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12 Expert Amazon Keyword Tips to Increase Sales and Rankings



Amazon SEO

Have you just started your Amazon business and are trying to learn the ropes? Or have you been selling for quite some time and want to ensure that your store optimization is on par with the new stores? 

Whether you are a new or seasoned Amazon seller, you probably know that keywords are among the factors that will affect your sales and ranking on Amazon. You are taking the right step of looking for experts’ advice. This article will give you tips on  how to look for keywords, incorporate them in your store, add them to your ads, and monitor their performance. 

You don’t want to experiment with Amazon keywords  as it can  affect the success or failure of your online business. With your business at stake, all your actions should be measured and planned. 

Below we have listed twelve tips from experts about Amazon keywords. Look into each of them before you proceed, and start optimizing your store.

  1. Understand the essence of Amazon keywords

With a traditional brick-and-mortar  store, getting sales means having a quality product and good advertisement. There are other ways to boost popularity, like having special offers and deals, but there are no such things as keywords.

However, when it comes to Amazon keywords are everything. Not knowing the importance of keywords and not incorporating them into your store can lead to a chain of adverse effects like the following:

  • You may have the best product in the market, but your product listing will remain on the search result’s last pages if you do not use the right keywords.
  • Buyers cannot fully realize your product’s benefits because it cannot reach the target audience to begin with. 
  • With a low ranking on the listing, you will be less likely to get a sale. 
  • If you do not get a sale, Amazon will pull down your ranking. 
  • In terms of Amazon ads, not using keywords will create the same effect of not appearing to your target audience. 

On the other hand, if you handle Amazon SEO correctly, you will reap plenty of rewards and you will not get your account suspended. Read more from this guide on Amazon Suspension Appeal.

  • Your product listing will make it to the first pages.
  • More individuals with high buying intent will click through your listing and know about your products.
  • If you have a solid title, bullet, and description, you might get a sale!
  • A10 counts every sale, so you are hitting two birds with one stone—your business’ profitability and A10’s favor.
  • If you have quality products and impeccable customer service, your one-time customers can become your patrons.
  • The more loyal customers you have, the more sales you’ll get. The more sales, the more you can secure a spot in the first pages of the listing and sustain your business.

While there are some negative issues that you should look out for, there are more positive results when you do your optimization right. With that, let’s continue talking about ways to use keywords properly.

  1. Be knowledgeable on the different ways to look for related keywords

There are many ways to choose related keywords, but here are the three tried and tested ways experts have suggested. 

Manually check using the Amazon search box 

The most convenient way to check for related keywords to your product is through the very accessible Amazon search box. Type in your product and see the suggestions shown by Amazon. List these keywords as you can incorporate them in your product listing. 

Download keywords from free online keyword research tools

Almost all Amazon keyword research tools online offer free access to keywords. Although some may have limitations, you can still find a good number of keywords to begin with. 

Aside from a pool of keywords, most tools also offer data on the search volume per keyword. The cost-per-click for each word is shown too. Reverse ASIN to check what keywords are used by your competitors is another function you can utilize from many of these keyword research tools. 

Invest in paid keyword research tools

Free tools usually offer more data about the keywords that can help you decide but on a paid account. Some of the services you can make use of are unlimited access to keyword research, keyword trends, monitoring and reporting functions, keywords in other languages, and more! If you are ready to go big time in your store optimization, paid tools are more than worth the investment. 

Keyword research tools you can use:

  • Sonar
  • Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Tool
  • SellerApp Amazon Keyword Research
  • Ahrefs
  • MerchantWords
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • AMZDataStudio
  • Jungle Scout
  1. Get to know Amazon A10

After understanding the importance of Amazon, you also should not miss knowing about A10. 

A10 is Amazon’s algorithm responsible for going through the millions of product listings on Amazon and deciding who earns the top spot. Aside from your customers, A10 is another element you want to please.

Amazon does not say upfront which areas A10 looks into. Still, according to seasoned Amazon sellers, these are the areas A10 crawls:

  • Product title, description, and bullet points
  • Backend keywords
  • Fulfillment and delivery method
  • Customer reviews
  • Sales and conversion rate
  • Stocks
  • Product images

Make sure that all of these areas are optimized so you’ll be favored by the algorithm and rank higher in the listing. You can always choose to delegate this task to professionals through Amazon management. While it adds to your skills and knowledge to learn and execute Amazon SEO on your own, getting help from experts can be invaluable. 

