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These ’90s fashion trends are making a comeback in 2017

Let’s face it, In the 90s we did not have a sense of style, let alone being fashionistas. Our clothes were always our mother’s choice, and we would wear whatever she felt was cool and fashionable. It was all good, except they were not fashionable according to me. But, when you look at your throwback pictures and skim through the latest fashion diaries, you start to see a resemblance. Don’t you? It was not that bad after all. Sorry, mom! Once a memory, always a memory.

Some fashion trends are so relatable and nostalgic that you can pick it up from where you left. Yes, so the 90s fashion trends are slowly making a comeback. If you have not heard yet, it is the next big thing. But again, they have all got a makeover to match the current fashion scene. Anyway, brace yourself for a fashionable trip down the memory lane. You will love it, and you will learn (hopefully), I promise!

 90s Fashion Trends – 20 Outfit Ideas

 1. Leather Jackets Are Here To Stay

 1. Leather Jackets Are Here To StayPinit

Image: Shutterstock

You know how much you can do with one well- fitted leather jacket? I know it is expensive, but with proper care, it can last you a few decades. Perhaps till the fashion fades and comes back for second innings? No, really! It also goes with almost anything and everything. That’s why this style has been there forever now and is also coming back in case you thought it is a passe.

 2. Dungarees, Dearest!

 2. Dungarees, Dearest!Pinit

Image: Shutterstock

Be it short or long, Dungarees if styled well are hottest pieces of clothing you can wear. Not just overalls, but stars like Bella Hadid are even bringing back those denim dresses, and they look sexier than ever. It did wane into the horizon a little, but it’s on its path to resurrection in the fashion world with a bang!

 3. Mommy Jeans Are Getting Out, And It’s About Time

 3. Mommy Jeans Are Getting Out, And It’s About TimePinit

Image: Instagram

The millennials are all sulking about this, and do not relate to the excitement around the revival of the mommy jeans, but we are glad and think it’s about time. Thanks to Britney and other pop stars, the mom jeans slowly disappeared from the nineties fashion wardrobe, malls, and brands. The style guides suddenly stopped mentioning these, and they became extinct. And, that’s why we have to explain what this is about now. Fine – they were just a pair of airy, comfortable, cotton denim pants that sat beautifully at the waist and were out near the thighs (unlike the painfully tight ones). There are a lot of variations, but this breathable pair of trousers is something we all need, and it’s time they were revived, at least as an option to some of us.

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 4. Round Glasses – A Radical Comeback

 4. Round Glasses - A Radical ComebackPinit

Image: Shutterstock

Round Glasses - A Radical ComebackPinit

Image: Instagram

What was once considered goofy and nerdy, has now made a radical comeback. It first hit the sunglasses segment and is now a rage with prescription glasses too. If you want to slowly get into the 90s groove, without being too out there, then you should try the round glasses look. Plus, it’s a fad right now! You won’t stick out like a sore thumb, but you will get a thumbs up from the fashion police.

 5. Denim Skirt – Thank God For Them

 5. Denim Skirt - Thank God For ThemPinit

Image: Shutterstock

Wow! The very sound of it makes me nostalgic. From the flower printed ones to the front slit, buttoned, A-line, distressed, midi and polka dots, we were spoilt for choice. One good thing with denim skirts was the fact that it would suit anyone irrespective of the age, personality or body type. I can’t remember what went wrong back then, but they were taken away just like that. But, we are just so thankful that these are coming back slowly but surely. So, if you’ve seen a denim skirt and are in two minds, just go for it already!

 6. Denim Jacket/Shirt – Can Never Get Enough Of It

 6. Denim JacketShirt - Can Never Get Enough Of ItPinit

Image: Instagram

If I ever make a list of essentials for a capsule wardrobe, the denim jacket will make it to the list. They were once considered dated, but they have been back for a while now. It goes with everything and anything, works perfectly for layering, and you can use it almost throughout the year. Sleeveless, waistcoat or full hands, you name it—each of them has a charm and style. A style we can never get enough of!

