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When you think of Goa the things that instantly come to your mind are beaches, sand, sunset, and sea. But is it just this that the state is known for? No. The party animal in you is shouting and telling me the other thing that Goa is famous for, its Night life and beach parties. So, after you have done your travel for the day, discovered Goa, romanced by the beach while the sun sets, you know where your destination will be. A straight head to one of the places that are mentioned in this article and unleash the party animal in you. Use goair coupons to go to the party capital of India, Goa.

This club is located on the top of a beautiful hill and it is thus famous as the “Nightclub in the Sky”. The magic of this club is that it can make even the most silent of the people in the crowd and dance. The whole atmosphere at the club, the food, drinks that are offered and the lively music all of it is perfectly in point. The club fares well in all the arenas. two of the fantastic features that attract a lot of people to the club are the facilities of the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi. The dance floors are neon lit and multi leveled. All in all, it is totally irresistible.


Location: Arpora Hills.

The Silent Noise Club is a rather off beat spot but over the years it has managed to win some loyal customers who know the right value of the place. The club has top notch DJ’S who play music across genres that suit every person on the dance floor. There is jazz, funky, pop, techno, electro punk, Indian, rock, EDM, and others that make the life of the party.

The uniqueness of this club is that when you go there you are given your own wireless headphones and you get to listen to the music being played by the DJ. You can select from the different music channels the music of your choice. Ask your buddies to join on the same channel and hit the dance floor.  Along with this, you can enjoy the view and the breeze of the Palolem beach.

Location: Palolem Canacona

Use your goair coupon codes to reach to the nearest airport to the Palolem beach.


Leopard Valley offers you the perfect wildness that is needed in a party. It is an utterly deadly combination of DJ music, lighting, and the lasers. Another peculiarity of the club is that It is situated in the middle of a jungle which adds more to the wilderness and the wild atmosphere of the party. It is  one of them biggest clubs of the open air setting in the whole country.

This makes the club a hub for the party and music lovers. The same goair coupons that you would use for the earlier club in the list can be used for this one too due to the close proximity of both the locations. One is near the beach while one is in the jungle, choose the one which your heart goes to.

Location: Palolem- Agonda Road


It is a large lounge resort as well as an up-to-the-minute night club. It is the to go place if you have drinks and dance on your mind. the place has an industrial vibe and has an overall contemporary décor.

The sound system is exceptional and there is a world class bar with a variety of drinks all stocked up. There is a drink for everyone’s taste and the bar would not disappoint anyone. There are four entertainment zones and great DJ at the club.

Location: Candolim


Located in the middle of the Candolim river backwaters. It has awesome interiors, great service, and soulful music. The club is thus the perfect place where you can let down your hair, let your body loose and groove to the beat.

The location also happens to be a crowd puller. It is a waterfront location having a century old Indo- Portuguese church in the backdrop. The place has a rock carved décor theme that adds to the aesthetics of the whole scene. Use your goair coupons to reach goa.

Location: Nerul Road, Nerul, Goa


It is but natural to feel like experiencing the life of goans when you are in Goa. And this is the place that will give you the perfect Goan life feel. The sun set from the pine shack is mesmerizing.

You will find good eateries, music, and drinks at each and every corner of goa but the whole experience at a shack party has its own charm. There is also a mini private party lounge where you can party with your friends for the ones who are introverted or do not life mingling up in large crowds.

Location: Calangute


As the sun sets, on every Tuesday of the week, the Shiva valley turns into heaven where you can experience true Goan trance. Here you can experience the great music that merges in with the sound of waves coming from the sea. As the night keeps getting young, the atmosphere becomes lively. There is an intrinsic wildness that springs up and the whole vibe is energetic.

This is a perfect place if you want to feel good at heart and young.

Location: Monterio Vaddo Anjun


This is another spot where you can head for great music and dance. Not just a night club the cape town café is also a bar. It has some extra outdoor space and state- of art sound system. The bar is a delight and has some exotic potions that can be bought along with the tasty food and Goan cuisine.