  1. Do your product title right 

Amazon has specific product title requirements you should follow. Keyword incorporation in your product title should not make it look like you just stuffed ranking keywords. Choose only the keywords that matter to your target audience. Here are some of the tips to create a precise and informative product title: 

  • Think about your target audience, as this will define your keyword choices 
  • Include the benefits of your product 
  • Highlight the solutions it gives to specific problems 
  • Include attributes unique to your product 
  • Specify the audience the product is intended for 
  • Provide long-tail exact keywords

Here is an example of a product title that just stuffs keywords for ranking: Teddy bear, Big teddy bear, Teddy bear for boyfriend, Big teddy bear for girlfriend, Teddy bear for kids.

This version is the better way to do it: Giant teddy bear for girlfriend and boyfriend, Soft and huggable teddy bear for kids, 5 feet.

Always strike a balance between keywords and creating a catchy title. 

Amazon Management
  1. Bullets and product descriptions are a huge opportunity for keyword inclusion 

Bullets and product description have a higher character limit. Compared with the product title that only allows 200 characters, the product description has a 2,000-character limit. You have 5 bullet points at most, with 100-characters in each bullet, to make a pitch and sell your product. 

Follow these to maximize your allowed limit:

  • Avoid subjective words like “amazing,” “fantastic” or similar words to describe product quality.
  • Be specific, especially if you are selling technology-related products. Your audience will want to know the item’s specifications.
  • Unique attributes of your product will make your description stand out. Buyers will look for what sets a product apart from others, so give them that information. 
  • Show them the benefits and reasons why they should buy your product now. 
  • To see what else you can include, check what your competitors are writing. Create a better copy than your competitors. 

Hiring copywriters skilled in producing content that sells is an excellent choice if you want to have solid bullets and product descriptions. There are tried and tested ways in creating copies only experiences copywriters know. 

  1. Know what to include in backend keywords

Backend keywords are the savior of Amazon sellers. It’s the place for all the keywords you want to include in your store but do not have enough space for. Backend keywords are also where the not-so-visually pleasing words go because they are misspelled, abbreviated, or in another language. 

Remember to keep words in the backend unique and without duplicates and punctuation marks. When we say unique, we mean it: all terms included here should be unique. If your keywords are in phrases, check if parts of them have already been mentioned and delete them. You can also use backend keyword tools that automatically delete duplicate words and count them. With that, you’ll be ready to paste the keywords in the Amazon backend in no time. 

  1. Aim for consistency in keywords usage

Experts suggest that the separation of keywords for store content and keywords for PPC should not occur. The same keywords for both areas work best. It will help you monitor your keywords’ performance more efficiently. 

If, for example, there are keywords that are not performing well, do not think of halting or changing the campaign. Change only the keywords, as many experienced Amazon sellers and experts say that the campaign you begin should continue as long as it can. Creating a new campaign from scratch will put the investment and efforts you exerted to waste. 

  1. Save costs and be on top of your negative keywords 

This keyword tip is beneficial for your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. As the word of the campaign itself suggests, you pay per click of each customer. 

Negative keywords come when you appear in the results you are not supposed to appear in. There will be instances when your ad will appear and be clicked by an audience who will find your listing irrelevant. Because of this, you don’t get a sale, but you will get charged because of that click. 

Choosing the correct type of keyword can decrease the chance of having negative keywords. Wisely select among the three:

  • Broad Match: This type of keyword allows your ads to appear to a broader audience because your ad will appear to any variation for the keyword you bid for, such as plural forms, singular forms, abbreviations, and stemmed words searched by customers. 
  • Phrase Match: This type of keyword is more restrictive than broad match because your ad will only appear if the phrase you bid for is included in the search terms used by customers. Negative keywords are lesser here.
  • Exact Match: This is the most restrictive among the three types because your ad will not appear unless buyers use the exact keywords in their search. This keyword type is best used for products intended for a particular audience. 

Upon receiving a report of your keywords’ performance and keywords you are not supposed to be getting any clicks for, input the words on Seller Central’s negative keywords pool. 

