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Which Beds Have the Most Storage?



In the end, a bed is a major investment and is likely to be the main focal point of your room that you have used for many years.

But another important factor to take into account when picking the perfect bed that is often neglected is the possibility of adding useful storage in your bedroom.

Benefits of having a bed with storage

Rialto Ortho Divan Bed Set

In the bedroom, a lot of us are overwhelmed with clutter. Finding space for clothes that aren’t in the season and bulky bedding, and even books, toys, and electrical appliances like hairdryers and fans is difficult. Even with huge built-in wardrobes, most of us feel we’re pressed to fit everything in.

A private space that guests rarely visit. As a result, we frequently allow our smatterings and bits to flow throughout the bedroom in ways we don’t do elsewhere in the house.

The clothes are draped over chairs, and dressing tables become cluttered with magazines, broken jewelry, and toiletries that aren’t used, shattering our hopes of clean, minimalist, and tidy living.

The best news for those dreaming of organized life is that many modern beds are made to help you deal with the perennial problem of having too many things to store and inadequate space.

With the growing number of choices available such as built-in drawers and smart top-opening beds, it’s difficult to narrow your choices.

Why should you choose a bed with storage?

A bed for storage is a straightforward, efficient solution to storage issues.

In addition, it provides ample space for things you’d rather put away. It does this without affecting the size of your room. This means no additional drawers or storage containers take up space on the floor, waiting to slip your toe or get knocked over in a middle-of-the-night middle-of-the-night trip to the bathroom.

A bed with storage will also make it easier to look for storage units that blend with your existing bedroom set but also blend into the space available in your bedroom.

If you are looking to buy a new bed, most people will opt for the same size and swap an old, worn-out double bed for a brand-new double bed or change out an old-fashioned queen with a newer mattress of the same size.

Selecting a bed that has storage will allow you to take pleasure in the stunning new piece of furniture and also to amp up the storage space you have in one sitting without the stress of trying to locate the one chest of drawers within the UK that will fit the space between your radiator and dressing table.

What exactly is an ottoman bed?

San Diego Ottoman Upholstered Bed Frame

A relatively recent addition to the bedroom storage space scene, ottoman beds have revolutionized storage under beds with their innovative design that lifts.

The beds have an open base that can be filled with bulky winter sweaters as well as extra duvet covers.

The bed’s entire base, which includes the slats and the top of your mattress, lifts from the main unit using simple pistons to expose your belongings. This means that all the belongings you would like to put away in a safe place can be safely hidden and out of your mind.

Most ottoman beds are built to be total without drawers or storage; these beds enable you to keep a solid base’s elegant, seamless design without sacrificing storage space. It is perfect when you are a fan of a thick, luxurious velvet finish, stylish, sleek linen, and perhaps even an elegant and simple cleaning wooden veneer.

A lift-up mechanism that resembles an ottoman can be integrated into sleigh beds. This is an ideal option if you are a fan of the luxurious look but need room for bags, holdalls, trainers, and shoes.

The types of ottoman beds

With a variety of options, from simple ottoman bed options for bedrooms for children to super king-sized ottoman beds designed to add luxurious hotel style to your bedroom, There is an ottoman bed that will meet your requirements.

A wide variety of styles are available, including ottoman beds for any space and sleeping person.

Some can be opened from the side of the bed. This could help maximize space in a narrow room with a bed set against the wall. This permits the storage of larger or awkwardly-shaped objects (think golf clubs or the ironing board).

Some offer the convenience of drawers and a lower-lift-up storage area, making it a great alternative to deep storage, makings it easier to find small items that are difficult to locate in larger spaces.

With plenty of storage space, an ottoman bed offers an ideal place for the fitness mat, weights, and trainers if you plan to use your spare room for an exercise space.

It could also be used to keep your sewing equipment as well as patterns, fabrics, and other materials in case you’re a dressmaker for a hobby, or for those who craft with an ottoman bed, it provides ample space to store every one of the numerous and diverse objects you’ll need to create your masterpieces.

