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The U.S. has reduced the size of its nuclear arsenal since the height of the Cold War, and also the size of some of its bombs. The newer, smaller nuclear warheads are more accurate and deadly as ever, and other nations aren’t very happy about it, reported the New York Times.

In the fall of 2015, when North Korea was busy prepping for what it would claim was a hydrogen bomb test in early 2016, the U.S. was conducting test runs in Nevada of what the Times termed its “first precision-guided atom bomb.”

The B-61 nuclear bomb has been in America’s arsenal since the 1960s. The version of the B-61 tested—sans actual nuclear bomb—in Nevada has been updated to near smart bomb status, according to the Times:

Its computer brain and four maneuverable fins let it zero in on deeply buried targets like testing tunnels and weapon sites. And its yield, the bomb’s explosive force, can be dialed up or down depending on the target, to minimize collateral damage.

While the Obama administration believes smaller, smarter bombs make sense in the 21st century, allowing for greater accuracy and perhaps stalling Cold War nightmare scenarios of mushroom clouds scouring cities from the landscape, there are critics in Washington who believe intelligent weapons like the B-61 Model 12 have their own drawbacks. For one thing, the bomb’s precision might make it more tempting to use—possibly even in a first strike scenario.

The Times quoted former Joint Chiefs of Staff vice chairman Gen. James E. Cartwright, who was in favor of the smaller and smarter approach. According to the General, these weapons promote keeping smaller amounts of nuclear weapons on hand. However, he did admit that “going smaller” tends to make “the weapon more thinkable.”

Reduced-size weapons with more intelligent designs appear to be the general direction of U.S. armament, and the NYT reported they will end up costing a trillion dollars over the next 30 years.

Neither Russia nor China are fans of America’s new nuclear efforts, the Russians calling B-61 tests in particular “provocative.” North Korea even cited America’s efforts as an excuse for pursuing a hydrogen bomb.

Another danger in small nuclear weapons, certainly in small, smart weapons with remotely controllable computer brains, might be seen in the snafu that recently parked an unarmed U.S. Hellfire Missile in Cuba—when that missile had been intended for NATO use in the E.U.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of a rogue nuclear weapon easily concealed in the bed of a pickup truck, but if the greatest military in the world can lose track of a little old Hellfire, it’s easy to see how a much worse screw-up could happen one day.

Probably not, though. At least we would hope so.

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Hiring a Portable Cabin Supplier in Pakistan – 3 Tips



Moving place to place was once a very difficult task, not just for individuals moving from building to another, but also for businesses moving their goods across states. However, with the prevalence of portable cabin supplier services in Pakistan, moving goods, and hosting events have become very easy. Porta cabins in Pakistan are a new and rising trend. Choosing a portable cabin supplier in Pakistan offers the following conveniences:

BUSINESS Hiring a Portable Cabin Supplier

  • Porta cabins
  • Portable washroom
  • Security cabins
  • Office container
  • Portable building, Bunkhouses, orportable house

Before hiring these services, consider these three tips:

Tip #1: Make Sure it is the Best Portable Cabin Supplier in Pakistan

The best way to make sure the company you hire is by checking actual customer reviews. Read up what people say and think. Ask friends to make recommendations for you if they have experienced any specific services. What you need to keep in mind though is that the porta cabins come in different sizes. In fact, you might even need a portable building depending on the purpose you want it to serve.

Make Sure it is the Best Portable Cabin Supplier in Pakistan

You can choose cabins based on sizes, which vary with the number of goods you want to move. The total weights of the goods you are moving also help determine the right size to use. Usually, experienced team members or dealers such as Al Sadiq Services are in a good position to provide professional advice. You must share specific details with them to get the right size according to your needs.

Tip #2: Know the Purpose of Your Portable Cabin

What exactly do you need? Would it serve as a washroom with the right fixtures? Do you need a portable building like a bunkhouse, a portable house, or an office container? Do you simply need a porta cabin just to help you relocate goods for personal or business purposes?

