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How much is the fee for spouse sponsorship?



Spouse sponsorship is also referred to as a Spouse visa or UK marriage visa. This visa allows you to enter the UK as a foreign nation and live and work there. You may apply for this visa as a partner, wife, husband, or fiancé if your partner is a British citizen. This visa allows you to live in the UK for up to 2.5 years. You can extend your stay to a further 2.5 years. This visa could become your first step towards long residency and later British citizenship.

Prerequisites to apply for spouse visa

  1. You must be 18 years or above.
  2. Either of the partner/spouses is a British citizen or has UK settled status.
  3. The partner/spouse is already living and working in the UK before 01 January 2021 if they are from Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or EU nationals.
  4. They have refugee status in the UK.
  5. The individuals are already married and living together or are in a civil partnership for at least 2 years. When you apply, the partners must enter into the civil partnership within 6 months of coming to the UK.
  6. The partners should sustain themselves in the UK financially without seeking public funds.
  7. The partners must also meet minimum financial requirements to stay in the UK.
  8. The annual income should be at least £18,600.

The cost of spouse sponsorship

  1. If the partner/spouse are applying from within the UK, then they are asked to pay £1033
  2. The visa seeker also needs to pay £19.20 for biometrics.
  3. If the partners are applying from outside the UK, the fee is slightly higher. They must pay £1523.
  4. When your visa is granted outside the UK for 33 months, the total surcharge would be £1,872.
  5. The total surcharge for a spouse visa for 2.5 years would be £1560 for leave to remain.
  6. Besides, an Immigration Health Surcharge, which is £624 per year, has to be paid. It is charged as £312 for every 6 months.

Application process involved

The application process is online. You may need to enrol at a visa appointment centre for your biometrics, including photographs and fingerprints.

Besides, there are additional documents required for you to upload in the application process.

The second step could be time-consuming. You can take the support of a UK immigration lawyer who has expertise in spouse visa applications and can handle your case with care and compassion.

Checklist of supporting documents

Officials at UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) may ask you to submit the following documents

  1. Bank statements
  2. Employment income documents, if applicable
  3. Marriage or civil partnership certificate.
  4. Details of any children accompanying to the UK
  5. Current passport or other travel documents.
  6. Your sponsor’s British passport or Indefinite Leave to remain document.
  7. Divorce certificate for any previous marriages, if applicable.
  8. Details of your stay in the UK.
  9. Your National Insurance number
  10. Details of any criminal record, if applicable.

Other mandatory requirements

Visa seekers must fulfil the English proficiency requirements in both speaking and listening. At first, you are required to pass the CEFR level A1 test for speaking ad listening.

While initiating extension after 2.5 years, you must pass the CEFR level A2 test, which is one step difficult than beginner A1 level.

If you intend to apply for settlement, you must pass CEFR level B2 proficiency in the English language.

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Is it easy to get citizenship in the UK?



The growing infrastructure and economic stability of the United Kingdom has attracted many foreign nationals to come to the UK and gain settlement.

The British government is quite strict and demands the aptitude of your documentation when you apply for UK citizenship.

Let us look at how you could get a UK citizenship.

Ways to get a British passport

As a foreign national if you have lived in the UK for 5 or more years, on a Indefinite Leave to Remain or gained Permanent resident status then your best way forward to gain a UK citizenship is through the process of Naturalisation UK.

Other ways to consider for you application could be

  1. Seeking UK citizenship by birth

If your date of birth is 01.01.1983 or after, then either of your parents at the time of your birth must be a UK resident or citizen.

If you are born before the aforementioned date of 01.01.1983 then you gain UK citizenship by birth and can apply for a British passport.

  1. Seeking Citizenship through descent

Citizenship by descent means that you have either been born outside the UK to your parents who are British citizens or you have registered yourself as a UK citizen.

It is not an automated process to become a citizen by descent. One needs to register beforehand.

  1. UK citizenship as a Refugee

If you are a Refugee or a stateless person, you must apply through the process of Naturalisation UK to gain British citizenship. Additionally you must meet all eligibility criteria, be of a good character, no criminal offense in your name.

  1. UK citizenship by Tier 1 Investor visa

Investment has unlocked new opportunities for you to become a UK citizen. You must have access to a minimum of  £2,000,000 to invest in the UK economy throughout your Permanent residency period. PR can be secured by investing in an actively trading UK firm with genuine establishment. Additionally, you must also have cleared the Life in the UK test, hold English language proficiency.

  1. UK citizenship through Dual nationality

Another way to enter the UK and secure UK citizenship is through the Dual citizenship process. You will not be required to give up your first citizenship and gain access to the UK citizenship.

However, it doesn’t sound so simple, your home country must allow you to get dual citizenship with the UK and you fulfill all the requirements for Naturalisation UK.

Basic requirements to be counted

You must bear a good character and be of sound mind. You must have successfully completed Life in the UK test, you hold a current English Language proficiency certificate. Your age should be minimum 18 years or above that. You also hold a valid indefinite Leave to remain status in the UK. You abide by the 90 days rule which means you have not stayed away from the UK borders for more than 90 days in the last 12 months of the active ILR period.

How can you make a successful application?

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements and have all supporting documents, you can begin your application by visiting the government website and completing the process.

You must additionally complete the payment of £1,330 and £19.20 for the Biometrics enrolment process.

The form chosen must be MN1 for children and AN for adults.

You must also seek support from expert immigration lawyers who could guide you through the process.

A Y & J Solicitors have a proven track record of getting successful visa applications for their clients.

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