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7 Slow Food Causeway Events Happening This February.



It was initially established in Italy in the late 1980s to bring together regional customs and the slower ritmo of daily life. Since then, it has been a growing part of the Slow Food movement that has evolved across the globe and aims to preserve the unique culinary traditions that are the hallmark of NI.

Taste Causeway is an accredited Slow Food destination, one of the few places in Ireland to receive the distinction by the worldwide Slow Food Movement.

Slow Food Causeway celebrates the distinctive food and beverage tradition from Causeway Coast. Causeway Coast.

Here are seven upcoming Slow Food Causeway Events happening:

1 & 2. 1. Slow Food Causeway: Sourdough Baking Courses with Ursa Minor

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Take a look and learn the techniques of traditional sourdough baking with the skilled team of bakers in Ursa Minor Bakehouse. Slow Food 2020 accredited bakery, Ursa Minor Bakehouse.

The course will teach the fundamentals of three different bread types that use both sourdough cultures and yeast. All participants are invited to bring home the bread for their family and friends to delight in.

3: Slow Food Causeway: Broughgammon Butchery Course

This interactive afternoon is perfect for those intrigued about butchering and looking to learn more about the craft.

With the highly skilled staff at the Award-winning Broughgammon farm, guests will learn all they should know about butchering, starting with cutting techniques.

After the party, the guests will be able to take home a boning knife and the cuts of meat that are ready for cooking.

4: Slow Food Causeway: Smoking Masterclass with North Coast Smokehouse

Join Ruairidh of North Coast Smokehouse for an afternoon of smoking and curing some of the best seafood.

In this hands-on masterclass, you will be taught the methods involved in smoking hot and cold fish.

From curing, filleting, and filleting to smoking hot, it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain techniques from an award-winning smoker.

Additionally, you’ll be able to take home the trout you’ve smoked and a small-scale smoker to show off your new knowledge with your family and friends.

5: Slow Seafood Soiree featuring Native Seafood and Paula McIntyre

Please participate in this celebration for our seasonal, local seafood and the Slow Food director Paula McIntyre MBE at Native Seafood in Portstewart. You will be treated to an exquisite tasting menu of seven courses, drinks, and live music.

6: It’s the Spirit of the Bann Tour with Causeway Coast Foodie Tours

This spring, the award-winning Causeway Coast Foodie Tours are returning with their unique “The Spirit of The Bann’ whiskey tasting on the scenic river.

“The Spirit of the Bann’ and White River Charters is hosting an afternoon of delicious whiskey tastes, a variety of delicious award-winning Local Slow Food produce.

How better to commemorate our distinctive Slow Food food and drink tradition than by taking a trip through the River Bann alongside the beautiful area of Mountsandel, Coleraine.

7: North Supper Club by Ursa Minor at a Secret Location

Relax and enjoy the casual evening with your friends, share the delicious food, and celebrate the best local produce. Ciara of Ursa Minor.

Take three courses of delicious seasonal food, served with the glow of candles and twinkling lights in a truly unique setting just five minutes away from Ballycastle.

After dinner, attendees will enjoy some of the best singers currently heard on the island and the fantastic singing harmonies of Lemoncello, excellent Dublin poet and writer Stephen James Smith & the fantastic musician and performer Joshua Burnside.

Causeway Coast and Glens Causeway Coast and Glens is Northern Ireland’s first recognized Slow Food destination, Taste Causeway The network of collaboration made up of regional food and beverage businesses was awarded this distinction by the international Slow Food Movement following a rigorous evaluation process.

Taste Causeway is running a six-month program of dining experiences, events tours with exceptional food menus to mark the launch and celebration of this highly coveted award.

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What Is Swiggy? How Makes Swiggy Business Model Works In Startups And Make Money?



Online meal delivery is just one of the many businesses that have benefited from the disruption caused by the pandemic. Swiggy is a business model that allows business owners to create an engaging, feature-rich food delivery app.

Customers ate their way to happiness, as they were deprived of any restricted or other activities. People are becoming more comfortable with placing orders online via their smartphones, a trend popular among GenZ and millennials.

Swiggy is the most popular online food delivery service. If you want to create an app like Swiggy, it is essential to understand the Swiggy business model. Also, learn how the delivery giant makes its money and works to please more tastebuds.

Swiggy has received more from the market thanks to a new raise, and the company’s value has reached $5.5 Billion. The delivery segment currently has over 15 million users. However, this number is expected to rise and reach 80 million.

Restaurants and establishments are looking for new business models to survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Many vendors are investing in the Swiggy Clone script. White Label Fox can help you find the right solution for your delivery business if you are looking for it.

What is Swiggy?

