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Guest Post Guidelines

We receive tons of guest posts. And we may not have time to review all of them. Read the items below to figure out what we’re looking for in a good article. Remember, we are a high authority website with a PR6 page rank. A link back from is truly worth the time. So continue below and read our guidelines for a guest post:

Also, we have become quite good in spotting spinoffs, plagiarized and articles that are too common knowledge. So if you have one of these, don’t even try.

What we’d like to see:

First off, you should be an author with a good track record. You must have articles that have been published elsewhere, preferably sites that have high authority. So if you want your article published, send us links to your previous work. That will help us determine if you’re serious about posting.

We like articles that are meant to be read by humans. This means that it should have that human, friendly “tone”. As if you’re speaking directly to someone. Like what we’re doing right now.

Give us posts that are well crafted, interesting and helpful. Your topic doesn’t have to be entirely unique – but we’d like to know what’s your take on it. For example, content sharing is a pretty common subject, but this guy tells it in his own way “Why your content isn’t being shared“.

Links in your article is totally fine. Although – we can spot a link that is embedded purely for your personal gain. These links are a no-no. We will allow a byline with your personal link in it.

We also dig these:

What we DON’T like:

Again, we don’t like spinoffs and plagiarized content. We have made the mistake of accepting these in the past, and we’re slowly getting rid of them. So c’mon man. Start writing original stuff.

Common knowledge. Yes, these are articles about how to increase page views, what to do when traffic goes down, how ui is benefiting your website. There are a million of these out there. Again, start writing original stuff.

Long confusing writeup. Yes we’ve gotten several of these. Articles that have way too much information. We don’t like these.

Bad grammar. Bad Spelling. Enough said.

How to submit a Guest Post:

Introduce yourself first. Yes – let’s get to know each other. Send us links of your previous work along with ideas for your topic. We will respond to you asap.

Our email address is mubeenh782[at]

If all is good, you can send your article as an attachment. Make sure you send the images with it. We really like HTML format, but we can do PDF, Word as well.

We also strongly recommended that you give a “Posting Donation” to speed things up. Reviewing and formatting for publish takes a long time.

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