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Meet the CEO with ZERO salary: Karan A Chanana



It pays good to be a boss!

This is always proven right whenever you read about CEO’s making millions of dollars from companies in the name of remunerations every year.

Each big corporation has a CEO who is awarded millions in name of remunerations.

Many executives are criticised for their executive pays, but there are some others who take $1 or no salary at all as their pay packet.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Social Media website Facebook chooses to take home a $1 salary and declines stock awards and bonuses.

Then there is one name that also stands out amongst others, Karan A Chanana, the Chief Executive Officer of Amira Nature Foods Ltd.

Mr Chanana takes home a pay packet of ZERO Dollars.

He is also the Chairman of the Board of Amira Nature Foods Ltd., since February 2012.

Mr Chanana has been at the helm of Amira Nature Foods, a company started by his great grandfather more then a century ago in 1915 and has been run by the family since then.

Under the leadership of Mr Chanana, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in October 2012 under the symbol ANFI.

Karan A Chanana, second from right

Amira Nature Foods Ltd is an Indian food company which is best known for processing and distributing basmati rice and related food products. It is one of the largest sellers of Indian-grown basmati rice around the world. The company is also engaged in the business of Snacks and Oil.

The company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE with offices in India, UK, Germany and United States.

The AMIRA brand is also available across the world through Trade distribution relationships.

In December 2013, in an effort to further expand into the European market, Amira announced a deal to purchase Basmati Rice GmbH, a Germany-based distributor of rice, primarily basmati. It was the company’s first acquisition since going public.

Amira Products

Amira’s basmati rice, sold in metallic gold packaging, is said to have “a strong floral, nutty scent and flavour after cooking.”

Other products include specialty and organic rice, cooking oil, spices, flour and organic wheat, barley and legumes.

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Everything You Need to Know About Italian Truffles



Italian food is a divine combination of delicious flavors and recipes. Italians and people all over across the board enjoy the irresistible experience of traditional Italian dishes to satisfy their taste buds with the flavors and fusion of spices and herbs. Authentic Italian recipes have a lot of vegetables along with various variety of cheese through which they make the food nutritious, low carb, and healthy.

Italian food is now engrossing foodies all over the globe with their mouthwatering recipes. But you need to know more about Italian food, we all know that cheese is considered as the main ingredient to Italian cuisine, but there is one more magical spice known as Truffle which is used in many traditional dishes.

Now you must be thinking what exactly is a Truffle and how can you use it? Don’t worry! In this article, we are breaking down everything you need to know about Truffles. Happy Reading!

What are Truffles?

Truffles are basically edible fungi majorly used as a spice in Italian cuisine. It’s a natural wild product with a pungent taste that will give a shot of happiness to your taste buds.

They are also known as the “Diamond of Kitchen”. Why? Because of the magical earthy and aromatic ingredients. Also, truffles give a delightful sight to the representation of numerous Italian dishes and make them aesthetically pleasing.

The size of a truffle is like a strawberry or of an apple, it may vary. Moreover, there are various types of truffles. The most highly valued in Italy are black and white ones.

Truffles grow on the decomposing organic matter though the symbiotic relation of roots with trees. They also grow in the roots of various trees and are usually harvested with the help of trained dogs as they can smell underneath the layers of ground.

Are Truffles similar to Mushrooms?

A certain confusion between truffles and mushrooms occurs in mind that they both are same. But it’s not like that, they aren’t the same. Although both are edible fungi. Mushrooms grow above the ground whereas, truffles grow underneath the ground with the roots of specific trees. Both have odd features, taste and methods of using so they are not considered as same as they look like.

How To Use Truffles?

There are more than several types of truffles. Additionally, oil is also originated from the truffles. Truffles are used in many products like sea salt and butter, it is also sliced along with honey. Most commonly used truffles in Italy are black and white ones.

A truffle cannot be boiled, fried or baked. It can be sprinkled on scrambled eggs, salads, baked potato or can be sliced in pasta, risotto, and the most famous one burratacheesewithtruffles.

Cost Of Truffles

Truffles are a bit expensive as they are hard to grow and are most likely to grow under the oak, hazel, and poplar trees. A specific kind of atmosphere is required for the growth of truffles. Also, they grow very slowly and are available for a very short season.

Dogs are specially trained to sniff out the truffles from the ground. But nowadays, truffles are cultivated in many regions of the USA. They are easily available at local and online stores in the raw and cooked form and are used in a variety of meals with the help of the authentic Italian trufflesrecipes like a burrata house which is severing the premium quality of truffles all across the USA. One can easily buyonlineItaliantrufflesthrough them.

Health Benefits Of Truffles

  • Truffles are a high source of protein and fibre.
  • They are considered as a high antioxidant which reduces inflammation.
  • Truffles are also used as an antibacterial medicine.
  • Truffles can be very easily added to the daily diet.

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