Swiggy India’s largest online ordering platform and delivery service are for food. It was established in 2014. The company’s headquarters are in Bangalore. Swiggy is now present in over 500 Indian cities as of 2021. The delivery platform was extended to general product deliveries in 2019 as Swiggy Stores.

Bundl Technologies Private Limited operates Swiggy’s instant pick-up or drop-off service, SwiggyGo. This service is available for various purposes, such as delivering laundry, dropping off lunch, getting lost keys, or delivering documents from your office.


Swiggy’s Success Story. Get Insight!

Swiggy now offers customers the option to receive the delivery at their doorstep. Customers can order hot, fresh meals from different establishments, and the company promises that they will deliver their orders in a short time. Is it possible to see how Swiggy achieved such great success in such a short time? We will look at the Swiggy success timeline and the Swiggy business model to gain insight into the strategy.

Swiggy has become a household name in online meal delivery and ordering. It has been a success since its origination. The company has worked with more than 150,000 restaurants and is a prominent presence in 325 Indian cities. It has overcome all barriers to hot meal delivery.

Swiggy is a modern alternative to the traditional way of ordering, waiting, and traveling to get hot meals to our tables. Foodies can now have their favorite dishes delivered to their doorsteps with just a few taps.


The Swiggy Business Model – How Delivery Giant Works


Swiggy is based on the hyperlocal, on-demand delivery model. The company uses an innovative tech stack to act as a single point for all inquiries. Swiggy’s app is easy to use and allows urban foodies to order from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered to them.

It is easier to order and choose from many restaurants, menus, and prices. Delivery partners can pick up orders from restaurants and deliver them to customers within 20-30 minutes. Swiiggy uses the dual-partnership model, which is beneficial to both customers and restaurants.

One of the best things about Swiggy is that it lists delivery partners and organizes restaurants to deliver within 30 minutes. Swiggy is a hyper-local business model that bridges the gap between food lovers, restaurants, and customers. It works in a dual partnership model and benefits restaurants.

Discover How Swiggy Makes Money. Explore the entire Revenue Model here!

Swiggy can earn in many ways. Economic Times reports indicate that the competition for the top spot in the meal delivery market is up 93%. It has risen from 205 crores to 397 crores. Companies have increased their efforts to expand their fleet and improve their services due to rising costs. Swiggy’s revenue streams will help you make more. Currently, Swiggy has the following revenue streams:


Delivery Fees

Swiggy makes its revenue by charging customers a small fee for orders placed. The company’s charge increases during peak hours and in unusual weather conditions.



Swiggy purchases goods through commissions. Swiggy collects commissions from restaurants for delivering their meals via its fleet and food delivery platform.



It makes advertising revenue in many ways.

  • Banner Promotions
  • Priority Listing for Restaurants


Swiggy Access

It created the concept based on a cloud-based kitchen. Swiggy Access offers ready-to-use space to its partners even in areas where they don’t operate. Swiggy Access is a company that provides ready-to-use space to its customers. Its primary purpose is to deliver meals to their doorstep.


Swiggy Super

Swiggy has launched “Swiggy Super”, a customer-only membership program. After signing up for the program, customers don’t need to pay a surge for excessive orders.


Swiggy Go

Swiggy’s top delivery company has “Swiggy Go”, launched in 2019 and offered customers instant pick-up and drop service. This service allows customers to pick up, send and drop off their items from different locations across the country.


Affiliate Income

Swiggy makes money by partnering with financial institutions like HSBC, Citibank, and ICICI Bank. Affiliate income is a unique and successful way to make money. It is also beneficial for both the affiliates and the bank.

The food delivery company has enjoyed a competitive advantage over other models due to its unique functionality and exceptional customer service. With its top-notch service offerings, it has grown its customer base. You can offer your customers the best delivery and ordering service with an online food ordering app. Professionals developed this app.


It costs less to build an app like Swiggy. Check this out!

App development is now a standard part of eCommerce due to technological advancement. Businesses need a food delivery app to ensure their target audience can access the products and services. Many factors, including determining the cost of app development

  • App size;
  • Select the platform;
  • UI/UX design complexity;
  • Technology selected;
  • App testing;
  • Marketing, etc.

The features and functionality that you select for your branded mobile app will impact the cost of development. You can still get your app developed for a reasonable price if you choose the right partner.

Get your Food Delivery App developed today!

Swiggy is a fast-growing company that started with food delivery but has expanded its services to other parts of the world. The delivery company is expanding its offerings to include emergency supplies such as groceries and stationery. Follow the Swiggy model to grow your delivery business.

Swiggy is challenging market leaders such as FoodPanda and Zomato. Although Swiggy has established itself as a top ordering and food delivery platform, its business model and revenue model are highly sustainable and innovative. Thanks to modern technologies like live tracking and a comprehensive menu, customers have found their lives easier and faster

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