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5 Amazing iPhone Hacks and Features that You Must Know



If you are an iPhone user/lover, and you are subscribed to one of the high-speed Internet service providers, you need to know these amazing iOS hacks and features.

The contemporary world is dazzled by technology and each day we have a bunch of new inventions in gadgets, software applications and features that everyone is desperate to get their hands on. People are most addicted to smartphones and fancy gadgets and subscription to one of theSpectrum Internet Offersis essentially ensured in every household and workplace. But when it comes to iPhone, especially when a new model is just released (it’s more of an atomic bomb being dropped) the ecstasy and excitement is of a whole different level. People actually stand in longest queues to get hold of their much-craved fancy iPhone model, before their friends can, and the frenzy of all such crowds is real.

Said that, we all know how iOS has mesmerized the world, so much so that it has taken the world by storm. We all love the amazing features and the catchy software that Apple creates for us, to an extent that it becomes a craze and addiction. So,to those who buy internet Cable and phone together in deals, we consistently recommend entertainment-packed all-in-one iPhone, to help them cut-off on at least cable and phone bills (since internet is essentially needed to run all the entertainment and connectivity on your iPhone).

We have compiled a list of some hidden hacks and features that your iPhonehas, although you think that you know everything about your phone but you’ll be surprised by what your revolutionaryiPhone is capable of.

v The Night Shift

Apple has recently released this new amazing feature that you perhaps haven’t discovered yet.It is to ensure that you have a good sleep, by turning everything yellow on the screen.

Apple claims that shifting the screen light tones from blues to yellows helps in making the screen look soothing, instead of being harsh and sharp and that also tricks the brain into believing that it’s the night time, thus preparing it to have a good sleep. Although there’s no proper science evidence in this context but still, the screen seems way soother and less glaring with these yellow tones.

How to activate:Open settings, go to Display & Brightness and search for Night Shift.Schedule it to Automatic, that works from sunset to sunrise (that’s 10PM to 7AM) or you can Customschedule it as per your convenience. You can also set the color temperature, as you like it. More yellow or less.

v Boost Up Your Phone Charging

Have you been waiting for ages to get your iPhone recharged, while you are perhaps ready to leave for somewhere and discovered at the last moment that your iPhone has 2% battery life? Well, there is a less-hassling trick to charge your phone quickly and it is amazingly simple.

Just turn your Airplane Mode on!  How will it work? Well, by cutting off your iPhonerecurrentWi-Fi searching, and other battery-draining communication activities, the strain on your battery is reduced while it is being charged.

Although, it doesn’t mean adding a huge amount of power–but if you are that busy someone who greatly relies on that extra 4-5%that you have managed to power up though this hack, you can add another 30 minutesin your battery life and that means you are going to stay connected for a longer time.

v Want to Know How Well Your iPhone Knows You?

Let’s tell you about this mystery, do you know your iPhone is gathering data about you, sinisterly in the background of all your clicks, check-ins and searches? Well yes, that’s totally true but all for your own benefit, as it makes your usage easy and convenient.

It can be about the Applications that you use most frequently, or about the amount of data that your may be churning through, or the locations and places that you have been to (How creepy!)

If you don’t believe us, head over to Settings, then Privacy and then to Location Services, scroll down to see System Services and see you Significant Locations.

And Surprise!! You can see not just the places you visited, but the number of visits and the duration of visits along with the exact date, month and year. Thanks Lord it only opens with your Touch ID, so relax.

v Pick a ConvenientShortcut

Autocorrectis definitely guilty of being a reason of so many embarrassing situations that we all faced, when it corrects a typed word to a wrong one. Only if you know how to use Autocorrect for your own ease and save a good lot of time.

You can easily add words that you type often in Text Replacement in Keyboard (located in Settings> General). There, you will see a default instance, enabled byApple, that is‘omw’, when you type this, it will be automatically expanded to the phrase ‘on my way’. Similar to this, you can add as many replacements as you like.

So, add your favorite abbreviations and slangs with replacement phrases and let your iPhone do the rest of the work.

v Know All the Camera Tricks

In a decade on the planet Earth, iPhone is rightly crowned for the most popular and amazing camera, amongst all the Smartphones in the world, because of the revolution that it brought and changed our picture-taking and sharing habits. Most of us rely on Instagram Camera features a lot because little we know about theiPhone’sbuilt-in camera features.

For instance, the new iOS has given us this beautiful Portrait mode, where we have to touch a little longer on the point where there is subject for the Depth Effect and just like the DSLR, things in the background are blurred and the subject is captured in full clarity.

Another one is to press the round button that pops in the corner while you are recording a video, and a still picture is captured, along with the video.

To capture the moment of action perfectly, perhaps something that your toddler is doing for the first time, just hold down the photo-capturing button and the camera will automatically switch to this amazing burst mode and take a hell lot of pictures to capture that cherish able moment to the fullest.

