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Rezvani Tank Review – Things You Need to Know About Rezvani Tank



Rezvani is a relatively new Californian motor vehicle producing company on the map as it started in 2014. But since the inauguration of the company, it has not looked back.

After the great success of supercars such as beast and Alpha Beast and others, Rezvani geared up to release its Tank. Yes, you read it right.

It is basically a Jeep Wrangler but with great modification regarding looks. The latest addition in the armored vehicles lives up to the aggressive appearance. It has a buff body, heavy wheels, and powerful V-8.

Main features:

  • It has LIR thermal imaging.
  • It has standard night vision.
  • Head up display for the driver.
  • Ballistic armor which is optional adding to the features of this tank.

Under the hood:

The 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine makes around 500 horsepower which is more than the previous 285-horsepower V-6 it replaced. The 6.4-liter normally makes 485 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 475 pound-feet of torque at 4,200 rpm.

It provides the unmatchable strength to the vehicle making it an excellent choice among the armored vehicle.

Car’s Insides:


The inside of the tank is nothing less than the outside. The big addition is the rear end suicide doors. They open in the opposite way than the Jeep Wrangler, but they are power operated.

There is an upgrade infotainment system ingrate in the dashboard with a widescreen. The seat covers are all made out of leather, giving it a more army look.

There is a space of almost 5 people inside. The second row can easily be folded flat if more space is required for the cargo. Otherwise, enough space for 5 people to sit comfortably. It has a fully operating system regarding the 4WD.

Outside body:

The outside body is just as impressive as the inside. The front x shaped grill and has sunken into the body headlights. The tank’s rear end has an impressive sloping roofline with glass lift-up tailgate. Its taillights are LED.

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  • Rezvani Tank price: $178,000
  • Year: 2018
  • Make: Rezvani
  • Model: Tank
  • Engine: V8
  • Horsepower @ RPM: 500
  • Displacement: 6.4 L
  • Car segment: Off-road
  • Size: Compact
  • Purpose: Off-Roader
  • Body style: SUV


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Wardrobe Basics for Great Style



Great style really evolves from great basics, without the proper building blocks, your outfits aren’t going very far. We all know the frustration that hits when you’re faced with a wardrobe full of clothes, with absolutely nothing to wear. How is it possible? Because you don’t have the right basics to work with! Once you’ve grabbed yourself a few classic pieces, you’ll find that you’re never left with nothing to wear again. What are these elusive, life-saving items, you ask? Read on to find out…

A perfect pair of jeans

Yes, the perfect pair of jeans is tricky to find – but not impossible, promise! The key is to have a direction whilst you’re trying on, that way you’re not going to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. Try and stick to slightly relaxed fit straight leg cuts that either taper slightly or kick out at the ankle. Next, wash, you’ll want to stick to either a mid-wash or dark-wash for maximum wearability (light wash is a little 2002). Finally, the waist, a mid-rise or high-waist style is usually the most comfortable and flattering. If you’re really having a tough time of it, you can always buy a style that you love and recruit a tailor to make them fit like a glove.

Straight fit, lightweight chinos

These are always going to come in handy, whether you’re heading to the office, on a night out or you’re just doing your chores, a straight fit pair of chinos will be your friend. Stick to a lightweight twill cotton in black to keep your chinos appropriate for every occasion. A mid-rise style that seams just above your ankle will work best.

Crew neck tee-shirts

White, black and grey crew neck tee-shirts can come with you everywhere. Layer under suits, camis and slip dresses or wear alone with jeans, chinos, mini, midi and maxi skirts. Look for high-quality, thick cotton in a slightly oversized style. Wide sleeves will bring a touch of 90s cool to this classic cut.

A block colour turtleneck

A turtleneck is a cold-weather and eveningwear essential. Choose a close-fitting style in cotton (for warmer climates) or cashmere (for colder). The colour is absolutely up to you, black is a classic, but cream, white, grey, pink or yellow are all beautiful options to consider.

A-line leather skirt

No wardrobe is complete without a little leather (or pleather) in there somewhere! A leather skirt is a great addition, it works for office hours, evening wear and weekends. The A-line cut is the most universally flattering, it cinches in your waist and falls in a flattering shape. Whether you’re more of midi or mini kind of dresser is up to you! Wear with tees, button-ups and jumpers, all year round.

Cashmere jumper

We all need a cosy jumper, no matter where you live! Choose a soft cream or camel tone in a relaxed, crew neck fit. This can be paired with skirts, denim, statement pants and layered over your favourite slip dresses.

Oversized button-up

Everyone should have a loose fit white button-up shirt in their wardrobe. Wear with pants and pencil skirts to the office, skirts for evening out, shorts and denim for the weekend and even open over your swimmers at the beach.

Tailored blazer

A tailored blazer is that style staple that lots of people are reluctant to invest in at first, but once you grab one you really won’t know how you lived without it. Look for an expertly tailored, wool-blend jacket in a grey herringbone or solid black to complete your closet.

