a mental health awareness campaign for all employees and make reference to LGBT issues.

Business in the Community have just released an excellent mental health survey report, which you can use as a starting point. You can tie in the information from the following resources when communicating your organisational benefits:

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: What would you say are the main obstacles getting in the way of achieving diversity and inclusivity at work?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: One of the main obstacles is being blind to the problem, or not believing it is impactful enough to warrant attention. As we should all be learning from the recent revelations on sexual harassment in the workplace, what feels like not much when taken in isolation all adds up when repeated constantly. Little things make a huge difference.

So be aware, know what it really feels like to work in your organisation and make that voice heard for change, whether it’s about gender bias, age discrimination, racial equality or sexual orientation. This is a conversation for everyone, not any one group alone. It makes life better for all of us.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: With Trump’s recent transphobic policies in the US, are you concerned that we’ve taken a step backwards with trans equality?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: The record speaks dreadfully for itself on this point, but absolutely predates Trump. Let’s not forget the voting record of Vice-President Pence and the transphobic ‘bathroom laws’ in states such as Virginia.

Then look to the years of deep divisions in my home country Australia over marriage equality. Remember that as forward thinking as we believe ourselves to be, marriage equality does not exist in all parts of the UK.

If you hear or see something that doesn’t sit with your values then speak up.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: While transgender people may share overlapping issues to LGB cis-individuals, they also face greater stigmatisation and marginalisation by society, and have distinct needs that need to be addressed. How can this be tackled?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: Visibility, education and understanding with a no bystanders culture are all crucial. If you hear or see something that doesn’t sit with your values then speak up. We use the ‘genderbread’ person to help encourage understanding. Use the resources available from Stonewall through their excellent campaign. I’d encourage organisations to consider the additional health needs of your trans colleagues and review your medical benefits.

Becky Norman, Deputy Editor, Hufforbes: Finally, what key pieces of advice would you give to HR professionals who are seeking to make their own company more welcoming to, and supportive of, LGBT people?

Dr Siobhan Martin, Mercer’s Head of HR for UK & Ireland: Make the issues visible from the top down, understand what your people really think and worry about, then open up lines of safe discussion and enquiry.

Consider your culture in an honest way. What is really going on and what does it say about us all?

Power up your allies. 95+% of your workforce probably falls into this category so get them working for you. Allies shouldn’t just be people who like to come to the LGBT parties (as fun as they are!).

Little things can mean a lot. Review all of your policies and check for gendered language (what does your dress policy say for example?) and ensure that same-sex couples are covered, for example in your pension plan documents, in shared parental leave policies, when you’re advertising your employees assistance programme and so on.

Measure your culture, make sure your Board is discussing it and set targets around other areas of equality. Ask people to self-report their sexual orientation and gender identity and track candidates through the recruitment process. Then you’ll have a much better handle on what’s going on and be better placed to make change.

Stand up and be counted, even when it’s hard. In fact, particularly when it’s hard.

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What is the zerobank and what it offers?



Blossoming of the cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology has motivated the pioneers of the present world. The technologies of today have brought about the opening of locked doors as well as it has led to the creation of new currencies. Even though the cryptocurrency has a huge impact on the global economy yet it is not recognized as “money”. It will take some time for the new market to get stabilize and the pioneers to figure out the way to compete with deep-rooted fiat currency. However, still the world economy is functioning by a legacy system of 164 authorized national currencies and the problem of exchanging these currencies persist till now.

What is Zerobank?

It is an innovative money exchange platform allowing the customers to make non-commercial transactions globally and also it launches its initial coin offering to the participants. This platform makes use of the smart contracts as well as blockchain technologies and aims to remove the traditional remittance as well as exchange systems.

It helps in peer to peer sharing of the economy and here, the earned money from the centralized organization goes back to the community. In addition to blockchain technology, this project makes use of the shared economy model. This model maximizes the benefits for the user who uses this system by cutting down all the intermediary costs from Money transfer organization and current banking. Zerobank offers an opportunity to its participants to become an agent as well as earn the extra money by bringing up the valuable services to the people around them.

ICO information-

The total number of security token issued is 1,600,000,000 ZB and the number of security token available for the sale is 640,000,000 ZB. The amount of this target sale is about 48 M dollars and the pre-ICO bonus offered will be 15%.

If you want to know further about the token sale then visits its official link. Zerobank has a team of the experienced IT members, the senior executive in top money exchange/ transfer, banking as well as financial service organization. Kai yee goh is the CEO who is also a senior executive in the transfast, united financial group, Harte-Hanks, PayPal and Western Union. Also, bao ly CTO, who is expert IT architect in financial and banking services, is present in the team. He has extensive work experience in consultancy as well as an architect as his work in the BNP Paribas Fortis, HSBC and AXA.