 7. Flannel Shirt – Proves What Goes Around, Comes Around

 7. Flannel Shirt - Proves What Goes Around, Comes AroundPinit

Image: Shutterstock

From frayed jeans to flannel shirts they are all coming back in full circle. Turns out that fashion works in a two-decade cycle or something. Shirts that were considered a relic of the bygone era are now all over the place. You can wear these shirts either as a layer over a tank or just as a regular shirt, or maybe just tie it around the waist. Yes, tying it around the waist, is back in vogue too.

 8. Combat Boots, Wait They Are THE Doc Martens

 8. Combat Boots, Wait They Are THE Doc MartensPinit

Image: Instagram

There was a time in fashion when men and women dressed up similarly, more like the fashion grunge movement. That’s how the heavy-duty combat boots started, and Doc Martens came into existence and swept the fashion world. You might relate to Doc Martens if you’re a millennial. Otherwise, you know what I mean when I say combat boots, don’t you? For a while, it felt a little ridiculous to wear boots with slip dresses, skirts, jeans and everything. But, trust me if you can carry it off the way it should be, you will look funky, stylish, chic and comfortable.

 9. Big/Loose Shirt – Makes Us Happy

 9. BigLoose Shirt - Makes Us HappyPinit

Image: Instagram

Over the last decade or so, it was a sin to wear anything loose. You are known to be stylish only when you wear clothes that are tight and body hugging. It was not the case if you rewind ten years, say the 90s. Loose shirts, boyfriend T-shirts were oh-so-comfortable and stylish. Cut to now; it’s an in thing again. Thank god this trend has made a comeback. How can I not wear them? How can we survive without these? Anyway, if this is your style, you don’t have to feel awkward or old school anymore, #because it makes us happy plus it’s NOW fashionable by all means.

 10. Chokers Have Taken Over

 10. Chokers Have Taken OverPinit

Image: Shutterstock

It started with Kendall, Kylie and Gigi sporting these chokers on Instagram; you refresh the feed, and the trend is back. That’s how quick the turnaround time was. And, of Course, I’m excited, aren’t you? You can practically pair them with anything. Velvet, lace, pearl, embellished, etc., your options are unlimited.

 11. Crop Tops – Never Go Back Again!

 11. Crop Tops - Never Go Back Again!Pinit

Image: Shutterstock

Like they say fashion changes, but style endures. Trends come and go all the time; while we are glad some are gone, we are ecstatic that a few good ones are back. The crop top is one of those trends that found its way from where it started and this time it’s gotten better. Wear them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, tracks, king queen shirt and everything you can think of pairing them with. From the runway to everyday wearables, it is approved.

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 12. Matching Sets Are Today’s Monochromes

 12. Matching Sets Are Today’s MonochromesPinit

Image: Instagram

A sleek style then, an elegant style now. They are replacing the crazy neons and patterned sets, but thank god those are gone anyway. With the matching sets, there is a lot you can do—matching crop top and skirt set, jacket and trouser, etc.

 13. High-Waist Jeans Are Up On The Shelves

 13. High-Waist Jeans Are Up On The ShelvesPinit

Image: Shutterstock

We all thought we grew out of the high-waist jeans once the low cut trend caught up. We agree that they were not the best looking pants and needed some overhaul. So it looks like someone heard—they are refurbished on par with today’s trends.

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 14. Backpacks Are Back

 14. Backpacks Are BackPinit

Image: Instagram

When the 90s trend was initially picking up, it felt like a very temporary thing and a fad that will eventually fade. Surprisingly that’s not the case, and the designers are only expanding horizons. One such trend was the backpacks that felt so old school, but now brands like Chanel, Burberry, and many other big brands have signed up to this style. And, you should too.

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 15. Brown Lipstick Is For Everyone

 15. Brown Lipstick Is For EveryonePinit

Image: Shutterstock

A lip color that sums up the nineties style statement in two words—goth and grunge! Thanks to the Kardashians for bringing the style back and this time it’s for everyone (unlike old times). It was considered inappropriate, unsuitable, dark or gothic to wear brown lipstick, but thanks to the K sisters for changing that. And, before we know big names signed up to release their version of the brown lipstick. But, my favorite is Kylie’s lip kit (true brown).