Know the Purpose of Your Portable Cabin

Depending on what you need, the right portable cabin supplier in Pakistan will provide durable high-quality cabins. You must make sure that you ask the right questions. Determine the quality and dependability of the cabins. Ask about what varying qualities the company provides to match your budget.

Tip #3: Best Pricing and Value for Your Money

Make sure that the portable cabin supplier in Pakistan offers the most reasonable and competitive prices. While the price reflects high quality and durability of the porta cabin, Portable washroom, security cabins, office container, portable building, bunkhouses, orportable house, it must be affordable. If not, at least it must offer great value for your investment. You must feel free to ask questions like what happens if there are damages to your goods and how the company will compensate you. Does the company offer aguarantee that it will protect your belongings from damage? Ask if the portable house or washroom stand to the test with numerous people using it.A good and reliable company will offer you peace of mind by answering all your concerns in a professional manner.

Best Pricing and Value for Your Money

With these three tips in mind, you can rest assured that you will make the right choice. Explore all your options when it comes to suppliers or you can always consult other experts or go through reviews of other customers before choosing the final one.

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5 Tips to Consider Before Installing Payroll Software in the Organization



Need of Payroll Software in India is developing at a speedier rate particularly after the retreat time frame. The principle explanation for this is associations are procuring more people, which are consequently offering ascending to the authoritative pecking order. Hierarchical chain of importance implies the authoritative structure is expanding and in this way the as the structure will build the need will likewise increment. Business’ needs are for the most part provided food by the HR office. While discussing the HR office the main idea that snaps our psyche is finance. Presently, there comes the utilization of the finance programming.

5 Tips to Consider Before Payroll Software Implementation:

There are a lot of things that should be controlled while tolerating it in the organization and different variables ought to be updated before tolerating Payroll Software in the field. Out of those real perspectives, the most essential ones are recorded beneath:

  • It is okay if fewer individuals are working in the association. This is on account of, in this sort of circumstance, a group of representatives can deal with the finance age process. In any case, as the hierarchical structure grows require winds up noticeably boundless. A solitary individual or the gathering of the people cannot deal with the entire since it will make the procedure lengthier. In that condition, association needs to change to acknowledge finance programming.
  • If you are considering down measuring the association at that point, Payroll Software of India is the best alternative for you.
  • If security is just the imperative that you require in your organization at that point, definitely manual age of payroll software isn’t some tea. Extreme security must be acquired if electronic hardware is actualized. Payroll Software will process the information and produce the finance with add up to security, data won’t be spilled.
  • To make the work air more adaptable, Payroll Software would be the best determination. With the developing need of the hierarchical offices and staffs manual payroll age is by unthinkable. Along these lines, endeavour to improve nature by tolerating Payroll Software
  • Filing the duty is a noteworthy undertaking in the organization; the finance programming can make the work basic by recording the expense electronically. No compelling reason to manage stunning estimations, less your weight utilizing finance programming.

These are five situations, if your organization underpins these at that point, don’t hold up too long and change on to it for your organization’s better structure and achievement.

– 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Payroll Software

At the point when your business develops, you unquestionably need to consider purchasing it for your organization. In this article, let me share with you 5 things to consider while picking it.

  • The cost of utilizing a payroll service. At the point when your business develops, you will have more representatives. This will extraordinarily expand the cost of utilizing a payroll service. So when you understand that the cost of utilizing a payroll service begins to exceed the comfort, at that point the time has come to utilize Payroll software.
  • Online expense documenting. Great Payroll software will enable you to present your duty electronically. In spite of the fact that an expert finance firm can guarantee that they will document your duties on time, Payroll software enables you to record charge electronically, which makes the preparing less demanding.
  • You have to appoint a staff to deal with it. Regardless of whether you are utilizing a payroll administration or programming, you need somebody to gather representative payroll information and data. The staff will be mindful to enter the information physically into the payroll framework.
  • Adaptability and control. On the off chance that you need to have more control, you ought to consider getting your own particular payroll software. A few organizations have a great deal of offices can’t give the adaptability to track by various divisions. It gives you this adaptability and changes can be made immediately.
  • Affectability and security. Payroll service is extremely touchy. In the event that you need to keep your payroll information private, you ought to get it for your organization. In house programming can guarantee that all information are kept private and just work force with consent are permit to see it. Great payroll framework has consent settings where representatives can see certain screens or inform

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Top 7 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Food Delivery Industries



resturant app

The food industry is continuously evolving with the rapid rise in technology.  With the every passing day, it is expanding its peripherals and is on the verge of intensifying its services. Taking the help of mobile apps, it is almost leading the race amongst the top industrial verticals.