Half-front ottomans that hinge at a mid-point along the bed could be an excellent solution for elderly or weaker homeowners who find lifting the bed’s base and mattress may be difficult.

Although the storage capacity of the ottoman is cut by 50% in these beds, some also include divan drawers. This is an efficient and flexible solution to every storage problem and assists you in keeping various categories of things distinct.

An electric ottoman bed that can be opened at the push of a button is a better option for those with less mobility or for those who do not have enough technology at home. It lifts off the divan as you don’t even lift a hand.

Divan beds for simple storage

iGel Advance 3000 Plush Top Divan Bed Set

The classic divan, the staple of purchasing a bed in the 70s and 80s. The divan bed may have been out of style for a short period; however, with modern and much more trendy styles now available in shops and a desire for luxurious, soft fabrics that are sweeping across the country, divans are being re-in style.

It’s evident the reasons. The beds have plenty of storage space built right in beneath your mattress, with many of them offering two drawers in a configuration with two large drawers that slide out from the sides of the bed. of the bed, meaning that you’ll have plenty of room for towels, sheets, and other things while making sure that everything is within reach of.

Some divans come with two large drawers that are on either side. They are ideal for storing large items and contribute to an elegant, contemporary design.

Contrary to an ottoman storage bed, which usually provides an area that is large enough for heavy things, a divan that has drawers with separate compartments provides storage space that is easy to arrange into categories or sections (perhaps you’ll use one drawer for bedding that is clean and another for storage of jumpers and another one for your old photographs as well as books).

This makes it simple to locate that cardigan you’re sure you didn’t throw away or your shoe’s runaway companion.

Selecting a divan storage mattress

Another advantage of divan beds is the numerous and diverse design options.

From a smooth, solid blonde wood finish that is perfect for your cool, understated loft to lavishly covered versions that are perfect for an extravagant, luxurious look, There’s the perfect bed for your space.

In addition, with most Bensons for Beds headboards that offer integration with divan bases, we make it easy for you to pick the perfect bed.

Durable and built to last, Divan beds typically have frames of solid wood with soft fabric and wadding (though some have wood all over to give that rustic appearance).

They only require the installation of a mattress. Regardless of whether you enjoy sinking into a mattress that is soft and supple or prefers the pliable mattress of memory foam or counts on the support offered by an orthopedic bed, the mattress you choose is likely to be compatible with your favorite divan style.

A cost-effective option, because of the wide varieties of elegant and basic divan designs, picking divan beds can make the process of revamping the look of your bedroom effortless. It gives you a bed that offers useful storage space and long-lasting durability, making the ideal combination of mattress, base, and headboard easy.

Underbed storage and drawer storage

Sometimes, an elevated bed frame can be a great fit to suit your needs and the space you have.

Maybe you are in a tight floor space or a smaller room and are enthralled by that illusion of room an open-bottomed, higher bed frame offers. Perhaps you’re looking to move the larger equipment for exercise, like a drawing board or jigsaw mat, away from the way.

Maybe you cannot resist the appearance of a traditional stained wooden bed frame. And frankly, we’re not judging for it.

The best news for those fans of traditional bed styles is that many frames have been updated to include that extra bit of storage with some slim drawers in the base that make up the mattress.

They may aren’t as large as drawers found in divan beds and certainly don’t offer the amount of storage you’ll find in an ottoman bed. However, they could provide owners with enough space for next week’s bed sheets.

In addition, or in addition, opting for the bed frame that has legs gives you space for storage under your bed and can be picked specifically to your requirements, with baskets for smaller items to larger-sized boxes to store heavy winter coats, duvets, or shoes.

Beds for storage for children

Most children have more possessions than adults before they’re old enough to move on into a bed for adults.

Finding a place to store all those essential books, toys, and adorable outfits, which will, if we’re being truthful, probably only be worn once, is a daunting task.

Thank goodness Bensons for Beds offers a variety of beds for children that can maximize storage space and suit smaller sleepers.

