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The barbershop has changed considerably since the occasion of its first inception.



Once a host to personal grooming Barber Shop Hillcrest, along with a one-stop look for wellness needs and even surgical procedures, today’s barbershop can be a far cry from its medieval origins, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold a classic appeal of its own.

The modern barbershop has enjoyed a well-earned renaissance in recent years, with savvy trendsetters and vintage fans alike seizing on the barber shop’s genius mixture of Barber Shop Hillcrest practicality and old-world luxury. There is no mistaking that red, blue, and bright candy-cane indication outside, nor the relaxed chairs where centuries of guys cleared up and enjoyed a little pampering. And while no modern barbershop is complete without those time-honored elements, a fresh era is emerging in the barber’s trade.

Many of today’s barbershops blend rockabilly themes with the more traditional Edwardian values, while others pursue a unique vibe. Curios and medieval artwork are found in several shops, while others keep it strictly no-frills. Classic or leading-edge, the barbershops of today are designed to suit every gentleman’s fancy.

The barbershop has long served as a host to reprieve for the man seeking a little TLC and catch-up together with his buddies and neighbors. That belief is not lost, and the nouveau barbershop is where tradition persists–with a contemporary twist.

Develop a Logo For Your Barbershop

There’s no barbershop marketing with no logo. Logos are crucial for building trust and recognition. Good symbols have an influential symbolic association attached to people’s memory.

Just think of your preferred brands and attempt to visualize their logos. It works, right?

If you do not already have a brand, you’re probably wondering how you can get one. The simplest way should be to get one professionally designed, but that can be very expensive, and logos don’t have to be costly.

Emblem cost only $35, Twitter’s first emblem cost $15, and the first emblem was produced without paying a dime!

A cheaper way to acquire an emblem for the barbershop is Fever, a system wherever freelancers present their services..  a professional designer.

You can quickly produce a barbershop logo yourself, completely free. It’s super easy, and it will take less than 5 minutes. There are many tools on the market. However, not all of them enable you to download your logo in high res for free. You will need the high-resolution files for print.

I must say I wanted to provide you with the best barbershop marketing tips in this article, so I must say I dug around free of charge tools. That is how I came across Watchful by Shoplift, a free brand product that’s user-friendly and has contemporary brand designs. Have modern logo designs.

To produce your barbershop logo, begin and choose your organization category. For barbers, that’s the “Health and Elegance” category.

Next, select a cosmetic type for the logo. For a barbershop brand, the Striking, Strong, or Classic types truly really are a perfect fit.

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How the Kimberley Process Is Making A Difference in Global Diamond Trade



Unethical and unlawful practices have plagued the global diamond industry for many years. The Kimberley Process is a critical mechanism to help protect the integrity of the diamond supply chain and ensure that consumers worldwide can have confidence that the diamonds they purchase are conflict-free. By working together, governments, civil society, and the diamond industry have made a real difference in the global diamond trade. The Kimberley Process has provided a robust framework to prevent, detect, and combat the illegal trade of diamonds. This process has helped prevent the exploitation of diamond-rich countries and the funding of armed conflicts. The Kimberley Process has been instrumental in transforming the diamond trade and improving people’s lives in diamond-producing countries.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is a system for tracking and controlling the trade of rough diamonds to ensure that the lab grown diamonds are from non-conflict areas and are not financing violent armed groups. The KP has helped combat the illegal mining of conflict minerals. In 2017, the KP transitioned from an inspection and certification regime to a certification-only regime. Under the new system, countries that produce and export rough diamonds have agreed to implement a third-party audit system to ensure full compliance with the KP’s requirements.

Benefits and Challenges of the Kimberley Process

The KP has helped transform the global diamond industry. For example, it has helped improve the lives of people living in diamond-producing countries. Diamond producers have also been able to boost their economies and generate more revenue by participating in the KP. The KP has also made it easier for consumers to purchase diamonds. Since the implementation of the KP, it has become easier for people to be assured that the diamonds they purchase are conflict-free and that their purchases are helping to reduce poverty in diamond-producing countries. The KP has also helped transform business practices in the diamond industry. For example, the KP has helped spark innovation and growth in the diamond-testing industry. The KP has also helped spark innovation and growth in technologies that track diamonds from the mine to the retailer. Consumers can also use a smartphone app to trace diamonds to their source.

Impact of the Kimberley Process

The KP has had a major impact on the global diamond trade. For example, diamonds are now synonymous with ethical practices, and the KP is recognized as a robust mechanism that helps protect the integrity of the diamond supply chain. As a result, many retailers and manufacturers have adopted the KP standards and gained assurance that their diamonds are ethically sourced. Consumers can track diamonds’ sources using a smartphone app or handheld scanner. They can also be assured that their purchases are conflict-free and help people in diamond-producing countries. Their retailer’s assurance that the diamonds are KP-compliant helps with that.


The Kimberley Process is an international effort to fight the conflict diamond trade. The KP has helped protect the integrity of the diamond supply chain and ensure consumers can be confident in their purchases.

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