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What Makes Hatch Green Chiles So Special?



Hatch Green Chiles are uniquely grown in an area of New Mexico known as the Hatch Valley. Hatch Green Chile refers to varieties of Chiles specifically grown within the Hatch valley. The Hatch Valley runs along the Rio Grande, from Arrey New Mexico, in the north to Tonuco Mountain, southeast of Hatch New Mexico.  This area exhibits unique soil composition and ideal growing conditions that contribute to the unique flavor profile. Due to their remarkable flavor profile, Hatch Valley Chiles have been featured in numerous publications throughout the United States and even received international focus on BBC.

Hatch Chile refers to varieties of species of the genus Capsicum specifically grown within the Hatch Valley.  Over the past 130 years, New Mexico State University has developed most varieties of these chiles. Often grocery stores carry chiles sold as “Hatch”, even though not actually grown in the Hatch Valley region. Those who have experienced both varieties can often tell the difference between the two by taste alone. The specific soil composition and growing conditions produce a unique tasting Chile with great consistency and flavor in cooking.

When Is Hatch Chile Season?

The typical harvest season of Hatch Green Chiles runs from the first of August through the end of September, but harvesting may begin as soon as early July, depending on weather conditions.  Hatch Green Chiles typically have a range of 1,000 to 2,500 Scoville heat units with a mild to medium flavor. Due to a relatively short growing season, which is the only time to purchase fresh authentic Hatch Green Chiles, customers often resort to sourcing more expensive frozen or canned chiles.

Given the limited growing region and season, customers might wonder how to get their hands on Hatch Green Chiles.   One issue for chile lovers is how to get Hatch Green Chiles when they live nowhere near New Mexico. With the internet you can order almost anything and have it shipped right to your door and chiles are no exception.  Ordering chiles canned in liquid or even dried whole chiles result in higher shipping fees as well as additional storage needs. In comparison, dehydrated chiles pack a more fiery punch and ferocity in sauce recipes and foods compared to fresh peppers.  Through the process of dehydration, all moisture is removed from the Hatch Green Chiles. This helps to magnify and intensify the heat, flavor and natural sugars contained within the Chile. Additionally, the stems and some seeds are removed, during this process, resulting in a concentrated product.

Where Can I Purchase Dehydrated Hatch Green Chiles?

At Paulita’s New Mexico, customers can order authentic dehydrated Hatch Green Chile and Hatch Green Chile seasonings.  This results in great flavor and an easy, less expensive means of shipping to anywhere in the world. Paulita’s New Mexico Hatch Green Chiles are TSA friendly and travel well wherever in the world you would like to take or send them.  We recommend Paulita’s New Mexico for true authentic Hatch Green Chile products. Paulita’s New Mexico uses only authentic Hatch Green Chiles grown within the Hatch Valley region of New Mexico. Paulita’s, a family owned business, strives to deliver authentic New Mexican cuisine with excellent quality at an affordable price. Made with love and care in New Mexico, all of Paulita’s products are held to the highest standards. Go to Paulita’s New Mexico to get the Chile that travels well.


Paulita’s New Mexico  •  1533 35th Circle  •  Rio Rancho, NM 87124


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Meet the CEO with ZERO salary: Karan A Chanana



It pays good to be a boss!

This is always proven right whenever you read about CEO’s making millions of dollars from companies in the name of remunerations every year.

Each big corporation has a CEO who is awarded millions in name of remunerations.

Many executives are criticised for their executive pays, but there are some others who take $1 or no salary at all as their pay packet.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Social Media website Facebook chooses to take home a $1 salary and declines stock awards and bonuses.

Then there is one name that also stands out amongst others, Karan A Chanana, the Chief Executive Officer of Amira Nature Foods Ltd.

Mr Chanana takes home a pay packet of ZERO Dollars.

He is also the Chairman of the Board of Amira Nature Foods Ltd., since February 2012.

Mr Chanana has been at the helm of Amira Nature Foods, a company started by his great grandfather more then a century ago in 1915 and has been run by the family since then.

Under the leadership of Mr Chanana, the company went public on the New York Stock Exchange in October 2012 under the symbol ANFI.

Karan A Chanana, second from right

Amira Nature Foods Ltd is an Indian food company which is best known for processing and distributing basmati rice and related food products. It is one of the largest sellers of Indian-grown basmati rice around the world. The company is also engaged in the business of Snacks and Oil.

The company has its headquarters in Dubai, UAE with offices in India, UK, Germany and United States.

The AMIRA brand is also available across the world through Trade distribution relationships.

In December 2013, in an effort to further expand into the European market, Amira announced a deal to purchase Basmati Rice GmbH, a Germany-based distributor of rice, primarily basmati. It was the company’s first acquisition since going public.

Amira Products

Amira’s basmati rice, sold in metallic gold packaging, is said to have “a strong floral, nutty scent and flavour after cooking.”

