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6 Types of Blog Readers Online




I recently did this online survey on my blog and I can say the result has been very promising. It’s really interesting when I try to understand blog readers better, yes Alvin does track what you see.

Anyway, do not worry I do not know where you stay and all I know is where you came from and what you often see in my blog. If you wondering how I track just using a free service. In the past I used to be very very active into checking comments and reading comments online.

6 Types of Blog Readers Online

In a blogger’s point of view the more comments you have on the blog the better as it proves your blog has a community and a life of it’s own. I love reading people’s comments and stuff as I learn new things from people what they talk and share about.

Here’s some of the common type of readers you will experience from blogs

1. Readers who come in to spy on you

Yes! You will be surprised there are many people online who spy on me, but it’s alright and I welcome them too because in my way of thinking if I am good enough to be spied meaning I am somewhat doing something right that they want to know about.

Readers who come in to spy on you

One way to entertained this group of people just keep on revealing secrets to them they love it.

2. Readers who come to support

The opposite good thing of spy would be great valued supporters, I do see from time and time again great supporters who often come to my blog and I really want to thank you for their support.

Readers who come to support

Supporters normally are the kind of people who would reply on post and post comments on posts. They would sometime even talk about your blog on their blogs or do a link to promote your products. Building a strong based of supports is key in your blog success.

3. Readers who just wont talk

There are also readers that often frequent your blog, but no matter how much you try to squeeze a comment from them they will not say a word. There may be a few possibilities that they don’t comment. They are maybe a spy or just shy to actually comment on the post.

Readers who just wont talk

It’s not really easy to make people talk on blogs but one trick I used in the passed really MADE a lot of people talking. What I did was I offer a prize for commenting just to test what happens if I pay people to comment. As usual money talks there were over 33 comments on the post. Just search for pay per comment on my blog to find the post.

4. Readers who just hate you and talks bad about you

So far in my own experiences I only know I got one of this because a lazy mistake I did months ago when I was totally new. I got framed by people before about me copying people’s content. It was a silly thing to do, BUT until today that article that still frames me and is still giving me free traffic. I got to thank him for doing that.

Readers who just hate you and talks bad about you

Anyway to handle such cases if you do encounter them, just ignore them and correct the mistakes and say sorry and ask for a remover of post.

5. Readers who turn to customers

This is the most most important group of readers you will have to attract the most. Why? Is because they trust you enough to pay you and learn from you. And some of these loyal customers will stick to every area you go.

Readers who turn to customers

Building loyal customers is tough, but to make it really simple. The easiest way to do it is to BE HONEST and ethical in your business and nothing will go wrong. I am happy to announce I got people actually email me for purchasing my products and thank me because I did something seldom any online marketer will do. But I won’t reveal it… if you want to know just get one of my guides at my blog.

6. Readers who come in strategy for motive

Most people will be very afraid of this type of visitors but frankly there is seriously nothing wrong with people who strategy comes to your blog often to get something.

Readers who come in strategy for motive

What type of things would they want? you maybe thinking… FREE backlink from being the top commenter on a blog or FREE traffic to your blogs by giving really valuable content post. Frankly speaking, these visitors are good, you know why? Is because they contribute lots of content for your blog for free and greats awareness for your blog that you have a community.

You will be amazed what you can learn and gain from reading people’s comments.

Nicki Jenns is an entrepreneur and world news expert, motivational speaker and author. She is passionate about the impact of health and family issues.

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Virtual Reality | the Next Big thing In Digital Marketing



Virtual Reality

Virtual reality refers to a technologically generated three dimensional environment where the actual reality is emulated in a manner to make the customer perceive it as real.

This technology makes use of our perception and cognition systems to give us a more enhanced experience of the augmented reality which appears to be real.

How does virtual reality function?

VR technology makes use of a stereoscopic display which involves the positioning of a picture at two slightly different angles for the user to infer depth from the image. Stereoscopic display along with other techniques like shading and parallax which help users perceive depth in an image are used to bring about a virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality utilises about four out of five senses of the human cognitive system namely touch, sound, sight and sometimes feeling as compared to a regular visual display which only uses about two.

This experience is made available by using a VR headset. A VR headset is a head mounted device (HDM) which enables perception of a visual reality which is not subject to  the boundaries of a television or a computer. These VR headsets can be connected to phones, laptops, computers for providing the user with a stimulated experience of reality.


