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How to Make It to Bollywood? Find Out What Anushka Sharma Has to Say



In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Anushka Sharma tells you how to get into the movies and pursue your dream Bollywood career. We all know that Anushka Sharma has established herself as a seasoned actor over the years ever since her debut in 2008 in the filmRab Ne Bana Di Jodi that earned her the prestigious Filmfare Award nomination. In 2014, Anushka established her own film production & distribution company that is based in Mumbai producing and distributing only Hindi films. As per, however, Anushka’s production house called Clean Slate Films is all set to produce a web series for the first time. Let us see what tips Anushka has offered to the budding actors so that they could easily make it to their dream world: The Bollywood.

Anushka’s Top Advice: Do Not Lose Heart and Go on Auditioning

Anushka said that she did not have to do a lot of auditioning and has been lucky that way. However, she did reveal that she was auditioned for 3 Idiots but was rejected for the role. Anushka was not very much attached to movies and was not very passionate about pursuing movies at the time so she was not very much affected by the rejection.  She was initially, not too sure about which career to choose and had no specific direction to head to so she was keeping her options open. She says that she did two or maybe three auditions for a couple of films including ‘Luck by Chance’.

Anushka Advises Not to Get Bogged Down by Rejection

In one of her Bollywood interviews with Anupama Chopra, she tells the youngsters not to lose heart when faced with rejection because she has now realized that it is extremely important to face rejection if you wish to make it big in this world of glitterati. She personally feels that just because she was rejected for the film auditions and the ad campaigns, she could grasp the golden opportunity to work with Aditya Chopra as he would not have considered her for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi if she was a known face. He had insisted on casting a fresh new girl whom the world had never seen on screen.

Be Extra Vigilant about Your Breathing

Anushka Sharma believes that breathing is the most critical part of acting. It would help you to emote the way you are asked to by your director. In order to depict your nervousness, you need to breathe heavily in order to initiate the palpitations so that your body starts reacting. She advises to the budding actors that to be a good actor you must not only modulate your voice, but you need to keep modulating your breathing for delivering a particular scene.

Don’t Be Too Desperate

After a string of rejections in auditions and ads, Anushka said that she was past caring when she was called for the audition of her debut film. When she went for the audition to the Yash Raj Studios, she was stopped at the gate and told that her name was not there on the list, she simply walked away. The assistant director of the film Maneesh Sharma called her up and asked her to come for the audition. So she returned and you all know how things worked beautifully for her. Ever since her debut in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, she has never looked back!


Anushka firmly believes that she bagged the role because she was not at all desperate to grab the film. When you are not too desperate, you can think coolly and add a new dimension to your performance and that really should help you in the long run.

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Crystal Please has a TikTok girlfriend in Florida, The Cheating Allegations.



The “Martin & Gina” rapper Polo G (Taurus Trimani Bartlett) and his baby mama Crystal Please are in the news lately. According to @official_teetime, Crystal had at least one affair while Polo G was away. What is the truth? Are Polo G and Crystal gone?

What happened to Polo G’s girlfriend, Crystal Please?

In July 2021, rumors of cheating began to surface, just a few weeks after Polo G released his latest studio album, “Hall of Fame.”

Many believe that Crystal, who has a 2-year-old son named Tremani with Polo G, had an affair in the past with Polo G’s best friend. One story version claims that Crystal fell in love with a gay man. According to another version, Crystal began spending time with the mysterious man some time ago.

Others believe Crystal cheated on Polo G with a friend and a woman. @1more_4thegain, an Instagram user, claimed that Crystal had a TikTok girl in Florida.

Crystal is a prolific Twitter user and has used the platform several times over the last few days to share information about her personal life.

Crystal tweeted on Jul 14, 2021: “The next time you see my post on this page, just remember I’m in Love.”

The tweet could be taken to indicate that Crystal is back on the dating scene.

Crystal tweeted, “Hey everyone, I like girls,” on July 10, 2021.

The tweet likely fueled the flames of cheating rumors. It also clarified Crystal’s sexual orientation.


The identity of Crystal’s lover or lovers is a source of great confusion.

Crystal took to Twitter on July 10, 2021, to address rumors of her affair with Alize, a friend.

“Alize was at mine, but on my boy, we weren’t talking or having sex. If we did, b—-h? What if I did? Crystal wrote, “This [is]] my coochie. Stop clocking it.” “The only reason I’m clearing her out right now is that she’s in an intimate relationship.”

We can probably rule out Alize.

Action Pack and Young Rob are also rumored to be Crystal’s lovers. It is believed that @official_teetime first claimed that Crystal had affairs with high-profile rappers.

After learning of the cheating allegations, Polo G’s followers flooded Twitter with support.

After learning of the supposed developments between Polo G and his baby mama, Polo G’s followers took to Twitter to share self-deprecating jokes.

@DScott1024_ tweeted, “Ain’t Nobody Safe.”

@BuyingProperty_ wrote: “He better have more than Polo G because, if she doesn’t, she downgraded.”

Are these allegations true? Partially true? Completely false? Only time will answer.

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