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A Family Friend says a friend of a mother who lost four young children in a homicide standoff is ‘Shell-Shocked.’



Walter Benenati states that the family has not yet decided when the funerals will take place for Irayan Pluth (12), Lillia Pluth (10), Aidan Lindsey (6), and Dove Lindsey (22 months).

A family friend says that the mother of four children, who were taken hostage and murdered in a standoff in Orlando, Florida, earlier this week, is now “shell-shocked”.

Walter Benenati, the Attorney, says that the mother is slowly coming to terms with the fact that her parents are gone.

Benenati said that the family is yet to decide when a funeral for Irayan Pluth (12), Lillia Pluth (10), Aidan Lindsey (6), and Dove Lindsey (22 months) will be held.

Authorities have confirmed that Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr., 35, killed the four children before he shot himself. The hostage crisis was over by Monday night. The father of the two youngest children is Lindsey. He is a convicted felon who was on probation.

To help pay the funeral costs of the children, GoFundMe has raised more than $44,000 so far.

Benenati, a grandfather friend of the children’s grandfather, says, “the support has been incredible.”


Chief John Mina, Orlando Police Officer, told reporters Tuesday that the 24-hour standoff at Westbrook Apartments in West Orlando began after the children’s mother called police to report that Lindsey had assaulted her physically.

Benenati claims that Lindsey kicked her in the head, and she ran out of her house. Benenati claims that the children were locked up in their rooms then.

According to him, the Orlando Sentinel may have questioned why she fled that building. But nobody could understand what she was feeling or what her horror was.

He said, “In fairness to her. Nobody can imagine taking the lives of precious young children. Which is what happened here.”

Officers arrived at the apartment around 11:45 on Sunday night. Lindsey, armed with two shotguns, two rifles, and a handgun, opened fire on them. Officer Kevin Valencia was struck through the door.

Valencia remains in critical condition.

Chief Mina claimed another officer opened fire during the initial shootout, but she doesn’t believe police bullets struck the children.

He stated, “Based on all I’ve seen, it wasn’t our bullets which killed those children.”

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Lindsay and the four children barricaded themselves in an apartment on the second floor.

According to Orlando police, SWAT teams and negotiators failed to solve the problem without resorting to violence. More than 40 officers attended the scene, and nearby apartments were evacuated.

Mina stated that the police did not know the whereabouts of the children during the standoff and didn’t know their status. However, Mina said there was “no indication of imminent danger” for the children.

Mina stated that police broke into the apartment through several windows around 8:30 p.m. Monday to communicate better with Lindsey. They also saw one child dead.

He said, “We decided to save the other children and do an explosion on the apartment to gain entry.” Officers found two bodies in one bedroom and two in the other bedroom.

All of them died from gunshot wounds.

Lindsey was found in a closet alone with a self-inflicted shot wound and a gun beside him.

Mina stated that it was still not clear when the children died.

Benenati said that “it is tragic,” previously to PEOPLE. It is an unimaginable act. It was impossible to imagine that it would end this way.

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