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Benefits of hiring a ghost writer



As content is being a king of the online world, companies use different online strategies to come up with intuitive content that develops their executives as global thought leaders. They use different online influential platforms like social media and blogging to propagate high-quality content to engage communities. For this, they need to hire ghostwriters in order to create informative and quality content.

In other scenarios, ordinary people also need ghostwriters. Sometimes they have an interesting story to tell but they lack the time or the desire to write on their own. So they hire ghostwriters to transform their ideas into words.

Let’s look at the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter:

  1. They are professional writers

Not everyone has the capability to write. You might be an expert in your field, whether it be designing, painting, building or repairing things or whatever. You have the command over your field of expertise and produce the best quality of work. But, do you have the same experience with professional writing? No! Ghostwriters are expert in their field, they know the art of creating high-quality content every time. They know how to play around with words and phrases to create engaging content. The thing which is to be noted here is that blogging, story writing, editing, article writing is not every writer’s forte. It only suits those best who have chosen these writing techniques as their field of expertise.

  1. They save you time

Ghostwriters know how to get their job done perfectly. They generate original content with thorough research and interviews which requires a lot of time and efforts.  Company executive does not have that much time to create such content while they have other responsibilities to tackle with. In that case, ghostwriters are the best solution. Ghostwriters have only one focus and that is writing, and they do it all day long effortlessly. They don’t need to worry about handling numbers or accounts, customer’s relation, marketing. So putting together some words to make up an article or eBook, is pretty much an easy task to accomplish.

  1. Blogging is not everybody’s job

One thing which needs to be considered while generating content is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is one of the best online marketing strategies that has been proved to be effective so far. Companies need ghostwriters who know the language of SEO, so that they could keep up the pace and generate result-driven content. SEO implies search engine trend, effective keywords analytics, and search engine indexing requirements to boost up your standing in search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Ghostwriters know how it should be done and are expert in it.

  1. They can do all the hard work

Ghostwriters are expert researchers, they dig into information, keep their eyes on stats, dates, numbers and other information to maintain their work credibility. They can do in-depth research on the latest trends, topics, and market news to generate enriched information content for their clients.

Hiring and utilizing the skills of ghostwriters are the best way to boost up your standing in the world of marketing and search engines. An effective content can be the reason of influencing the world. For this, you need to hire ghostwriters as they are the perfect answer to blogging and online content generation.

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The Value of Entrepreneurial Innovation to Convert Your Business Into a Brand



A common question that often pops up while starting a new business is:‘How much value will we place in turning this business into a brand?”If you are looking for ways to appeal to and reach out to several customers, then you need to find out the answer for thiscritical question.

The first step towards understanding the value of an entrepreneur to convert your business into a brand, is to understand the importance of branding. This process helps business owners to brand their products or services so that customers will remember them, and be attracted to buy from them again. Businesses have to be careful with this process, as it is often do-or-die in terms of retaining or losing their customers.

Branding takes time to accomplish because it requires a lot thought, effort and time from business owners. There are a few key elements to increase the value of converting your business into a brand. Leading entrepreneur Lewis Schenk has a unique strategy that is unseen in the current industry, which is integrating publication relations into branding and marketing strategies.

Who is Lewis Schenk?

Formerly an elite amateur/aspiring professional golfer, Lewis’s golfing dreams became more difficult when the covid-19 pandemic hit in January. With his plans put on hold without being able to play golf, he quickly pivoted with the help of one of his mentors. “I moved super quick when I knew the pandemic was about to hit. My plans got put on hold but I was fast to adapt” Lewis explains. Having journalism experience with projects he did in college in the USA, Lewis used his network to build his own agency, Boost Media Agency. Since then, he’s served over 150 clients, helping themto get featured in leading digital publications and become the most, known, liked & trusted in their industries.

Integrating PR & Branding

As a business owner, it is your job to ensure that you stand out in the market.You have to ensure that you will not waste precious advertising money in the start-up phases, by buildinga brand that has a high value to your audience – meaning more money and profits in the future. “As business owners, we cannot just jump into this process. It requires a lot of time, effort, guidance and money for this to be successful, and we have to be sure of our strategy before starting this process” Lewis explains. This is where Lewis shines, as he specializes in coming up with unique public relations strategies and ideas to ensure maximum growth for his clients.

Minimizing Risk

A new business is a risky investment. There are many risks involved in setting up and running a new business, and one of these risks is the loss of your customers and losing your market value. A lack of strategy and experience is the new entrepreneur’s biggest downfall, as they spend all their money on pointless hacks and courses. Investing in public relations is the best form of advertising, as for one, its permanent. Rather than spend $200 on advertising that will run out on a week, spending $200 on a published article to a leading news site will yield results long term, as it remains permanently, meaning increased chances of more eyeballs seeing it over time. As a business owner, you must learn all you can about this process or consult with someone like Lewis who does, so that you know the value public relations to convert your business into a brand. With this knowledge and understanding, you can control your strategy, your business and your success.

Strategic Approach

Also,as business owners, we must use a strategic approach in our decision making. This strategic plan will help you to overlook the strengths and weaknesses of your business and how they can be turned around.A strategic approach also involves finding out what the strengths and weaknesses of your business are and implementing the appropriate changes to make your business more profitable. Evaluating your current business model to identify the strengths and weaknesses of it, can greatly improvethe company by making some tweaks and adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Ensuring that we don’t invest money and time in the wrong areas of our business, by shifting the focus towards branding and public relations in marketing strategies, will ensure far greater business success.A business without publicity has no potential for expansion. If you have no courage and time to take these steps for your own business, then you realize the value of hiring a professional entrepreneur such as Lewis Schenk, to convert your business into a brand.

Lewis’ company has become one of fastest growing and most trusted of 2020.If you want to learn more, following him on Instagram, visit his website and visit Boost Media’s Website.

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