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Mexico rooster fishing & Panama rooster fishing



Imagine a fishing location, where you can apparently find different world class fish species like salt fish, Dorado, Milk fish, Black Marlin, Blue Jack, Rooster and lot many more. The two extraordinary locations – Panama and Mexico truly have the exotic landscape of ocean water that would accelerate the excitement level one has ever imagined.

We would be discussing about Panama Rooster Fishing and Mexico Rooster Fishing one by one. Rooster Fishing in Panama: Rooster fish comes from jack family and are native to the inshore waters of the Baja California, Costa Rice and Peru.

Rooster fishing


Their length is more than four feet and weight is 20 to 100 pounds. Normally, 20 pounds’ fish are most commonly found. These fish also have excellent eyesight.

Rooster fish are labelled as one of the most adventurous sport fishing in world as it has unique dorsal fins and seven long spines. Rooster fish are marked as a very fast runner and strong fighters. The biggest noticeable point is its appearance which is far different from other fish species.


Fun on rooster fishing

The major fun to experience Rooster Fishing is scorching sun high in the sky and the amazing sight-seeing. Panama is one of the epicenters for fishing enthusiasts seeking to enjoy roosterfish. Some visitors wander to search for hunting fish and some visitors find places with good sight-seeing and wait for the fish to come out of water.

Sometimes Panama Sport Fishing is seen coming out of ocean water and arrive towards the ocean beach; other times, they come in through where waves are break on the beachside. Anglers get one shot or maximum three to four shots of their favorite fish before it retreats under the deep water.

Excitements in Mexico


Rooster Fishing: Every fisherman knows how exciting and adventurous fishing sport is when it is especially in Mexico country. There is one fish which is a big rival for any professional fisherman or amateur and that is a Rooster fish. It is not a migratory species; it is in fact a territorial species which is available around the year.

One can catch this fish in every season, what matters the most is the good water condition. Also, it touches every bone of visitors as fish from different waters are attracted to Mexico which makes fishing in Mexico next to perfect trip as here the water from the Sea of Cortez, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean meet at one point.


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5 Best Practices Of Email Marketing



5 Best Practices Of Email Marketing

Opening and clicks, thanks to 5 good practices Of Email Marketing! Emailing remains the preferred channel of marketing operations, yet it is necessary to adopt the right reflexes.

Emailing is not dead! Admittedly, in 2014, the means of communication shows a serious decrease of 2.26% in volume, and of 5, 27% in value, according to the National Syndicate of the Direct Communication (SNCD). But, at 95.3%, it remains the preferred channel of marketing operations, before the website (91%) and social networks (73.4%), according to Experian Marketing Services. Why? Because it can be tremendously effective if it is understood as one of the tools of a multichannel strategy in which personalization and immediacy are at the top of the list.

Defining its objectives, qualifying its base of contacts, adapting the email to its target, thinking about responsive design and providing an unsubscribe link is the fundamentals of a good emailing campaign. Yet, more than anything, it is “learning” that is at the heart of the process. Getting to know his client, from his privileged moment of reception of the emails to his habits of consumption, by way of his age, his sex, his profession, or, still, his favorite device, makes it possible to adapt – and to personalize – the content and the format of its mailings. The key, of course, is the performance that is at stake.

Test and monitor performance

A / B testing is the king rule of email marketing! To look at differences in click-through or opening rates, depending on the time, day, or month of sending, for example. For banking and insurance, the “good” day is Friday, and the “good” month, September, notes the 2015 benchmark of Experian Marketing Services. Thus, before sending an email, it is essential to test several versions: change object line, sender name, visuals, content, calls to action … and see which ones are the most efficient. “A learning phase is essential, confirms Stéphane Coussement. We need to target a limited number of customers, then get to know them through tracking, before communicating more widely. ”

Not to mention, also, to maintain well its base, by checking and cleaning the lists regularly – after each sending, for example – to avoid keeping inactive contacts or bounces (the erroneous addresses, the inactive mailboxes, the misspellings ) returning errors to you, and thus, improving transformation rates. The challenge is to ensure that the message is received by the “right” people ( see the “Finding contacts” point ), those who wish to receive it. For this, the good practice is to detect an event like the passage of the customer in the shop, triggering the sending of an email a few days later.

To track the performance of your campaigns and improve click-through rates, experts advise you to develop an action plan for your campaign. “Identify, understand and categorize the different types of emails you want to send (promotion, acquisition …), to better measure the performance of each campaign, with similar references, ” Judy Boniface analysis. Because, what matters is the final transformation, the ability of the message to reach the goal of the campaign – purchase or request for information, for example.

Thinking responsive design

52% of Internet users consult their emails on their Smartphone, according to the SNCD. Thus, blocks of text, images, call-to-action buttons, must adapt to any webmail, browser, and device on which the email will be opened. This is the approach initiated by the Kiabi brand of clothing, shoes, and accessories. Accompanied by BMobile, an agency specializing in mobile relationship marketing, the company has thought about the design of its e-mails, in a responsive logic. The roadmap: simplify messages, prioritize information, focus on images or call to action. The result? A click rate for mobile and a rising turnover, says the brand. The but thinking responsive design is also thinking about the design of your website, “in order to be mobile compatible from one end to the other chain”, recommends Benoît Enée. Thus, emails must redirect to payment solutions in one click, or offer the download of a mobile application to facilitate purchases.





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How Augmented Reality Apps are Crucial for your Business?




When the discussion is regarding augmented reality (AR) app development, it becomes vital to understand the myriad of hard tricks that go into this technology. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, one has to make a lot of efforts. Now in case of an AR app development, the company is required to keep exploring the world of augmented reality, as before getting into the developmental zone, it first needs to understand the AR solutions required by the business and the way it can be implemented for leveraging with the users’ demands.