Applications of Virtual Reality

  • Military: Virtual reality is used in all three sectors of the military of training and recruitment purposes. It is used to train soldiers to learn appropriate actions and methods when faced with a combat situation. For pilots, Virtual reality technology is used for stimulation exercises. Also, in the military, this VR technology is used for post trauma therapy and recovery of patients.
  • Healthcare: In healthcare, virtual reality technology is used for analysis and training. The VR headsets are used by nurses and medical healthcare professionals to learn how to interact with patients in a stimulated environment. Also, this VR technology is also used for devising minimally invasive procedures for surgery. Robotic surgeries are also an invention medical units are looking into with the help of Virtual reality.
  • Construction: VR technology is used in the construction industry for visually experience and visualising designs and results to bring about a first hand experience for the customer. It helps architects model their designs better.
  • Sports : Virtual Reality technology and gear is used in the sports industry by athletes to improve and enhance their performance. The headset gives them a closer look at their technique which helps them improvise upon their form.
  • Gaming : Gaming is the sector where VR has been most active in and is also rapidly growing. VR games are a common concept now and the quality of such games is only being enhanced.


AppSquadz interventions:

We as a mobile application development company aim to develop state of the art technology in both iOS  applications and android applications for a easier and more comprehensive outlook to use Virtual Reality technology. We desire to make this experience easier and more enjoyable for customers.

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Social Networking Sites Fight Tooth and Nail for the #1 Spot with Live Video



Social Networking Sites Fight Tooth and Nail for the #1 Spot with Live Video

Do you frequent social media platforms to connect with your comrades, or to speak your mind where it matters? I believe it’s a bit of both. However, it has a lot to do with which social networking is more effective in connecting you with the right people, no strings attached.

When we think social media, the usual suspects that cloud your imagination are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, and maybe toward the end, Tumblr finds a respectable place too. Twitter seems to be on a roll and seem to be a crowd favorite, followed closely by Facebook.

Facebook and Twitter are almost neck-to-neck when it comes to popularity and connectivity, and now Live Video. As popular as it may sound, Facebook is more private and personal – staying connected with family and friends, while Twitter on the other hand, is more out-there and successful in engaging its audiences within seconds.

“Despite Facebook’s best attempts to court so-called influencers, Twitter is still the go-to place for politicians, business leaders, athletes, and Kanye West to make important announcements. When west publicly asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to give him $1 billion, did he make the request on Facebook? Nope—he tweeted it.”

Twitter has just outdone itself with the Live Video by blending the Periscope software into its apps effortlessly.Periscope was a pioneer in making it to the social media platforms driving its followers to create live broadcasts. Facebook didn’t waste any time either to mirror Twitter by introducing Facebook Live; Instagram didn’t want to be left behind and came up with Instagram’s Stories.

Before you take a leap of faith, consider the possibilities below and make a calculated choice on who wins.

What you’re saying about Twitter, Facebook, and their Live Videos

Research suggests about 92% of engagement on Twitter happens within the first hour of tweeting, which is pretty amazing! On the flipside, updates on Facebook might last only until they still have some steam left, but can’t quite match up to Twitter’s speed and getting instant responses.

Agreed, tweets don’t last too long, but the chances of you getting a response are quicker. Which would you rather go with? Most definitely go with Tweeter; hell, you want a response ASAP and when it matters. Who needs stale news anyway!

I happened to bump into an interesting statistics about Twitter vs. Facebook on Leo Wildrich’s blog that says you can post 1-4 times an hour on Twitter to have a high impact, whilst only 0.5 status FB updates per day seem to be most effective. That being said, the Twitter Live feature just proved that it’s going to stay the frontrunner!

After digging a little deeper, it’s pretty obvious that business entrepreneurs prefer Twitter, which is effortless and has better outreach than Facebook. On Facebook, you need to “friend” someone to keep a conversation going or be part of a conversation; Twitter is as simple as walking up to somebody on the street and striking a conversation – something on the lines of direct marketing.


#1 Spot with Live Video

Facebook vs. Twitter live videos – Who’s the mightiest of them all?

Business can’t get any easier than this! You can now translate your ideas via the video feature hassle-free! Its real time and you can afford to speak the same language being in different time zones. Capture an event when it’s happening in the here and now, and not after it’s passed.

