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‘Disgruntled’ Boy Trolls Teacher With Genius Holiday Assignment Answers



Pretty much all kids would agree that holiday homework totally sucks.

So one 7-year-old boy in Bangkok, Thailand, was likely speaking for children around the world with these brilliant replies to an assignment he was told to complete over a three-week break.

Angus let his teacher know exactly how he felt about having to study over the holidays by turning a request to create 10 sentences from a list of words into an amusing rant.

Lisa Vale shared her son’s efforts online Friday:

“[Angus] came up with the idea himself as he was a bit disgruntled about having to do any homework during the winter break,” Vale told HuffPost on Saturday.

She said Angus repeatedly put off finishing the assignment and was “in a foul mood” when finally starting it.

“But as I was cleaning up ’round the house, I heard him giggle more and more until by the end of it he was in hysterics and proudly exclaimed, ‘Done!’” she said.

Vale couldn’t help but laugh at the outcome, she added.

Angus’ teacher at the St. Andrews International School has not yet seen the fruits of his labor, as class resumes Monday.

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