 16. Athleisure – Track Pants Have A New Name

16. Athleisure - Track Pants Have A New NamePinit

Image: Shutterstock

I wonder, why we even went off the trend for a while? What is there to not like about these? They are comfortable, chic and easy breezy. But I get it; it is a thin line between comfort and sloppy dressing. Like everything else, there is a method to this madness too; and that’s why brands have launched track pants in so many variants, you cannot help but drool. This trend is back for good and is not going away this time. Don’t you worry!

 17. Printed Separates Found Their Way Into Fashion Again

 17. Printed Separates Found Their Way Into Fashion AgainPinit

Image: Instagram

Printed separates were big in the 90s, and that seems to be the case now too. A lot of celebrities are seen sporting this style, and we should all take the lead. Whatsay?

 18. Bob And Bangs Have Resurfaced

 18. Bob And Bangs Have ResurfacedPinit

Image: Shutterstock

Bangs and Bob make us feel nostalgic because that’s one hairstyle that probably each of us had growing up. For me, that was the only style I knew. And, now after many years, it’s starting to resurface, and people are flaunting just as good. Taylor Swift? She’s killing it in bob and bangs for as long as I can remember.

 19. Neon Colors Are Not Retro Anymore

 19. Neon Colors Are Not Retro AnymorePinit

Image: Instagram

One more 90s fashion trend that is back after a hiatus and one that is not considered retro anymore. I mean, if you dress up in flashy neon colors from head to toe, yes. But, that’s why we take some style inspiration from our stars and learn to amp up outfits with neon accents. Boots, lipstick, top, tracks, shoes, etc. are cool opportunities.

 20. Caption/Bands T-Shirts Are Timeless

 20. CaptionBands T-Shirts Are TimelessPinit

Image: Shutterstock

Caption T-shirts are a rage like no other. No wonder then that even your favorite brands are banking on band names as well. They are back in vogue. As for me, I never threw my Beatles or Rolling Stones T-shirts; I have new additions like GoT, Harry Potter, etc. I guess I didn’t grow up after all!

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  • What To Wear To A 90s Themed Party?

So what to do you wear to a 90s theme party? Not sure? Don’t panic! Now that the trend has come back it is not very difficult to fish out clothes for the party. It is a combination of all the things we just discussed. Stuff like flared bell bottoms with crop tops; matching sets; denim skirt with neon sandals and fedora; or something like this will give you your dose of drama.

What To Wear To A 90s Themed PartyPinit

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Headbands
  2. Fedora Hats
  3. Mommy Pants
  4. Crop Tops
  5. The Famous Bell Bottoms
  6. Platform Heels
  7. Crop Tops
  8. Neon Accents
  • Hollywood Celebrities Spotted Wearing 90s Trends
  1. Kylie Jenner In Neon Accents – She brought the neon colors back but proportionately. Not to forget, her love for chokers and true brown lipsticks.
Kylie Jenner In Neon Accents Pinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Gigi Hadid In A Flannel Shirt – I’m sure by now all of us have flannel shirts, especially one in red. Yes, the 90s trends are back—this is proof.
Gigi Hadid In A Flannel ShirtPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Kim Kardashian With A Gold Choker – She is known for creating a fashion revolution, and we are not surprised that she is carrying the choker so well.
Kim Kardashian With A Gold ChokerPinit

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Taylor Swift In Bob And Bangs – Yes, this look for me is forever hashtagged with her. If it was your favorite 90s hairstyle as a kid, don’t wait for anything—get it done!
Taylor Swift In Bob And BangsPinit

Image: Shutterstock

  1. Selena Gomez In Printed Separates – This is what 90s fashion grunge means, perhaps?
Selena Gomez In Printed SeparatesPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Bella Hadid In Denim Overalls – She created a buzz with her denim overalls, denim dress, etc., officially bringing the 90s outfits back to the millennials and all of us.
Bella Hadid In Denim OverallsPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Kendall Jenner In Crop Top And High Waist Jeans – This outfit is just your 90s style guide!
Kendall Jenner In Crop Top And High Waist JeansPinit