Amazon Marketing
  1. Target products that complement what you are selling 

You can take a break from competing and look for products that you complement instead. Imagine yourself intending to buy a humidifier, which often has one or two essential oils that come with it. However, some sponsored product ads appear showcasing ten different essential oil scents for humidifiers in your search. This product was not originally on your shopping list, but seeing it triggers you to buy the items as well to enjoy the humidifier you will buy even more. This behavior counts as attraction marketing.

This scenario can be the same experience of many Amazon shoppers. You want to make the most of it by creating your ads to appear on products that it complements. You can do this by including target words directed to the complement product in your keywords. You can also optimize the categories you want your product and ads to appear in. 

  1. Google and Amazon keywords are different, but you can also invest in them 

Why are we talking about Google when it is a fact that Google is a search tool for individuals whose intent is to look for information and not purchase products? We are talking about Google because the intent to buy may not be high, but millions of potential buyers use Google to know more about an Amazon product they intend to buy in the future. 

On the other hand, Google users only become aware of an Amazon store because of the ads they see outside Amazon. 

With that, you should also look into ranking for Google, so if your target audience goes for product research you have content to offer.

Here are some Google keyword research tools you can use to begin your Google content optimization:

  • Google Trends
  • QuestionDB
  • Semrush
  • Keyword Generator
  • Soovie
  • Keyworddit
  • Google Ads
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Google Search Console
  • AnswerThePublic

Note that there are many advantages to expanding your presence outside of Amazon. You can increase your credibility, create brand awareness, and have a space for all the information you cannot put on Amazon because of limited space. 

Many SEO companies have their tools and bots that generate keywords for both Amazon and Google, so if you partner with them, they will take care of the keyword research. 

  1. Keep an eye on your keyword performance

The work does not end with incorporating the keywords into your content and ads. To know if your strategies are effective, you need to track and monitor daily, weekly, quarterly, and yearly. 

In choosing the online keyword research tools you will use for your keyword research, select the one that also offers keyword monitoring and tracking like the tools mentioned below. This decision ensures that you have visibility of your keywords and campaigns. Here are our top tools for keyword monitoring:

  • SellerApp Amazon Keyword Tool
  • Merchant Words
  • Keyword Scout
  • Keyworx
  • Helium10

When you get a report in different intervals, you can immediately create short-term and long-term plans for your account.

  1. Seek help from experts 

It would help if you had a helping hand, especially in technical matters that can define your business’s success or failure. Delegate keyword research, strategies, execution, and monitoring to an Amazon management company. Aside from optimization, here are the benefits you will reap in partnering with keyword experts:

  • Increased revenue: When keyword optimization strategies are properly executed and your listing reaches the first few pages of the search results, your sales and profit will naturally increase.
  • Target quality leads: If your page and ads are incorporated with the right keywords and keyword type, they will appear to the audience you intend to appear to. With that, you are sure that the people clicking your ads have a higher chance of turning into sales. 
  • Solid digital presence: Since we have mentioned ranking not only on Amazon but also on Google, your brand and products will be made omnipresent in the digital world. Your online presence will affect your brand and product credibility. It will also expand your audience and the number of potential clients. 

While you may think that hiring experts is too expensive to justify, think of the payment as an investment. As the adage goes, what you give will return to you a thousandfold. 

What’s next?

Now that you’re armed with these tips on maximizing keywords to make your business successful and have soaring sales, it is time for you to try them. 

There may be suggestions that work for others but may not work for you. Despite the setbacks, maintain flexibility. If some practices do not apply to your business, you can give them a minor tweak. 

What does not change is this: Amazon keywords are of the utmost importance if you want to succeed on Amazon. Success on the platform will always begin with optimizing your store and ads with the right keywords. With enough trial-and-error, you’ll find the tools and the rhythm that works for you and your store, and you’ll see your business flourish!

JayceAuthor’s Bio

Jayce is the managing director of Seller Interactive, the top Amazon marketing agency helping brands grow their business. As an expert in content marketing, Jayce has worked with top Amazon advertising agencies and brands such as GoDaddy and Toyota. He is eager to offer his expertise in Amazon listing optimization services for brands.

