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COMMENTARY: The right priorities? Reactions to Gov. Newsom's higher ed budget – EdSource



Get quick answers to common questions about California colleges and universities are responding to the pandemic and how students can access aid and support.
EdSource provides the latest information on the many changes underway.
Increasingly school districts say they will stay closed at least until the first week of May
More than 34,000 students in foster care attend California’s K-12 schools. Learn more about their unique challenges and the support systems in place to help them navigate through the education system.
Rural students are less prepared for college than their urban peers. Here’s how some districts are trying to change that.
Transportation challenges keep many community college students from going to college. Barstow commuter students face long, mountain drives to university.
Only about a third of California households in rural areas are subscribed to internet service, compared with 78 percent in urban areas.
Many, especially first-year teachers, are spending more than 30 percent of their income on rent, exceeding the federal cutoff for affordable housing.
How are pension costs creating a challenge for school districts? This EdSource video explains why pensions are consuming a growing share of school budgets and what could be done.
Here are the take-aways from the studies on special education, funding needs, a teacher shortage, a data deficit, student mental health local control’s unmet potential – and more.
An EdSource special report on how the housing crisis has forced more students into homelessness.
Explore our map showing the percentage of homeless students as reported by California’s more than 10,000 schools.
Nearly 15,000 children living in shelters, motels, cars or “doubled up” with other families
An audio story on the challenges facing homeless students in Oakland and the resources available to them, like the Dreamcatcher Youth Shelter
Student absences, teacher shortages and high Covid rates marked the return to school. Some teachers are asking districts to tighten safeguards.
With the omicron wave of Covid-19 cases likely to peak soon, officials are optimistic that the pause on in-person classes will be temporary.
Leaders representing all segments of California’s education system share their reactions to the governor’s May revision of the 2021-22 budget.
Leaders representing all segments of California’s education system share their reactions to the governor’s proposed 2022-23 budget for the state’s K-12 public schools.
Leaders representing all segments of California’s education system share their reactions to the governor’s 2022-23 January budget proposal.
Reforms underway in teaching college calculus. But weak math skills from high school derail students from STEM careers.
Helping students set attainable goals can provide the sense of meaning and belonging they need to fully engage with their learning.
Former Los Angeles Unified Superintendent Austin Beutner is leading an effort to restore arts and music education to a more prominent place in the school curriculum.
Children Now’s annual survey provides a comprehensive look at how youth have fared after nearly two years of the pandemic.
Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed $39.6 billion for California’s three public higher education segments and the California Student Aid Commission.
Newsom projects $24 billion in new spending on K-12 education; he’d speed up plans for a longer day for low-income kids and add nearly $1 billion for arts and music.
Health classes will soon include lessons on depression, bipolar disorder and other serious conditions to help students cope with emotional struggles.
Members of EdSource’s Teachers Advisory Group share their experiences with returning to school after the pandemic lockdowns.
Among the 24% of students who took the Smarter Balanced assessments in 2020-21, achievement gaps widened, and the youngest students struggled.
Test scores will fall, chronic absences will rise, school funding will soar, with arguments over how to spend it. Bet your Fensters on that.
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