Image: Instagram

  • Bollywood Celebrities Spotted Wearing 90s Trends
  1. Priyanka Chopra In Crop Tank – Crop tops, chokers, high waist jeans—you name itAnd you will find Priyanka sporting all of these at some point or the other. Need we say PeeCee is always on the top of her fashion game, so 90s trends are no exception.
Priyanka Chopra In Crop TankPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Deepika Padukone In A Neon Dress – We love how easily Deepika can pull off any look and look gorgeous in it.
Deepika Padukone In A Neon DressPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Sonam Kapoor In High Waisted Jeans And Denims – That is a subtle yet stylish 90s outfit.
Sonam Kapoor In High Waisted Jeans And DenimsPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Alia In Denims And Round Shades – To see a millennial pull it off is incredibly cute to look at!
Alia In Denims And Round ShadesPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Anushka Sharma In Denim Overalls – Designer Masaba Gupta is known for her retro take and this denim overall that Anushka sported is proof.

Image: Instagram

  1. Athiya Shetty In A Matching Set – Matching sets are really not dated. Thanks Athiya Shetty for saying it out loud again
Athiya Shetty In A Matching SetPinit

Image: Instagram

  1. Shraddha Kapoor With A Choker – Shraddha Kapoor looks chic in a classic black choker. It appears, even she can’t get enough of the statement piece either.
Shraddha Kapoor With A ChokerPinit

Image: Instagram

90s Fashion Ideas For Teenagers

1. Dungarees Or Denim Overalls

Teenagers, you have nothing to worry about. Dungarees, Denim overalls, etc., are fashion statements that have been around from the 90s and are age appropriate too!

2. One Piece Dress With Shirt Around The Waist

You know that summer look, where every other girl is seen with a T-shirt dress and a shirt around her waist? Yes, that is a style from the 90s. Also, it’s fashionable and comfortable.

3. Butterfly Clips – BTW, They Are Back Too

Butterfly clips were ethereal and elegant back then. And, they are slowly making a comeback, not in full force but it will be a rage soon. So, start wearing them soon!

4. T-shirts From the Famous Bands – AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Metallica

Sure, you might have been born when their music was released, but these bands are still hot favorites of people from all age groups. And, that’s what makes them legendary. Anyway, T-shirts from the famous bands are a rage right now, and they are back. So wear one of these, and you’re sorted.

5. Grunge And Goth

One word that describes 90’s fashion best is grunge. And every time you hear someone talk about the 90s fashion or its comeback, you know that it’s (grunge) returning. So, grunge and goth slip on or lace dresses are simple and easy ideas to incorporate.

90s Fashion Fancy Dress Ideas

1. Spice Girls

1. Spice GirlsPinit

Image: Shutterstock

If you don’t feel your age and still feel you’re young, here’s a fun fact. It’s been a little over two decades that Spice Girls released their first album. Yep, reality check! They were the epitome of fashion back then, even though some argue that it was a lot of skin revealing clothing for the 90s. Nevertheless, they were usually spotted in printed separates, matching sets and other outfits that were full of grunge and goth. You have a lot of choices here and are interesting fancy dress costume ideas.

2. Baywatch Beach Lifeguard

2. Baywatch Beach LifeguardPinit

Image: Instagram

Baywatch is back. Yes, I know we can’t wait for the movie to be released. Oh-my-god, it’s Dwayne Johnson for God’s sake. Anyway, it also makes for perfect 90s fancy dress ideas. We all grew up watching Baywatch, so let’s do this!

3. Monica, Phoebe Or Rachel

3. Monica, Phoebe Or RachelPinit

king queen shirt

Image: Instagram

One thing about the TV show ‘Friends’ is that everyone relates to the show after two decades. A futuristic show in every sense. Be it, the style, jokes, characters, lifestyle or their problems. OK, if I get started about friends, there is no stopping me. So, anyway pick up a look by Monica, Phoebe or Rachel, and your 90s style statement is equal part fashionable and appropriate.

4. Barbie

4. BarbiePinit

Image: Shutterstock

Kids these days do not relate to toys as much as we did in the 90s and Barbie is inarguably a favorite for most of us. So, for a 90s fancy dress, Barbie’s style statement sounds kind of cool to me. Bell bottoms, cascading curls, crop tops, hair bands and platform heels. Perfect!