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Being A Woman



It comes as a shock to a few men, if not every one of, that woman can complete a few things at any given moment. It even appears to disturb some of them that woman can watch a film and in the meantime, cook and clean, breadth and wipe, cut their nails and message, or complete maybe a couple such things. Basically, woman are great at multitasking. They are intended to work that way. They can be doing different things at once, regardless they figure out how to achieve those errands without struggling excessively.

Maybe, that is the reason woman are awesome homemakers. It is intrinsic in them. As meager young woman, they normally acquire the characteristics of a mother. They play kitchen, they cook, they make up their dolls and adore them like they were really coddles. They cherish delicate. They show protective love at such a youthful age. They effectively get things. They are capable and they may not really jump at the chance to work but rather they do, on the grounds that they mind a great deal excessively.

woman have testing existences. Particularly in this vocation driven age-where woman are left with more things to manage, than any time in recent memory. While at the same time they have their own vocations to deal with, woman still keep on working indefatigably behind the scene. Despite everything they run their homes paying little respect to whether they are single or wedded. They do endless things that men may, or won’t not see except if they are away for multi day or two. They keep on cooking, clean, wash… keeping things all together, doing little things like gathering the dishes something one won’t not check except if it’s not done.

Ageing – What Does It Mean To You?

Discuss wedded woman, and their hands are actually full. One youngster is sufficient to involve you every minute of every day and you consider how a few guardians really figure out how to raise in excess of one not too bad child. Genuine, men assume a similarly essential part in child rearing, yet by one means or another, woman dependably wind up conveying the greater load. I have pondered in wonder how my functioning mother figured out how to raise seven of us, with father constantly posted somewhere else when we were growing up. It must take some uncommon sort of adoration to have the capacity to accomplish something to that effect.

Today, I glance around and perceive how circumstances are different. The extent of a family is a considerable measure littler yet at that point, most woman are seeking after testing professions, as well. Trust me, it’s an extravagance for a lady to get back home, and find that everything is all together. A few of us can’t recollect the last time we got back home and just approached doing our own particular thing. Since there are families you have to take care of. There are things you have to set up. Also, these are things you do once a day paying little mind to whether you had a simple or a long, mean one.

That is the reason I say woman have a place with a stunning, astounding species! Perhaps God gives us additional elegance, quality and fearlessness to do every one of the things we have to do. Indeed, we multitask and men may abhor that, yet in the event that it weren’t for multitasking, a considerable measure of things would be strange, particularly at home.

Love, they say drives the world as we know it. Be that as it may, assuredly, it’s woman who improve the world a place to live in.

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Renault Kwid Review



French carmakers really turned the tables by launching the Kwid hatchback back in 2015 and it was game-changing. The pièce de resistance of the automobile was its flamboyant SUV-like composition, dolled up styling and its segment first features gained it instant popularity and made it a hit. This even managed to fetch Renault appreciation that marked the monthly sales of the company at an all-time high for the following year. Even though it was a smash, it started to lose its charm within no time, which urged the carmakers to bring about certain updates in the car itself and new variants of the same model were rolled out in hopes that it would attain the same position which Kwid had when it first launched, but, unfortunately none of these tactics worked out. Nor was the Renault Kwid price too compelling. This eventually led to a drastic decline in sales and the manufacturers had to come up with a new strategy. Finally, after 3 years, Renault decided to take a huge step which is entirely a game changer. They have introduced a much needed and awaited update to the model.

Changes and upgrades

Although the appearance at first glance does not suggest any major changes, if you look closely, you can point out some of the cosmetic changes that the company looked into. Kwid now has an updated razor edge chrome grille. This is one of the most evident and easily notable mien changes. The halogen headlamps, the bumpers, and the fog lamps remain untouched. Renault has dumped the chequered flag decals to give the car a sleek look by giving it a new ‘speed sport’ graphics on both sides of the car which makes it look subtle and is a bold decision to finally do away with the original graphic which represented the 1-liter engine. Moving forward, the outside rearview mirror and twin-3 spoke wheel cover has a silver finish which provides a slight contrast of hues. A moonlight silver color option is now open for grabs. The rear still remains unchanged except it now offers a rear-view camera which has a 7-inch touchscreen display. However, the interior is just the same with slight changes and updates that include new upholstery and a 12 Volt charging socket. For the passengers in the back seat, Renault went one step ahead and added pretensioners and load limiters in the seat belts. Now moving forward to the engine, everything under the hood is just the same as before, but with a twist, which is the traffic assist function.


The power behind the vehicle

Speaking of the engine, let’s get to the performance of this new model. There isn’t much to compare since the lines between the new and the previous model on performance are slightly blurred. In conclusion, if we compare the two models, the new Renault model is definitely better than the original one. It is certainly the best looking model with numerous first-in-class features, and to add a cherry on top, the prices remain unchanged. These new updates arguably put Kwid at par and should be considered if you’re keeping an eye out for suitable cars. The Renault Kwid price has been on a relative low, so it really is a bang for the buck at current value.

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