Hi. I am Muhammad Mubeen Hassan. I am SEO Expat and Wordpress Websites Developer &  Blogger. 30 years old. I help entrepreneurs become go-to in their industry. And, I like helping the next one in line. You can follow my journey on my blog, for list Click Here If you need any post so you can email me on my this Email:  

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Ashes LIVE: Updates, scores, highlights – Australia and England in the fifth Ashes Test at Hobart's Bellerive Oval – Sporting News AU



Australia is in the box seat to win the fifth Ashes Test despite some resistance from England in Hobart during day two on Saturday.
The green and gold lead by 152 runs during their second dig, despite England snaring three wickets and putting plenty of pressure on.
Earlier, Pat Cummins took four wickets as England were skittled for 188 in their first innings in reply to Australia’s opening total of 303.
Sporting News has all the latest day three updates, scores, squad news and weather updates in our live blog.
49th over: Cummins gets it through the gap behind point off Wood and it gets to the boundary, poor fielding from Malan on the rope. A short ball from Wood strikes Cummins on the glove/arm but it lands safely and he gets off strike with a single. Carey hooks safely down to fine-leg for a single. Cummins also gives Pope another catch at short-leg, but it lands safely. 8/130 after 49. 
48th over: Cummins leaves a seaming ball from Broad that only just goes over the top of off-stump. Just the single from Cummins off the over. 8/123 after 48. 
47th over: ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL REVIEW!!! Pat Cummins was given out LBW on his very first ball on the field, but he reviews it immediately and DRS shows the ball was missing off-stump. Fantastic bowling from Wood, who drilled a brilliant yorker into the Aussie skipper’s foot. Plenty of drama out there at Bellerive Oval. 8/122 after 47. 
Wood won’t be on a hat-trick after all!

Good review from the Australian captain #Ashes
47th over: WICKET!!! Wood gets his five-fa, digging the ball in at Starc’s hip and the left-hander tucks it straight to Ollie Pope at short-leg. Great moment for the England quick, who has been fantastic throughout the series and earned every bit of that five-wicket haul, as he raises the ball towards the crowd. 8/121 in the 47th over. 

Wood raises the ball in celebration as Starc walks for 1️⃣

📺 Watch #Ashes Fifth Test – Day 3 on @Foxtel CH 501 or stream on @kayosports:
📝 Blog:
🔢 Match Centre:
46th over: SUCCESSFUL REVIEW!!! Carey survives again – Broad traps him in front LBW and the on-field umpire raises his finger. Australia opt to review it immediately and it was shown to be pitching just outside the line of leg-stump. Tough break for England, who have been toiling hard. 7/121 after 46. 
Alex Carey survives again!#Ashes:
“I feel bad for Stuart Broad…absolute millimetres in that,” Brett Lee said on Fox Cricket. 
45th over: Wood back into the attack now as well – England smell blood in the water and will want to get these last few wickets in quick succession. Big shout for caught-behind down the leg-side, but England opt not to review it and Carey survives again for now. Carey squeezes a short ball behind point for two runs. A nasty short ball to finish the set catches Carey on the body. 7/116 after 45. 
44th over: WICKET!!! Broad back into the attack for England and he strikes immediately. Green is trapped in front LBW, and despite an on-field decision of not-out, England opt to send it upstairs and DRS shows the ball was going on to hit the stumps. Big wicket for the visitors – Green was starting to look confident at the crease before that moment. 7/112 after 44. 
Green is GONE for 23! ❌

📺 Watch #Ashes Fifth Test – Day 3 on @Foxtel CH 501 or stream on @kayosports:
📝 Blog:
🔢 Match Centre:
Excellent review from England and Green is out lbw.