5. Britney

5. BritneyPinit

Image: Shutterstock

Today’s kids do not relate to this or might not even agree that Britney Spears is an icon who has been a fashion influence. Remember her white eye makeup, the hats, pigtails, sheer crop tops, tube tops, bell bottoms, low cut jeans and the list is endless. So if you are looking for ideas from the 90s, just replicate one of her looks. Thanks for everything Britney!

After all of this, if you still do not know where to begin, raid your mother’s closet, visit a thrift store or go to the flea market (you can also save big). Ebay, maybe? Because the 90s fashion is slowly erupting, one style at a time and before you know, it’s everywhere. As for me, I always love loose boyfriend shirts, the dungarees, plaid shirt, etc. and these are all oh-so-comfortable. So, I’m one happy soul. What is your favorite style from the 90s? What is that one style that you think deserves a comeback? And, what style defines you the most? Let us know. Lastly, I hope you enjoyed this trip down the memory lane. I sure did!

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Products Everyone Needs for Healthy Hair



Healthy hair is something that everybody wants. This is often hard to reach occasionally, but, since so most of us use design tools, do not get haircuts as often as we must, and expose our hair to harmful products. If you are fed up with having lifeless, dry, and damaged hair, you will need to learn that website! While we speak about several other ways to boost the health of your own hair inside our website, today we shall concentrate on products!

At The Hair Business in Nashua, we realize that it could be hard to improve your habits to be able to hold your own hair healthy. You’re maybe not going to prevent design your own Hair salon Boca with heat, you’re maybe not going to begin getting your own hair reduce every couple weeks, and you’re maybe not going to prevent coloring it really to keep it healthy. But, you will find however ways as you are able to improve the health of your hair. By adding specific products to your toilet, you will be able to keep your own hair healthiest, despite most of the harming habits.

In that website, we are getting to fairly share these products that everybody needs for healthiest hair! Keep reading and include the products to your market list.

Restorative Shampoo

Restorative wash is a must if you prefer your own hair to look and sense healthier. This type of wash works together with the keratin in your own hair to correct injury and help recover the health of your hair. Other shampoos strip the sebum from your own hair, causing it dry and damaged. Whenever you get restorative wash, you help to protect your own hair and hold it from getting more damaged. Look for shampoos which can be labeled “strengthening,” “repair,” “anti-breakage,” or “restorative.” These shampoos may improve your hair’s health dramatically.

Heat and UV Protectant

If you use heat design tools, a temperature protectant is really a necessity. Flatirons, curling iron, and actually hit dryers can cause harm to your own hair for their extreme heat. They will dry up your own hair, cause injury, and cause breakage. As you really should take to avoiding these design tools entirely, we realize that is anything many individuals cannot do. A heat protectant will help hold your own hair watered and protect the cuticles, enabling you to style your own hair without causing an excessive amount of damage.

Deep Conditioner or Hair Mask

A deep conditioner or hair disguise may be used once per week to correct injury and give your own hair a increase of health. When you yourself have extended hair and split ends, that is a great product to help keep your own hair healthy. That is an especially great product if your own hair is extremely dry and frizzy. Work with a deep conditioner or hair disguise once per week for healthy, delicate, and watered hair!

These are only some of many products you will need for healthy and lovely hair. A superabsorbent towel, ionic blow dryer, split end treatment, and more may all allow you to hold your own hair in great condition.

Regardless of which kind of hair you’ve, when cold weather sheets about, you should be certain to include more hair remedies to your routine. Since there is maybe not plenty of water in the air, your own hair dries out. This is the reason it is essential to make use of different hair remedies to replace that missing moisture. Keep your own hair watered with hair markers or simply just make use of a great conditioner. Once per week, include conditioner to your own hair and hold it set for about half an hour, allowing the conditioner to moisturize and soak to the hair shafts.

Use Leave-In Conditioner

If your own hair gets additional static in the wintertime, use leave-in conditioner. Keep your own hair properly conditioned and watered and include a supplementary defense against static with a leave-in conditioner. This may help to keep your own hair properly watered and enable you to avoid the terrible static better!

Dye It Dark

All through the wintertime, try to avoid dying your own hair blonde. Dying your own hair a jewelry shade is incredibly harming to your own hair, and all through the wintertime, it could be actually worse. If you prefer to change up your own hair shade frequently, switch to a deeper shade in the winter. If you like your gothic hair, apply a semi-permanent hair shade that is richer through the winter. This may hold your own hair healthiest in the wintertime but enable you to switch back again to your platinum shade without causing more damage.

