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Top 7 Tennis Players who made India proud



There’s something about Wimbledon! The beauty and majesty to Wimbledon is unique and described beautifully many times by the players. It is considered as the most prestigious among tennis Grand Slam events. To win here is every player’s most cherished dream. And those who have actually made it know what a unique feeling it is. There’s no better place to make a name for tennis players worldwide.

Originated in 1877, Indians have been participating at Wimbledon since the year 1908. Here is a list of players who made India proud by winning at Wimbledon:

Sardar Nihal Singh

Singh was the first to play Wimbledon Championship in India. This amazing and immensely skilled player played around 3 Wimbledon tournaments between the years 1908 and 1910. He won in both the singles and doubles category. Later in the year 1910, Singh reached the third round for the singles category of men. This was his best performance in three years. The tennis player played more than a decade prior to the establishment of the ‘All India Lawn Tennis Association’ or AILTA in 1920. In 1921, India made its debut at the Davis Cup and reached the semi-finals of the tournament.

Vijay Amritraj

Vijay had been one of the most popular faces of Indian tennis. He is widely revered and remembered for his excellent performance in at Wimbledon Championships in 1973. He reached the quarter-finals. He also made it to the quarters easily. He managed to give Jan Kodes a tough fight in the quarters. However, he lost narrowly in a 5-set thriller. Amritraj’s impressive performance in the striking tennis event won him accolades from all corners.

Amritraj proved his caliber as one of the greatest tennis players of India after making it to the Wimbledon quarter-finals for the second time. Once again, he was unseeded before the start. He challenged the iconic American tennis player, Jimmy Connors in the quarters (a 5-set encounter). This amazing player played over 90 games across categories in 18 consecutive Wimbledon tournaments held between years 1972 and 1990. Presently, he provides commentary for Wimbledon games shown on Indian television.

Mahesh Bhupathi

Of course, this list is incomplete without mentioning Mahesh Bhupathi, the first Indian to win a Grand Slam tournament for year 1997 at the Roland Garros (French Open). He won under the men’s doubles category. Later, he partnered with Leander Paes and made it to the doubles finals in all four Grand Slams. He won two of these – (Roland Garros and Wimbledon).

Leander Paes

The player became the third Indian to win the junior title for the year 1990. He was seeded 11 and Paes defeated South African Marcus Ondruska, seeded two. Paes also appeared in the men’s singles event for 1996 but failed to go past the first round. Mahesh Bhupati along Paes created history in 1999 by becoming the first Indians to win a major title at Wimbledon. Paes also won the mixed doubles title with American Lisa Raymond.

Sania Mirza

She is India’s first female tennis player who created a history in the year 2015 by becoming the first female player from India to win a women’s doubles Grand Slam trophy at Wimbledon. In this event, she partnered with the Swiss player Martina Hingis. In 2003, Sania had also won doubles junior Wimbledon championship in women’s category with Russian partner Alisa Kleybanova.

Sumit Nagal

This talented Indian tennis player made his entry in the year 2015. Nagpal is the sixth Indian to win a Grand Slam junior title. He played along with his partner Nam Hoang Ly for the boy’s doubles at Wimbledon.

Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan

Born on 20 October 1988, Jeevan Nedunchezhiyan is a professional Indian tennis player who won the doubles title with Rohan Bopanna at 2017 Aircel Chennai Open. As per the latest updates on tennis, he ranked 81 after breaking into the ATP top 100 doubles rankings in the year 2016.

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How Sports Equipment Rental Software Gives Your Business to Boost



Our sports rental industry is trying to keep up with an ever-increasing demand for outdoor recreation activities. Filling this niche demand is sports equipment rental software. Americans love their outdoor sports and spend as much money on it annually as for other things. This outdoor sports industry accounts for more than $650 billion a year economy.

Hit a Homerun with Online Rental Software

American sports rental industry is grappling with a diversifying consumer base across the country. An efficient sports equipments rental software can make a huge difference. American sports lovers are crazed over activities like mountain biking, skiing, hockey, golf, dirt biking and boating. Naturally, thesecustomers base is made up of all ages, shapes, sizes, genders and income levels.

We have come with five simple ways where using online sports equipment rental system will help increase revenues.

Making Team Play Possible

Every rental agency may cover more than one equipment requirements. Rental software helps identify distribution of timings for each equipment lent out in the field. Optimize use renting out all equipment equally. This reduces unnecessarily wear and tear automatically leading to less downtime and maintenance costs. A reputation for having the best player is good but likely to be overlooked if rest of the team does not play in support.

