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Pierres Mano by its owner : Othman Sidqui



Othman Sidqui is an expert gemologist and unrivaled designer of high jewelry. His passion for jewelry as well as his family heritage made Othman a well-known designer, one of the few jewelers who has been able to carve a niche for himself in the competitive jewelry industry.

Stones have infinite richness. When these small miracles of nature are sublimed by the hands of man, they transform into jewelry. It takes years of research to find the source of such gems, thousands of hours to shape them in a perfect design – only then the high-end jewelry is created. Jewelry is the highest form of art, as the name indicates. And it is the beating heart and economic capital of Morocco, especially Casablanca. And there is one young person that has made this magical discovery great with his charming achievements; Othman Sidqui is an expert gemologist and unrivaled designer of high jewelry.

His passion for jewelry as well as his family heritage made Othman a well-known designer. Othman’s love for jewelry began in school as he combined his study with learning his family jewelry trade that has been a part of the family for generations. After school, he studied gemology at the Science and Technology University of Nantes in France, where he graduated from in 2006.

Today, Othman specializes in crafting unique and astonishing pieces of jewelry that reflect simplicity; a unique art that combines the value of the gold and the power of the stone. These high-end pieces are so spectacular that they get recognized by buyers even before they are exposed to the press.

Othman is famous for his work with some of the most extraordinary gems such as garnets, opals, rubies, emerald, sapphire, diamonds, as well as various other admirable works of art. Pierres Mano by Othman Sidqui is the name of a showroom’s brand which is a cave of wonders for all elegant women where they will find pure happiness and joy.

Because of his excellence and greatness in this particular work of art which was recently publicized in the USA and then in Canada, Othman has become the ambassador of Moroccan jewelry on an international scale.

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Style & Beauty

Rub Treatment Career: What Is Swedish Rub?



Perhaps you have wondered what all those different varieties of rubs are? Swedish rub, heavy structure rub, reflexology–what are these rub treatment practices? What’re the variations? As you follow your rub treatment career you will learn different practices, but we will provide you with the essential understanding of the differences.

For the present time, we will concentrate on Swedish rub therapy. It is typically related to Per Henrik Ling, who created the shots in 1812. In Sweden, nevertheless, it’s perhaps not referred to as Swedish, but alternatively “classic massage.” That truth must inform you that many people contemplate Swedish rub to be the classical or normal kind of rub therapy. When the typical average person usually feels like starting a massage treatment career, he or she often feels of a Swedish massage.

So how exactly does the rub counselor perform Las Vegas swedish massage? You can find five forms of shots used: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, and vibration. Don’t brain the confusing, unpronounceable phrases, we’ll describe them for you!

Effleurage – The rub counselor employs that swing to lightly skim the client’s muscles. It’s perhaps not typically a heavy swing, but its purpose would be to heat the muscles and make them for the deeper, harder shots that’ll follow. Effleurage makes for better body circulation throughout the body.

Petrissage – This can be a company swing that typically requires kneading and coming skin to use force to the main muscles.

Tapotement – This calls for rhythmically hacking at the client’s muscles with the side of the hand, going up and down over the skin.

Friction – The rub counselor applies company force in tight rounded motions to loosen up knots in the nerves and muscles.

Vibration – The rub counselor performs rapid shaking shots to vibrate the muscles.

Typically, the client lies nude on a dining table, included in a drape whilst the masseuse performs these strokes. To guarantee the shots are clean and to prevent the discomfort of skin, the rub counselor employs unique rub oils that enable the hands to move easily over the skin while using the right level of force to the muscles.

Swedish rub has several uses. It provides better body circulation throughout the human body, thereby reducing muscle pains and treating force in joints. Swedish rub also manipulates hormone degrees, producing pressure degrees in several individuals to decline.

Swedish rub offers comfort to 1000s of people every day. You could be anyone providing that comfort! Begin thinking about a massage treatment career today!

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