Go Natural

Cutting back on using heat-styling tools as much as possible may help to keep your own hair healthiest in the winter. As you should avoid an excessive amount of heat all year extended, it is particularly crucial in the winter. Heat and dry air can create more injury, causing you with harm and split ends. Understand some tricks to giving your own hair different types with twists, braids, and buns.

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Sprawdzone Sposoby na Zakupu Wyjątkowej Sukienki na Dzień Ślubu



Każda z Was przegląda suknie ślubne w internecie poszukując idealnej wersji dla siebie na nadchodzące wesele, w której będzie czuć się znakomicie i zarazem elegancko. Okazuje się jednak, że znalezienie odpowiedniej wersji spełniającej wszystkie nasze wymagania nie należy do łatwego zadania. Z jednej strony ciężko znaleźć model, który trafi bezpośrednio w nasz gust, z drugiej mamy do czynienia z tak szerokim wyborem, że nie łatwo podjąć decyzję.

Dobierz dobrze rodzaj sukienki do aktualnej pory roku

Decydując się na sukienkę warto wziąć pod uwagę porę roku przyjęcia weselnego. Wesele w chłodniejsze pory roku będzie wymagać od nas innego stroju w przeciwieństwie do letniego przyjęcia. Dlatego w sezonie wakacyjnym często wybierane są kreacje z odkrytymi ramionami, które pozwalają naszemu ciału stosownie oddychać i równocześnie ukazują naszą atrakcyjna opaleniznę. Długi rękaw to zdecydowanie chłodniejsze pory roku, tutaj zapewniają ciepło, wygodę oraz komfort w trakcie całej imprezy.

Kolory zakazane, czyli na co uważać?

Z wielu stron słyszymy, że są pewne barwy, których nie powinniśmy ubierać na przyjęcie i ślub weselny. Wybierając czerń na naszej sukience, słynna mała czarna, możemy wywołać niepotrzebne zdziwienie na twarzy pozostałych gości oraz pary młodej. Lepiej wybrać lżejsze kolory i bardziej wesołe. Kolejną zakazaną barwą jest biel, która jest zarezerwowana na każdym weselu dla panny młodej.

Rozmiar sukienki i fason – najważniejsze elementy kreacji

Zakup kreacji na wesele lub sukienki na studniówke to nie łatwe zadanie z dwóch powodów. Z jednej strony musimy dobrać idealny kolor, a z drugiej strony stoimy przed dopasowaniem odpowiedniego rozmiaru oraz fasonu do naszej sylwetki – tutaj musimy zwrócić szczególną uwagę na nasze kształty. Bywają sytuacje, że sukienka, która doskonale prezentuje się na koleżance, czy siostrze, na nas nie będzie wyglądać tak zjawiskowo. Każda różnica w wzroście, wymiarze bioder, ramion spowoduje, że ta sama sukienka będzie wyglądać na różnych osobach zupełnie inaczej. Przeglądając sukienki ślubne warto rozważyć kilka rozmiarowych opcji, jak również każdą wersję fasonu. Rozkloszowana wersja, bombka, prosta, a nawet długa suknia – warto każdą przymierzyć i nie skreślać jej na samym początku kiedy widzimy ją tylko na wieszaku. Ostatecznie może okazać się, że zignorowany przez wstępnie fason leży najlepiej ze wszystkich wybranych do tej pory.

Jak to jest z tą długością sukienki? Co wybrać?

Wiele kobiet marzy o modnej sukience. Często zastanawiają się, czy wybrana długość będzie stosowna. Trendy w modzie zmieniają się jak w kalejdoskopie. Całe szczęście, że kwestia długości w zasadzie nie jest już aż tak bardzo istotne z punktu widzenia mody i każda wybrana długość nie będzie stanowić większego problemu. Długie sukienki, po samą ziemię to gwarancja klasy, szyku i dobrego gustu. Dodatkowo taka wersja sukienki sprawdzi się idealnie dla kobiety o każdym wzroście i wadze – musicie jedynie odpowiednio dobrać jej krój i sukces będzie gwarantowany.