Other products include specialty and organic rice, cooking oil, spices, flour and organic wheat, barley and legumes.

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Aquafresh Reverse Osmosis water purifier



What is RO?

RO or Reverse Osmosis and Osmosis are a concept that is known for several years now. As a matter of fact, studies conducted on osmosis had been carried out in 1748 by Nollet, a French Scientist. Even many researchers had investigated the phenomena following Nollet for over two centuries. But RO (reverse osmosis) is being used as feasible separation process very newly and can be rightly termed to be a young technology. It was only during the late 1950s that Reid’s work show that RO membrane accelerated cellulose was able to separate water and salt. It was so, even though, the obtained water fluxes were quite small to be held practical. During the early 1960s a method was developed by Sourirajan and Loeb to make asymmetric- cellulose acetate membranes having relatively high separations and water fluxes. Therefore, RO separations are made both practical and possible.

Development of RO membrane

New generation membranes like the composite, thin film membrane which has the ability to tolerate higher temperatures, harsh chemical environments and wide pH ranges are being developed. They are stated to have highly improved solute separate and water flux characteristics, thus resulting in several RO applications. Besides traditional brackish water and seawater desalination process, RO membranes are found to be used in waste water treatment, for water softening, food processing and to produce ultra-pure water. The fact is that RO membrane product sales has increased tremendously in recent years and is only expected to grow further in the near future.

Characterization techniques of RO membrane

RO membrane characterization is considered to be crucial as it allows better insight into relationship that exists between membrane structure, chemistry and transport properties. Water flux & solute rejection for membrane measurement is the most utilized characterization method. They can be measured easily and offer quick suitability indication of any specific membrane for the application. But, fluxes offer just limited information pertaining to membrane structure and characteristics and role played by them in solute and water transport. Therefore, other there are being employed other characterization techniques to determine different parameters like barrier layer thickness, pore size, membrane elemental composition, etc.

Why purchase aquafresh ro?

Such products have gained immense popularity in the market and are being sought after by families and commercial owners to safeguard the health of everyone. The RO products are being developed for over a decade now and have been able to meet the growing need of the population. There are readily available wide ranges of products in the market that do offer top quality solutions at affordable and premium prices. The number of features present in the RO is what exactly determines its price. Reputed brands also offer Annual Maintenance Contracts, to ensure that the units are in top working order and serve the purpose for a very long time. The RO is likely to suit the specific needs of the family and can offer everyone with healthy, fresh and clean drinking water that is essential for overall wellbeing.

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Japanese Rice Cookers Is a Good Kitchen Appliance Investment



A bowl with glass lid and an exhaust outlet is all that it takes to get rid of constant monitoring of rice when cooked on the stove. Well yes!  I want to illustrate the rice heaven you will step into once you have this work-saving appliance on your kitchen shelf. Let’s start.

Staple Food

Starch is the most affordable food item you can find but cooking it on a stove can be a cooking predicament sometimes as it doesn’t give you the best quality of rice plus humungous care is needed as the process is without any automation. Heat regulation has to be done manually.A computer doesn’t run it. Now it does take all the ingredients. Put them together. That is it!


Every stove user has gone through the tight of inelegant looking burnt rice or overcooked rice. Japanese  Rice Cookers come equipped with the most updated heat flow regulation that changes accordingly to the temperature inside the pot. The exhaust outlet keeps the pressure down and it ends in a safe cooking environment.

No Scrutiny Over The Stove.

Constant monitoring and scrutiny is indispensable to the whole rice cooking process. Push the button on the rice cooker and forget about the rest of the process. Anyone who has an iota of an idea about the quantity of rice and water to put in the pot in can make it. You can pass on this small task to anyone in your home without worrying of them overcooking it or burning the grains.

Reduction in Bills

We often prefer to buy expensive food items over rice because rice are difficult to cook. What if the idea of cooking rice doesn’t limit us anymore?

Rice cookers are flexible in their work and we can even steam some fish or meat as it comes equipped with a steaming pot. So now before buying inexpensive rice grains, you wouldn’t have to think twice and spend more on other food items.


Cooked rice vs High calorie food items? What would you prefer? I think you and me have the same answer. If you can cook rice on a daily basis with minimized care and attention you can have food daily rich in nutrients and keeping your body healthy. Rice items like cauliflower rice have been raved about in nutrition studies and reports as it contains the surplus of nutrition elements.


Rice cookers can cook almost every kind of rice. There are different kinds of rice people like to eat and almost every kind is a staple food almost. Putting together all the ingredients of all kinds in a pot and getting fluffy rice in an efficient process. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Rice can either be as a main food item or as a dessert alongside porridges in a rice pudding depending on your taste and preferences.

Adding One More Doesn’t Hurt.

Well adding one more electrical appliance to your kitchen won’t hurt especially when the appliance is an elegant efficient machine that saves you a lot of work. The kitchen looks more full of life and becomes one that can speak for itself.

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