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Sirio Berati, Albanian’s well known Visual Artist



Sirio Berati – visual artist

Making a difference is always hard, esspacially when change in itself is not something embraced by the society. However, this is not the case of Sirio, an Albanian visual artist, living currently in Montreal, Canada. He is striving each day to bring something different and unique to his fellow Albanians, a grain of conceptual art, and as it can be noticed, he is doing it the best way one can do.

Sirio Berati is a emerging visual/digital artist whose art is mainly foucsed on identity, class and culture but not limited to. Sirio is known for his coceptual photoshop manipulations, which makes him unique in his kind. He calls himself a visual artist as he has been exploring many areas of art and variety of themes.

“Visual art to me is the representation of the state of my mind. It’s my way of expressing my introvert self,” Sirio says. Sirio translates feeling, emotion and perception into a medium others can perceive, however the narrative behind his work seems to be complex and subliminal, almost blue and dark. Currently, his work is focused on portrait photography. Not only he does manipulations, but as well Sirio is recently experimenting with motion graphics, animating his pictures to bring them to life. Sirio brings to life images and reinforces their narrative behind by adding visual and audio effects, combining them in this way to create a unique effect. Berati continues his creative work today and aims improve every day.

Sirio Berati overall approaches dimension of the photography. Listed in “Vogue” and “IMDb”, he shows that these achievements are all the results of a constant work, dedication and passion. As well, Sirio’s works have been multiple times featured on Vogue Italia, The Mcgill Tribune and at Ambigu, a visual gallery in Montreal Canada.

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Pacman 30th Anniversary celebration with Google Doodle.



Several video games are presented each day worldwide of video gaming, yet some different video games not only delight individuals but also rule their hearts for a very long time. One such game is Pacman. The standard variation of the video game was introduced on 30 July 1997. The Special-interest group man has been recognized as among the most famous and successful video games. Pacman has come a long way and also distinctly celebrating Pacman’s 30th Anniversary. In this write-up, you can not just review Pacman’s 30th Wedding anniversary; likewise, enjoy playing this video game online.

Pacman 30th Anniversary gift for all gamers

In this reasonable period, the video game has made it through various upgrades and redesigns and has ruled the hearts of individuals for the past three decades. It has successfully damaged the limit of age and sex as individuals of any age can play this game. It is easy to understand and also includes absolutely no physical violence things. The bright side for the followers of Pacman is that the distinct, upgraded, and exciting remake of the video game is on its means and will undoubtedly be soon available as a cost-free upgrade to all players.

Distinct functions and Pacman 30th Anniversary event

Pacman is the first computer game to include a graphical user interface. Also, after finishing remarkable three decades in the pc gaming world, Pacman is the best-selling gallery game with greater than 30M+ copies internationally marketed. The tremendous success rate of this game motivated developers as well as today, it is offered in hundreds of languages and has dedicated followers adhering.

To celebrate Pacman’s 30th wedding anniversary, developers have introduced the particular variation of the game Pacman Champion Edition 2. The wedding anniversary variation of the game can just be located online, and features added fun to order the customer’s attention. It has new features such as brand-new Pacman skin, extra bonus stuff, and new degrees to be played.

Exactly how the video game functions

Look into how the video game functions explicitly if you plan to play Pacman doodle it on its 30th Wedding anniversary.

The objective is to eat up all 240 dots appearing while using Pacman’s character. The player can control the direction of Panman, which is in movement. The 4 ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde act as a barrier and chase you throughout the level with their one-of-a-kind assault methods.

The Pacman ghosts

Blinky– Blinky complies with Pacman’s character throughout the level. The speed of Blinky’s personality becomes even quicker when the gamer has eaten up many dots.

Pinky– She doesn’t straightforwardly comply with Pac-Man’s personality. Pinky’s technique is to walk around the nearest wall surfaces to capture the Pacman and take him out, surprisingly.

Inky– Out of all 4 ghosts, inky is an ace in the hole. His approach is a mix of other phantoms so that he can be extremely treacherous.

Clyde– Clyde’s technique is to leave the box and head to Pac-Man; however, they alter directions quickly after for a “scatter” phase. Be extra careful with Clyde if you move Pacman’s character to the reduced part of the maze.

Play Pacman doodle on Pacman 30th Anniversary in your Google internet browser.

The Pacman ghosts

To mark this game’s success and celebrate Pacman’s 30th Anniversary, Google has built a special Pacman doodle available online and can be played from the google homepage.

Open up the Chrome browser.

Key in Pacman on your search bar, and you will undoubtedly see the google Pacman doodle.

Click on play, and you will be guided to the new game at the beginner’s degree.

The unique feature of this Google Pacman doodle is that it is never provided in the original video game variation. To play Pacman doodle on a desktop computer, use arrow tricks to regulate the character, and mobile users can utilize swipe gestures.

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