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The Effect of Live video shopping on Marketing



The Effect of Live video shopping on Marketing

What is Livestream Shopping, and how does it work? Live Shopping is a concept that dates back to the 1980s and is based on video shopping.

Live commerce or live online shopping, which combines the best of video streaming, and shoppable services, allows consumers to buy at any time and from any location. This facilitates real-time communication, and ignites interaction, making it attractive to today’s tech-savvy, stay-at-home customers.

From live shopping shows and giveaways to flash sales and influencer livestream, live online shopping may take many different forms. Viewers may listen to a live shopping session, make comments, ask questions, and interact with a host all in real-time. When they’re ready to buy, they can buy directly during a Live Video Shopping show. Personalization, improved product experiences and engagement is empowered leading to more sales. 

Live streaming for retail improves conversion rates and average order values as they can interact directly with audiences. This also increases the likelihood of the customer sticking to a brand leading to brand credibility.

Live streaming for retail has been a huge success for brands who have used it so far. For example, Japan LA was able to generate $17,000 in revenue from a single live shopping show performance. This is higher than their typical physical and online sales, according to Japan LA. 

According to TechCrunch, much of Popshop Live show’s success may be due to the feeling of community provided to customers and sellers. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, many more retail brands have been focusing on live streaming shopping. They also incorporate “Buy Now” buttons, allowing buyers to make purchases during a live shopping show itself.

Why has live shopping in the USA become so popular? 

Before consumers spend money, they want to get to know a brand and trust it. They want to observe the character of a brand as well as understand their policies. This is, of course, possible with live online shopping. Here is why Live Shopping in the USA has become popular.

Improved Customer Awareness

Historical data is often used by eCommerce websites and marketplaces to provide merchants with a solid knowledge of customer behaviour. However, with live shopping, we allow for interaction between vendors, brands, and customers. As a result, in addition to statistics and insights, brands/sellers may learn about customers via interactions (what they desire, what questions they have about the brand/product).

We can now bridge the gap between convenience shopping and human contact thanks to live streaming for retail. Even if the COVID-19 epidemic contributed to the rise in popularity of live commerce, changes in consumer behaviour and technology have allowed live video shopping to remain a critical component of the purchasing experience in the years afterwards.

Live Streaming Shopping Increases Return on Investment

Is live streaming shopping profitable? It has an interactive aspect, which attracts more viewers than conventional videos. As per reports, Live videos are watched three times longer than regular ones.

In addition, when considering your investment, live shopping shows are usually simpler than creating a video. With live video shopping, you just press the Live button, broadcast your content, and then exit. There’s a lot of editing, shooting, and production that goes into a typical video. 

Establishing Relationships

As previously said, one of the major advantages of live streaming for retail is the ability to build stronger connections with customers. Your brand now has a face and a voice to which customers may attach their allegiance. You may express your personality, assist customers with frequent issues, and position yourself as a brand that wants to guide and assist shoppers via live shopping shows. Of course, you may demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an industry leader.

Increases brand credibility and integrity

Continuing from the preceding point, the business may gain trust and credibility through increasing interaction and visibility. It becomes a dialogue between two individuals when you interact with customers in real-time. Viewers seem to be particularly interested in seeing behind-the-scenes tours and live shows that enable them to have a closer look at the company.

Collaborate with Influencers

It’s harder than it used to be to work with influencers. Rather than just having an influencer promote your brand or goods, we suggest actively engaging them. Live video shopping, as you would expect, is a fantastic method to accomplish this. Influencer can be anybody, a celebrity, brand ambassador, industry expert or any influential personality who can takeover the whole live shopping show effortlessly.

Many brands, for example, are beginning to collaborate with influencers while hosting livestream shopping shows. With an influencer as the presenter, your audience is more likely to tune in, which means more people will see your live show.

Additionally if you are on Shopify then you can leverage our Live Shopping App for Shopify and start your live selling journey. It’s high time you incorporate this huge hit trend to your website, for further details and email at

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Style & Beauty

Which Colored Lenses Are Right For Your Eyes?



Which Colored Lenses Are Right For Your Eyes?

Colored contact lenses became popular over the past years as a staple fashion accessory. Some people flaunt the beautiful colors of these lenses to elevate their looks and, others wear them to fix their vision. It is confusing to get the right pair for your eyes because of the various options available in the market. 

Colored contact lenses come with enhancing tints that elevate the natural eyeshade. Meanwhile, some lenses have an opaque color that transforms the look of your eyes. Apart from the different colors and patterns, colored lenses also come in prescription options. Also, you can buy them at an accessible contact lens price in Pakistan

Types of Colored Lenses 

Colored contact lenses are available in two categories, prescription, and non-prescription lenses. 

Prescription Colored Lenses 

These contact lenses are perfect for those who have weak eyesight. You can fix your vision and also enhance your eye color with these contact lenses. Apart from flaunting a beautiful shade, these contacts also come with a power number according to your need. 

Non-Prescription Colored Lenses 

These colored lenses do not have a power number. You can use them for cosmetic purposes and enhance your beauty. Also, these lenses often come with intricate patterns and stunning details to elevate the look of your eyes. 

These lenses come with the following different types of colors: 

Subtle Tint 

This tint is also known as the enhancement tint because it only enhances your eye color. These lenses have a subtle tint that does not feel overpowering or transform your whole look. Most people prefer wearing these contacts for daily use. However, you can also show them off at a formal event. 

The enhancement tint lenses are the most suitable for those who have light-colored eyes. These contacts add more depth to the light eyes and enhance the natural color. 

Opaque Tint 

These colored contact lenses instantly draw all attention because of their charming look. You can opt for these lenses if you want to make an everlasting statement. As the name suggests, these colored lenses have an opaque tint that transforms the eye color. Also, you can choose from various color options that suit your skin tone and hair color. 

Extravagant Tint 

These lenses come in bright and bold colors that look out of the box. These contacts are not suitable for daily wear. However, you can flaunt them with confidence if you want a bold look. Mostly, people wear them with different costumes during Halloween. These lenses come with graphic patterns and details. Also, they often have stunning pictures printed in beautiful shades. 

Which Colored Lenses Are Best For Your Eyes? 

These colors of the contact lenses should compliment your hair color and skin tone. For instance, people with fair warm skin tone should opt for lenses with warm undertones. Another factor to consider before buying colored lenses is to find out if you want a natural look or a bold appearance. Hence, you can get your contact lenses according to your desire and appearance. 

Colored Lenses For Light Eyes 

People with light eyes can opt for enhancement tint contact lenses. These contacts blend with the natural color of the eye to enhance its appearance. Most people with light-colored eyes opt for blue, green, or gray lenses. Besides, these lenses look natural and beautiful on the eyes of those with a naturally light color. 

Colored Lenses For Dark Eyes 

Those people who have a natural dark eye color can go for an opaque tint. These lenses have high pigmentation to mask your natural eyeshade. Also, they can transform your eyes and make you appear bolder.

Overall, the type of colored lenses depends on your taste and style statement. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to beauty. However, you can opt for a type that best suits your appearance and helps elevate it. These lenses are also not heavy on the pocket as you can buy them at a reasonable coloured lenses price in Pakistan.

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