Check inventory and equipment at a glance. Your sports equipment rental application stores all aspects of your business – specs, location, availability and condition. Divert attention from an overworked player to other team members. Make the most of your equipment investments.

Equipment Fitness Tests Player Fitness

Be sure thrill seeking outdoor enthusiasts are going to push your equipment for maximum performance even in risky situations. Rental store are responsible for fully working and safe to use equipment. Negligence can cause lawsuits. A mountain bike that stalls on mid-descent? God forbid.

Your watchdog sports equipment rental software script tracks and generates instant notifications. Stay on top to reduce risks of renting faulty equipment down to zero.

Have a Crowd – the more the merrier!

Cover the whole consumers-customers base! Use an online web store to draw in customers. An appointment on your equipment ensures great fun they have planned not going awry. Showcasing products and services with a dedicated customer portal helps improve happy and safety based transactions.


Cutting out loss-makers

Business profit and loss is no place for emotions. Neither can it thrive on taking risks with equipment that have lived out their full life. Make simple and quick decisions with sports equipment rental application assisted data analytics of your equipment inventory at any time. Report generating tools alert owners and administration on maintenance related revenue generation. There’s always an occasion where investing further is not going to generate expected revenue. Similarly, dormant players can be sold before depreciation rate worsens.

Bank on More Star Players!

Purchasing new equipment to restock is an ongoing activity for busy stores. Don’t go by verbal demand and supply shortages. Optimize use and restock only when necessary. Besides, constant software monitoring generates a renting pattern to view customer preferences and predict demand. For example, identifying equipment, which go together, enables prior stocking. Customers may not compromise and give your incomplete deal a miss. Equipment Rental Management Software provides the opportunity to grow business with seasonal surges.


Sports equipment rental system automates your business to maximum efficiency. Daily routines and administration tasks become fun and simple. Profits flow in because software handles the intricacies of boring logistics and even more boring logic. No frustrations over tracking and juggling inventory in your mind. A to the point business strategy increases customer reach and satisfaction for repeat and recommended business. Compete with others in the recreational industry with pleasure and confidence!

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How to get a good Paintball Gun



As a paintball enthusiast, you know how this sport or the game can be a lot of fun. It’s a modern tag game and it offers a lot of excitement and that adrenaline rush for you to be thirsty. In addition, in this game, you get to shoot someone like in action movies only without actually killing them. The great thing about paintball is a competitive atmosphere. If still getting hit or “killed” then you may want to know how to become good at the game and really beat your friends the next time you play.

First of all, you might want to know how to start paintball.

The first paintball guns were actually developed in the 1970s when it was used in forestry and agriculture. Foresters used paintball guns to mark certain trees for planning trails or for research. In agriculture, farmers mainly used paintball guns to mark livestock and other livestock.

At some point in time, it happened for foresters or farmers to fire guns at each other. The rest of the paintball is the story. However, it was really in the 80s, when a group of weekend warriors got a hold of the paintball guns and decided to play a grander version of catching the flag.

Paintball is a sport to play. It can be played in many places, and it can also be played with friends or in groups. Paintball has a lot of variation when it comes to playing. However, remember that you should not try to get hit and that many others that you can hit. It seems really simple, but it’s not really that simple that you can think of. There are some strategies and tips you need to know in order to avoid being hit or even being seen at all and at the same time hitting as many players as you can.

The first round is the foxhole thing. Experienced players will dig small holes in the ground to become invisible and avoid being in the line of fire for the opponent. It must be remembered that the less you expose your body, the less chance you will likely be hit. The foxhole strategy only works when other players do not know where it is.

If you know where the foxhole where your opponent is hiding in, you can try to sneak around the foxhole to get a clear picture down so your opponent hides in the hole. If you do not know where the foxhole your enemy is hiding in, then they will have a big advantage over you. They just have to get out of their heads and paintball guns, shoot their opponent and hide again.


A paint weapon is also an advantageous tool that you should have in your arsenal of paintball. This is perfect for hitting 3 to 4 people at a time, but you must remember that you will want to practice getting close enough on your opponent without being detected so you can toss the weapon home. Also, try to practice your goal by throwing the grenade. A well-placed weapon is very effective at eliminating more than 2 opponents at a time and is also very effective for a defensive strategy.


Cleaning the paintball gun is very important. You must keep your paintball gun clean, especially inside the barrel. This will prevent misfires and you will have a more specific goal.

These are some of the many tips you need to know about paintball. Remember that with practice, you will be able to perfect these techniques and have the advantage over your opponents in paintball.


