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5 Potential Problems with Cavity Fillings



In the world of dentistry, the dental filling happens to be one of the most common procedures. Each year the specialists g for thousands of these basic repair jobs. They implement the installation of fillings with precision and make it happen fast.

Though fillings are used in a number of mouths, the dentist still want you to take precautions so that you don’t need fillings. Nevertheless, a tooth is filled when it engenders a hole as result of the plaque and eventual decaying of the teeth. However, most of us consume foods that are filled with sugar and it makes it hard for the teeth to redevelop and heal.

Again, if you think that you are developing a cavity, it is essential that you consult with your dentist. But there are certain potential problems associated with the dental fillings.

You must be aware of these to take precautions early. Just take a look at these.

  • Pain at the Time of Biting – In this case, the pain occurs when you bite down. This pain is noticed after the wearing off of the anaesthesia and it is persistent over time. Under such circumstances, the bite can be interfered by the filling. For that, you must have the filling reshaped and return to the dentist for the same.

  • Pain at the Time When the Teeth Touch – This is a kind of sharp pain that occurs when the teeth touch. It is caused by the touch of 2 different types of metal surfaces. Such pain can happen when a gold crown touches the silver amalgam filled tooth. You don’t have to worry for this though. This pain actually subsides of its own after a few days.

  • Constant Throbbing Pain like That of Toothache – If the decay is quite deep to the teeth pulp, the toothache response may mean that the issue is far from being healthy now. If the pain does not subside, it may call for treatments like the root canal therapy.

  • Pain to Hot or Cold – The pain happens to be quite sharp and it occurs only when the teeth touch something very cold and hot. The pain goes away within seconds if he cold or the hot is removed. If the pain keeps on lingering for a prolonged period after the removal of the cold or the hot is removed, it can be said to be an irreversible damage to the nerve and so you should contact your dentist without delay.

  • Referred Pain – In this case, you can experience the sensitivity or the pain in the teeth beside the one that has received the filling. The good thing is that with this kind of a pain there is specifically nothing wrong with your teeth. The tooth that has been filled in has simply passed on the pain signals to the other teeth. This pain is going to reduce over a couple of weeks.

Apart from the above, the following issues can also develop.

Allergic Reactions to the Fillings of Amalgam

The allergic reactions to the silver fillings are not so frequent. Research says that not even 100 cases have been reported. In this case, mercury or any other of the metals which is used in amalgam reactions is thought to trigger the response which is allergic. The symptoms associated with the amalgam restorations are more or less like the usual skin allergy and mainly consists of the itching and the skin rashes. The patients suffering from amalgam allergies have a family history or medical history to metals. Once the allergy is confirmed, another material that is restorative is used.

Deteriorating Fillings

The dental fillings can wear away or crack or chip because of the constant pressures of the grinding, chewing and clenching. Even though you may not know that your fillings are deteriorating, your dentist at the best dental clinic in Delhi can detect the signs of the fillings being worn down at the time of your regular dental check-up. If the seal between the filling and the enamel faces a breakdown, the decay-causing bacteria and the food particles can work their way under the fillings. This can give rise to added tooth decay and abscessed tooth if left untreated. Your dentist can also recommend replacing the filling if the need arises.

The older fillings can be lost because of the fracture of the remaining tooth. The new filings can fall out because of the contamination, cavity preparation and the preparation prior to the placement of the fracture of the restoration from the chewing trauma or the bite. The older restorations can be lost because of the fracturing of the tooth or due to decay.


Neer Tiwari is a passionate social worker and blogger who has dedicated his mind and soul for bringing healing and standing by anyone who needs it. He has touched many lives throughout the years and has left no stones unturned in changing them for the better.

Neer Tiwari is a passionate social worker and blogger who has dedicated his mind and soul for bringing healing and standing by anyone who needs it. He has touched many lives throughout the years and has left no stones unturned in changing them for the better.

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Pathologies of the knee are very common and affect not only those who practice sports.



From small disturbances that are not disabling to osteoarthritis, there are many reasons that may be indicating the knee pain, so it is necessary to pay attention and consult.