A bed that has storage similar to a divan bed with drawers built into the bed’s underside, which is great for children who want a more adult feel new bed with lots of storage that is designed to build bricks or doctors kits, princess dresses and Brum cars and drawers that open easily and make the long-awaited tidy-up at the end of the day as fun as it gets.

This means fewer tears for them and less stress for you.

Trundle beds

Trundle beds help make sleepovers easier with an additional bed that is cleverly concealed beneath the bed of the child and can be removed effortlessly.

Although not specifically storage but these innovative solutions eliminate the necessity to keep (and build) an air bed or camp bed. Air bed when your best family member comes to stay.

High-sleeper beds

For the majority of children, nothing is so cool as the high-sleeper bed commonly referred to as a loft bed.

Typically designed for kids aged six and up, These fun beds combine the excitement of the treehouse experience with the ability to please parents and save space.

Some incorporate drawer storage or desks in the space under, but when this isn’t completed, freestanding furniture could be added to give your child a chance to personalize their own stamp on the design of their bedroom with furniture pieces that contrast.

High sleepers also keep their rest and sleeping space from the space for homework and play and help reduce anxiety and distractions.

The most efficient storage option for spare rooms

Max Ottoman Upholstered TV Bed Frame

Rooms that aren’t used can quickly become an unintentional dumping ground.

It’s not your typical room all day long. Therefore it’s a great place to store those clothes you’ve yet to iron but those older toys that could be donated to charity or furniture that’s been through a lot.

It’s not a problem until your mother-in-law’s best friend decides they’d be interested in staying the night with you.

The possibility of turning your spare bedroom into an area that can serve double duty is easier than you imagine by using the correct bed.

If it’s your occasional office or an impromptu laundry room, adding one bed that has storage drawers or the guest size of a small double ottoman bed can make it easier to get rid of all of your daily items and make it a relaxing sleeping space for your family or friends.

Include an ironed duvet cover and a few cushions, and a vase of fresh flowers and your guests will not be able to tell they’re sleeping in the same spot you hang your freshly cleaned socks.

Even the tiniest of rooms can be enhanced by an addition to a carefully-chosen storage bed. It gives you the opportunity to provide guests with a cozy, welcoming area with a full-length bed (far superior to the futon, fold-out bed, or even a sofa) without sacrificing practical storage that is suitable for your family’s everyday use.

The right storage bed for your home and you?

With numerous storage beds to pick from, how do you choose the one that is most likely to meet your needs of you, the space you have, your home, and your items?

In the first place, the type of bed you pick could be influenced by the design and shape of the bedroom.

A loft with sloping ceilings could not provide the space that you need for the headboard that is typically built to form an ottoman. A divan-only bed can be incorporated into a lower headspace and could also include drawers beneath, allowing the user to have an extra bed even in an awkwardly designed attic.

A room that is smaller, for instance, might not provide enough room to pull out drawers at the foot of the bed, particularly when side tables are placed on top.

In this scenario, an ottoman bed is the best option and can allow you to select the size of a queen bed, with storage that can be opened easily, regardless of the space to each side.

Are you stuffed with “just in case” items or items that you don’t even look at? A bed with an ottoman will typically provide the most storage space for its size and has one deep space which can be filled completely, unlike divans that are restricted by the structure and mechanism of the drawer.

This large space could make storage difficult to organize, especially for those who are shorter or those with back or mobility issues. Leaning forward to reach items that are stored in the mattress’s bottom could be a challenge.

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Hannah Owo Wiki, Bio, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts & More.



Hannah Owo, born on Thursday, 21 July, in the United States, is a model and Twitch streamer. She is also a social media influencer known for her content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others. Her beautiful videos and images are shared there by millions of people around the globe. We will share information about Hannah Owo Wiki and Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts & More.

She uploaded her first video, titled “it’s q&a boys”,. However, she last uploaded videos in 2021. When she wrote this biography, she had more than 461k subscribers. She has been playing games since she was a child. In high school, she created a Twitch channel to stream games.

