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Business Dean enjoys helping students discover their passions.



In this Women’s History Month, The Den will be honoring Mercer’s most prominent leaders, including women who serve as deans. Eight of the 12 schools and colleges are run by women. We will spotlight the deans of each on different dates throughout March. Today, we highlight Dr. Julie Petherbridge, Dean of the Stetson Hatcher School of Business.

Dr. Julie Petherbridge

How long have you been working at Mercer?

I’ve been at Mercer for the past 15 years.

What was your path to follow to get to Dean?

I began my career as an accountant certified by the CPA in 1993. I worked all the time until 2001, when I decided to move to academics while working as a CPA. I graduated with an MBA in professional Accountancy in 2002, and I earned a Ph.D. in Accounting at the end of 2010 at Georgia State University.

I joined Mercer in 2007, working as an assistant professor visiting in accounting. Then, in 2008 I was named head of the Master of Accounting program. In the years before being appointed Dean of 2021, I was the School’s Interim Dean and Associate Dean for graduate programs.

What is it that you like the most about being Dean?

I love working with staff and faculty on an everyday basis to improve and expand our programs. I also enjoy helping our students discover their interests. I enjoy when students come to my office, and I get to help them improve their career prospects, often matching them to alumni from our school. Our alumni are awestruck by Mercer, so it’s been a pleasure developing relationships with many of them.

What subject in your field of study are you most passionate about?

It’s simple because I strive to persuade all students to pursue the field of accounting. You can ask for a lot of them! I’ve had a great time in my work in public accounting, as you can directly affect individuals in various ways. I specialized in nonprofit businesses and organizations from when they begin until they become public and let you collaborate. Public accountants are also extremely flexible since I raised my kids and was able to go to all of their school events and other events while maintaining a work.

Do you have any advice you would provide women about becoming leaders?

Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself. Tell others what position you want to take on within your profession. Keep on being a perpetual student by constantly seeking new opportunities to learn through seminars, books, or other programs and connecting with other people to help you get your next job or promotion.

Nargis Abbasi

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