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How Pizza Box Packaging Plays Vital Role for Independence Day?



The packaging is a silent marketing tool!

How to use that tool to its full potential is now up to you. The packaging is something that takes your brand to the skies and can throw your amazing product to the most bottomless pits of the world of products that never get to grab any attention due to packaging is done wrong.

You obviously do not want to do this to your brand at any cost.

Now just imagine buying the most expensive, up to the mark, latest, and brand new gadget for yourself, and you do not know how to use it.

Keep Imagining!

Losing all that money and effort you put in buying that thing, and then getting nothing fruitful out of it, the feeling that runs down your spine whenever you see that thing getting all ruined all by itself.

Yes! That is right. It hurts but do not limit your beliefs, your ideas, and think nothing can be done now. Get up, experiment, play with it, try new strategies, and one day you will get to know what works best for you. Where your power lies? What you can achieve by putting some little effort? Same is the case with any other thing. Key to success is never stopping.

Imagine putting effort and money in designing and customizing your packaging, but it is not what need of the time is, trendy, up to date, hit customers’ point of interest.

Packaging and special occasions are tightly intertwined. To entice the customers to buy your product it is necessary to keep up with what is happening in the world around you as it is proved to be very beneficial in increasing the sales of your product at that time.

Pizza businesses are so lucky that it is the first thing people think of.

You are happy; you need pizza!

You are sad; you need pizza!

You are throwing a party or having a sleepover; you need pizza!

You had a breakup and want to get over someone; you need pizza!

As Independence Day approaches let us see how pizza boxes can play a vital role on Independence Day. There are a lot of ways to show your patriotism for the country and spread awareness about the importance of independence, how our ancestors have bravely fought for the country’s freedom and giving us the land where we can live and prosper.

Tweaking your pizza packaging some up and down for Independence Day will be beneficial in different ways

Independence Day Awareness

With the revolution in technology, our digital generation has the least knowledge about such occasions, and they take it just like another day. To raise the hidden patriotism in the younger generation, who by the way loves to eat pizza, by creating something of their interest as

  • Going all red, blue, and white for pizza boxes would start the spark.
  • Adding some fresh American pride inspired quotes or animation on boxes.
  • Putting patriotic brochures inside the box.
  • Flaunt stars and strips on boxes
  • Adding flag extensions


Using unique ideas to give a friendly reminder to people about the upcoming event is served perfectly by changing the packaging for pizza. It prepares people for some celebration, and they start planning for it even if they had no plans before as introducing deals for Independence Day, running posts on social media, designing wholesale pizza boxes, and handing out flyers a week before with every box.

Product Marketing

Everything here is a give and take. This spreading awareness scheme also helps in brand promotion because people feel so patriotic due to the whole ambiance and prefers to buy things that offer different deals and discounts in honor of the day.

Social Media Craze

Anything that happens in this world goes straight to social media rather small or huge. So, why not use it in ways that help promote love, positivity, and patriotism to make the best out of it.

  • Use of #Tags

People follow hashtags religiously and to get noticed the most trending tags are used no matter what. Introducing Independence Day hashtag along with the picture of your favorite Independence Day custom pizza box will increase the sales and create an overwhelming environment for the love of country.

  • Feature a Contest

Host a contest like customizing your Independence Day pizza box and the best design winning a free voucher or any deal is great for spreading the cause.

  • Food Blogs

Food bloggers will never miss a chance to flaunt their custom patriotic pizza boxes on their feed and stories.

Custom Box Shapes

Nothing hurts going out of the box!

Bring out your creativity and fear no one, create something that’s never been seen before. Feel the freedom that has been giving to you for being who you are. Design some amazing wholesale pizza boxes in shape of American flag imprinted with cool animation is a major vibe.

Ideas are unlimited, for instance, you can add some facts inside the lid of a box about the history and struggles people faced during those hard times or how they tried to stay positive and not give up for their country.

You can add illustrations outside or inside the custom boxes that let people know the untold part of the story.

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Food & Drink

Everything You Need to Know About Italian Truffles



Italian food is a divine combination of delicious flavors and recipes. Italians and people all over across the board enjoy the irresistible experience of traditional Italian dishes to satisfy their taste buds with the flavors and fusion of spices and herbs. Authentic Italian recipes have a lot of vegetables along with various variety of cheese through which they make the food nutritious, low carb, and healthy.

Italian food is now engrossing foodies all over the globe with their mouthwatering recipes. But you need to know more about Italian food, we all know that cheese is considered as the main ingredient to Italian cuisine, but there is one more magical spice known as Truffle which is used in many traditional dishes.

Now you must be thinking what exactly is a Truffle and how can you use it? Don’t worry! In this article, we are breaking down everything you need to know about Truffles. Happy Reading!

What are Truffles?

Truffles are basically edible fungi majorly used as a spice in Italian cuisine. It’s a natural wild product with a pungent taste that will give a shot of happiness to your taste buds.

They are also known as the “Diamond of Kitchen”. Why? Because of the magical earthy and aromatic ingredients. Also, truffles give a delightful sight to the representation of numerous Italian dishes and make them aesthetically pleasing.

The size of a truffle is like a strawberry or of an apple, it may vary. Moreover, there are various types of truffles. The most highly valued in Italy are black and white ones.

Truffles grow on the decomposing organic matter though the symbiotic relation of roots with trees. They also grow in the roots of various trees and are usually harvested with the help of trained dogs as they can smell underneath the layers of ground.

Are Truffles similar to Mushrooms?

A certain confusion between truffles and mushrooms occurs in mind that they both are same. But it’s not like that, they aren’t the same. Although both are edible fungi. Mushrooms grow above the ground whereas, truffles grow underneath the ground with the roots of specific trees. Both have odd features, taste and methods of using so they are not considered as same as they look like.

How To Use Truffles?

There are more than several types of truffles. Additionally, oil is also originated from the truffles. Truffles are used in many products like sea salt and butter, it is also sliced along with honey. Most commonly used truffles in Italy are black and white ones.

A truffle cannot be boiled, fried or baked. It can be sprinkled on scrambled eggs, salads, baked potato or can be sliced in pasta, risotto, and the most famous one burratacheesewithtruffles.

Cost Of Truffles

Truffles are a bit expensive as they are hard to grow and are most likely to grow under the oak, hazel, and poplar trees. A specific kind of atmosphere is required for the growth of truffles. Also, they grow very slowly and are available for a very short season.

Dogs are specially trained to sniff out the truffles from the ground. But nowadays, truffles are cultivated in many regions of the USA. They are easily available at local and online stores in the raw and cooked form and are used in a variety of meals with the help of the authentic Italian trufflesrecipes like a burrata house which is severing the premium quality of truffles all across the USA. One can easily buyonlineItaliantrufflesthrough them.

Health Benefits Of Truffles

  • Truffles are a high source of protein and fibre.
  • They are considered as a high antioxidant which reduces inflammation.
  • Truffles are also used as an antibacterial medicine.
  • Truffles can be very easily added to the daily diet.

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