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What are the advantages of polished concrete floors?



Polished concrete floors are very common, and you can install such floors in your home. The minimalist and sleek design of this floor can easily match with your exiting interior. Polished concrete floors are very durable. You can find many options in polished concrete floors, and you can choose the best design and colors for your home. Apart from that, the concrete floor is rust resistant and you can install such flooring in heavy traffic areas.

#6 Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floor:

polished concrete floors

polished concrete floors

  1. Polished concrete floors have a bleak look and it will make your small rooms larger. Also, the concrete floor does not have any joints like floorboards and tiles, and this is an unbroken sheet flooring material. You can easily maintain the polished concrete floor in a normal way, and you do not need to spend any additional maintenance cost on it. Plus, a polished concrete floor will reflect the lights and lighten the space.
  2. As stated, that polished concrete floor does not have any joint, dust or dirt cannot able to hide inside the joints or groups of the floor. You can easily clean such floors with mops or vacuum cleaner. You cannot find any cracks on damages on these floors and you can easily use normal cleaning solutions on the polished concrete floor.
  3. If you suffer from allergy or asthma, then you must install a polished concrete floor in your house because such flooring can prevent dust and allergens. Dust, dirt, and pollen can be removed from the outer surface of the floor by regular maintenance and you can keep your home germ free throughout the year.
  4. Concrete is the toughest material and almost all buildings are made with concrete. If you apply the same material on your floor, then you will get the best durability. You do not need to replace or repair the polished concrete floors recurrent times. If you find any crack or damage on your floor, then you can repair your concrete floor partially. Plus, concrete floors are less expensive, and you can easily find the concrete floor repairing services in your nearby areas.
  5. You cannot install the wooden floor in high traffic areas because they will be faded out by the high traffic. In this case, you have only one alternative. The concrete floor does not get affected by a heavy footprint.
  6. Concrete floors are available with various color, designs, and textures. You can choose the best color and designs for your home improvement. You can also increase the durability level of the concrete floor by adding some external material like shells and epoxy coating.

Disadvantages of polished concrete floors:

polished concrete floors

polished concrete floors

Concrete floors are more comfortable than wooden floors and tiles floor because they are slip resistant and you can cover your concrete floor with carpet. It is possible that you can find some problems in your polished concrete floor and you need to take some prevention to avoid such issues. The polished concrete floor gets colder during winter and you need to cover the floor with carpet to keep your floor warm. Apart from that, if you do not install such floors in a proper way then you can find some cracks on your floor in the future and you need to seal them again. Polished concrete floors are harder than other floor and they are a little expensive too.

So you can search the polished concrete floors online and choose the best company or contractor after comparing their prices. You must check their license, experience and customer reviews before hiring.

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1 Comment

  1. Muhammad Mubeen Hassan

    July 31, 2021 at 12:03 pm

    Carpet is a moroccan kilims practical and fashionable flooring option.

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5 Cool Window Covering Designs For Your Basement



Are you planning on replacing the windows in your basement? It’s worth the hassle if you find a modern design you love, but it costs lots of money. You’ll need to find a way to improve the look of your room while you save up. 

Let’s discuss a few window covering designs that will help them look bigger and fancier. It should please whoever is sleeping in your basement at the moment. You’ll be able to recreate one of these ideas over the weekend. 

1. Add Trim To Your Windows 

If you browse the designs available at Canadian Choice Replacement Windows & Doors, you’ll notice everything looks good. Windows without trim look like little holes in the wall. It’s not something you’d find in a real bedroom.



You’ll discover lots of window molding options in your local Home Depot. Don’t worry about messing up when trying to attach the trim because it’s pretty cheap. Your basement windows will automatically look expensive. 

2. Make Windows Appear Bigger 

If you attach recycled shutters below your Peterborough windows, it will make them appear much bigger. Unless someone is looking at them closely, it will look like the shutters are covering the bottom half of your windows. 

You might need to add a little trim when working on this idea. If you use your imagination, I’m sure you’ll think of other ways to make it look like your windows run further down the wall. Sadly, it won’t let more light inside. 

3. Playing Tricks With Mirrors 

Mirrors will also trick people into thinking your windows are larger. It will only work if you hang them directly above your windows. You can use trim to make them look like they’re part of the overall design. 

Even though people won’t be able to see outside when looking at the windows, it will appear as if you can look through them, but you’ll only be looking at the basement. Rooms will look brighter because sunlight bounces off the glass.

4. Angle Windows For Extra Light 

You can angle the drywall so it comes down like a slope, which will allow more light into your basement. It will feel like the window is a lot bigger, but it will look a little unnatural compared to the windows upstairs. 

It’s maybe not the best idea if you plan on replacing your windows soon, as you’ll need to put a bit more work into it. Your drywall will need to be pulled down and replaced once the framing has been changed. 

5. Hang Long Drapes From Windows

Long drapes will make the windows appear taller, but they could make your basement look strange. You will need to find a way to cover the walls below your windows. We’ve already mentioned shutters, but there are easier ways.

You could put a desk under your window, which wouldn’t be a waste of space if the basement dweller used it for work. If you have beds on either side of the window, you can put a table and lamp underneath it.

 It’s Only A Temporary Solution 

These ideas are great if you want to improve the look of old and tired basement windows, but you should save for new windows as soon as possible.

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