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Stunning Bridal Nath designs Love by Indian Bride



When we talk about traditional Indian jewellery, there is no doubt about the fact that the options are too many. From amazing necklaces to gorgeous earrings, there is no much to see and choose around here. So, one might just need some help when it comes to wedding jewellery. Well, do you think that you are forgetting something? Well, the bridal nose rings are an important part of the ceremony for sure. This accessory is something that many women would want to wear on their wedding day. There are so many ladies who wear maang tikkas these days or the jhoomar earrings. Well, having the perfect nath or the nose pin is something that they would love for sure. But how does one choose the right option?

You all know that there are many different designs when we talk about naths and nose rings. So, choosing one from the lot can be a difficult task for some women. Well, we are ready to help as always. Many websites have some of the best designs of nose rings that you would definitely love to wear. This makes the task of choosing simple as well. So, why don’t you take a look at the options that we have lined up for you and then you can make the choice. Surely that doesn’t seem difficult.

  • Hoops In the Nose


When you need to have the best looks on the wedding day of yours, having a hoop for the nose ring is something that you can choose for sure. Well, there are the small hoops and the larger hoops. We would suggest that you go big for the wedding event of yours. These oversized options when it comes to the nose rings would provide you with the perfect bridal look for sure. All you have to do in here is try this nose rings out and you will see the beauty and elegance oozing out from you. Why don’t you go ahead and try these out and we are pretty sure that you will fall in love.

  • Chained Nose Rings

chained nose ring.jpg

Well, do you want to amp up your hoop nose rings a bit? Well, adding a chain to it that would go right to your hair is something that most brides do these days. When it comes to the traditional bridal look this is something that you ought to try out right now. The proper beauty and elegance that will come from that look are unparalleled. There are women who want the perfect traditional look and this is something that we would recommend them to try out. Are you having a hard time believing us? Well, all you have to do is try these and you will see the magic.

  • Floral Pearls


Why not go a bit simple on your D-day? Surely that is something that you would like. Most women don’t like the heavy and oversized nose rings because it makes them a tad bit uncomfortable. Well, we have the perfect option for you then. You need to try out the amazing floral pearls in your nose ring and that would be something that is sophisticated and beautiful as well. So, why don’t you go ahead and give it a shot, ladies? We assure you that you will turn the heads your way if you try out this amazing nose ring.

So, these are some of the most amazing pieces of nose rings that you can actually try out and look ravishing as well. These pieces are some of the most beautiful ones and we are pretty sure that you would love them for sure.




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Style & Beauty

Where to find beautiful party dresses for larger women



It’s a wonderful feeling to have a party. First and foremost, you feel special for being invited. Then you can look forward to an evening with very nice people in a glamorous environment where you can feel really nice and beautiful.

Before you go to the party, however, a lot of preparation needs to be done. One of these preparations is to work out what equipment to wear at the party. It’s about party dress, jewelry, handbag, shoes, hair set, gloves, hat, makeup and other accessories. There is a lot to arrange and it is therefore important to be out in good time so that you do not stand unprepared in the evening for the party.

There are beautiful party dresses also for larger women

For larger women, it has long been difficult to find nice party dresses. This is probably because the prevailing ideal has long been very slim, almost lean, women who have bodies that are very common among more ordinary women. It may seem strange that the dress market has offered dresses for a very small group of people, but it has been.

However, this has now changed and the market has finally responded to the demand that exists among slightly larger women. As a result, the supply has increased significantly and there has even been a movement that states that “big is beautiful”.

Where to find inspiration

There is in the usual order a lot of inspiration and information to collect on the internet. Just search for a party dress for larger women, preferably in English, and you will find a huge amount of articles and photos on what it might look like. From there it is then just to choose and to throw.

It is even the case that the range of information is so large that you may have to choose a few mediums that you follow in order not to be overwhelmed by the huge amount of information that may be heading in your direction.

Buy a party dress on the internet

When it is time to choose a place to buy your party dress, there is also a very large selection on the internet. There are huge amounts of stores that everyone claims are best for you. In other words, it is also important to choose a store that suits you here. We have visited e4wholesale which is a very well stocked shop for party dresses wholesale on the internet. They also have a fantastic range of clothing for larger women and they have all the accessories that the modern woman is looking for.

Summary – Beautiful party dresses for larger women

Finally, a good market place for party clothes has emerged for larger women, a group that has not previously received the attention they deserve. This is something to look forward to and it is also something that shows positive trends in society. It is now perfectly okay to be a little bigger.

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