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Here’s Why It Is Important to Consult an Adoption Attorney in Atlanta



For any parent, adopting a child remains a life-changing decision. It is all about giving legal rights as well as responsibilities of parenthood to another individual and this process can take months, sometimes even years.  The entire process is about constitutional rights to parent a child, and it requires critical care to ensure there isn’t any form of error. In addition, since it is about taking up the responsibility of a child, it involves the government as well, who wants to ensure that the people considering adopting can provide the best environment for the child to grow.

As such, the entire process is a slow one, and having legal representation is something that will be quite helpful at every step. Consulting an adoption attorney in Atlanta is highly important. You will learn more about things like how much is adoption and the details that go into it.

Here are some of the reasons why it will prove to be a good decision to visit one.

Get a Better Insight into the Adoption Process

You need to understand that adoption is a process. It isn’t just about finding someone who’s willing to give up his or her child for adoption and simply signing a paper to complete the process. No, you need an attorney who would be willing to explain the entire process and exactly why it is important to follow each process in the right manner. Once you know the bigger picture, you will be ready to push yourself through the legal procedures and be ready for any complications along the way (although this is rare).

Make You Understand the Licensing Requirements Process

You need to understand that adoption involves various processes and can consist of numerous steps, including the submission of an application to the court, submitting valid information to the court, going through adoption training and orientation, and more. When you consult experts, such as Tom Tebeau you will need to supply the attorney’s with important information such as:

  • Current financial position
  • Moral history
  • Social history and references
  • Criminal history
  • Past court actions in relation to child abuse
  • Mental and physical health
  • Other relevant information

Know that when you comply with the gathering of this information, at every step, the advice and help of an experienced attorney is invaluable! At any time, if there are any kind of complications, this will slow down the entire process, but an adoption lawyer will be able to keep the process moving on the right track.

Get the Help You Need in Court

In most cases, complications could end up taking you into court. If you go to court, then legal representation is highly important. At such times, having an attorney beside you will make the sessions in court easier, and of course in your favor. It will increase the chances of you having a favorable and better outcome.

Things to Consider Before You Decide to Choose an Adoption Attorney

Before you choose an attorney, you have to consider some important things. Some of them include:

Question Them Freely

It is important that you know more about your adoption attorney’s prior experience, and they should be able to give you more insight. You may take your time to ask them any relevant questions. Hence, you should freely ask them about the type of adoption you wish to choose. For example, you should know there are specific intercountry adoptions, domestic interstate adoptions, working with singles and more. In addition, you should ask the lawyers about the process they follow. It is important that you meet a knowledgeable lawyer and one who is up-to-date with the adoption process.

The Costs

You may not think about this, but you have to evaluate the costs of adoption as well. As you choose your adoption attorney, you have to know that they should be able to guide you well on the adoption fees. You may not have an idea on what is legal, and what to pay to whom. In addition, you should find out whether they have a consultation fee, a set rate, or any such details. You should ask them an estimate of the adoption budget before you begin with the process and be sure of all legal costs.

Do They Have Prior Experience?

You should ask them whether they have prior experience with adoptions (whether it’s working with singles, domestic interstate or specific intercountry adoption). Get to know how many they did recently and how they manage the adoption processes. They should have enough knowledge of the different types of adoptions and guide you on the one planning to process.

Keep in mind that you will have to work with many people throughout the adoption process. However, working with an attorney is a great idea because you will also learn about the Georgia child support laws. Consider your attorney as a legal guide, and trust their guidance and expertise at every stage.

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Thinking about the future can go together with parenting. But what does this mean for us?



My husband and I fought about when we would become parents. As the years went by, it was never the right time. We were just teenagers, away from our family in London and residing in a tiny basement apartment. We wanted to settle with our jobs and in a city living in a house that we owned – before we decided to have the joy of having a child. It was like things parents or actual adults should be able to enjoy.

In the end, we wouldn’t be as worried as we do. Our daughter and our sons were raised by two parents who are deeply concerned about their health and well-being. As with many parents, we set away many of our desires to give our kids the most fulfilling possible life we could. After more than a decade of being the new parents who were shattered, we are now taking more confident steps in our journey as parents. Our children are happy, healthy, and flourishing.

Of course, as most parents, we fret about whether the gift we offer to our children is sufficient. What would be more beneficial for us to send them to private schools (even though the concept of private education opposes all of our convictions)? Do our kids need to be involved in more activities after school? Do we have enough money saved to provide them with a financial advantage as they grow older?

Concerning the future, it seems, goes with the responsibility of parenting. We think about what kind of world we’ll leave our children, and many of these concerns affect our children’s lives. We aren’t just concerned about what kind of person our children will become, but how well we’ve prepared our children with the necessary tools to live fulfilling lives.

In the end, what does worry get us? It’s not likely to alter the future. I began to meditate around the time when I was going to become a mother in the very first instance. one of the things I’ve learned was that while I cannot determine what’s coming up in the future, however, I do have control over what the way I view my current. I am in power at least – what’s happening at the moment. While I cannot alter my children’s future by thinking about it, I can make a difference in their lives by providing them with the best possible childhood that I can.

In her novel The Philosophical Baby, Alison Gopnik writes about how, as parents and caregivers, we influence an essential aspect of our children’s lives, and that’s their childhood. She discusses a project in Michigan where children with disadvantaged backgrounds were provided with committed caregivers. This could be observed 20-30 years later when these children had been “more prosperous, better educated, healthier and less likely to go to jail.” To them.

Similar to that, Michael Delman, in his book Your Kid’s Gonna is Okay, says: “For our children, our patience, kindness, and encouragement will pay better dividends than constantly wringing our hands and telling them how anxious we are about them.”

It is possible that among the best things that we could do to our kids is think less about the future and instead focus on their immediate. In the best way we can be able, we can provide our children with an experience that will keep them in good standing.

In Western societies, we tend to spend most of our time thinking about our children’s future and perhaps even to their disadvantage in the end, as Gopnik has pointed out in the book The Gardener and the Carpenter. Instead of worrying about their futures, perhaps it is better to be worried about what might someday be their past. After all, unlike their futures, our children’s past is the only thing we have some degree of control over.

It’s not to say that we as parents won’t fail or that life doesn’t bring us into situations that we cannot control. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of the fundamental needs of our children and not take the necessary steps to help them achieve success. However, perhaps the stress and stressing over whether we’re doing enough isn’t so crucial?

The positive side is that if you’re thinking these thoughts, chances are you’re already a fantastic caregiver and are putting your children’s needs at the forefront. The most important thing is that we’re with our children. Regardless of how much time we can dedicate during a day, we ensure it’s an uninterrupted time that isn’t cluttered with distractions.

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