Anthony Maldonado has over Thirty (30) years of experience in the field of hunting, sports and self-defense related fields. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and DIY. He is an expert in the area of DIY. He is presently working at his

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Preparations and Choosing a sailboat for family cruising



Choosing the perfect type of boat for traveling is so confusing. Whether you want to buy a boat for traveling or want to take the boat for rent. you must know what type of boat is right for your trip.

You can’t just pick any boat to travel because the boat selection depends on the type of trip you want to go.  So, as a part of boating trips when we think about sea traveling, a sailboat is the best choice for many sailors. It has some extra advantages for sea travel.

So, if you want to travel by sailboat in the sea. You must consider some factors for choosing the perfect sailboat. Because when you want to cruise the sea you should pay extra attention to the safe boating. Besides choosing the sailboat for cursing, you also have to consider some sailing manners. These are so important to enjoy the trip. So, to choose a sailboat and the way you should prepare for sailing, you should follow the tips I am writing for you below.

Choose the perfect type of sailboat for cruising:

Sailboats come in different sizes and shapes. Every sailboat has its different purpose of uses. So, you have to choose your sailboat according to your needs. Normally for cruising sailors prefer two types of sailboats. These are Sloop and Ketch. Sloop sailboats are designed with two sails and one mast.  The sails of the sloop are larger than the sails of the ketch. So, if you buy a sloop then it will require more strength to control and maintain.

Sloop sailboats come in different sizes from 10 feet to 100 feet. The size generally depends on the number of sailors on the sloop. You can also use a sloop for racing purpose as it is faster than any other cruising boats. While sloop has two large sails that requires more strength to control, Ketches have three small sails. The mast of the ketches in the rear side that is for controlling the boat. Ketches sailboats are not faster like the sloops. So, if you don’t want to cruise faster ketch is the perfect choice for you.

These two sailboats only propel using the power of the wind. But If you have enough budget to buy an electric sailboat that would be a good choice also. You can also add a trolling motor mounting the rear side of the sailboat that will reduce the cost of choosing an electric sailboat. But for choosing a trolling motor for your sailboat, you have to consider other factors. like trolling motor battery, thrust power, length of the shaft. The advantage of using a motorized sailboat is that you can also propel the boat while there is not enough wind to propel the boat.

So, for cruising with your family, you must consider the safest way for sailing the sailboat.  As sloops are faster so you should choose a ketch for family cruising. The accommodation capacity on the boat is so important while choosing a sailboat for family cruising. If you want to spend the night on the sailboat you must go for a ketch. Because ketch has some onboard rooms to sleep and taking rest.

How to prepare the sailboat:

When you plan for cursing you should pay attention to prepare your boat less than preparing yourself. We all know why safety is so much important for us. So before sailing the boat check all the components of the boat whether they are in their best condition. Don’t expect to have the best performance from the sailboat if you have chosen a used one. But for choosing a used sailboat, you must scrutinize the hull condition. whether the sails are usable or not, the engine if you are sailing on an electric sailboat.

After checking the boat condition if you get any problem fixed this if you own a boat. But if you want to rent a boat then you just need to choose a better one from the sailboat rental service.

Prepare yourself for cruising on the sailboat:

When you are satisfied with the preparation and condition of the sailboat now prepare yourself for cruising. Take all the necessary gears to enjoy the trip. Normally for cruising you should not take a heavy suitcase. Take your cruising staffs in one backpack.

People usually like to cruise in the summer that is the best season for cruising. As we all know the summer dress code so wear the light color and cotton clothes to enjoy the onboard sight. You should also use the sunscreen cream to avoid the sunburn. Also, take swimming costume if you want to swim. If any of your family members don’t know how to swim then take a life jacket for him or her. I recommend taking lifejacket for all the onboard cruisers. Because we don’t know the what is waiting for us in the sea.

One of the most important thing for cruising in the sea is knowing the weather forecast. You should take all the preparation when you know the weather is with you. But sometimes when we go for cursing we see the weather condition is fine but we have to face the unexpected situation on the sea. So, in this type of situations, wear the life jacket and inform the marine coast using a two-way radio.

It is better to inform the marina about your sailing date, so they can track you when they see any upcoming problems. For safe returning, you should also use a GPS machines that will show you the returning way. You can also see your current location using a GPS tracker machine. If you don’t want to use a GPS tracker machine use a marine map if you know how to read the map. Otherwise, GPS machine is a must for you. SO, these are the checklist for choosing a sailboat for cruising and preparations to be taken for cruising in the sea. Also, take enough food and water to stay hydrated. Though we give less on concern for safety while cruising the sea. But safety comes first to enjoy another boating trips. So, consider these cruising factors to enjoy the boating season.

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