She is also a model and has worked for many brands and companies. An Onlyfans account is also active. Subscribers can access exclusive content such as images and videos. She gained a lot of attention quickly due to her adorable face. Her unofficial Instagram account has over 179k followers. Some of her content became viral in the first days, which helped her gain followers.

She uploads most of her photos in different outfits and with her friends. We can tell you that she has more followers on her official Instagram account than on her fan account. You can find all of the information we have about her below. The updated Hannah Owo Wiki includes bio, boyfriend, net worth, facts and more.

Hannah Owo Wiki

Hannah Owo Wiki

  • Full Name: Hannah Kabel
  • Hannah Owo: is also known as Hannah Owo
  • Nick Name: Hannah
  • Date of birth: 21 November 2002 (Thursday).
  • Age: 21 [As of 2023]
  • Gender: Female
  • United States: Birthplace
  • Christianity: Religion
  • American: Nationality
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Ethnicity: mixed
  • Profession Model, Youtuber and Twitch Streamer. & Social Media Personality

Physical: Statistics

  • She is stunning: and she eats a healthy diet. These are her measurements.
  • Height: (approx. in centimetres – 167 cm
  • In meters:- 1.67m
  • In Feet Inches:- 5’6″
  • Weight: (approx. in Kilograms – 50 Kg
  • in Pounds: – 110 Ibs
  • Figure Measurements: (approx. 34-28-40
  • Bust Size: 34 Inches
  • Waist Size: – 28 inches
  • Hip Size: – 40 Inches
  • Slimming down: your body shape
  • Dress Size: N/A
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US).
  • Eye Color: Light Green
  • Hair Colour: Dark Brown


We don’t have any information on her family, but we will add it when we do.

  • Father N/A
  • Mother N/A
  • Brother 1 (Name Not Known)
  • Sister 1 (Name Not Known)

Boyfriend, affairs, and marriage

We don’t have any information on her relationships, as she hasn’t shared any. This section will be updated when we have more information.

  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Husband: N/A
  • Boyfriend: N/A
  • Past Affairs: N/A
  • Children: None


We need to get information about her education, college or highest qualifications. This section will be updated as soon as we have more information.

  • Private School: for High School
  • College/University N/A
  • Education Qualifications for High School Graduation

Contact Details

She has kept her contact information private like any celebrity or famous person.

  • United States Residence Address
  • Telephone Number N/A
  • Email ID N/A
  • Manager/Agent/Secretary Name N/A

Favourite Things

  • My favourite song: Moving on by Sarah and The Sundays
  • Favourite: Korean Food
  • Favorite Colors: Red & Yellow
  • Hobbies: Shopping and travelling

Hannah Owo Net Worth

She is worth approximately $2-3 million. Her primary source of income is onlyfans modelling and brand sponsorships.

  • Net Worth 2-3 Million (Approx.
  • Income Source Modeling, Onlyfans YouTube, Twitch, and more

Social Profiles

She is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and others, where she uploads beautiful images and videos. Follow her on these social media platforms.

  • Twitch: Visit Now
  • Instagram: Visit Now (Official account)
  • Visit Now: (Fan account)
  • Visit: Twitter Now
  • TikTok: Visit Now
  • Youtube Channel: Visit Now

Hannah Owo: Lesser-known Facts

  • Does Hannah Owo smoke? Not known
  • Does Hannah Owo drink alcohol? Not known
  • Braces were used by her in the past as directed by a doctor.
  • She does not go to the gym to exercise.
  • She enjoys drawing in her spare time.
  • Hannah is a big fan of Pokemon and has an extensive collection of Pokemon books.

FAQs Related To Hannah Owo

Hannah Owo is who?

Hannah Owo is a Twitch streamer and model. She is also a social media personality known for sharing her content on social media.

What is Hannah Owo’s age?

She will be 21 years old in 2023, according to her date of birth, 21 November 2002 (Thursday).

Is she married to someone?

She has yet to be married.

Who is Hannah Owo’s boyfriend?

We don’t know her current relationship status, but our research suggests she may be single.

What is Hannah Owo’s Net Worth?

She is thought to have a net worth between $2-3 million.

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