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How Bitcoin apps are useful for mobile payments and how can an app like it be built?



Bitcoin Apps

In the last ten years technology has made a rapid progress. Netflix took place of the Television; Smartphones took place of mobile phones. And everything became wireless – music, charging, even currency transfer. But when we think about wireless currency transfer, the term “Bitcoin” comes to mind.

Bitcoin Apps

What is Bitcoin?

For those who don’t know about Bitcoin, it is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is nothing but normal currency like dollars and rupees but the only difference is that it comes in digital form. The advantage of cryptocurrency is that it can be used as a secure payment transaction module. Many countries like USA, Canada, and Australia accepted Bitcoin as a legal mode of payment.

What makes Bitcoin possible?

Although many online transactions are associated with risk factors, Bitcoin has earned its place as a secure online payment method. Many of you may think that cryptocurrencies can be duplicated and used. It is not true, with the help of a unique Blockchain technology, these currencies cannot be duplicated. This Blockchain process keeps track on each stage of a transaction in encrypted form. As this is carried out in different devices the transaction doesn’t require any third party assistance or any extra transaction charges.

Advantages of Bitcoin as a wallet app

No inflation: Inflation or the rise in the prices of commodities only affects the currencies issued by the government, where Bitcoin remains an exception. In a country like India, the prices always rise for day to day commodities like fuel and food items. That is the reason companies for mobile App Development in India are looking to build a similar mobile wallet app.

Decentralization: Where many see this as a disadvantage, this point can be regarded as a benefit. Firstly there is no government regulation regarding the transfer of money through cryptocurrency. As being a decentralized process no third party can block or deny the process of fund transfer. Secondly, financial emergencies won’t affect the value or the transactions of Bitcoin.

Anonymity: The address of users of Bitcoin is really complex and totally anonymous. A mixture of numbers and alphabets makes the address look indefinite and hard to understand (d7823hyedbh9w8egashd76hf). This address is the only requirement in Bitcoin for fund transfers; this maintains the anonymity of the user. And only the person who owns the account will control the account, nobody else will be able to access it without correct credentials.

Security: When you transfer money using your normal bank or ATM, there are risks that a third party can read or access your confidential data. But when it comes to Bitcoin there is no confidential data at all. As there are only two parties participating in the transaction (the sender and the receiver) you only need the combination of both keys to complete the transaction.

Convenience: Where normally in Paytm or PayPal transaction the user has to depend on the internet speed, verification process, and whatnot, but comparatively the process of Bitcoin is fast. In any normal bank transaction, the user has to pay the transactional charges. In Bitcoin, the transaction is free of cost. These factors make Bitcoin more convenient.

Developing your cryptocurrency wallet app

Being an easy task as it is, building a cryptocurrency wallet app still needs hard work. The first step would be to create a set of libraries to synchronize with the Blockchain. You can use JAVA for Android platform and later convert to Objective-C using a standard plug-in for IOS platform. Moreover, you will also have to select an appropriate API for accessing the Blockchain.

All projects of this kind (cryptocurrency wallet app) have to go through these development process.

  • For the sake of synchronizing with the Blockchain, you have to use API.

  • Built the front-end of the application

  • Authorise permissions for incoming and outgoing transaction

  • Include a set of codes to manage the transaction


Bitcoin is a totally independent and secure from government authority as mentioned above. This factor has made Bitcoin one of the most popular modes of online currency transfer. Bitcoin is open source and also customizable which makes it easier for you to make any changes that you want to the application.

Kinjal patel is an internet marketing manager and also the co-founder of vrinsoft technology. She is an expert in SEO, SMO, PPC, App Store Optimization etc. She has attended many tech conferences and conducted the technical expos on latest search engine marketing updates. She shares her opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles.

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Intel’s 8th-generation chips are almost here



On the 5th of October, Intel will officially launch its 8th-generation processors into retail and OEM. These desktop chips offer more cores than Intel’s 7th-gen processors did, at a slightly higher power cost and with a small price increase.

Since rival chip-makerAMD brought out its own new Ryzen processors earlier this year that offered more cores at a lower cost, and superior performance over Intel’s 7th-generation processors in certain circumstances, this is a welcome move for Intel fans who’d been hoping Intel would respond in kind.

