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Flying Drone Camera Phone 2023 The Biggest Camera in the World, with a Price and Release Date.



“Vivo Flying Camera Phone “Vivo Flying Camera Phone” is a new phone which is that the Vivo Company plans to release globally on the mobile marketplace as quickly as it is possible. The phone is now available in four colors: Mocha brown, Polished Blue, Black, and Pink Gold.

There has been a lot of information about the Vivo flagship phone anyone who loves Vivo mobile is looking forward to the exact date for the release of the Vivo Flying Drone Camera Phone. There is yet no official date for the release of this phone. On the 29th of August 2022, this Vivo Flying Drone Camera Phone is scheduled to be available for purchase; however, the date may change due to feature upgrades or operational problems.

Full specs of The Vivo The Flying Drone 5G Phone 2022

Let’s discuss display first. Vivo’s Drone Camera Phone, also known as the Flying Drone Camera Phone, is a new smartphone by Vivo. It has the 6.9 Super AMOLED Full-Touch Screen Display, which has been protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 7. Its Vivo Fly Drone Phone has a 1440×3200-pixel display which is an excellent feature for anyone who is a fan of the gadget. Within the presentation, the section was an “Always-on display,” which is an outstanding feature for anyone constantly in motion. A suitable sensor is essential to have a top-quality smartphone. The latest sensors are being used in Vivo’s forthcoming smartphone due to. This includes the barometer, compass, gyroscope, gyr acceleration sensor, proximity sensor, and fingerprint sensor (behind the display).


After a brief discussion about the Display and Display, we’ll now look at the “Camera,” another important aspect of this phone. The 16-megapixel Wide Sensor, a Front Camera that includes the Quad 200MP flying Drone Camera, 32 MP Ultra-Wide Lens, 16MP Wide Sensor, and a 5 MP Depth Sensor has been introduced to the camera area by Vivo to the newly revised camera area. For selfies, it comes with a 64 MP of camera. The camera has features in all cameras, including Zeiss optics and panoramas, LED flash, and HDR. It is now possible to select a photo or selfie with front-facing cameras.


The new Vivo Flying Camera Phone is powered by a non-removable, Li-Polymer 6900mAh battery. The battery’s impressive ratings prove the ability of this phone to function in high-voltage conditions. Additionally, it supports quick charging of 55W.

Samsung Flying Camera Phone 2023

According to the latest news reports, Samsung is expected to soon provide the latest technologies to their customers built on the drone-like flying device included in smartphones. Samsung has registered a patent for its latest technology. This could be a drone camera phone, and should they succeed in launching the device, Samsung will be the first smartphone to have a drone camera, per the patent notice from Samsung. Samsung has also announced that it’s working on smartphones with a drone integrated into them and will have cameras that can detach from the phone and fly just like an aircraft. It lets you take selfies from different angles.

Flying Camera Phone by Samsung

The average drone camera can be returned to its base stations using the phone’s flying camera. However, when it is removed and extended from this phone, the motor in the tray is more likely not to be powered. Therefore, the camera must be lowered entirely every time it is used, or the user needs to manage the drone by hand. If you want to purchase an advanced Samsung drone camera smartphone, you can do so from the local market. Before you do that, take a look at the release date and price and the features and specifications included in the Initial Flying Drone Camera idea phone.

Cameras and batteries on Samsung Drone Camera Phone. Samsung Drone Camera Phone

It is a Samsung drone camera phone powered by an unremovable lithium polymer 8100mAh battery. It can also charge wirelessly and rapid chargers for batteries (65W fast charger). This means that quickly flowers can be set. Once the phone is charged, it does not require a long-term charge. Let’s look at what makes the Samsung drone phone attractive. For a camera, it comes with a quad 200 megapixel plus 32MP + 13MP plus 8 MP camera on the rear and the flashlight. Its front camera has a selfie camera with 108 MP to make videos.

This brand-new Samsung drone has four rotors with photos and messages and the ability to fly a camera. The drone helps the camera to pass through the air. It comes with a built-in battery that solely drives the drone’s flight. It also has a dual 200-megapixel camera and sensor. As per the patent, it offers a smooth flight thanks to infrared sensors and an eye-level view of the ground while taking stunning pictures. The Samsung gadget will come with an open tray. The smartphone will be able to control the camera that is flying.

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Twitter android qatarpereztechcrunch: A Deep Dive into The TechCrunch.



On February 25, 2023, TechCrunch published an article titled “Twitter Android app bug allowed researcher to match 17 million phone numbers to user accounts,” revealing that a security researcher named Qatar Perez had discovered a bug in Twitter’s Android app that allowed anyone to match phone numbers to user accounts on a massive scale. The article generated a lot of buzz and sparked a conversation about Twitter’s security practices and user privacy. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the TechCrunch article and examine the implications of the Twitter Android bug.

The TechCrunch article begins by describing Qatar Perez’s discovery of the bug in Twitter’s Android app. According to the article, Perez found that he could upload a large list of phone numbers and then use Twitter’s “Find Friends” feature to match those phone numbers to user accounts. The bug was caused by a flaw in Twitter’s Android app that allowed users to upload a large number of phone numbers without triggering any rate limits or other safeguards. As a result, Perez was able to match 17 million phone numbers to user accounts in just a few hours.

The article goes on to explain that this bug could have serious implications for user privacy. By matching phone numbers to user accounts, an attacker could potentially gather a lot of information about a user, including their full name, username, profile picture, and location. Furthermore, the bug could be used in conjunction with other social engineering techniques to gain access to a user’s account, such as by using the phone number to reset the account’s password.

The TechCrunch article also notes that Twitter has a history of security issues. In 2021, the social media giant suffered a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of millions of users. Twitter has also been criticized for its handling of abuse and harassment on its platform, with many users feeling that the company has not done enough to address these issues.

Following the publication of the TechCrunch article, Twitter released a statement acknowledging the bug and stating that it had been fixed. The statement also emphasized that there was no evidence of any malicious use of the bug and that the company was not aware of any unauthorized access to user data. However, some users have expressed concern about the company’s ability to detect and respond to security issues in a timely manner.

The Qatar Perez Twitter Android bug raises important questions about user privacy and security on social media platforms. While Twitter has taken steps to address the issue, it is clear that there is still work to be done to ensure that user data is protected from unauthorized access. In light of this incident, users may want to consider taking steps to protect their own privacy, such as using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication.


The Qatar Perez Twitter Android bug is a reminder that even large technology companies can still have security flaws that put user privacy at risk. The incident highlights the importance of ongoing efforts to improve cybersecurity practices and raise awareness about potential risks. While it is reassuring that Twitter has fixed the bug, users should remain vigilant and take steps to protect their own data. Ultimately, we all have a role to play in ensuring the security and privacy of our online information.

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