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Right Time to Paint Your House Exterior



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Planning to paint the exterior of your house to give it a refreshing look? You will have many questions circling in your mind like what will the best color, where to get professional painters? Should I choose one or two paint option for the exterior of your house? From the list of many questions, one of the most important question is what will be the right time to paint the house exterior?

In the following blog, we will be giving you the answer to this question and will tell you about the things that you need to keep in mind to get satisfactory results. Remember that painting the exterior of the house cannot be done at any time of the year. To paint your residential property you need to wait for the right weather. If you are looking to get the residential painting services, then you should connect with experience painting company in your area to take their guidance and then continue the painting process. Following are the few things that you need to consider and three things that you should avoid when planning to paint the exterior:

Appropriate Weather

To paint properly, an appropriate weather is the pre-requisite. The reason behind this is the character of the paint as it dries depending on the temperature conditions on the time of application. In an ideal, you have to choose a time that provides you warm and dry days. It is recommended to see that weather forecast so that you plan your schedule accordingly. If there will be rain, then your siding will need couple of days to get fully dry before the painting.  The same thing needs to be kept in mind after the application. You also need to ensure that you have to check the weather after the painting as well so that your paint can dry properly.

In addition to this, you also have to keep the temperature fluctuation in the mind from days to night. If you are having a good temperature during the day, a sudden drop in the temperature at night will affect the paint drying time. If this happens, then you will not get a smooth surface and you might experience a problem like peeling and cracking.

After knowing all this you might be wondering, what is the ideal weather for exterior painting? The answer is the time of early summer and early fall. During this time, there is minimal rain and less fluctuation of temperature from day to night. In this temperature condition, your paint will dry properly to give you the smooth surface. Still looking for professional help, you can contact a professional Cape Cod painting company to hire the skilled painters. The experienced staff will do the job using high-quality paint and proper techniques to paint properly.

How Warm It Should Be?

We have mentioned previously that summer is the right time to paint your house exterior. The summer gives us the dry weather and there is not much rain. But remember that there is an extreme heat condition.

When the temperature is high, then you will not get an ideal finish. You will get clumps of paint due to the dried paint collected on the freshly painted surface and ugly brush marks. Furthermore, it is not a good idea to paint under the blazing sun.

You need to select the day that is not too hot. You also need to pay attention on the humidity level. To get the best results, you should paint when there is not much humidity. You need to stick with time of early summer and early fall as discussed above to paint your property.

3 Things to Avoid

To guide you in the right way, the following are the three things that need to be avoided when painting the house exterior:

1-Don’t Paint Outside Normal Temperature Range

You don’t need to paint in the middle of the winter season because it is too cold and the paint will not dry completely. In addition to this, some days can be too hot for painting and too much heat can also cause the problem of drying. You also need to keep the night temperature into consideration because your paint will dry at night as well after the application. Make sure that the conditions are ideal to get the desired results.

Furthermore, your paint brand also plays an important role. You need to read the manufacturer instructions when using the specific brand. If you are not having the idea about the weather condition, then you need to get in touch with expert local residential painters for the right guidance. They will be using the right tools and right techniques so that the valuable client can get the best results. They are aware of the adequate temperature required for paint and they can also handle the problems like peeling or cracking of paint easily with their knowledge.

2-Don’t Paint in Rainy Days

Avoid doing the painting project during the rainy days. You need to make sure that all the surfaces you are going to paint will dry completely. You need to follow this if you want an even surface after the application of paint.

3-Don’t Paint Outside Season

If you are living in the northern area, then you can select the fall weather to paint but most of the people will not paint beyond November because the weather becomes very cold. In addition to this, southern areas are warm enough in early winter so they get away with painting later in the year.

Climate is one of the important factors that you need to keep into an account for best results. By following the above guidelines you can get the best painting finish. If you are still confused about the exterior house painting job, then you can get in touch with professional painting contractors to give your house an elegant look.  They will take care of the painting process and you don’t have to worry about anything. Just hire the professionals and leave the rest on their shoulder.

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Roof Height Safety System: The Right Way To Secure Risks While Working at Heights



Falling from the roof of a building is one of the biggest causes of accidental death worldwide. Hence, it is important to ensure property safety while the workers completeanassignment to work at heights. There is always a range of roof height safety protocols to make sure that their life is safe. Even for residents and those who like to visit the roof from time to time, there have been reported incidents when a cycle of events had led to a dramatic fall from the roof even when the victim was walking on the roof. However, for construction workers, fall from a roof has been reported as one of the biggest reasons for death in construction sites. For this reason, height safety systems should be installed that allow everyone to access the roof in a safe and controlled manner and reduces all risks of falling in these areas.

Who Needs A Safety System?

Most owners who do not visit the roof often or do not provide access to others are under the idea that they do not require to install roof height safety measures because they do not need them. However, safety systems must be installed by everyone who owns a building or has employed workers performing various tasks at lights. This is of prime importance because many construction and other workers lose their life in working from such raised platforms. Hence, any person responsible for the building must provide proper roof height safety measures so that air conditioning unit workers or cleaners can safely perform the tasks.

Firefighters in a rescue operation – accident on the roof; all logos removed. Slovenia, Europe. Nikon.

How To Stay Safe

For construction workers and other personnel who need to regularly work at elevated areas, it is important to follow some basic safety protocols that will help you save your life in a critical condition. Some of the most well-known and important roof safety tips to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Proper Installation And Placement Are Paramount-It is important to make sure that you are always using your ladder correctly. Your ladder must rest on a solid surface, and a ladder leveler can be used if the roof is extremely uneven. You might also invest in anti-slip teeth that can be used on the base of the ladder, especially if you are working on dirt or grass.
  • Try Not To Work Alone At Heights-It would be best if you always worked with others, especially in risky situations. You must have someone with you when working on a roof to call for backup if something is to happen.
  • Avoid Unfavorable Environmental Conditions-You must never work on a snowy or wet roof. Such incidences make the roof extremely slippery, and even if you are wearing safety boots, it can lead to a horrible accident that has to be always avoided.
  • Keep Your Safety Equipment In Good Condition-Always treat your safety equipment with care and respect. Even if you have been working for your years and have a lot of experience, it is important to always wear the proper roof height safety harnesses and equipment.

Preparing industrial Climber

Training Required For Using The Safety System

A worker needs to understand that several workplace obligations have to be fulfilled to ensure that they have optimal knowledge for working in a dangerous situation like on a roof. Hence, you might require a true set for the training period that will help you understand the basic safety guidelines and safety awareness that needs to be always followed.


By following the right roof height safety protocols and measures, you can make the most of your job without any accidents. Also, the details discussed above will help you select the proper way to choose the right roof safety system.

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