One of the main reasons why this business is gaining so much popularity is because; the today’s generation loves to taste delicious meals very frequently. Hence, the food delivery industries while focusing on their customer comfort are looking for the convenient options to combat the varying needs of their consumers.

Top 7 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Food Delivery Industries

According to the reports, almost 69% of the restaurants and hotels are getting into the food delivery business and there are many others who are ready to jump in the same sea.  Hence looking at the growth in the technology, food ordering businesses are embedding them into their services for delivering enriched customer experience.

So, here find out the top 5 benefits of having a mobile app for your food delivery industries:

Select your table:

There are plentiful of food ordering mobile apps that outline the restaurants and allow the users to book the table as per their own convenience.  With the aid of the mobile apps, they can easily check for the time slots available for making the dining reservation.

Food delivery business is using this feature for helping their users for easily identifying the tables so as to save them from traffic congestion. Further, they also manage and store the user’s data and provide them with all the relevant information about the latest deals coming around.

Integrated GPS:

With the help of GPS, Food delivery becomes very easy. It helps the representatives to identify the optimized paths for delivering the packaged food at the scheduled time frames.

Whenever the consumer places an order, it maps all the nearby options and traces their addresses as well.

All new menu cards

Food delivery businesses had several restaurants linked with their professional landscape. Hence, when a user places an order it displays all the relevant menu cards in context to the request generated.

Image result for Top 7 Advantages of Mobile Apps for Food Delivery Industries

It helps users to identify the desired restaurants along with the price specifications. So, the users can select any restaurant as per their choice and order a meal according to in a way they desire.


It works best, in case you have forgotten a particular specific restaurant. It filters your choice on the basis of the specialty it serves and the area in which it is located thus allowing the user to access the place in a very effective manner.

Increased user base:

Definitely, it conserves an expanded user base for your food delivery businesses. With the growing digitization, more than 25% of the users have food ordering mobile apps right on their Smartphone.

As the food ordering businesses are scaling the roots, the users are continuously using them for ordering their favorite meals. With the inundation of the services and offering, businesses are using it to retain larger user bases. Moreover, with the help of loyalty programs, they can display the latest deals via push notifications to keep the users glued.


They form the major part of the food ordering businesses.  You can identify the customer likes and dislikes, the areas to be improved or if any feature is required to be added.

Responding to the reviews helps your businesses to develop positive relationships with your clients and at the same time makes them feels connected.

Increases business visibility:

Mobile apps are a great medium for showcasing your services. It not only augments your business visibility but at the same time connects the users with the several other dining opportunities.

A good mobile app can allow the users to even visit the restaurant’s website, they desire or it can display the social sharing information, contact number etc for a particular option selected. So, it is best to build a food delivery app that deciphers your business insights.

Thus, mobile apps bring your business to a broader platform and focus to deliver services with the right approach.

Check-in features

Food delivery business can use check-in feature that allows their users to update the restaurants they visited through your portals.

Hence, it helps in promoting your businesses and motivates the users to use your mobile apps for selecting any particular restaurants.

Food delivery industry is undeniably a very big brand within itself. It comes with ample of choices and helps people to look for the best. Mobile Apps such as Food Panda, Zomato are being widely used by the users to look for the best restaurants, to avail for the best deals etc. Thus, the concept is not new and many businesses are considering food delivery as the best solution for making money.


Mobile Apps certainly helps every business to grow but it delivers some special benefits to food ordering businesses. It not only helps them to showcase their services, menu cards, deals but allows their users to select for the multi-cuisine dining option while making the real-time updates. Thus mobile apps are befitting almost each and every business requirements and the benefits delivered by them are honestly countless.

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