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To celebrate the contribution of women working in PR exchange4media, PR & Corp Comm is hosting a ‘Women Achievers Series.’ The series focuses on the journey and the achievements and successes of some most successful female leaders in PR and Corporate Communications. Public Relations and Corporate Communications community.

Today’s episode is about Ayushi Arora, President, and CEO of Media Corridors. They believe that the primary factor that changed after the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just in the realm of PR but across industries all over the world, was communication.

Excerpts of the interview

With the business making workplaces more accessible and resuming activities from the office, What are the plans to be taken, the measures and safeguards that need to be modified or adapted to facilitate the smooth transition?

Work at home (WFH) has been our normal working model since March of 2020. We transitioned to an alternate working model in 2021 before the Delta variant snuck into. The thing that kept us in the market then, in the peak and still today, is our structure of work and the culture, due to our WFH policies for Media Corridors being coupled with the appropriate software to track, document, and analyze our work, month-to-month training with industry professionals and wellness programs that focus on mental wellbeing. Our dedication and determination continue to reinforce our conviction in communication effectiveness with all companies that have placed their trust in us.

The likelihood of working again is looking good due to increasing vaccination rates and a drop in cases of COVID-19. Although we’re currently working from home for the moment, we will be resuming our multi-city hybrid work system beginning in the third quarter of the year. Currently, we are assisting our employees in a phased and safe return to work and have already set guidelines for a Hybrid-Return-to-Office structure. We are also looking at various hazards at the workplace level and adopting preventive and protective actions based on the order of control to ensure that work isn’t adversely affected.

How did you strike an equilibrium between tasks and home chores during the past 20 months while everyone tried to adapt to the hybrid working model?

If you own a business, there are two families to care for, both at home and work. My primary focus was good planning and maintaining an understanding of the responsibilities of each person so that no one is left unattended. Although planning is an important element of having a balanced professional and personal life, it is equally important to share responsibilities. There’s no shame in seeking assistance; it can be very beneficial in your home and at work. Also, make sure you have an unwinding time to take a break.

What helped me find this balance was a proper plan in delegating key tasks according to the authorities and giving people the power to participate in making decisions so that the work gets executed correctly.

The world’s women have made a niche for themselves and are paving the pathways in the communication industry to the next generation of female leaders to be a part of. We would like to hear about your accomplishments and what you’ve contributed to the world.

Completely clear on my ambitions and passion, when I was just 26, I found my niche in business as a consultant. And eventually, I had a Media Corridors’ team headquartered in New Delhi and branches in Gurugram and Bengaluru. My first venture was a solo team in world communications and was focused on breaking down huge conglomerates.

As I become a mom and am a full-time woman-entrepreneur, I have learned to wear many hats. Recently, I was chosen to participate in a prestigious management course that is part of IIM Bangalore, which NSRCEL and Goldman Sachs fully sponsored. I also work with some amazing women leading the technological revolution and others working for social causes.

Have you been faced with any major issues in your career or your role as the director of a PR Agency? What did you do to overcome these challenges?

Being a good person to benefit the community takes a lot of work. There are times when you may make mistakes. However, I’ve discovered throughout the years is that being able to inspire people and maintain an unwavering ‘Never Give up attitude is crucial to turning every circumstance around. Ensuring that employees are secure and satisfied with their needs, particularly when things get difficult, has allowed me to build an entire team composed of professional PR personnel who are more dependable and more focused than ever before! So, shifting goals to milestones is expected to be the norm in Media Corridors

Young people dominate the power that governs every major industry. In light of this, what do you have to give to the young generation?

Concentrate on creating value for the long-term and grow your business ethically instead of focusing on short-term, short-lasting profits. The excitement is real, and it’s evident! Although it’s tempting to make more money, spend more money, purchase new products and stay ahead of everything and everyone all at once, the concept that young people need to be able to explore more and do things at their own pace, not at the speed that the world chooses. Pursuing your interests can go quite away and make you an extremely intelligent and self-confident professional.

Nargis Abbasi

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