Other team members of the zerobank are also well-known individuals; the team of zerobank is working to disrupt the present exchange and money transfer services available worldwide. Hurry up and make use of this amazing platform today. Becoming the part of this platform you can gain various benefits and get solution to the traditional banking problems. If you are a tour guide, salesman, or student and searching for the job opportunity then this platform are made for you. Become the agent of zerobank today. Before using this platform makes sure you read its terms of use and policy.

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Top 10 Best 75 inch 4k TVs in 2018 Reviews



Gone are the days when you had to miss watching your favorite program and shows because you were away from home or traveling. You also don’t have to tolerate programs that you don’t like simply because the owner of the television or hotel or motel has different tastes. Nowadays, all you need is investing in a portable television. They come in small and compact sizes and can easily be carried inside your bag, in your car or suitcase.

They feature advanced technologies to give you the same experience just like watching your TV at home. And to keep up with the modern technologies, the television comes in digital form. While finding a moveable television is portable tv   knowing whether it suits your needs is a bit of a challenge.

It may be a bit too bulky, the reception may not be the best, it may not be able to play your DVDs or SD cards, the sound may be poor or the controls and reception may be finicky. To help you get around these and other issues, we have prepared this top 10 best portable TV in 2018 reviews and buyer’s guide. All you need now is to go through it and we are sure you will find a decent item.

Which is The Best Portable TV?

  1. NAXA TV Electronics NT-90 9′ – NAXA TVs Portable TVs

By: NAXA Electronics Portable TV

Watching TV while away from home is more convenient with this portable digital TV from NAXA TV Electronics. It weighs about 2.8 pounds, measures 10.2 x 6.2 x 11.8 inches and features a 9-inch screen. When hooked up to the included external antenna, it will broadcast the free-to-air channel within the region.

The handy unit is also a multimedia player and supports SD memory cards and well as USB sticks. It features 2 A/V input connectors and is compatible with different formats including MPEG, JPG, FLV, and MP3. It runs on an AC best portable tv, rechargeable battery or a DC car adapter.

Why Do You Love Portable TV?

The buttons are well placed and easy to use

It’s very easy to operate

The TV is not only small and compact but also looks nice

Best Naxa TVs

  1. Philips PET729/37 7-Inch LCD Portable TV/DVD Player, Portable TVs

By: Philips Portable TV

This 7-inch portable TV from the Phillips brand will make your life away from home convenient and more enjoyable. You can watch your favorite programming or keep your kids busy while on the road. It features a decent 9-inch wide display that has a screen resolution of 1080p.

The device comes with a detachable antenna, built-in HDTV for watching free-to-air TV and an FM tuner for listening to the radio. On a full charge, the rechargeable battery can offer power for as many as 3 hours while the remote control gives you better control.

Why Do You Love Portable TV?

Using the TV is simple and straightforward

The reception is good even in areas with low signal

It’s very compact, light and easy to move around with

Portable Television

  1. Envizen Digital Quartet ED8890A Portable Television and Dvd Player

By: Envizen Digital Portable TVs

The Envizen Digital Quartet ED8890A is undoubtedly one of the smallest and most compact portable TVs in the market. It measures 9.4 x 6.9 x 1.7 inches, weighs approximately 1.9 pounds and comes in a simple and ergonomic design.

You will have no problem placing it inside your bag, on a table, or holding it with your hands. It features an HD 9-inch color LCD screen that swivels for better viewing, a high 800 x 480 resolution and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that lasts for up to 2.5 hours. It runs on AC or 12V car adapter and is also a multimedia player (SD, MS, and MMC).

Why Do You Love Portable TV?

Very light and quite portable

The design is not only simple but excellent

Using the portable TV is easy even for the first-time users

Best Portable Television

  1. RCA Portable TVs T227 Portable Widescreen TV

By: RCA Portable TV

The RCA T227 TV ensures you still have access to TV programming when on the road. You can also use this handy device to entertain or keep your kids busy. It measures 9.8 x 2.5 x 11.3 inches, weighs about 0.88 pounds and features a detachable antenna.

The unit comes with a 7-inch LCD display, an NTSC analog, and ATSC digital tuner. This gives you access to both analog and digital programming. It is powered via a rechargeable battery or AC power adapter.

Why Do You Love Portable TV?

It’s light and very portable

The signal reception is good

The sound and image quality is good

Portable Television

  1. Axess Portable TVs 7-Inch, LCD TV with ATSC Tuner

By: Axess Portable TV

Besides allowing you to watch the Free-to-air channels, the Axess 7-inch TV also enables you to watch shows and movies stored on a USB or MicroSD card. It’s relatively light, weighs 2.1 pounds, and also compact measures 10.2 x 10 x 10.5 inches.