Co obecnie jest najbardziej popularne?

Obecnie można wyróżnić kilka modeli i krojów, które zyskują coraz większą popularność. Coraz częściej sięgają po nie współczesne kobiety. Sukienka w stylu hiszpanki, rozkloszowane kreacje, koronkowy styl oraz sukienki w stylu bandeu – to obecnie wersje i kroje sukienek, na które warto zwrócić szczególną uwagę, jeżeli zależy nam na utrzymaniu trendu obecnej mody.

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Met deze tips kan je flink besparen op je trouwfeest



Een gemiddeld trouwfeest kost tussen 10.000 en 15.000 euro in Nederland. Niet min en als je geen ouders of suikertantes hebt die je financieel willen steunen is het bijna onbetaalbaar. Voor dat bedrag heb je immers al een kleine wagen. Toch hoeft een trouwfeest niet zo duur te zijn. Trouwen zelf is bijna gratis en het feest, dat maak je zo duur als je zelf wil. Is 10.000 euro ver boven jouw budget maar wil je deze mooie dag toch gezellig vieren met vrienden en familie? Met volgende tips heb je gagarandeerd een superfeest zonder dat iemand de opmerking zal maken dat het goedkoop lijkt.

Wat je zelf doet…

“Wat je zelf doet, doe je meestal beter”, zegt men. Dat is 100% waar maar wat je zelf doet, doe je ook veel goedkoper. Zelf, met wat hulp van vrienden. Neem de gastenlijst door en denk even na over hoe de genodigden jou kunnen helpen met het trouwfeest. Is er iemand bij met een bloemenwinkel, een passie voor fotografie of een mooie sportwagen? Wees niet verlegen om deze mensen aan te spreken. Ze zullen met plezier een handje toesteken. Jullie kunnen afspreken dat deze helpende handen de traditionele envelop met geld voor het bruidspaar achterwege laten maar hun passie en creativiteit inzetten als cadeau. Zeg nu zelf: wie zal daar neen tegen zeggen?

Gasten schrappen

Een trouwfeest mondt vaak uit in een populariteitswedstrijd. Uit schrik dat het feest een flop zal worden hebben bruidsparen de neiging om tweehonderd namen op hun gastenlijst te zetten. Ze houden er geen rekening mee dat elke gast een aardige duit kost. Maak een lijst met alle mensen die je wil uitnodigen. Schrap vervolgens tien procent. Wil je echt besparen? Schrap dan nog eens tien procent. Wie nu overblijft, dat is je definitieve gastenlijst. Heb je moeite met schrappen? Bereken eens hoeveel elke gast jullie zal kosten en bedenk dan of je dat bedrag echt wil uitgeven aan die persoon. Is het nodig dat deze genodigde ook aan tafel aanschuift of is zijn aanwezigheid op het dansfeest voldoende?

Bestel bruidsschoenen online

Een mooi paar bruidsschoenen kost gemakkelijk 200 euro en je draagt ze nadien nooit of bijna nooit meer. Online zijn bruidsschoenen een pak goedkoper. Vergeet ze niet in te lopen op voorhand. Om zeker te zijn dat jouw voeten een hele nacht dansplezier aankunnen, is het geen slecht idee om een extra paar dansschoenen mee te nemen. Niemand die er aanstoot aan neemt dat je na de openingsdans het paar bruidsschoenen inruilt voor een comfortabel paar. Ook blootvoets dansen is toegestaan op een niet te formeel huwelijk maar let dan wel op waar je je voeten zet.

Steek zelf de handen uit de mouwen

Je kan niet alles aan een weddingplanner overlaten en tegelijkertijd willen besparen op je huwelijksfeest. Wil je fors besparen, dan zal je meer moeten doen dan leuke muziek uitkiezen en trouwbeloften schrijven. Begin op tijd met to do-lijstjes maken, te knutselen, helpende handen te zoeken enzovoort. Decoratie, hapjes en desserts bijvoorbeeld zijn duur en gerust zelf te maken als je er je tijd voor neemt. Even googelen en je vindt honderden voorbeelden van budgetvriendelijke maar originele ideeën voor je feest.

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