The additional cores of these new processors offer improved performance in intensive parallel workloads, as well as improved gaming performance when compared directly to the previous generation’s processors. They’re also more overclockable than Intel’s previous-gen CPUs were. Intel says they will offer “up to 40%” of a performance improvement over previous-gen chips.

According to Engadget, Intel calls its top-end 8th-gen processor, the i7-8700k, its “best gaming desktop processor ever”. It’s a six-core, 12-thread, 3.7GHz monster that Intel says boosts some games’ frame rates by “up to 25%” over the i7-7700k, and does 4K video editing “up to 32% faster”.

Other improvements include faster video streaming and recording, tweaks to multitasking, smoother streaming of cutting-edge 4K/10-bit/HDR Ultra HD video, a Turbo Boost speed of 4.7GHz and the ability to push that even further without requiring liquid cooling.

Of course, Intel’s complete line-up includes Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 chips that occupy a wide range of price points, TDPs, and Smart Cache levels. Here’s a quick look at them from Intel’s official product brief:

Something to keep in mind is that these new processors will not run on Intel’s 200-series chipset – upgrading will require the acquisition of a new motherboard featuring the Intel’s new 300-series chipset. So while these processors feature the same pin configuration as their 7th-gen counterparts and thus feature same physical socket, they are incompatible with those older boards. Intel has no plans to issue a firmware patch to change this at a later date, either.

What’s more, the new chipset isn’t dramatically different, either, only sporting things like “improved power delivery for 6-core chips and better support for DDR4-2666 memory”, according to Engadget.

As with every new generation of PC tech, if you upgraded recently, these new products won’t hold much appeal. If, however, you or your business are running older hardware, like 2nd-, 3rd- or 4th-gen processors, these new shiny chips should offer a stunning leap forward in performance and value.

Just don’t forget to grab new motherboards with them, and some DDR4 RAM if you’ve not upgraded beyond 4th-gen.

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Intel’s 8th-gen Core processors won’t be revolutionary



It’s clearer than ever that the days of tick-tock Intel chip upgrades (new process one generation, new architecture the next) are long gone. Intel has revealed that its 8th-generation Core processors, due in the second half of 2017 will once again be built on a 14-nanometer process — yes, for the fourth time in a row. The company is shy on what these new chips will entail, but it’s claiming that it’ll manage another 15 percent performance improvement (in SysMark tests, anyway) like it did with the 7th-generation Core designs you see now.

AnandTech notes that the upcoming refresh might focus more on the low-voltage U- and Y-series chips you see in very thin and light laptops, just as you saw with the initial 7th-gen processors late last year. That has yet to be confirmed, however.

One thing’s for sure: when Intel’s long-delayed 10nm processors finally do arrive, you won’t see a wholesale switch to the new technology. Intel says that future process uses will be “fluid” depending on the segment they’re targeting, and that data centers will get first crack at these upgrades. Don’t be surprised if the Xeon line gets first dibs on 10nm, then, or if only some mainstream chips make the leap at first.

The decision might be necessary given the challenges of shrinking large CPUs down to a 10nm process, but it’s likely to leave Intel feeling nervous. After all, mobile giants like Qualcomm are releasing 10nm processors this year. While mobile tablets probably won’t outperform most laptops any time soon, this could narrow the gap enough that you might be tempted to skip buying a conventional Intel-based PC in the right circumstances.

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Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Mobile Application Development



Quality mobile app development is a billion dollar business these days. Anywhere in the world, there are thousands of mobile app developers that deliver quality services. App development Australia for instance is a very popular option as there are numerous service providers and app development companies that provide quality services at competitive rates.

An android app development company Melbourne renders quality service to organizations all over the world. Harnessing the maximum potential of the complex Android software development kit platform, the service provider uses Android SDK and tools to explore unlimited product development and offer best-in-class Android apps. Mobile application developers in Australia uses agile development methodology that’s capable of taking care of the whole development cycle, right from generating the idea to App store implementation. It offers ongoing support and ascertains that the app developed will match the expectations of the clientele.