It comes with an ATSC Tuner, an LCD screen and a maximum resolution of 800 x 480. The device also features a built-in DVD and a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 2 hours.

Why Do You Love Portable TV?

The resolution is quite good for such a simple device

It’s easy to use and operate

It supports TV watching and SD, USB and DVD playback

Portable Television

  1. Envizen Portable Digital TV ED8850B, Best Portable TVs

By: Envizen Digital Portable TV

The Envizen Digital ED8850B is both a TV and DVD player. Measuring 7.5 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches and weighing about 1 pound, this accessory is very light and easy to move around with.

It features a 7-inch LCD TFT that can be swiveled for better viewing and a built-in ATSC TV tuner. The built-in rechargeable batteries can last for up to 2.5 hours when used continuously whereas the speakers provide decent audio.

Why Do You Like Digital Portable TV?

Well-designed and feels solid

Small, compact and very portable

Supports DVD, USB, and MicroSD

Portable Television

  1. RCA Portable TVs DHT235A 3.5-Inch LED-lit 720p 60Hz TV (Silver)

By: RCA Portable TV

Boasting of a widescreen LCD TV, NTSC analog, and ATSC digital tuner, this portable TV by RCA is what you need to watch TV outdoors or away from home. It comes with a detachable and flexible antenna that can be mounted anywhere, a flip-out stand for easy mounting, and standard headphone jacks for more convenience and privacy.

It’s fairly light (0.88 pounds), and also comes in a decent size (4.8 x 1.3 x 2.8 inches). Other features include a fully functional remote control, built-in rechargeable battery, and AC power adapter.

Why Do You Like Digital Portable TV?

Good resolution and colorful

Small and compact

Great reception

Portable TV

  1. RCA Portable TV 4.3″ Best Portable Digital TV, Best Portable TVs

By: RCA Portable TV

The RCA Portable Digital TV takes the pole position on our review for several reasons. One, it is very light (weighs 1 pound), and this makes it very easy to carry. Two, it is well-designed and compact( 6.9 x 3.8 x 3.3 inches), and can be held by hands, placed on a flat surface, or attached to a selected point.

Three, although small, the 4.3-inch LCD screen is very clear and isn’t affected by blurs or shadows a lot. Four, the built-in speakers may be small but provide high-quality audio. Five, it’s also very colorful, stylish and ergonomic.

Why Do You Like Digital Portable TV?

Easy to setup

Good picture quality

Simple design and portable

  1. SuperSonic Portable Widescreen Portable Digital TV – Best Portable TVs

By: SuperSonic Portable TV

You can keep yourself entertained while away from home with this portable widescreen LCD TV. Measuring 8 x 6 x 12 inches and weighing 1 pound, this unit is small and light enough to fit in your travel bag, suitcase and backpack. It features a 9-inch display which together with an 800 x 480 screen resolution produces decent images. It works via a 12V DC battery or a 100-240V AV adapter.

The built-in speakers provide quality sound while the up and down stand helps you mount the accessory on a fixed spot. You can also watch movies or play music stored on USB sticks or SD memory cards. Other notable features include; AV input jacks, 16:9 selectable screen mode, removable stand, remote control, external antenna, and audio/video cables.

Why Do You Like Digital Portable TV?

The picture quality is good

The audio is pretty impressive for such a small unit

Setting up the unit is easy and simple

  1. Tyler TTV703 10″ Portable Widescreen LCD TV with Detachable Antennas

By: Tyler Portable TVs

This TV by Tyler is respected for its wide LCD screen that enhances the viewing experience. Together with its good signal reception, the 10-inch screen offers you amazing images even in low-lying areas. And to make the experience more worthwhile, the built-in speakers deliver quality and crisp audio.

It supports both NTSC (analog) and ATSC (digital) signal and can run on either an AC adapter or rechargeable battery. It comes with a detachable antenna, SD/USB, and AV Inputs.

Why Do You Like Digital Portable TV?

The screen resolution is quite good

It has good signal reception

The sound output is amazing

Factor To Consider Best Portable TVs:

Before getting carried away by the seller’s word or advertisement, you need to pay attention to the following things. Failure to which may see you back in the market scouting for another television set.


It should be designed for easy movement once in a while. This entails making it light, small, compact and also resistant to vibrations and shocks. You will find very small handheld units that measure less than 3.5 inches and larger ones that can be 10 inches.

Area of Use:

If you plan to use the TV in your RV, caravan, tailgating, cabin or vacation home, you may go for a large unit that ranges from 10 to 36 inches. However, if you want something to store inside your handbag, for camping, hiking or backpacking, then smaller units are a better option.

