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2021 Florida Department of Education Major Accomplishments – Florida Department of Education



December 27, 2021
FDOE Press Office
2021 Florida Department of Education Major Accomplishments
~ Florida is the Education State ~
Tallahassee, Fla., December 27, 2021 – As we approach 2022, the Florida Department of Education is proud to highlight the following accomplishments and successes of 2021. Governor DeSantis continues to deliver on his promises by ensuring every student in Florida receives a world-class education. Without question, students, parents, and teachers are all benefiting from Governor DeSantis’ vision to continue proving Florida is the Education State.
“Governor DeSantis is the most pro-student, pro-parent and pro-teacher Governor in the entire nation,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “Florida’s educational success has been driven by the passion and dedication of our school districts, devoted educators, students and their families. By focusing our efforts on protecting parents’ rights, committing massive funding to education, investing in higher salaries for our educators, eliminating Critical Race Theory from our classrooms, focusing on improving student literacy and working to eliminate achievement gaps, we are setting students up for future success as we continue towards our goal of having the #1 education system in the nation.”
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