The four overthrows won’t count either #Ashes
43rd over: Another edge from Green that lands safely, flying through the slips cordon for a boundary. Green adds another four runs to finish off the set, again behind point. 6/111 after 43. 
42nd over: Carey looks to flick a ball through the leg-side but it seams off the pitch and narrowly avoids the outside-edge. He manages to guide one to the third-man region for two runs. 6/103 after 42. 
41st over: Green looks for the drive off Woakes but misses out, drawing a half-shout from the slips for caught-behind. He looks for a drive down the ground, but a good piece of fielding from Woakes off his own bowling stops any chance of runs. Another maiden for England. 6/101 after 41. 
40th over: Carey does not look comfortable at all here against Robinson. Inside-edges, plays and misses and false shots are becoming a mainstay of this battle. Another maiden for the big English seamer. 6/101 after 40. 
39th over: Green adds two more on the leg-side off Woakes, before a single takes Australia to the 100-run mark in their second innings. Carey inside-edges again, but it rolls away safely for a single. 6/101 after 39. 
38th over: Carey struggling against the probing bowling of Robinson, who forces a couple of plays and misses from the Aussie keeper. Maiden over. 6/97 after 38. 
37th over: DRAMA!!! Carey plays a loose shot off Woakes and chops it straight onto his stumps, but the video replay shows a front-foot no-ball. This could be a very costly moment for England – ordinary stuff and it’s been an issue for their bowling group all series. Green squeezes it through the cordon for three runs. 6/97 after 37. 
Alex Carey survives a close call! 😅 🙌

📺 Watch #Ashes Fifth Test – Day 3 on @Foxtel CH 501 or stream on @kayosports:
📝 Blog:
🔢 Match Centre:
Given a no-ball! #Ashes
36th over: Robinson continuing after the drinks break. Forces a play and miss from Carey, as well as five dots, but lets the left-hander off the hook with an easy single off the final ball of the set. 6/91 after 36. 
35th over:  Woakes pitches too full and too wide twice in a row, with two beautiful cover drives from Carey flying away to the boundary. Woakes readjusts and produces a few dots, including a thick inside-edge from Carey onto his pads. Lads taking a quick drinks break. 6/90 after 35. 
34th over:  Carey plays and misses outside the off-stump, before getting himself off strike on the leg-side with a single. Green takes off for a quick single as well, before Carey takes on the mid-on fielder in Ben Stokes, who was caught napping a little bit. Green flicks it down the vacant fine-leg region for his first boundary. 6/81 after 34. 
33rd over:  Chris Woakes into the attack now for England and he manages to draw the edge of Green first ball, but it lands in front of the cordon safely. Maiden over. 6/74 after 33. 
32nd over:  Green looking to be patient and defensive early in his innings. Carey adds two more runs to his score. 6/74 after 32. 
31st over:  Wood continuing to steam in for England, searching for a five-fa. Carey does very well to dig out a yorker on leg-stump. 6/71 after 31. 
30th over:  Ollie Robinson into the attack for the first time today. Carey flicks off his pads for two runs, before driving to mid-on for a single. Green leans on a ball and finds the gap through cover for two runs, getting himself off the mark. 6/69 after 30. 
29th over:  WICKET!!! Smith couldn’t help himself and hooks a short-ball from Wood right down Dawid Malan’s throat at fine-leg. Poor shot from the vice-captain after just losing the wicket of Head. Great bowling from Wood, finally getting the rewards for a top-notch series in a struggling outfit. Wood continues the bumper barrage, as keeper Alex Carey ducks under his first few balls at the crease. Green almost gets run out but a direct hit misses from Root. 6/64 after 30. 

Another big wicket, this time it’s Steve Smith who walks for 27 🚶‍♂️

📺 Watch #Ashes Fifth Test – Day 3 on @Foxtel CH 501 or stream on @kayosports :
📝 Blog:
🔢 Match Centre:
28th over:  Smith flicks off his pads again – looking far better than he has for a lot of this series. Another two shouts from Broad for LBW, this time rapping Green on the pads a couple of times in a row, but it was given not-out by the umpire. 5/63 after 28. 
27th over:  WICKET!!! The continued short-ball attack from Wood to Head pays off, as the left-hander is caught by Billings down the leg-side. Head never looked comfortable at all and will walk off disappointed with his dismissal, failing to back up his first innings brilliance. Cameron Green cops a short ball in the shoulder, but shrugs it off – tough lad. 5/60 after 27. 
Travis Head caught down the leg side! Mark Wood is keeping England in this game #Ashes
26th over:  Head drives on the up through the off-side, but it lands safely as Rory Burns saves four runs on the boundary. He goes after it again, but plays and misses this time. 4/59 after 26. 
25th over:  Smith pulls it safely for a single. Plenty of short stuff to Head, who is unable to get Wood away. 4/55 after 25.
24th over:  Head drives through cover and point for a single. Smith flicks it to deep square-leg for another single off his pads, as Broad continues to look for that LBW dismissal. Head plays a lovely on-drive that pierces the in-field and rolls away for a boundary. 4/54 after 24. 
23rd over:  WICKET!!! Nice bumper from Wood to Boland, but the nightwatchman does well to evade it. The very next ball, Boland edges a rising delivery straight to Sam Billings behind the stumps. Simple plan for Wood pays off as they dismissing the Victorian, but they will want to make inroads with Smith and Travis Head before the game gets away from them. Head pops it up from a short ball but it lands safely, as former England captain Michael Vaughan questions the absence of a short-leg early on to the left-hander. 4/48 after 23. 