Understanding Augmented Reality

AR is a kind of technology which arrived in the arena just some time back and it is known to enable both mobile app development firms as well as app developers to overlay digital data right on top of real-world objects. In its very beginning, this technology has started proving itself as a disruptive force across mobile technology setting.

In case of consumer adoption, Augmented Reality is presently considered as an extension of existing technologies. Anyone can access as well as utilize AR technology with a device/smartphone that is able to capture video.

How can AR apps be developed?

Before beginning with AR app development, numerous factors need to be considered. A major number of AR apps overlays 3D text or imagery over real-world images processed by user’s device or smartphone.

In order to be successful in AR app development, it is necessary for mobile app programmers to have image processing expertise. It is also required to access some kind of image processing capabilities that will enable developers to create apps which can track natural features or makers within the environment.

When it comes to developing AR apps, it is also vital to come up with credible and realistic images mainly when computer software is used to generate images. It is needed to be done from user’s perspective. Along with that, it is also essential to align imagery pictures with the real-world environment.  However, this task may not be easy to handle, especially in case of developers. If the developer is incompetent in creating a reliable UI/UX, it will result in the development of an AR app that is complex to use. Due to this, the app may hold little or no value to the end consumer.

How Augmented Reality App impacts your business?

This technology has a great potential and impact on the users. Biggies like Google and Apple have also come up with their own augmented reality kits known as ARCore and ARKit, which help developers in building premium-quality and high-performing AR apps. So as you look around for the best mobile app development solutions available for your project, find out here the amazing benefits of augmented reality apps.

Augmented Business Operations:

Apart from helping remote workers access customer data on-demand, AR headsets are also crucial to change the way employees work. For instance, AR headset can be used by an insurance loss adjuster to examine a car which was damaged in an accident. As the loss adjustor do an examination of the damaged car, the AR headset can add a video of a car into a system which not only evaluates damage but even estimates cost required to fix it. A device’s recognition capabilities make it easier for the adjuster to determine damage.

Same way, AR headsets can also be used by healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases and treat them. Like, a doctor will be able to capture symptoms as s/he examines a patient using the AR headset. This provides them with crucial medical information regarding that patient.

Enhanced Customer Service:

Life gets a lot easier for consumer-facing employees, mainly those working in online retail with the help of Augmented Reality. As per Forrester Research, AR glasses prove useful for sales professionals in helping customers purchase cosmetics that enhance their aesthetics. A not only sales professional can visualize what customers would appear like after putting on a specific cosmetic but the technology also offers guidance on how it should be applied. AR technology is already being leveraged by big names like L’Oréal and Lowe to offer better customer services via mobile devices instead of head-mounted displays.

Object Visualization:

With the help of AR, it is possible to place digital assets in the physical world. When virtual objects are merged into the real world, it enables developers to interact with digital elements (3D objects) created by them as if they were real objects. For instance, as car designers begin with the designing process, they need to work on the myriad of a part in order to get the car design right. With the use of AR technology and computer graphics, they will be able to project virtual layouts of a car’s interior on a full-size model of a car dashboard. When digital objects are visualized via AR in this manner, it offers comprehensive insights into how a finished product will appear as compared to a flat product image on a screen.

Enhanced Training:

AR holds great potential as it comes to educating and train employees. Distinct from the real-world training scenarios, here a tutor or trainer can leverage augmented reality in order to make new processes and learning concepts a lot easier for trainees. Like, it is way easier to take a virtual car engine apart through AR as compared to a real one and this process can even be repeated as many times as needed. An AR app enables the enterprise to not just ably educate individuals but is even helpful in honing their capabilities and skills.

No dearth of opportunities

Even though augmented reality is still in its beginning stage, it is evolving quickly owing to an increase in usage of mobile devices & their comprehensive functionalities along with increased internet speed. Hence, this is the right time to integrate this technology into your business and enjoy its many benefits.

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Diamond Power Infrastructure on a transformational spree with Digital India program




India, being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is witnessing a digital revolution. PM Narendra Modi has trotted out numerous programs to promote Digital India, ensuring digital inclusion across the country. On this note, Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power MD, has digitally-empowered his company, in the field of manufacturing power transmission equipment.

Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd, also known as Dicabs, was the first Indian company to manufacture alloy conductors and proto-test HSHC (High Strength and High Conductivity) conductors. Today, Dicabs is the only company in India, which holds a BIS mark certification for alloy conductors.  It also complies with the ISI quality standards for manufacturing all types of conductors.

The Vadodara- based company has also established India’s headmost ‘continual horizontal lead extrusion facility’, along with the ‘aluminum corrugation facility’ for cables (66KV). Dicabs is also ranked at the fifth position in the world, for manufacturing extra high-voltage cables up to 550 KV.

The homegrown companies are getting new opportunities to grow, as the Centre has reduced imports in the segment. India is on a transformational spree, and will become a hub for technology and innovations in the coming years. The initiative has already received pledges from Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd and other corporate ventures, with investments worth Rs 4.5 lakh crore. This figure is expected to surge as the ‘Make in India’ campaign gains momentum.

Amit Bhatnagar Diamond Power

Amit Bhatnagar believes that quality and technology go hand in hand. Being a technocrat, he has always supported technology by reining on state-of-the-art technology for all business operations.

His ability to sense, envision and adapt to change pertaining to technology has been the company’s key growth driver, since the initial years. “With India progressing on the path of innovation and technology, Dicabs would unremittingly partner its journey towards successful frontiers. Simultaneously, we would continue to adapt to as well as lead the change through proactive investments in technology,” says Amit Bhatnagar.

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