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9 reasons why you should choose the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus over the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.



Samsung’s most expensive smartphones are the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Samsung offers a wide range of smartphones, including the Galaxy S10e, which was launched in February. If you are looking for an Android phone with a lot of features, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus or the Galaxy S10 Plus will be your best choices.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is larger and more advanced than the Galaxy S10 Plus. However, there are many compelling reasons to choose the slightly older, smaller and cheaper phone.

Here are the reasons why the Galaxy S10 Plus offers more bang for your buck than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

1. The Galaxy S10 Plus is cheaper than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus in terms of cost — and this is often the most important factor when purchasing a new phone.

The Galaxy S10 Plus was originally priced at $999 but you can find it for as low as $800 at many retailers such B&H. It is currently available for $770 on Amazon.

This means that you can save as much as $100 and as much as $300 by choosing the Galaxy S10 Plus over the Note 10 Plus. This is a significant savings on what is arguably a more attractive package overall.

2. The Galaxy S10 Plus & Note 10 Plus have nearly identical battery capacities. In fact, in one test, both the S10 Plus & Note 10 Plus outlasted the Note 10 Plus.

The 4,100 mAh battery in the Galaxy S10 Plus is included.
The 4,300 mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is included.
The unit of measurement mAh (or milliampere hours) is used to describe how long a battery can keep a charge before it requires recharging. However, it’s not always the best representation of a phone’s battery life. The software that uses the hardware and minimizes its drain has a greater impact on a phone’s battery life.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is a better phone in terms of battery capacity. However, the Galaxy S10 Plus also has more power, including a larger OLED screen and the S Pen features. You might be surprised to learn that the Galaxy S10 Plus actually beat the Galaxy Note 10 Plus in at most one battery-life test.

A lot of publications that test smartphones’ battery life don’t always test the same device in the same way. Tom’s Guide performed a custom test using a few of the most popular smartphones on the market today. What was the result? The Galaxy S10 Plus had almost an extra hour of battery life than the Note 10 Plus.

3. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has more storage, but the Galaxy S10 Plus’s starting storage is sufficient for most people.

To get started, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 256GB storage. The Galaxy S10 Plus has 128GB of storage as a starting storage. This is more than enough. Although I have over 200 apps (235 in total), I only use 72 GB of the storage.

4. The Note 10 Plus is heavier and larger than the S10 Plus, but it’s still as large.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Weighs 196g
It measures approximately 6.4 inches in length
Galaxy S10 Plus

Weighs 175g
It measures approximately 6.2 inches in length
The Galaxy S10 Plus is still a beautiful, big phone, regardless of what you purchase. However, it’s lighter and more portable than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. This is important because you will be carrying your phone around all day.

5. The rear camera systems of both phones are almost identical.

The Galaxy S10 Plus, Note 10 Plus, and Note 10 Plus all have the exact same rear-camera systems. They have a 12-megapixel wide angle lens, a 12-megapixel Telephoto lens, and an ultra-wide lens of 16-megapixels.

The Note 10 Plus has a time of flight lens that captures depth data to enable 3D imaging. This allows you to draw over what your camera is recording and has the ability to keep your drawings in the scene. However, they are not a “must-have”. This feature will probably be something you only use once.

6. Both phones share the same brains and perform roughly the same.

Both the Note 10 Plus and Galaxy S10 Plus use the Snapdragon 855 chip by Qualcomm. Both phones have wireless charging, an under-display fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, and USB-C power. However, Marques Brownlee, a YouTuber, claims that the Galaxy S10 Plus has better sound than the Galaxy Note 10.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has 12GB RAM and the Galaxy S10 Plus only 8GB RAM. Random-access memory (or RAM) is what allows computers to multitask faster. The Galaxy S10 Plus can be upgraded to 12GB RAM, but that’s really excessive.

These phones should perform roughly the same regardless of their differences.

7. While the Galaxy Note 10 Plus may have the S Pen in its design, the Galaxy S10 Plus comes with a headphone jack.

The S Pen is a great tool, but I believe I would use a headphone jack more than a stylus. I don’t have to write notes or use a pen for gesture control. However, I miss the freedom to use wired headphones with my phone when my AirPods and wireless headphones run low.

8. The Galaxy S10 Plus has a better selfie-camera than the Note 10 Plus.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus features a 10-megapixel wide angle lens on its front. However, the S10 Plus boasts a 10-megapixel selfie camera and an additional 8-megapixel camera for more depth information. This should allow for better selfies and portrait-mode shots.

9. Although the Galaxy Note 10 Plus’s display is larger than the S10 Plus’s, the difference is negligible and both screens look stunning.

The Note 10 Plus and S10 Plus both feature Samsung’s high-end quad-HD dynamic AMOLED displays. These screens offer cinematic quality. These displays are loved by almost everyone who sees them.

The only difference between the two phones is their size. The Note 10 Plus measures 6.8 inches diagonally and the S10 Plus measures 6.4 inches. These are still two huge phones. Two of the latest iPhones are smaller that the 6.4-inch S10 Plus. Personally, I’d choose the Galaxy S10 with its smaller display size.

The Galaxy S10+ offers a more appealing package at a lower price point than the Galaxy Note 10.

This seems like an obvious choice, unless your phone has the largest display possible or you really need that S Pen. The Note is for you if you are passionate about the use of a stylus with your phone, but most people don’t really need it. Personally, I feel that the S Pen is an extra small accessory to lose. I also don’t feel the need to handwrite notes because typing is so fast and easy. You can also use a voice assistant to dictate but I don’t like that.

The Galaxy S10 Plus is comparable to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus but lighter, more portable, and cheaper than the latter. The S10 Plus has a better selfie camera, a headphone port, and a battery life that is potentially longer than the larger Note 10. The S10 Plus is the better choice if you aren’t sure which Samsung phone you prefer.

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