AI has become an intriguing topic that is on the minds of innovators today, who are deeply involved in the technology. Developed to do intelligent tasks with an instinct for problem solving, AI works to minimize human effort, taking on smarter and larger tasks. Recently, AI has now come a long way from being a passive element of virtual assistance to a more capable as well as proactive system.

Aside from boosting productivity in other industries, mobile app development is another field where artificial intelligence has cast its spell. Most of the efforts invested in the mobile application development process are focused on boosting the user experience. With the idea central to mobile app technology, UI elements of any app should be interactive, intuitive and immersive. AI accomplishes this purpose, all very intelligently.


Artificial intelligence is popular and an appreciated innovation all over the world, which opened the door to a new era of technology as well as introduces people to an entirely new dimension of human-machine interaction. A lot of technology giants are betting plenty of money in AI, including Google. Having artificial intelligence all the time in a smart phone is nothing less of a dream come true. Getting day-to-day tasks done with assistance of intelligent applications is awe-inspiring and simply amazing. Nevertheless, this AI feature of the application isn’t limited to the digital assistance, but integrated with various security e-commerce applications. Most companies are using artificial intelligence with trending mobile app tech to ensure a more promising and efficient customer experience.

The AI technology, combined with the top mobile app trends in industry, results in amazing help to a user in a lot of ways. With the basic functionality of the application, AI offers added features to a user, through collecting and storing various data from a user through analyzing behavior, based on the why, how and when a user uses the application.

Information, such as the location of the user, recent contacts, times of interaction with apps and day-to-day behavior taken by the AI and uses it to serve a user with specific and better assistance each time. With the recent tech evolution and consistent user demand changes, AI is chosen as the most reliable and the best tool for enriching the application in every aspect.

With advancements in artificial intelligence, mobile app developers nowadays spend a lot of time considering how to collect, to sort and store data that the apps gather, so they could feed into the machine learning algorithm, compared to static standard algorithm, which does not change.


The growing usage of AI in mobile app development services proved its relevance in business growth as well as user engagement. A lot of apps and devices with a fixed algorithm don’t adjust based on the observed behavior of the user. The following are ways that AI helps overcome this barrier.

  1. Artificial intelligence collects and stores data from a user through analyzing usage patterns and behavior of the application.
  2. AI integration in products for generating maximum revenue with user-friendly and satisfactory UI. This would profit a business when it comes to high user engagement with enhanced involvement.
  3. Demographics, like user location, contacts and daily behavior taken the AI enables an app to serve a user better.


Smart mobility emerged as the ideal platform for artificial intelligence applications. Smart phones and devices support the high customization level, which allow applications use core software, its hardware and capabilities to deliver best results to users. These days, AI capabilities are implemented in different applications. The capabilities make an application personalized and relevant. When mobile apps are enabled with artificial intelligence capabilities, they learn from the users themselves, and from their behaviors. Moreover, the applications are able to learn from behavioral patterns of users for delivering the best results and powering them to take better decisions as well.

Giant companies Amazon and eBay have implemented the technologies of artificial intelligence within mobile applications successfully. The technologies are shifting and advancing towards consumer demands and AI is the next big thing for business organizations. A lot of businesses are today looking for AI enable apps scopes. AI has been heavily influential in application development for years already, starting with Siri by Apple. There is great potential to reach a new sophistication level. The AI growth is empowering new possibilities in mobile application development.

The main mobile presence of artificial intelligence today includes embedding the AI technology in a Chabot or in context-aware sensors. Furthermore, AI          could help mobile applications engage and retain the precious user-base. With most mobile phone users keeping only fifteen to twenty ‘must-have’ applications on their phone, while rotating out new applications to check out, artificial intelligence can change the mobile app revenue and applications forever.

The powerful combination of AI and mobile app would change the face of technology very soon. The increasing usage of AI in mobile application development have proven how important it is for business growth as well as user engagement. Apple’s Siri, Cortana from Microsoft and Google assistance are the leading examples of trending mobile application technology with artificial intelligence enabling the world a sneak peak towards the future. When looking to hire mobile app developers who could integrate AI effectively, consider Freelance app developers Melbourne.

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