“Within traumatology, knee pain should be of the most frequent pathologies along with the suffering of the spinal column and shoulde .common healtr”, he pointed out to The Country, the traumatologist and orthopedist Daniel Acevedo, who is primarily dedicated to the arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder and hip, basic app for sports injuries.

The specialist clarified that all depends on the stage of life in which the person and the activity.

“For example, in young adults, between the ages of 15 and 40 years of age, that you have a lot of sporting activity, it appears a lot of traumatic injury: cross ligaments sprains or knee can be injured cross ligaments or meniscus,” he said.

But even within the sports activities, there are differences. Among those who made a contact activity is very frequent trauma, while among those who develop an activity of the impact, as it is jogging or running, are the most frequent lesions of inflammation due to overuse, or wear.

“Sometimes in the veterans, aged 60 years, is a very common suffering for osteoarthritis, and it may be that the original cause are sports injuries that were young or overuse in middle age,” said Acevedo.

People who do not do sports activity, therefore, likely to have less knee problems in the initial stages of your life. “But the one that has the genetics to make a osteoarthritis, long-term, you can do it,” warned the doctor.

Calls overuse injuries or wear and tear are degenerative lesions that appear with the age and also by the time that you practiced the sport of impact.

“If you have 20 years and corrés for 20 years in a hard surface, such as la rambla, 40 many times that running it starts to take a toll. Then you can see wear and tear in the meniscal injuries or meniscal secondary to impact and injury from wear and tear, or injury of cartilage, which are due to wear and friction of cartilage or impact on the cartilage,” explained the specialist.

It also depends on the frequency with which it is practiced that cumshot. “If entrenás three times a week, it is a thing, and if corrés every day 15 kilometers, descansás a day and the weekend corrés 35 kilometres away, is another. At some point in time will begin to produce lesions that are many times not for the 42-kilometre rushed over in a marathon, but for all the miles that you ran over to train her,” he said.

Osteoarthritis (oa).

The reumatóloga Mercedes Gimenez, president of the Uruguayan Society of Rheumatology, explained that the knee can be affected in their different structures: joint involvement (by injury to the cartilage, bone, meniscus, or the tissue that lines the joint capsule) or periarticular (ligaments, tendons, or muscles).

The most common disease affecting the knee is osteoarthritis. “It is a degenerative joint disease that affects all structures of the joint and in a very specific way the articular cartilage. It can affect any joint, but especially knees, hips, hands, and columns” said Gimenez to The Country.

It occupies the second place in the chronic disease after cardiovascular disease and is the leading cause of disability in people over 65 years. Although 70% to 90% of those older than 75 years have oa and the incidence increases with age, should not be considered part of aging.

“The high incidence generates high costs for the health systems, as well as direct and indirect costs to the individual who suffers and your family, hence the importance of recognizing it early and treat it appropriately in order to avoid limitations in activities of daily living and a commitment to the quality of life,” noted the reumatóloga.

In this sense identified as risk factors for overweight and obesity, which increase from 6 to 8 times the onset of osteoarthritis, in addition to aggravate the already existing; the sedentary lifestyle, which needs to be prevented with regular physical activity adapted to each individual (hike, bike, aquafit, tai chi, pilates, etc), and harmful habits, especially smoking.

He further pointed out that to fix the axes of the legs if there is a warping and the instabilities of the joints, such as when you feel that your knees “go out” when you walk.

In terms of the symptoms of osteoarthritis, the specialist recommended to be attentive to the knee pain that appears during the use of the joint, or after prolonged bed rest; the inflammation in the area; the increase in the size of the joint, and cracks and chafing with the movement of flexion and extension. In degrees evolved there may be difficulties in activities of daily living.

In all cases it is essential to consult the doctor, who will determine the eventual pass to a rheumatologist. The same thing in terms of another type of pain, that according to the orthopedic surgeon Acevedo can be sporadic or passengers, and not really serious, but they can also be permanent and respond to injuries that may go complicated.

Both Acevedo as Giménez, were highlighted as fundamental that the people do not practice physical activity. “There is a motto of the traumatology and sports medicine of the sport that says ‘keep moving’, keep on moving. Physical activity can not stop, it is health for the individual, for the head, for the physical… for everything. The issue is that not all physicists have the same capabilities, and sometimes not all sports are for everyone. You need to be well advised,” said Acevedo.


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