Farhan is working as Content Strategist. He is a Beauty Blogger, health Blogger and public speaker. His goal is to educate people about various health conditions, beauty and about wedding trends and the top tips and tricks. he is a passionate writer.

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How Augmented Reality Apps are Crucial for your Business?




When the discussion is regarding augmented reality (AR) app development, it becomes vital to understand the myriad of hard tricks that go into this technology. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, one has to make a lot of efforts. Now in case of an AR app development, the company is required to keep exploring the world of augmented reality, as before getting into the developmental zone, it first needs to understand the AR solutions required by the business and the way it can be implemented for leveraging with the users’ demands.

Understanding Augmented Reality

AR is a kind of technology which arrived in the arena just some time back and it is known to enable both mobile app development firms as well as app developers to overlay digital data right on top of real-world objects. In its very beginning, this technology has started proving itself as a disruptive force across mobile technology setting.

In case of consumer adoption, Augmented Reality is presently considered as an extension of existing technologies. Anyone can access as well as utilize AR technology with a device/smartphone that is able to capture video.

How can AR apps be developed?

Before beginning with AR app development, numerous factors need to be considered. A major number of AR apps overlays 3D text or imagery over real-world images processed by user’s device or smartphone.

In order to be successful in AR app development, it is necessary for mobile app programmers to have image processing expertise. It is also required to access some kind of image processing capabilities that will enable developers to create apps which can track natural features or makers within the environment.

When it comes to developing AR apps, it is also vital to come up with credible and realistic images mainly when computer software is used to generate images. It is needed to be done from user’s perspective. Along with that, it is also essential to align imagery pictures with the real-world environment.  However, this task may not be easy to handle, especially in case of developers. If the developer is incompetent in creating a reliable UI/UX, it will result in the development of an AR app that is complex to use. Due to this, the app may hold little or no value to the end consumer.

How Augmented Reality App impacts your business?

This technology has a great potential and impact on the users. Biggies like Google and Apple have also come up with their own augmented reality kits known as ARCore and ARKit, which help developers in building premium-quality and high-performing AR apps. So as you look around for the best mobile app development solutions available for your project, find out here the amazing benefits of augmented reality apps.

Augmented Business Operations:

Apart from helping remote workers access customer data on-demand, AR headsets are also crucial to change the way employees work. For instance, AR headset can be used by an insurance loss adjuster to examine a car which was damaged in an accident. As the loss adjustor do an examination of the damaged car, the AR headset can add a video of a car into a system which not only evaluates damage but even estimates cost required to fix it. A device’s recognition capabilities make it easier for the adjuster to determine damage.

Same way, AR headsets can also be used by healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases and treat them. Like, a doctor will be able to capture symptoms as s/he examines a patient using the AR headset. This provides them with crucial medical information regarding that patient.

Enhanced Customer Service:

Life gets a lot easier for consumer-facing employees, mainly those working in online retail with the help of Augmented Reality. As per Forrester Research, AR glasses prove useful for sales professionals in helping customers purchase cosmetics that enhance their aesthetics. A not only sales professional can visualize what customers would appear like after putting on a specific cosmetic but the technology also offers guidance on how it should be applied. AR technology is already being leveraged by big names like L’Oréal and Lowe to offer better customer services via mobile devices instead of head-mounted displays.

Object Visualization:

With the help of AR, it is possible to place digital assets in the physical world. When virtual objects are merged into the real world, it enables developers to interact with digital elements (3D objects) created by them as if they were real objects. For instance, as car designers begin with the designing process, they need to work on the myriad of a part in order to get the car design right. With the use of AR technology and computer graphics, they will be able to project virtual layouts of a car’s interior on a full-size model of a car dashboard. When digital objects are visualized via AR in this manner, it offers comprehensive insights into how a finished product will appear as compared to a flat product image on a screen.

Enhanced Training:

AR holds great potential as it comes to educating and train employees. Distinct from the real-world training scenarios, here a tutor or trainer can leverage augmented reality in order to make new processes and learning concepts a lot easier for trainees. Like, it is way easier to take a virtual car engine apart through AR as compared to a real one and this process can even be repeated as many times as needed. An AR app enables the enterprise to not just ably educate individuals but is even helpful in honing their capabilities and skills.

No dearth of opportunities

Even though augmented reality is still in its beginning stage, it is evolving quickly owing to an increase in usage of mobile devices & their comprehensive functionalities along with increased internet speed. Hence, this is the right time to integrate this technology into your business and enjoy its many benefits.

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Follow-On Right UX Ideas to Take Your App Design to the Next Level



The present era is a UX era for most of products and services, be it tangible or non-tangible. Therefore, considerations for UX in mobile app development is mandatory to sustain and grow your app in the stiff competition.

In the mobile app development, UX concept and process resides on the top of the pyramid where functionality is at the foundation/bottom, reliability is the next layer on top of it, and usability is just below the UX layer.