The place is a heaven for the football towns that are in town. The place has huge screens that project football matches every night. Here you can go and get hooked up with the match, good food, and great music and drinks.

Use your goair coupons to get to the nearest airport.

Location: Saunta Vaddo, Bardez, Goa.

Micheal Anderson is a Web expert and blogger by hobby, currently he is working with Techmagnate in the Boston, USA.

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Most Beautiful Places ToVisit In Skardu Valley



Skardu is one of the most charming and picturesque places in Gilgit-Baltistan. As we all know, it is the capital of Skardu. The Skardu borders are located in China, India and Kashmir. The people in this place are a mixture of Tibet and the Caucasus, and their language is Bharat. This place is rich in natural resources and elegant.

The snow-covered mountains and dunes cover the entire area, making it an attractive central attraction. The towering mountains provide visitors with an opportunity to climb curiosity Pakistan tour packages. The magnificent place provides a double guarantee for road and air travel. The journey is full of excitement and suspense from tourists, and the scenery is just incredible.

There are several most beautiful places to visit in Skardu valley, we have listed the top places in Skardu, and have a look:

Khaplu Valley

People warmly welcome visitors and not only show hospitality. After entering the city, tourists never want to return home.

Wadi full of beauty is called the Khaplu Valley. The Khaplu valley is also called Ghanchi. Historical buildings, fruit-filled orchards, strong winds and the highest peaks and other factors further enhance the beauty of the valley.

The Khaplu Valley was the last kingdom of ancient Baltistan. These valleys are considered more important due to religious monuments such as the Great Hall of Al-Kharqa and the Chaqchan Mosque. Nature shaped the formation of Khaplu Village.

Katpana Cold Desert

Each place has its uniqueness and value, which helps to promote in the valley. This is our cool writer. The desert is one of the most influential areas in Skardu. The high altitude and dunes are unique to the Katana Desert. Most of the dunes are located near the Indus River, which covers two deserts at a time.

Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley is the most charming valley in Skardu, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The scenery is fascinating, especially the lakes, forts and our cool Katpana desert. It writes about the beauty of nature. The city and the people who live here are great. All the beauty that this city breathes.

The famous Basha and Braldu River flow through Shigar Valley. The valley is rich in natural resources, such as gems and medicinal plants. The valley is the most visited valleys in Skardu.

Deosai Plains

Deosai is one of the great place in Skardu. It has high-altitude plains and is known as the National Park of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. This is considered the hometown of the Himalayas. Deosai is a hybrid of the two words Deo (giant) and Saya (shadow). This place is full of natural scenery, and there are high mountains and snow in every corner. The fresh air and the vast plains create an astonishing view.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is one of the tourist attractions in Skardu. Lake Satpara is one of the most wondrous and picturesque places in Skardu. The view of the lake is wonderful. The crystal clear water provides visitors with an excellent view of photos. The high mountains surround the lake. An amazing story of water trading near the locals is that gold miners are located at the bottom of the lake, which is why it shines during the day.

The lake has a double benefit, providing water for the entire area, and tourists can rent fishing. Fish are abundant. Performed recreational activities such as fishing boats. In the next few days, a dam will be built on the lake. It adds to the more beauty of this place plus very scenic.

Shigar Valley

Shigar Valley is the most charming valley in Skardu, surrounded by beautiful scenery. The scenery is fascinating, especially the lakes, forts and our cool Katpana desert. It writes about the beauty of nature. The city and the people who live here are great. All the beauty that this city breathes.

The famous Basha and Braldu River flow through Shigar Valley. The valley is rich in natural resources, such as gems and medicinal plants. The valley is more valuable for your area.

Final Words

Skardu is the most beautiful areas in all northern areas, as the location is the main factor describing value and importance. Each place is different from other places with glorious beauty. And make the financial strength of the region strong. Beautiful places make people happier, do pay a visit to Skardu once.

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