Twitter bought Periscope much before it was officially opened for the public in 2015. The live streaming video app saw about 10 million active users within just 4 months since its launch! It’s been a year since Apple named Periscope “App of the Year” in December 2015. That’s big!

Facebook’s user base is unparalleled; however, Twitter gets the benefit of the doubt and is not far behind in winning aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen on its side.

This year saw people around the world logging on to live video to stream live footage that define history. #YearofLive.

What works on social media and what doesn’t?

Statistics say Facebook continues to lead with a whopping 1.79 billion users in 2016 when compared to Twitter’s 317 million. The figures are astonishing indeed, and a close call between the two giants.

Facebook, unlike Twitter, has no character limit. But most function better with a set character to put across their message louder and bolder. Twitter gives you a fair space of 140 characters to say what you need to within limits.

It’s a given that when everybody is in a rut trying to keep up with work and home, you need the message communicated in seconds and not hours. That’s pretty much how Twitter and Facebook are competing.

Twitter makes it a lot simpler to reach anyone from the top leaders to the blue collars on the internet space. The introduction of live video gave an instant facelift to Twitter, and it’s definitely going to get business entrepreneurs battling it out for top space.

Live video streaming is the tomorrow for businesses and individuals alike. A survey suggests that everyday digital video usageall set to touch 72 minutes across all possible digital devices by 2017! Time is ticking; there’s no looking back anymore. Live video is taking over social media platforms like the plague. The competition is obvious and undeniable between Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s something to ponder over: The number of timeline views for Twitter is predicted to increase from about 200,000 in 2016 to 209,000 by the end of 2020 according to statistics.

This is not the end, but the beginning of better and more defined use of social media platforms. Twitter and Facebook are both here to stay, though one is bound to have an edge over the other. There’s no saying which feature is going to be introduced to heighten user traffic, but Live Video seems to have made the cut after all.

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Fast Instagram followers How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business



Picture talking about remains supplied a significant sociable update due to introduction associated with Instagram. The particular Instagram system is becoming greatly popular with more than 80 million clients that appreciate altering their very own pictures with effects and funky filter systems prior to talking about these with buddies as well as followers. Fast Instagram followers begin by using this brand new kind social media as a way to market their very own organization and make up followers. Everyone loves powerful creation, therefore posting images of products as well as workers could make all of them feel closer to you. This kind of advertising is what assists create brand devotion.

Fast Instagram followers-  how may your business make use of Instagram for advertising?

Instagram to Market Your Business

Here are some examples: Within Instagram newest update, customers now have the option to be able to label a specific location using their pictures that are preserved to some individual image chart. These may be given to your own followers.

This really is great for anyone who has an actual location or perhaps if you travel round the city, nation or even condition. For those who have booths from local craft festivals or other merchant occasions, you’ll be able to click on a photograph and tag your location to allow your own followers understand where you can be located.

A New Age Technique for Business Promotion.

The entire idea at the rear of social networking is discussing. Your personal supporters as well as supporters are selling you with a chance to reach them on the more person level so make sure you are providing them with exactly the same. Take pictures of the staff at work. Photos related to approaching what to supply all of them the slip maximum. If you’re on the highway, try taking some pictures on the way. Supply followers real senses of just how the situation is behind the curtain to assist them seem like a part of the brand.

If you use Tweets, you know how efficient hash tags can be from discussing. You should use the same on your Instagram pictures. Use hash labels that relate for your business or company to really make it simple for individuals to assist you in finding. For example, if someone makes jewelry, you can use hash tags such as #rings, #customjewlery, or even #necklaces. Look up well-liked hash tags which are used through equivalent manufacturers and include these to your photos.

A New Age Technique for Business Promotion.

Those who are presently making use of your items ought to be asked to snap a photograph related to by themselves utilizing it as well as label this and among your own hash tags. This can display people using your product or service as well as display the amount of individuals is happy with your business.

People love an opportunity to earn honors and taking advantage of Instagram to hold a photo levels of competition are a thrilling approach to provide them with what they need. You are able to ask for followers to deliver inside a picture of all of them making use of your product after which select a champ from one of them. You may proceed a different route via inquiring to send in a picture which shows something more abstract, like exactly what represents summer season for them.

There is a variety of the way to get creative and acquire much more followers through maintaining a contest using Instagram. Your own followers may tell their buddies who will should also participate in the enjoyment.

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