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Most Effective Ways to Get The Most Accurate Blood Test Results



Most Accurate Blood Test Results

Are you suffering from any kind of illness? Do you notice an extreme fatigue in yourself even if you do not do excessive physical work? Have any kind of abnormality in your health come to your notice lately? If so, then know that you need to undergo a blood test to find out what’s going on inside your body. A lot more goes internally than what we see externally. So, whenever there is something unusual in the external body it is vital to find out its internal cause. To check out the internal cause and nothing can be better than a blood test.

For some people, a blood test may not be a very pleasant experience but it is something that you cannot avoid. If you have to maintain the overall health of your body you have to go through some important blood tests. A doctor can predict a lot from a blood test report. There are some blood tests that help to determine how the various organs inside your body are functioning. On the other hand, the doctor can make use of the blood test report to look for markers of some diseases like HIV, cancer, diabetes, and coronary heart disease.

When it comes to a blood test the accuracy of the results is of vital importance. To get accurate blood test results, you have to follow some steps. It is not possible for any layman to know what to do before during and after a blood test. So, we have come up with this blog to inform you about the preparations that you need to take for a blood test. Therefore, without further delay let’s dive into the details of the blog.

How can blood tests help you?

There are several benefits of a blood test. According to the National Institutes of Health, blood test reports help doctors have a detailed understanding of some diseases and health conditions. For the blood tests also so any turn the functioning of the internal organs. It is through the blood test report that doctors get to know whether II a particular kind of treatment is bringing fruitful results or not.

To be specific, these are the ways a blood test can help doctors:

  • Blood tests can evaluate how the internal organs of the body are working.
  • Blood tests provide an assessment of how the blood is clotting inside your body.
  • Blood tests to diagnose severe diseases and health conditions like diabetes, HIV, anaemia, aids, etc.
  • Blood tests help to determine whether the medications are working.
  • Blood tests help to find out if you have any risk factors for any heart diseases.

Therefore, blood tests are very common and induce minimum risk. However, there are some factors that you need to consider right before undergoing a blood test. Not following these rules can bring an adverse impact on your blood test report. Worried about not knowing them? Here we are!

Factors to consider before undergoing a blood test

As we have already mentioned, there are certain factors that every person should know before undergoing a blood test. These factors can deeply impact your test results. So, if you have to get a blood test report that is accurate and helps to determine the condition of your health, you have to keep in mind these factors and follow them religiously. Below are the factors that you need to consider before undergoing a blood test:

  1. Fasting leads to accurate blood tests

You must be familiar with the concept of fasting for a blood test. There is a reason why doctors ask you to fast right before a blood test. The reason is to acquire an accurate blood test report. When you consume some food, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream and can impact the test results.

  1. Water intake has no impact on blood test

In some blood tests, the doctor will ask you to eat absolutely nothing. The only component that you will be allowed to consume is water. According to some doctors, water can help with a blood test. It keeps your veins hydrated. As a result, it becomes easier for the technician to find the whale and draw the blood effortlessly.

  1. Avoid exercising for accurate blood tests

The blood test is the only time a doctor will ask you not to exercise. A workout session right before the blood test can impact your test results negatively. To get accurate blood test reports, ensure that your body is completely at rest. A workout right before the blood test can impact the glucose and cholesterol test results.

  1. Alcohol can affect blood test results

People who have a habit of drinking, prefer consuming little alcohol at night. However, if you are scheduled for a blood test the next morning stop consuming alcohol at least 12 hours before the test. As long as you keep drinking it will metabolise your blood.

  1. Relation between medication and blood tests

If you are under a particular type of medication, the first thing we suggest you to consult with your doctor. Discuss with him the medications that you take every day. You should also mention this to the technician who is drawing blood from your veins. This is because some medications can impact the reading of your blood test.

  1. Smoking hampers blood test results

If you are a regular smoker and cannot do without it, know that this can affect your blood test results. Although a lot of research still going on regarding the impact of e-cigarettes on the blood sugar levels of diabetic people, some research shows there is a slight increase in HBA1C levels for people who smoke.

  1. Conduct a routine blood test

Above all, if you have to maintain a good health and are worried about your health, make sure to undergo a regular blood test. It is best to conduct a blood test at an interval of every 6 months.


Now that you have a clear idea about the most effective ways to get the most out of your blood test, you can go ahead with the process. For better results, you can book a same day blood test in London. To get accurate test results, follow the points as mentioned above.

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