Boland gone for 8! Travis Head comes in to bat 🏏

📺 Watch #Ashes Fifth Test – Day 3 on @Foxtel CH 501 or stream on @kayosports :
📝 Blog:
🔢 Match Centre:
“If they had the right field, he (Head) would have been out first ball,” Vaughan said on  Fox Cricket. 
“I don’t mind the tactics, but you’ve got to have a short-leg.” 
22nd over:  Smith looks for the big cover drive, but almost inside-edges it back onto his own stumps. Smith flicks Broad for a boundary through mid-wicket for a boundary the next ball, classy stroke. Smith walks across and looks for the flick again, but is trapped on the pads – no review from England though. Another big appeal from Broad is given not-out on the field, and skipper Joe Root chooses not to review it. Both deliveries were going over the top of the stumps, so it turned out to be wise captaincy. 3/47 after 22. 
21st over:  Scott Boland drives Mark Wood down the ground and the Aussie pair run four as it halts just short of the rope. A half-chance at gully falls short, and Boland scurries through for a single. 3/43 after 21. 
🎺 All

🎺 Run

🎺 Four #Ashes
20th over:  Stuart Broad kicks things off for England. Steve Smith is able to let a few go early in the set, as the Barmy Army belt out a lovely rendition of Jerusalem. Broad forces Smith to play later at a couple of deliveries later in the over, but no runs come from it. 3/37 after 20. 
2.15pm:  Welcome back to  Sporting News’  live blog for the final Test match of The Ashes series in Hobart. Australia lead by 152 runs, but are in a spot of bother at 3/37 in their second dig. England were rolled for just 188 on day two, and will need to find plenty more with bat and ball in the second innings if they are any chance of forcing a result. Steve Smith (17*) and nightwatchman Scott Boland (3*) will walk to the crease shortly, with play set to begin at 2.30pm. 
Australia:  David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne, Steve Smith, Travis Head, Cameron Green, Alex Carey, Pat Cummins (c), Mitchell Starc. Scott Boland, Nathan Lyon
England:  Rory Burns, Zak Crawley, Dawid Malan, Joe Root (c), Ben Stokes, Ollie Pope, Sam Billings, Chris Woakes, Ollie Robinson, Mark Wood, Stuart Broad. 
The fifth Test is a day-night match and the first ball will be bowled at 3:00pm (AEDT), with play scheduled to finish at approximately 10:00pm (AEDT).
Kayo Sports, Foxtel, and Channel 7 will all be broadcasting the five Tests between Australia and England, with an exciting summer of cricket expected.
Fans can sign up for Kayo, purchase the sports pack on Foxtel, or watch Channel 7’s free-to-air broadcast.
SPECIAL KAYO OFFER FOR NEW CUSTOMERS: Get two months of Kayo Basic for just $5
Kayo will be simulcasting Fox Cricket’s broadcast of the action, and Channel 7 will have their own coverage.
ABC Radio will also be covering the commentary for listeners of the game.
The  Bureau of Meteorology ‘s 7-day forecast has outlined the following chance of rain for each day of the fifth Test. 
Saturday January 15 (Day 2) – Humid. Partly cloudy. 60% chance of rain, most likely in the late afternoon and evening.
Sunday January 16 (Day 3) – Partly cloudy. 40% chance of rain, most likely in the late afternoon and evening.
Monday January 17 (Day 4) – Partly cloudy. 20% chance of rain.
Tuesday January 18 (Day 5) – Cloudy. 10% chance of rain.


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