Power Options:

Portable TVs run via an AC adapter, regular or rechargeable batteries. The last two types are much better in places where access to electricity is limited. However, you also need to ensure the battery(s) can store charge for a long time. Those using normal batteries will need replacing after some time and this may be a bit costly for frequent travelers.


You will be assured of a good watching experience if the image quality is high. The pictures should be crystal clear, vibrant, colorful and freezing or dragging should be minimal. This is best achieved by using a digital HDTV.

Sound Quality:

Also important is paying attention to the sound quality. Good products deliver quality and loud audio and don’t need amplifiers, boosters or external speakers.

Signal Reception:

Portable TVs rely on the surrounding transmission towers to relay the images. The clearer the angle of sight the more clear the images will be. It’s advised to go for brands that are renowned for having strong signal reception as this offers you a wider variety and also better imagery.

Screen size:

A small handheld TV with a 5-inch screen is more portable than a 14-inch TV. But, you will strain a bit more to see the pictures when using the first type. It’s important to balance the size and viewing experience to avoid straining your eyes.

Input/ Output:

The televisions come with various inputs and outputs including A/V out connection, USB, HDMI, SD Card, DVD player and more. For simple viewing, one a get away with the bare mminimum However, for avid TV viewers, it’s better to go for a product with many input/output options.


You shouldn’t miss your favorite TV shows, series and other programs when away from home. You don’t need to bear what other people are watching at the motel or other accommodation establishments. Also, you shouldn’t carry a large, heavy and cumbersome TV when tailgating, camping, or hiking.

The best way to have the best TV viewing experience is by investing in the right portable TV. A good unit is light, comes in a good size, offers high resolution, and the sound is also decent. Furthermore, it will have strong signal reception, will easily trace the transmission towers, is easy to mount and also comes with several accessories.

With such as TV, not only will you stay abreast with your favorite shows, but can also play a game, watch movies from DVDs, SD Card, or USB. To save you the inconvenience and hassle of verifying each and every item on the market, we have reviewed and summarized the top 10 best portable TV in 2018.

All you need is perusing through the list and clicking on your chosen item. The RCA Portable 4.3-inch Digital TV is our top choice because it’s very portable, comes in an elegant and trendy design, features several inputs/outputs and has good signal reception.

And since it’s backed by many 4-5 star ratings and numerous consumer reviews, you can be certain of its reliability, longevity, and efficiency. Watching television while away from home or on road has never been this easy!

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Twitter Admits Its Security Bug And Explains It



Twitter admits its security bug

Social media enthusiasts, including Twitter, have already been made aware of a recent security bug encountered on Larry Bird’s social network. Indeed, Twitter announced having encountered a problem of storing user passwords (unencrypted) in a database. The firm sent messages to all users to quickly change their password to prevent potential risks.

The bug is explained by the fact that unmasked passwords have been stored by mistake in the logs of the platform (logs). It seems that Twitter has reacted with intelligence because internal studies have been conducted and, it seems, none of the passwords have been used to date. So, several hypotheses can be imagined:

  • the bug was never spotted until Twitter discovered it, so the fix saves the furniture;
  • the bug was spotted but repaired too late to avoid a potential theft of passwords;
  • passwords have been stolen but never misused;
  • passwords have been stolen and have been used, although studies by Twitter tend to think otherwise.
Use secure passwords

In the case of Twitter, just change your password to solve the security problem easily. Do not forget to add a password that is really secure and easy to remember. Often, I advise people to think of a short phrase they like or a word assimilation, and then to “encrypt” it with special characters. I quote a completely random example (do not test this password in my accounts, you will lose your time … ^^): “M @ thi3uCh4rtier3stC00L”. This is just a simple example, but it will take many hours of brute force to find a password of this kind … 😉

Twitter uses the hash function bcrypt for its passwords. For the most neophytes of you, the nuance between “encryption” and “hash” is mainly focused on the fact that it is not possible to find a string of characters “chopped”, which is the case with an encrypted channel. That’s why we are all used to the “Forgot your password?” which returns us a randomly generated page word rather than our password (if a site sends you your password directly, it’s time to worry … ^^).

Bcrypt is a method created in 1999 that has a good reputation for security because it still manages to fight with great success against brute force attacks. Coupled with other security systems, the number of successful attacks can be reduced as skins of sorrow to this day. In the bug of Twitter, it is, unfortunately, an internal error in the social network which made it possible to save the non-hashed passwords in logs before the end of the process. The company has therefore deleted everything and solved the problem of logging in the logs. Hoping that this does not happen again …

Twitter apologized for the inconvenience in its release and reiterated his advice on connection, namely to change his password but also to ideally enable dual authentication (2FA). The latter can slow down many attacks and therefore limit the damage, even if, never forget, nothing is infallible in computer …


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