It means UX is only possible when an app or a product have completed functional design; reliability has addresses and usability in focus. Another name of UX is user delight or pleasure, and it falls into the emotional design category.

Emotional design has three different levels, such as:

  1. Visceral
  2. Behavioral
  3. Reflective

How to do emotional UX design?

Some essential UX design elements play a crucial part in emotional design in the app development process, and those are:

  • UI or User Interface Design
  • Micro-copy or Miscellaneous Content
  • Animation Design
  • Affordance Design
  • Sound Design
  • Typographic Design

If UX designers attend these factors perfectly in right contexts, the user experiences are guaranteed.

What mindset and processes take app design next level with UX?

The following are good hints to take your app design next level using UX processes, such as:

  • Opt for Responsive Design
  • Adopt Agile Methods for Iteration
  • Be User-Centric
  • Be Consistent

Curious to go into details? Please read our full-text post “How Right UX Take App Design to the Next Level” at SysBunny blog and leverage awesome capabilities of a team of mobile app developers with UX design flairs.

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Big Data and Analytics Could Lead to a Better Website Design and Development



Big data has led to several equally huge changes in the business environment. Although the arrival of big data systems means that organizations should address new challenge, the overall impact of big data stays a net positive.

With big data, performing tasks could become easier and more productive. The positive impact of data and analytics could be felt in a lot of areas of business operations, which include web development. The ways big data could impact websites could vary. Business managers and owners are curious on the effect of big data in the website performance. Understanding what big data allows for better website management ensures that it stays true to mission goals.


A website and its related tools capture a huge amount of information on visitors. Breaking down information and data into micro components enhances the ability of analyzing and using data further. For instance, data analysis could reveal a specific geographic region that sends significant amount of visitor traffic to a website. A response could involve growing bilingual online videos to draw more people from the region. A lack of revealing data will eliminate the ability of accessing important information and respond in an effective manner.


How a website looks to visitors paly a remarkably important role in the ability of a website to keep visitor traffic. Poorly constructed and designed websites could experience excessively high bounce rates. In other words, visitor land on the site, fail to be impressed by a page and leave fast. If big data reveals bounce rates and obvious problems with design and organization of the site, steps could be taken to address the different problems. A robust WebDev guide could even reveal tremendous insights on how to boost the design. That said, enhancements could be made only when publishers of a website are aware that a problem persists. Access to reliable big data could provide robust insights to other problematic issues. Upon data review, proper means of addressing things could be instituted.


A web design company could render professional web development services that are strongly based on the principle of never compromising quality. It’s important to look for service providers that are Microsoft Gold Certified partners with in-house expertise in leveraging Microsoft technologies as well as big data solutions of course.

A website could exist for the purpose of marketing the business associated with a page. Marketing may not be the only reason that a website exists, but could be a vitally important reason nonetheless. At its present stage, a website may not be living up to its full marketing potential. Big data and the web hosting and design could help figure out what will be a beneficial addition to a website.


Big data could provide the necessary material to make the right decision of a hosting company or plan. The right decision could lead to far better results. Big data, overall could help manage business websites in a lot of ways. The benefits of allowing data to determine web design are endless, from boosting iterative design to having prompt information on how people interact with the information and design. Also, one gets to have data that could be used for future work as well as possibly automate web development in the future.


  1. What are the objectives? Start with the end in mind, but also should be open to redefine the goals when going through the data available and have. Something may come up as interesting.
  2. What is the nature of the data? A company should know where the data is coming from, how much data moving through the system and where data integrates within the present system. This helps consolidate all data on every client from various sources and convergence points within the current system. This way, a company will not lose any information.
  3. What and which platform? This would be determined by the type of data one has and the data volume as well. Based on this information, one could decide what works with the specific needs to provide ample support.


Do not flood all information onto a new platform all at once. Bring it slowly to see how it works and how staff responds to it. Begin offline and in small batches before going to real-time processing of big amounts of data. Data will require refreshing from time to time to stay current and relevant. One should find out how to make these updates to a big data platform as quickly and as easily as possible.

A company would require datasets that could make existing systems smarter and this would be done with the use of a feedback loop. The smaller sets of data could boost existing and current apps through providing real-time information from systems, which previously were impervious to or entirely unaware of.

With all the information that big data brings, there’s a great chance of losing the privacy of the information of users, which should never happen at all costs. Emphasize the privacy of users in the design at each level, particularly in niche segments. This is particularly true if sensitive user information would be required during transaction with website link bank accounts, residential addresses and all.

Big data website design would change how things work. This is because it necessitates bigger access by end users to provide real time. As a result, it’s important for companies to educate the staff on how to use big data as a team in order to achieve the set objective or objectives.

The transition to big data web design is an ongoing process. There would be some kinks to iron out and a company would have to evaluate the system to determine if it is getting what it needs from it. A web design development company could provide effective solutions by integrating big data systems to web design and development.

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