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Top 5 Logo Design Trends That You Must Look Out in 2021



The logo has a significant importance when it comes to success in business. It plays a crucial role in many ways. Specifically, when it comes to creating identity in the market and advertisement of products and services of the brand.

In order to uniquely recognize in the market, a creative and extraordinary professional logo design is a must. For that you can take the help of the logo design company, the designers of it have great knowledge about what suits your brand. A logo relevant to the business has its own importance in capturing the attention of the people.

No matter, you’re running an online or offline business, brand identity is always essential. That’s why companies are investing a remarkable amount of money into it.

The Design industry is something which keeps changing, you need to be very active to present the latest coming to your clients. Your logo design must reflect the latest trends along with creativity. Therefore, let’s dive into some of the crucial design trends which designers must know.

#1. Gradient

You may see the popular gradient trend in many of the latest designs. It gives your logo an appealing look.

It’s the best way to include more than one color in the single logo. If you’re the person who likes to play with the various combination of colors in the logo, then this can be the best way to showcase your creativity. However, it’s really necessary to understand whether it’s suitable for the design or not. Otherwise, it can ruin the whole design.

Moreover, this can be a perfect solution if you want to use your professional logo design to use in the digital screens, for the paper it won’t give aesthetic look comparatively.

#2. Logo with a thin line

Another design trend that you can follow to craft alluring logo design for your brand. It can be the best option if you want your logo to be used in the computer screens because thin lines are much easier to view on screens.

Universe and astronomy thin line vector icons and logos set. Shuttle and astronomy label, technology astronomy logo, sputnik astronomy logotype illustration

This approach of design is versatile and gives a long-lasting impression. If you want to reflect the simplicity in the design then this can be the most effective way you can look for.

#3. Motion graphics

Great logo design trends that keep your audience engaged. It’s a human propensity that we can easily remember the moving objects rather than the steady one.

In recent years, we have seen a lot of animated logos and able to grab the attention of people. You can easily convey the important message through it effectively, it can be a brand’s goal, background, area of working. Specifically, when it’s used in digital media it can be proven to be the most successful marketing asset as well.

#4. Multi-layered logo

The name itself tells us what type of design it could be. Logos are going deeper than ever before. You can use the single design on top of others and makes a layer of it. Layers can be circle, rectangle, oval, and any others. Therefore, with the help of a single object, you can make an appealing logo by cleverly using it.

#5. Simplicity

The simple design never goes off trend. It’s always a great choice to be followed in order to reflect the professionalism of the brand. Attractiveness has nothing to do with the complexity, even the simple and nicely designed logo is sufficient enough to capture the attention of the people.


Therefore, it’s true that following the trend is the only option which we can have to reach the maximum people. The designer must be very much sure about what suits the brand most along with not avoiding the trends. The above-mentioned points help you to understand the design trends.

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Antique silverware: Its Background and Value.



Nowadays, the term “silverware” refers to a wide range of items, including jewelry, antique silver tea caddies, flatware, silver handled baskets, porringers, coins, and silver medals or trophies, among many others. However, times have changed dramatically since the Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian periods, when antique silverware was used on a daily basis primarily by the wealthy or royalty.

Silverware was made as early as the 12th century, and cutlery and flatware became extremely popular and fashionable only a short time later. The antique silverware items that have survived to this day were made from the same grade of silver used in coinage.

Many ordinary people outside of the nobility amassed vast personal fortunes very quickly during the Industrial Revolution, and the upper middle class emerged. Beginning in the 1840s, these “new money” people invested heavily in silverware in order to flaunt their wealth. People stopped eating with their fingers in the Victorian era and began using knives and forks, which were naturally made of silver for the newly wealthy. During this time, English flatware silversmiths found themselves extremely busy serving both the European and American markets.

Just as we collect labor-saving devices today, the upper middle classes collected sterling silver utensils as symbols of wealth but also for everyday use. Silver tea services, tea caddies, coffee pots, fruit baskets, sugar bowls, milk jugs, and countless other pieces of flatware and cutlery could be found throughout Victorian homes.

As can be seen in large antique silver collections, the Victorian period saw silver at its peak, but there was a remarkable decline at the start of WWII, not least due to a lack of technology in machinery to make the items. Historically, all sterling silverware was handcrafted and stamped by machine. During the Great Depression, labor costs were higher, and even wealthy households began to feel the pinch. They used fewer servants, didn’t host as many large dinner parties, and silver maintenance was a major task. Hand polishing sterling silver took time, especially on ornate and intricately designed pieces. Hence Flatware gained popularity because it was much easier to polish and maintain.

Silver’s value fluctuates as a precious metal, but for antique silver collectors, finding perfectly preserved Georgian, Edwardian, and Victorian silverware in perfect condition is a joy. Drinking from a silver goblet and using silver knives, forks, and spoons at a dinner party feels decadent. Serving coffee from a sterling silver coffee pot that has been in use for well over a century puts some of our porcelain and china counterparts to shame.

Antique silverware will always be valuable as an investment, and even if the price of silver falls, you can be certain that it will rise again in the future. Unfortunately, the demand for silver exceeds the supply, and some of the exquisite silver pieces that can occasionally be found in antique markets or hidden away in the attic are sold for scrap and melted down, a process that simply destroys the work of England’s great silversmiths as well as a piece of our history.

Bernard Warner has amassed an impressive collection of antique silver over the course of many years, becoming a renowned collector of Georgian silver from the reigns of George I, George II, and George III. Part of his vast collection, including pieces from the Queen Anne, William IV, Victorian, and Edwardian eras, is now for sale. Some pieces date from 1711.

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